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Amalli Harlean
Aes Sedai of the White Ajah
Country: Shienar
Birthday: Some time in 852 NE
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Aes Sedai of the White Ajah
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Amalli never knew her father, he died but 3 months after she was born in 852 NE. He died during a Trolloc raid upon their little village. Most men died that day, as did most of the elder boys, sacrificing themselves so the women and children could get to safety. Dushi and her three children were among those lucky ones but were the others settled in the neighbourhood she had had enough of the Blight and decided to settle near Shienar's southern border, where such raids rarely ever happened. No friends or relatives could be found to help them there but Dushi was eventually hired as a servant by some local lord. She was given a few rooms in his keep for herself and her children. By that time Fiona had grown old enough to watch her younger siblings while mother was at work. Life was hard, not unpleasant but it was never easy.

Amalli grew up under her sister's watchful eye until it was determined that she was old enough to watch herself and Fiona was apprenticed to the lord's cook. She and Migmar were both taught the basics of reading and writing, for the lord believed that all members of his household, no matter how low, should be literate. Eventually Migmar had to leave these classes however for it was determined that he'd make an excellent hunter but it took some years for Dushi to find an apprentice to her youngest, and smartest, child.

A mentor was eventually found in Dolja, the keep's Wisdom who noticed Amalli's keen mind and interest for her trade. Believing it to be a waste should the girl become yet another menial servant like the rest of her family she arranged for Amalli to move into her small house as her apprentice. She was barely 11 years at the time but she soon enough picked up the basics of her trade and became a good assistant. Dolja was a skilled Wisdom whom was often frequented by people of all ranks of life. Because of this Amalli learned many things about her nation and countrymen. She also learned that Dolja had traveled to Tar Valon in her youth to be tested by the Aes Sedai. But after she had been told she could never learn to Channel she returned to Shienar and become a simple Wisdom instead. Her stories inspired curiosity in Amalli who found herself inspired to journey that way one day herself and see whether she might be Tested. Dolja encouraged this ambition but didn't intervene when Dolkar entered their lives.

Dolkar was a Blight scout who had been given leave to visit his sister during his recovery from a wound he had received in battle. He often visited Dolja's shop, first for medicines but soon enough to court the Wisdom's apprentice. Amalli fell in love with this man and when he proposed she readily accepted. She was only 17 years old at the time but she was certain of her feelings and of their peaceful feature together. After serving one more year in the Blight Dolkar would be released from his oath and be able to move here and become a hunter instead. No longer would he need to fight for a living and risk his life all the time. By then Amalli had been a Wisdom apprentice long enough to develop an intense dislike for battle wounds. But this was not to be. In the last week of his last year as a Blight scout Dolkar was killed and Amalli was left an unwedded widow. Her heart broke when she heart the news and all she wanted was to leave this village. It was then that, with Dolja's help, she traveled to Tar Valon.

It was found that she could be taught how to Channel and so she became a novice. It was clear that she was seeking order which could easily be found in a novice's life. She made a few friends but mostly kept to herself. After 3 years she was raised to Accepted. She was thrilled to learn of her mild gift for Healing which she studied intensely during her 2 Accepted years. But she was aware that her gift wasn't strong enough for the Yellow Ajah and that the White was far more alluring. With Dolkar's death she wished to burn every emotion within her and devoid herself to logic, structure and order only. The Whites provided such and so she eventually chose a white-fringed shawl.

The first decade of her Aes Sedai life was spent learning the ways of the White Ajah. But once she had grown into her own right she chose her own way and decided to study other subjects beyond philosophy as well. Over the years she grew a reputation of being a remarkable scholar who had devoted herself to the areas of law, philosophy, history, tradition and even the Trolloc Tongue. The last was something she had chosen to study in order to understand the Shadow better. To her it presented Chaos and she found it difficult to believe that anyone would prefer this over the order of life one had if one would just follow the Light. In fact, her personal believe went so far as to take a distinct dislike to all things which provided only more shadow. Wars and general battle, even common fist fights, especially were viewed with such a dislike that she vocally swore to a pacifistic lifestyle. And being bound to the First Oath, she truly is bound to this, with the exception of using the One Power. Naturally she never Bonded and indeed, is known for a tightening of her lips whenever she is in the presence of a warrior, even one of her Sisters' Gaidin.

In 975 NE Amalli was first asked to run for Sitter. She accepted and was eventually elected. Four years later she declined the option however, saying others should have a chance. But in the last decade she has become a Junior Sitter once again and is well known to be a stable member of the Hall. She has the support of many Sisters of her Ajah, as well as some Grays.

Family Information


Dushi Harlean

Dushi was your mother, a good and honest woman who made the best of her life. She was the one who taught you that order and structure were needed in order to run a proper household, no matter how poor it might be. She was a servant in a lord's keep and saw how her two eldest children succeed her in this service but she felt this to be a matter of pride. She had a place in society, as had her offspring and it was necessary that people would clean rooms, hunt food and prepare it for consumption. Dushi never remarried in her life, unable to find another love like that of her husband, your father.


Fiona Harlean

Fiona was your sister, 7 years older than you were. She was given a big responsibility from age 8 when she was told to keep an eye on her two younger siblings: you and Migmar. She was a dutiful girl who kept you safe in your youth. Eventually she was apprenticed to the lord's cook and became a kitchen maid. She apparently had some talent for a few years after you had joined the Tower you received a letter in which you learned that she had become the mistress of the kitchens.

Migmar Harlean

Migmar was your brother, 3 years older than you were and as such Fiona's successor once she was sent to the kitchens. He was a wild boy who liked going outdoors a lot. This was noticed by the lord who arranged for him to become one of his hunters. He was good at this and clearly enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, something you never quite could fathom. He became friend with Dolkar and it was he who suggested that your fiance could become a forester one day. After learning of his friend's death and your plans to travel south he arranged for some time off so that he could safely escort you to Tar Valon and back, if necessary. But after finding that you would become a novice he said goodbye and left home, obviously feeling responsible for his mother and sister.




Celeria the White, Aes Sedai of the White Ajah

Celeria is old, so old that a precious few women in the Tower know from which country she ages and just how long it's been since she gained the shawl. And you're not one of them. All you know is that she has been a Sitter for 40 years running and that her tenure as a Sitter was noticed by a strong White-Gray alliance which often had the deciding vote in matters. It is therefore no surprise that you often have tea with her whenever you need advice in Hall matters. But beyond that, it just feels good to be around Celeria for she emanates a calmness, a patience which makes you feel everything will work itself out eventually.

Dolja, Wisdom & Mentor

Dolja was the first person to recognise your keen mind and interest in herbs. She took you in at age 11 as her apprentice and she taught you many things. She one time had gone to Tar Valon, to the White Tower of the Aes Sedai, but was told that she would never learn how to Channel. So she returned and became your local Wisdom instead. She was quite old when you became her apprentice but she didn't fault you for wanting to leave after Dolkar's death. In fact, she encouraged you to explore the world. It meant a lot of you that you learned later that she had found another apprentice who would eventually take over her shop and look after her in her old age.

Dolkar, Bligth Scout & Fiance

You met Dolkar when you were 16 years old and fell madly in love with him. He had come to rest in your village after he had gotten wounded in battle. His sister had married a local man and he wanted to spend his recovering time with her. He visited Dorja's shop for medicines which is how you 2 met. The love was mutual and very strong which is why you accepted his proposal of marriage the day before his departure. He would return within a year, he promised, and become a huntsman like your brother instead. But this was not to be. Many letters were exchanged during those months but suddenly, at the end, you heard no more from him. At first you believed that he had decided to surprise you and come to the village himself instead of merely sending a letter with a date. But your hopes were quashed when his sister came to your house in tears, informing you that her brother, your fiance, had died in the Blight during some meaningless scuffle. Your heart broke that day and it never healed.

Sunelin Oameth, Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah

You and this obsessed Brown get along quite well. You admire Sunelin's powers of observation and her talent for solving OP mysteries. You are one of the few women who are convinced that she never had anything to do with the Dark herself, in spite of having been taught by a Darkfriend in her youth, and as a result she often comes to you for help. The one thing you don't like about her is her obsession with the Horn of Valere. But well... she is Illianer, not White and it would be a disaster were this precious item to fall in the hands of the Shadow.

Xereille Vi'artha, Aes Sedai of the White Ajah

Xereille joined the novice program nine years after you had been raised Aes Sedai. She was brought in by Candra Sedai of the Red and during the three years of her training it appeared that the pale Ghealdan would chose her mentor's Ajah. You were as surprised as any when she chose White instead. The senior Sisters immediately started transforming her into a typical image of the White and have been quite successful. You yourself underwent that same training not that long ago and somehow that concentrated a bond between you two, quite apart from your mutual gift of Healing. Over the years, you and Xereille have remained friends and almost rarely disagree about issues. She is one of your strongest supporters within the ranks of your Ajah and you in turn tend to support her. The only glitch in your relationship happens to be her decision to Bond Mandilar. Quite apart from the fact that she now too is involved with a warrior, and a particularly dark and cruel one at that, you have noticed changes in her behaviour and demeanour which altogether don't please you very much. Ever since she released the Bond however things have returned to normal between the two.


Josepha, Aes Sedai of the White Ajah

Josepha was raised some 8 decades ago and choose the White Shawl after 6 years of study. She has gained a following among members of your Ajah and it isn't exactly a secret that she wants to become a Sitter. But in order to do that, she'll have to deal with at least one of the reigning Sitters and she has singled you out. She has stated several times that it is illogical to abstain from violence, that doing such will only awaken more. It is a view completely opposite yours and this, along with her desire to take your Seat in the Hall, has let to strained relations and even some polite hostility between you two.

Shiradel Avandros, Aes Sedai of the White Ajah.

You two don't get along very well as you tend to have different opinions about warriors, teaching methods and most especially the Gray Ajah. You are known as an excellent teacher and a specialist in law whom is even consulted by Sisters of the Gray. Shiradel's dislike for the Gray is well known and she often considers it a personal insult when the junior Sitter of her own Ajah takes sides with a Gray.

Other acquaintances

Orienne Thaebara - Blue Ajah

Orienne is an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, and one of Amalli's friends, though some distance has grown between them throughout their time at the Tower. They started out by attending a few classes together, and then their interests diverged once they reached Acceptedhood. Amalli became more interest in logic and philosophy, while Orienne decided to take up judicial causes, and other meddlesome tasks. Yet, despite their clashing interests, the two do not find nearly enough time to sit down and have a cup of tea.





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