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Aduthon ###
Country: Almoth Plains
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Trainee at the White Tower
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Life in Almoth Plain is never calm or easy, but Aduthon's parents managed to make a decent enough living for themselves and their three children with their small farm. Their community was a small one, hardly worthy of the term 'village' and everyone knew everyone. Aduthon never appreciated that idea very much however and so always tried to avoid other people as much as possible. Over time this became like a second nature to him and frequently people would notice him only when he wanted them to. Of course, in the nature true to small villages, he did gain a reputation as 'That Shadow Boy' who was always off wandering by himself, playing with animals or healing them, although he admittedly did his share of chores around the farm.

Aduthon was 13 years old when he discovered just how much being average and eminently forgettable worked to his advantage. One night he'd gone outside to look after a neighbour's sick cow when upon his return he noticed shadows moving around the farm, their cloaks not moving in the wind, speaking of 'The Dark Lord'.. He hid at once, finding them eerie and rightfully so. For before his eyes he saw how his parents and siblings were killed and Aduthon, too frozen with fear and unable to do anything, could only watch and hide, until he finally sneaked away when they put the farm on fire, making it look like it was all an accident. Frightened for his life, he ran away in the night, as far away from his family's murderers as possible.

Aduthon didn't care where he was going and for days, weeks he just walked, sometimes he could sneak upon a wagon, afraid that anyone who'd willingly offer him a ride was a member of the Dark Circle wanting to kill the one person who'd escaped them. Again his ability to blend in worked to his advantage for while he did small chores to get enough money for food and lodgings, people never remembered him for long so if someone had been sent after him, they couldn't find him. It was only when he ran, literary, into a richly clad woman stepping outside a shop in one of the towns he was passing through. The woman was startled that she hadn't noticed him before, and even more so was her companion, a large man whose entire appearance screamed 'warrior'. Intrigued by this 'near invisible' boy, the two invited Aduthon to come dine with them and he felt unable to refuse. Upon learning that this couple wasn't a lady with her bodyguard but an Aes Sedai and Warder, Aduthon confessed why he had ran away from home.

When Roniella Sedai heard about what he had seen and what happened to his family, she felt it most important that he was placed somewhere safe and suggested he go to the White Tower. Her Warder went one step further, saying that a boy who hated the Dark so much and who could startle an Aes Sedai and Gaidin would make a fine Gaidin himself one day and suggested that Aduthon join the Warder Training Program. Thrilled to hear of such praise and the offer of help, Aduthon readily agreed to go to the White Tower in Tar Valon, where with the letter of recommendation from Roniella and Storan Gaidin he was quickly accepted as a Trainee. He kept to himself however and only when pressed is willing to tell what happened to him.

Eventually word reached the Tower that Roniella and Storan had been killed by bandits at Tuan's Mill. He's a bit worried that this might have been done by the Darkfriends he told them about, but no one has come to see him so likely it has nothing to do with him. And so he's kept silent and dedicated himself to his studies. In this he is average, as is his swordwork and his appearance and quiet ways still causes him to blend in with whatever crowd he's in. Others say of him that the only thing unusual about him is his name, and the only thing he does well is disappear.

Family Information


Beltan Draineur

Aduthon loves his father very much and always saw him as the strong but caring pater familiar who worked hard to feed his family and who never turned him down whenever Aduthon brought one of his wounded animals to him for help.

Delia Draineur

Aduthon's mother is a very sweet woman who made the most delicious meals and who's also the village's Wisdom. She taught Aduthon reading, writing and math so he'd be make a good impression wherever he went.


Balin Draineur

Aduthon's brother is 2 years younger than he is and still very much a child. Aduthon likes to think he's much more mature than his brother who's always screaming and running around, looking to play pranks on people. Balin is quite strong though and often helped Aduthon whenever the other kids were taunting the 'shadow boy'.

Daliah Draineur

Aduthon's sister is 5 years younger than he is and an adorable little girl with a sunny demeanour who was always following Aduthon around, giggling when he would disappear so she would have to play 'hide and seek'. Aduthon feels very protective of her and blames himself for her death.




Devan Jylin

He hates the Dark just as much as Aduthon and has found he's formed a strong bond with the man. He's got world experience, where Aduthon does not, and he loves listening to Devan's tales of travelling around the known world. They often spar together when time allows to hone each other's skills, though Auduthon suspects that Devan pulls back sometimes in fear of hurting him as he's much older than normal trainees.

Diene Calinsa

A Tar Valon baker's daughter/apprentice, Diene is another novice in the Tower and a friend of Lissa who's also become one of Aduthon's best friends. She's only a year older than he is and so he thinks she understands him better than Lissa, who is a few years older, does. She also is very worried about her ill sister, which is something thing they have in common for he remembers how protective he always felt about his own sister. Aduthon likes to hang out with her in between classes.

Lissa Ylann

Lissa is a Novice from Altara who's got a great sense of humour and who's always pulling (harmless) pranks. She's grown up in a bad neighbourhood called the 'Rahad' and is good at sneaking up on people as well, but very bad at pick pocketing them. Aduthon likes hanging around with her and considers her one of his two best friends in the Tower, Diene being the other one.


Reni Elsmeth

Reni is a Novice in the White Tower, someone who just recently arrived. Only, Reni doesn't want to be at the Tower at all. She feels she was forced there because her parents were too afraid of what would happen to them should she not get training, not what would happen to her. Unfortunately, Reni has found Diene as a target of her frustrations, Diene, who's so very happy about being at the White Tower. The girl does everything she can to make Diene's life miserable and she likes to spread stories about Aduthon and Diene being more than friends, hoping that they be cast out. Aduthon really, really dislikes her and plans to do them all a favour by sneaking into her room with evidence that will get her cast out of the Tower.

Tobas Lennor

Aduthon just really doesn't like this fellow Trainee. He's supposedly the nephew of two kings and queens but not a noble himself, how very confusing, and he's very arrogant as a result. Always talking about how good he is with knives, and making comments about women which Aduthon doesn't understand but which he feels are an insult to his female friends.

Other acquaintances

Mar, a Tower Trainee

One day this young boy showed up at the Tower seeking training as a Gaidin. He refused to give any information about himself but his name but was accepted in due to his skill with weapons and Nelsyn Gaidin's recommendations. Mar is considered a fair nuisance by most people due to his annoying habit to crack stupid and old jokes. Aduthon likes spooking him by sneaking up at him and suddenly speaking up. He doesn't ask Mar questions about his past though. That's rude, and Aduthon has his own secrets to keep.

Roniella Sedai of the Gray Ajah

Aduthon has no idea from which country Roniella hailed and only heard after going to the Tower that she was a member of the Grey Ajah, the one that likes to stop fights and wars, like Lissa wants to be. He feels somewhat guilty about telling her about his parents for he is afraid that she and her Gaidin were killed by Darkfriends when they went to check up on his story.

Storan Gaidin, Roniella's Warder

Storan was Roniella's Warder and an expert at paying attention to his surroundings for when your Aes Sedai meddles in Daes Dae'mar, you can be certain assassins might strike from the shadow, or so he told a (then confused) Aduthon. He was thus greatly impressed that 14-year-old Aduthon managed to sneak up on him like that and told the boy that he should harness this 'Gift from the Creator' as it would often save his life and that of his Ward. Aduthon was crushed to learn Storan died for he began to regard Storan as a replacement father figure.





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