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Leadership Information

King: Alisar Baratose of House Denir (NPC)
Symbol: Two gold leopards on a four by four field of red and blue checks
Capital: Ebou Dar
Villages: Ionin Spring, Marella, Mosra, Remen, So Eban

General Overview

Altara lies on the Sea of Storms, bordered by Illian to the east, Murandy to the northeast, Ghealdan to the northwest, and Amadicia to the west. It is not a particularly powerful nation. The ruler, who sits on the Throne of Winds, has little power, and many of the Noble Houses have no qualms about ignoring or defying their ruler. Squabbles between the noble houses for power can be fairly bloody and weaken the nation further. The Children of the Light covet Altara, and if not for Illian's participation in the Whitecloak War during 957 NE, would already possess it.

Altara has a reputation for being a violent, unsavoury place, particularly in its capital of Ebou Dar. Altarans are very polite, but are quick to anger, and both men and women of any class will duel over the slightest insult. Anyone who hasn't fought at least one duel by adulthood is ostracized as a coward. When men or women duel over a mate, the "prize" willingly goes to the winner. By law, any woman who kills a man is justified unless Sworn otherwise, which has led to a culture where men are particularly considerate towards women.

Altarans are of average height, with an olive skin tone. Most have dark hair and dark eyes. Women wear their hair to their shoulders, or even shorter. They wear pale dresses with snug bodices and full skirts. Commoners' dresses have deep, narrow necklines, and they wear their skirts gathered up to the knee on one side to display colorful petticoats. The bodice of a noble's dress has a round or oval cutout to display her marriage knife and the hem of the skirt is raised to her knees in front to display her petticoats.

Married women wear a marriage dagger at their throats, and the color and gem settings of the dagger are a code that indicates marital status and information about children. Women who are engaged wear the choker, indicating they have been promised a knife.

Men wear square-cut beards and long mustaches. They wear long, colorful vests, with no shirt, or a pale, wide-sleeved shirt. Noblemen wear small silk coats as capes slung across their shoulders. Otherwise, men and women wear the same styles whether they are noble or commoner, the clothing of nobles being made from finer cloth and more elaborately embroidered. Both men and women carry curved daggers in their belts or sashes and wear many rings. Most women wear large hoop earrings, and some men do, as well.

Ebou Dar is the largest city in Altara, and home to the Tarasin Palace. The River Eldar divides the city into two sections. One is home to the upper and middle classes. The other is called the Rahad Quarter and is home to the poor and rough. The Rahad Quarter is avoided by all who value their lives and their money. Canals as well as roads provide thoroughfares in both areas, and bridges are common. Most buildings are made of pale stone or are plastered white. Fishing is probably the most common occupation in the city. Horse racing is a popular entertainment, with boys acting as the jockeys.

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