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Before the Storm (Emits Prior to First Resolution Day)

OOC: Some set-up GM emits are about to begin prior to the ResDay deadline this week. Some of this is backstory, to set the mood of the city.

The start of the day is quiet. Things progress as normal throughout Caemlyn, the vendors set up their wares, commoners wake up to a full day of work ahead of them. Palace staff and palace guards go about their business, getting things ready. Morning passes into afternoon, at a pretty respectable pace. Then, the Daughter-Heir, Lady Aeline Olivia Murellan, dispatches her heralds to the city staking her claim to the throne.

The heralds are met with mixed feelings. There is a tension in the air. People knew this was coming, but at the same time, they have been politely ignoring it, and trying to forget that a claim needed to be made. They wanted life to continue as normal. For once a claim was made, then they could no longer ignore their feelings on the matter, feelings that have been growing for several months now. They would have to face them, and searching inwardly, having talked to others, these were things they did not want to face, for it would mean potentially turning neighbor against neighbor.

There are many within Caemlyn who feel that the Daughter-Heir has tarried too long in coming to Andor's side, holed up within the White Tower when her family called her home. When Andor called her home. While they know, and understand, that Queen's law states that she should become the rightful Queen, there are those that wonder whether or not she will be the kind of Queen they want and if they would be better off with someone else. How do they know that she will not take too long to review their needs, or make the necessary judgments required to run the city, or even bring in the necessary supplies to keep the city running.

These people are not those who would normally cause trouble. They are the every day people, who are used to having the Queen's or her administration's ear in some fashion. These are the people who have gone to the Palace for aid, at some point or another, and been asked to come back later, when the Daughter-Heir has come home. Or, been asked to deal with the Daughter-Heir's father, Prince Consort Vincent, instead. A man. A man who, while he has done an excellent job stepping in for Queen Elisia during her pregnancies, cannot rule Andor due to his sex. They do not forget these times, nor the cause of their disgruntlement easily.

Then, there is the faction who wholly supports Aeline. They are a mix of varying people. Those that can see the benefit the White Tower can provide. Those that would like nothinag more than to raise their position in life. Those that have always been loyal to the Lion Throne in some fashion. They make up the bulk of her supporters. While those that are disgruntled are vast, those that are not are about equal in size. They feel strongly in the Daughter-Heir's right to rule, and have expressed as much. But, these people are only half of the sum of those that support her.

The Great Houses themselves are split, for when a rulership is on the line, there is always a split as people try to reaffirm their alliances, and see what opportunities they have at hand. So, it should come to no surprise that this has come to pass within Caemlyn. There are those among them who have strong ties to Queen Ishara. But, while the blood of Ishara's line is often the pre-requisite for rule in Andor, it is not always the be all, end all in selecting a Queen of Andor. Sometimes, selecting a Queen has more to do with who has the most political clout at their aid.

The people nod at Lord Quinlan Buchannan when he makes his speech regarding Buchannan's official support of the Daughter-Heir. He tells of a time when his mother, Lady Khyra Buchannan and Queen Elisia were friends, often sharing time with one another. While Lady Khyra is not presently in town, they are well assured that she would approve of her son's open claim to support Aeline.

It is rumored that Lady Irinya, the High Seat of House Choswen, has already started mustering military support for the Daughter-Heir, in the likelihood that something untoward will occur. No one can say they doubt her public support for the Daughter-Heir, but there are those who are gravely concerned that the Choswen farm hands have turned in their shovels for swords, and have started to march toward the city. Given her Cairhienin ties, with several references made to House Pelarwen, there are those few who wonder just whose side she's on for real; the Queen's, or, her own. Suspicion is cast upon House Choswen in these times, though it is a cautious suspicion, for fear that they might insult her over something so small as mixed signals.

Several days pass, before runners from House Demmar can be seen traversing the streets. Lady Mairia Demmar, sister to Lord Maizran Demmar, announces her own claim to the throne. She bespeaks of a time of profit, for all within Andor, and plenty. With their ties to House Hagon of Cairhien, where House Demmar sends most of their grain, they are able to gain many textiles and necessary items that Andorans cannot find elsewhere. She speaks of sharing this profit with the others, in forming a less confined alliance with Cairhien. A time where they might be able to settle their differences, and work together as two nations.

Some listen to Mairia and her claims. They nod. The idea of peace is a good one, for they are tired of the boundary wars that go on between Cairhien and Andor. If the nations could be sister nations, rather than enemies, then they could see the benefit of this. However, there are those that point out that Cairhien will never give up, not until they swallow Andor alive, and whole. So, while Mairia Demmar gains some listeners, they are not so many that would follow her with such support that it becomes a serious one.

It is not long after Lady Mairia makes her claim to the throne that another brave young woman steps forward. This time, it is Lady Airalyn Lothievia. This causes some surprise amongst the Andoran nobles, for Lady Airalyn is not only formerly a member of the Buchannan household, but she's also the direct daughter of Lady Khyra Buchannan, and Lord Quinlan's sister. So, while they remember Lord Quinlan's speech not so long ago about family solidarity in supporting the Queen, the people now wonder if he will relinquish his family's support in light of House Lothievia's recent claims. It is also said, and it should be no suprise to some, that House Lareca and House Risden are in support of Lady Airalyn's claim.

Lady Airalyn has always been active within Andoran society. She has attended many balls, held many charitible functions, and she's been at the heart of many events within the city, often leading House Lothievia's house parties as its hostess. More importantly, unlike Aeline and Mairia, she has been an active member of Andoran society. The people have seen her, and they know her. And, so, now - they are truly divided between what they know, and what duty tells them what they ought to do.

In light of Lady Airalyn's claim to the throne, those members of the Queen's Guard who were of Houses Lothievia, Lareca or Risden, fail to show up for work. It rumored that these men and women are making preparations with their own house militaries. It is said that Lord Regin Lothievia, a Lieutenant in the Queen's Guard, is leading Lothievia's house guard himself.

While the people gossip over the various claimants to the throne, sashes of white start to merge within the city. White for mourning. White for the Lion Throne. White for support of the Daughter-Heir's rightful position as the next Queen of Andor. Those that are most loyal to Aeline adorn these sashes, either in their belt loops, around their arms, or as a band about their head..

OOC: If you are in support of Aeline, you should describe your character with one of these sashes.

In light of the new claims being made, House Roesone has gone strangely quiet. They are not, by any means, a supporter of House Lothievia. It is, perhaps, the fact that a former Buchannan lady has now made her own claim to the throne. House Roesone has been a long time ally to House Buchannan, as much as they have been a long time supporter of House Murellan. They have not come forward to make any formal proclaimation of who they support, and those taking bets say there are even odds between both claimants.

People notice the various meetings in and out of the palace. The servants gossip that Lady Belya of House Choswen has been seen alone in the company of the former Prince Consort, Vincent Murellan. There are those that wonder where Belya's chaperons might have been when he personally escorted her out of the Palace. There are also those wagging their tongues about the prospects of marriage between the two, with the Queen's bed not even cold yet. People in the streets scowl darkly at young Lady Belya, and the Prince Consort, especially as it has been mentioned that perhaps such meetings have been sanctioned by the Daughter-Heir. As a result, some who previously wore white sashes in the street have now removed them, scandalized that the Prince Consort might be encouraged to remarry so soon after his devoted wife's death. Gossip and rumors are almost always at the heart of every misunderstanding.

House Thaeweth is a long time supporter of the Lion Throne. That support has never wavered. However, it is well known that their support is to the Lion Throne itself, not specifically the person seated upon the Lion Throne. They envision the Lion Throne as the embodiment of Andor, and it is Andor they love most. And so, it is their desire that the person who becomes the next Queen, be it the Daughter-Heir, or Lady Airalyn of House Lothievia. For now, their support appears to be leaning in the direction of the Daughter-Heir, though they have made no formal announcement of such as yet.

Rumors arise the the Daughter-Heir has made a trip into the city of Caemlyn, cloaked at first to protect her identity. Were she in the borderlands, people would look askance at her. But, this is Caemlyn that she's in, and the past Queens of Andor have traveled in such a fashion to look over their people, and see how they are faring. It is a deeply rooted tradition. It is said that Aeline stopped at the Rose and Lion Inn, taking the time to speak to the citizens there. The entire time she as shadowed by elite members of the Royal Guard, the Valdar, those men and women deeply devoted to seeing to the person safety of the Queen and her heirs. Her trip in the city, in spite of the rumors of her father potentially getting married again so soon, goes a bit to restore the faith some people may have recently lost within her.

It is said that there is a Mercenary group in town. Or, at least, the leaders of such a group. They are members of the Cal'har Company, lead by Master Termiane Koronel and Mistress Aloysia Terenor. While it is said that they initially want to offer their services to the Daughter-Heir, they are leaving their options open for the time being; neither are too hasty to make a decision on who they wish their men and women to serve. While they are only group of mercenaries to be hired within Caemlyn, they are the first to publicly show their faces. There is some speculation on who will get to snag them first.

It is necessary to recall that the person who becomes Queen needs at least two thirds of the Great Houses to support her. A simple majority will not do. At this juncture, a simple majority is all that House Murellan has, and the tides may turn over the course of the next few months, especially in light of so many houses gathering together those men and women that can be of use or pressed into service for the House's aid. And, more importantly, it seems like neither party, not the Daughter-Heir, nor Lady Airalyn Lothievia, is willing to back down, and thus, Andor is split between two strong-willed women who are now locked in a struggle for power over the city.

It is necessary to recall that the person who becomes Queen needs at least two thirds of the Great Houses to support her. A simple majority will not do. At this juncture, a simple majority is all that House Murellan has, and the tides may turn over the course of the next few months, especially in light of so many houses gathering together those men and women that can be of use or pressed into service for the House's aid. And, more importantly, it seems like neither party, not the Daughter-Heir, nor Lady Airalyn Lothievia, is willing to back down. And thus, Andor is split between two strong-willed women who are now locked in a struggle for power over the city.

OOC: This concludes the pre-Resolution Day Emits. Remember that Resolution Day is on Friday, April 8 at 11:59 pm EST. You should consider the information from the various groups presented when making your ResDay Requests.

First Blood (Resolution Day 1)

It is the start of a new day. The sun lazily rises over the city, the sky turning various hues of orange and yellow, until the soft blue sky can be seen. In spite of the growing tensions mounting within the city, merchants awaken to start the day's business, for people still have needs that must be met. There is a heady chill in the air, reminding everyone that winter will soon be nigh. Already, as people begin to rise and move about, pausing to greet one another and catch up on the night's activities, rumors of the city's events over the past few nights have started to spread, reaching even the farthest outskirts of the city.

As the gossips congregate in the early morning hours, it becomes clear that the hottest topic for them is most recently activity between Houses Murellan and Choswen. The heart of the gossiping? Palace servants, out and about doing their early morning shopping. "I tell you, I saw it with my own eyes. The Prince Consort blustered right on in, and made a mess of things. But, I tell you, I don't think he meant to do such a thing. Bless his heart. He's grieving. Recently widowed, and now faced with the concept that his daughter may not become Queen. I think I'd be beside myself too, were I in his place," a palace maid was overheard speaking. "I don't think that I rightly like the idea of mercenaries myself - but, if the choice is between having Andor torn asunder, or quickly ending this mess - I'd choose the speedy ending. And, if that takes mercenaries, then the Daughter-Heir has my full support." The young woman nods her head firmly, before fading into the crowd with her friend.

And what is the disagreement between the Prince Consort, Vincent Murellan, and House Choswen? That mercenaries might be used in Andor to settle the conflict between House Murellan and House Lothievia; the use of which the Prince Consort vehemently and publicly disagrees with. It is said that Lady Irinya Choswen was meeting with the Daughter-Heir with a proposition to help House Murellan obtain mercenaries at the time of the interruption by the Prince Consort. A meeting, that ended short, and without the aid of House Choswen. Instead, Lady Irinya, accompanied by her husband, Lord Grant, and her daughter, Lady Belya, all returned home without making any arrangements to aid House Murellan in settling the conflict. Further, leaving the question of their continued support for the Daughter-Heir, Lady Aeline Olivia Murellan, open to speculation.

So, it is no wonder to some when a carriage from House Choswen is prepared during these early morning hours. Servants and stewards work together in preparing the carriage for a long journey. And with it, a company of merchants and guards to follow along. Most of the things laden into the carriage are identified as those of Lady Irinya Choswen herself. Not long after the carriage is prepared, does the lady settled herself within. With a mighty snap of the reigns, it is off. For those who dare to ask, it is said that Lady Irinya has decided to depart Caemlyn, to oversee affairs of House Choswen personally upon their own lands - where things are quieter, and one might be able to think without interruption. What this means for House Murellan, and House Choswen's support, is uncertain. In her stead, it is said Lady Irinya's adopted daughter, Lady Belya Choswen, will be managing affairs of state within the city itself. So, now, all eyes look to Belya to see how House Choswen shall be managed.

But, that is not the only strife that was seen that night, for the Prince Consort unduly announced a potential courtship between Lady Belya and Prince Quinlin Murellan (not to be confused with Lord Quinlan Buchannan), and all but demanded a contract be made twixt the two. Were the refusal of House Choswen support for the mercenaries not enough, this might have added insult to the injury already caused. This has left the gossips wondering just how House Murellan will act to smooth over ruffled feathers of one of their closest friends and allies, or if they can even be smoothed at all.

As a result of the chaos caused, the Daughter-Heir has confined her father to his quarters. This action makes sense to most; for it allows the man time to clear his head, and think things through more clearly. They can see that he's still grieving, and sincerely hope that soon things will settle to some sort of normalcy for him. However, it seems that in spite of his confinement, he was able to send out invitations to the various houses for a dinner. Invitations that were very specifically declined by House Choswen. In some sense, this was to be expected, while others wonder what the Prince Consort hoped to gain from such an invitation. Was it that he wished to publicly apologize to House Choswen for his actions? Or did he have some other purpose perhaps?

The sentiment that mercenaries might be used within Caemlyn is one of mixed feelings. There are those that support that idea, while others shun it completely, thinking firmly that any battle worth fighting, should be done with their own men, on their own soil. Though, the counter argument that it would mean that good Andoran people, would die in such a battle, when it could be foreigners instead who did the dying, have many heads nodding in agreement. These are the people who do not wish to see neighbor pitted against neighbor. But, the fact mercenaries might be used to settle any disputes is not one that seems to be a shock to most. It's the fact that the various houses are already considering mercenaries so early on that has people so shocked.

However, with the talk of mercenaries in the air, people now take closer notice of Master Termiane Koronel, and his companion, Mistress Aloysia Teranor. There are those that noted that these two were present during that fateful night that House Choswen and House Murellan had their disagreement. And, so, over the last few days, several people have approached them about the event, to verify the truth of the matter. For, if anything, the people are avaricious of any news they can find that might sway them one way or another in this contest of wills.

As people approach Termiane regarding his meeting with the Daughter-Heir and House Choswen, it becomes apparent that he seems to be recruiting skilled men and women. He is offering contracts of real action on the battlefield - and with winter coming soon, hopefully short term action, or siege action for waging war during the winter will be an expensive affair for all. His recruitment drive appears to be small, at first. For, the Cal'har Company is not a large company as yet.

Termiane's attempts are at first met with cool disinterest. But, then he sweetens the deal. For the first ten men or women who sign up with the Cal'har Company, he will give them personal lessons in the sword. It is widely known that Master Termiane Koronel is a Blademaster of some great skill. This brings a gleam to more than a few eyes, for encountering a Blademaster is a rare enough event in itself. But, to encounter one that is willing to teach one in his trade - well that's rarer even yet. Soon, Termiane finds a line outside of his door - that spans around the city block of those wishing to join the Cal'har Company. It is, perhaps, more than he expected - and some are resorting to dirty tricks to get to the front of the line.

Seen out in the streets this morning is Lady Airalyn Lothievia. Milling about with the rest of the shoppers, she is accompanied by her husband, Lord Regin Lothievia, and her children, Jalisa and Andrin. A contingent of loyal Lothievia guardsmen and women follow them; enough to protect the family from wayward harm. They take some time to enjoy the cold fall air, and to mingle with the people. Lady Airalyn pauses here and there, to stop and chat with the various passersby. She inquires about their health, asks after children, and genuinely wishes people well. It is said that she has even issued invitations for some to come to her house, to dine, and speak of matters of diplomacy. It is noted among the people that those she speaks to most appear to be the heads of the Andoran merchant council. She appears to be in good spirits, and good health.

As they move along the streets, occasionally a runner breaks off from them, and heads within the city. One goes to each of the houses opposing her: House Thaeweth, House Buchannan, House Roesone and House Demmar. While the latter two Houses haven't exactly opposed her, they also haven't exactly announced their support of her. In the invitation, she implores them to entreat with her, so that they may have a fine night of dining, and an evening of discussing diplomatic relations with one another. She posits that no harm shall come to any of her guests, but notes that no weapons may come within her home, nor guards. She promises that any resident of the House that attends her dinner will be able to leave as they have come; unharmed and without injury - with exception, maybe, to their pride if they choose to take offense at something said at the dinner. She wishes only to inform the Houses of her reasons for making a claim to the throne, so that they might make an informed decision on who to support. It is also said that a runner is sent to the Rose and Lion Inn, where the leaders of the Cal'har Company is staying.

Airalyn's morning walk, talking to the people, finding out how they are, and what they might need to survive the winter do not go without notice. The people are pleased to see that the young woman is taking an active interest in the affairs of their lives, and is actively striving to see to their needs. Lady Airalyn has promised a share of food from House Lothievia, for those that are in need this winter, in the sum of 1,000 gold spent to meet this effort. The people applaud her charitiable nature, and speak well of her as a result.

NOTE: Airalyn scored 3 successes on a Diplomacy roll of difficulty 8.

A carriage arrives in Caemlyn, bearing the coat of arms of House Demmar. Much like the carriage that left later in the morning, with Lady Irinya, this carriage is well laden with baggage and goods. It appears that Lord Maizran Demmar has come home to roost, and he has brought with him his wife, Lady Melina Demmar. A sundry coterie of households servants, and a pittance of household guards, arrive not long after the carriage pulls in. The servants get to work right away, unloading the packed carriage and carrying things inside. In light of his sister's ambitious claim to the throne, it can only be reasoned that the High Seat has come to take Lady Mairia Demmar in hand - either that, or praise her.

As for Lady Mairia Demmar, she has been strangely quiet since the disappointing turn of events in which the people did not voice support for her claim to the throne. She has kept strictly to the manor house, only leaving when necessity has called for such actions. The whole House Demmar faction has, thus far, remained rather aloof of the growing tensions between Houses Murellan and Lothievia. So, now with Lord Maizran home to roost, there is some wonder whether or not House Demmar will officially declare for one side or another.

House Roesone, on the other hand, appears to be securing it's position within the city of Andor. As one of the more neutral houses in Andor, it stands to reason they worry about one faction, or the other. So, for now, they are playing things safe, by not declaring - for one cannot be called treasonous if one makes no attempt to act. Yet, it might also be noted, that until Lady Airalyn Lothievia sent out invitations to House Roesone, that there have been no overt attempts at trying to entice them to one side or another. It remains to be seen whether or not House Roesone will be seen in attendance at Lady Airalyn's dinner party or not.

Young Lord Ethen Thaeweth, son of Lady Rennar Thaeweth and Lord Demonder Thaeweth (formerly of House Roesone), has announced House Thaeweth's declaration of support for House Murellan and the Daughter-Heir as Queen. A nervous air follows the youth, regarding his decision. The older members of House Thaeweth wonder if he was not too rash in making a declaration; for it is well known that young Lord Ethen is rather besotted with the Daughter-Heir. So, various members of his family wonder if he chose what is best for House Thaeweth, or if he has worn his heart on his sleeve. Messengers have been dispatched to Lady Rennar, who is vacationing with her husband on Thaeweth lands this winter, having left the care and feeding of House Thaeweth in her son's capable hands.

With Lady Irinya Choswen gone from the household, all eyes now turn to her daughter, Lady Belya, and how she handles matters directly with Caemlyn. They note that she is also a young woman, two years the junior of Lord Ethen Thaeweth. They wonder just how well groomed she is, to take over the manage of a house so young. But, from all appearances, she has adopted the same graceful mannerisms and patience as her mother. Ever since her mother's departure, she arises early in the morning, and sees to House Choswen's needs - maintaining the necessary contacts required from House Choswen's supporters, emphasizing the strength of their bonds with one another. Such actions endear Belya to House Choswen's retainers, and they are happy to see that they will not be neglected in Lady Irinya's absence.

But, there are those people who are not quite as happy to see Lady Belya take the reigns of House Choswen. Already, it is clear to some that she has, perhaps, a too Cairhienin outlook on life. For, it is said, that a young woman, a servant working for House Buchannan, was caught snooping through papers in their war room, seeking to find out more about House Buchannan's aims. When questioned, this young woman was very careful to try and worm her way out of her situation, but in the end she admitted that she worked for House Choswen and was on the errand at Lady Belya's request. To say the least, the young woman has now been sacked from House Buchannan's employ, and now they are looking to question each of their servants with regard to their loyalty. If there were tensions before between the two houses, now they have increased tenfold, and the other Houses within the city are now looking more closely at their serving staff.

This, coupled with the meeting with Prince Vincent not too long ago, has House Buchannan looking at House Murellan more stringently. Certain members within the House are now uncertain about their support. That's not to say that they wish to withdraw support completely - they don't. But, they do want to know what House Murellan is going to do about the now wayward House Choswen, especially in light of the fact that they are now employing spies to do their dirty work. Word reaches that Lord Quinlan's support wanes. Some wonder if he was just copying House Choswen earlier, or if he means to demand that the Daughter-Heir cut House Choswen loose as an ally in order to keep the support of House Buchannan firm and steady. Whatever the case, the old emnity between the two houses, that was once brought to a peaceful end with marriages between the two, has now ignited in full force once more.

OOC: If you are a member of House Choswen or House Buchannan, you should consider insulting one another, pulling dirty pranks on one another, and making each other's lives "interesting".

The mercenary, Mistress Aloysia Teranor, has been spending most of her time at the Rose and Lion Inn, when she is not meeting with the Daughter-Heir over some matter or another, or any of the other noble houses. With the Cal'har companies allegiences up in the air, the people are curious about this supposed young woman fighter. However, over the last few days, she's been keeping to herself mostly, except when she approaches people to ask them questions. The matter of her curiosity? Why, who it was that the Daughter-Heir came to meet at the Rose and Lion just a few days ago. For, it appears, she finds it interesting that the Daughter-Heir would have to sneak out into the night to clandestinely meet someone at the Rose and Lion Inn. So, clearly, that person must be a person of interest, or "interesting character".

Aloysia's investigations start with the Master Greges, the Innkeeper of the Rose and Lion. After a careful questioning of the man, and a few slipped coins, the Innkeeper manages to tell her that the person she's looking for is listed under the name of Aemon. Now, anyone who's anyone within Andor would know that name almost instantly. For, Aemon was once the King of Manatheren during its time of destruction. So, it is little surprise that Master Greges was none too pleased to take the name down, but mentions that the man insisted on its use. Upon further investigation, a Warhorse has been noted within the stableyard, that belongs to this 'Aemon', and any talk with the servants suggests that his bedroom is set up like a War Room.

So, it is by no chance that when Lady Irinya went to the Rose and Lion for some provisional supplies for her trip, that she ran into this Aemon, and that Aloysia stumbled upon him as well. But, in spite of Aemon's best attempts at keeping his identity hidden, with his plain clothes, and commoners cloak, it is hard to disguise the practiced gait of a Gaidin of the White Tower. This Gaidin? One Chase Daemon; a man with a pronounced banishment within Andor against him, on /potential/ pain of death if he was ever to return. Some recall that a trial was required before an execution, it's possible with a good lawyer, the Gaidin would be able to get cleared of all charges, but it'd have to be a really good lawyer. Of course, in light of the revelation, there are those that wonder why the Daughter-Heir simply met with him, and did not have him arrested. Is it because she is having a secret love tryst with him? The romantics within Andor swoon at the thought, and some might even go so far as to try and stop the Queen's Guard from trying to take him away.

The Daughter-Heir announces the replacement of Prince Vincent as the First Prince of her armies. In his stead, she has appointed her brother, Lord Galavan Murellan, as first Prince. As the oldest son to Queen Elisia, this is Galavan's birthright. This is the first measure she has put in place to relieve Prince Vincent of his duties, to allow him the necessary time to grieve over his wife's death. Yet, there are some who point out that as Aeline is not Queen yet, the appointment of her brother as First Prince of the Sword and General of her armies is somewhat premature. However, there are no riots over the appointment, today. Instead, they curiously wonder when Lord Galavan will actually be recalled from Tar Valon in order to take up his new responsibilities.

Additionally, in a pre-emptive strike against House Lothievia, the Daughter-Heir sends members of the Queen's Guard to arrest Lady Airalyn Lothievia "for her own protection", it is being coined. It appears that members of House Buchannan had appealed to the Daughter-Heir for aid in extracting their former family member from House Lothievia, believing Lady Airalyn to be, perhaps, brainwashed or unduly influenced by House Lothievia to make such a bid.

The Queen's Guard move in swiftly and with purpose to the holdings that House Lothievia have within the city. However, upon their arrival, they note that the House is well protected by Lotheivian guards, led by none other Lord Regin Lothievia, former Lieutenant within the Queen's Guard infantry. The Queen's Guard reads the Daughter-Heir's edict that Lady Airalyn is to be placed under House arrest within the Palace, and that members of House Lothievia can come and visit her when they wish, if only they would kindly turn her over to them. Unfortunately, Lord Regin has other ideas about the matter, being that it is his wife they are attempting to arrest. He kindly tells them what they can do with their edict, in as many unsavory and unsettling word as he can manage; enough to make most men even blush. And, he orders his men to defend House Lothievia against any advanced movement from the Queen's Guard.

The Queen's Guard and House Lotheivia guard scuffle within the streets of Caemlyn, but before long the Queen's Guard is turned away - without their quarry. They manage to leave without any casualties, this time. However, approximately 50 men and women were badly injured as a result of the street battle. Thus, now, blood has been drawn, and a line drawn within the city streets. The people who were there for the battle note that Lord Regin's expression was regretful, as if he did not truly wish to fight his former men at arms, but purposeful. He is a man of honor, and will defend his wife and her life to the death, if he must.

In light of the attempted arrest of Lady Airalyn Lothievia, Lord Parys of House Lareca has mustered the houses's personal defenses to work in aid and conjunction of its allies. Much like the Daughter-Heir has her bands of white, those supporting House Lothievia are now bearing bands of Red - for the Red of Andor. Though, perhaps, in Lareca's case - it's the red of blood. House Lareca soldiers are now seen patrolling the streets and avenues around their family properties, and those of House Lothievia. It is said that they were sad to have missed the action brought to House Lothievia by the Queen's Guard, and that they are determined not to miss it next time.

Following suit in this action is House Risden, presently led by Lord Velan Risden. House Risden is well known for its ties to the Children of the Light, and there is some concern on the part of the people that if Risden gets too deeply involved, that they might call on their family members within the Children of the Light to come to their aid in supporting their candidate for Queen of Andor. However, to date, it does not appear that Risden has sent out such messages. Members of House Risden military patron between their home estates, and those of House Lothievia. Between the three houses, they effectively secure northeastern sector of the city.

Lord Ethen Thaeweth makes a show of support for House Murellan. He takes the House Thaeweth troops in residence within the city of Caemlyn, orders that they don the white sash to show support for the Daughter-Heir, and takes to the streets. His intent is clear - to single-handedly secure the city of Caemlyn. He has men posted at all points leading into the city - and sets up posts where those coming and going are interviewed. Additionally, his patrols meet with those of House Lareca, Risden, and Lothievia. In a bold move, he attempts to disband their patrols, at first asking them to disperse, and then using non-lethal force. His efforts are rebuffed from House Lothievia and House Lareca, however - he is now presently engaged in a stalemate with House Risden. In a stubborn act, he parks his troops there, determined to see House Risden disperse, even if he cannot get the others to do so. While both houses have taken injuries - they are minor wounds at best.

Likewise, Lord Quinlan accompanies House Buchannan troops in patroling the streets of Caemlyn. He personally makes certain that he is not patrolling the same streets as House Choswen, additionally, he makes certain that he never shares the same patrols as House Choswen. Pretty specifically - he is absolutely against House Choswen. Being against House Choswen is not all that Lord Quinlan is about, however. Rather, his aim and purpose is to put down any outward activity possible. So, it is by complete chance that he happens upon the scuffle between Lord Ethen Thaeweth and House Risden. Seeing his opportunity to get involved, and to get into the Daughter-Heir's good graces, he and his men enter into the fray. Unfortunately, Lord Velan Risden is skilled enough to turn Lord Quinlan and his men away. But not without some heavy injuries taken on each side. Approximately 100 men from both houses sustain heavy injuries.

At the start of the day, anything was possible, futures were bright and neighbors were neighbors. But now, everything has changed. The city itself has changed. Gone were the days where Caemlyn was an easy, go-lucky city to visit. Now, strangers are met with trepedition, and neighbors eye one another like they could be enemies. Blood is in the streets, and on the hands of people; family, friends, neighbors, enemies. Let there be no doubt that the first blood of war has begun, and the future of Andor is now quite uncertain. Anything could happen. Anything at all.

Arrest of Chase Daemon (Resolution Day 2)

The following GM emits will be the first part of this week's Resolution Day actions. The rest will be done later this evening or tomorrow. There are a lot of requests, so please be patient as these are rolled out over the course of the weekend. - Sha'rah

It's a late autumn morning, and the sun has risen, and it is a new day in the tense city of Caemlyn. At first, it seems just like any other day, as much as any day can be 'just another day' in the midst of what is very much looking like it will be a War of Succession. Blood has been spilled in the streets, and people are on edge. Queen's Guards patrol the streets outside more regularly than usual, most likely given the raised tensions and the scuffles in the street.

The common room is not as busy at this hour of the morning. Most people have already broken their fast, and are out in the city on business, or back in their rooms. The innkeeper, Master Greges, is busy wiping down some tables, occasionally glancing around and keeping an eye on the few patrons who remain. Seated in a chair at a corner table, one of those patrons is an Altaran woman, who appears to be reading a book, though she seems alert to her surroundings.

Out in the stableyard, a mercenary with burn scars on his face and a Heron-marked sword drills a few of his new recruits in the basics of sword-fighting as a Domani woman steps out into the chill of the autumn morning to go about her business in the city.

Only about ten or fifteen minutes or so after the Domani woman leaves the inn, the Queen's Guards position themselves, ten outside the window of the room she shares with another man, with three archers ready on nearby rooftops, and seven Guards arrayed with pikes and swords. Ten more Queen's Guards enter the Rose and Lion Inn and several of them march up the stairs, along with the scarred Blademaster and the Altaran woman, including Captain Gabriel Arden of the Queen's Guards. People in their rooms peek out their doors at the ruckus, then slam them shut again and lock them, just in case.

Captain Gabriel knocks loudly on the door, and people in neighboring rooms can hear the shouts, "Chase Daemon! Open the door, in the name of the Daughter-Heir of Andor! This is Captain Gabriel Arden, and you are under arrest for violating your banishment!"

A shout returns through the door. "I understand. You are here under orders of the Daughter Heir to arrest me and to detain me in the Palace Dungeons until I stand trial before the Daughter Heir?"

The Guard captain shouts back, "Open the door, or we will open it!" He doesn't respond to the question. After all, they aren't here to make conversation. They have a job to do!

"Do not destroy good Master Greges' property. Allow me just a minute to place on proper attire beyond my smallclothes," comes a shout in reply.

No sounds of a scuffle can be heard, no clash of swords, no twang of arrows being loosed from taut bowstrings. It suddenly makes the number of Queen's Guards present look unnecessary. Shortly afterward, the Queen's Guards are seen to escort a man, unarmed and shackled with a hood over his head, down the stairs and through the common room. He doesn't seem to be giving them any trouble, and even seems to be chatting with the two mercenaries who are there with the guards. There, an unmarked coach has been parked. The Queen's Guards open the door of the coach, and make certain that the man they have arrested is placed inside. They are very careful to see that he comes to no harm. After a brief shuffle and a debate between the Guards and the two mercenaries, the doors to the carriage are closed and the Queen's Guards mount up. With a crack of a whip, the carriage is off out of the stableyard, and heading into Heartsblush Square. The curtains on the carriage are drawn tight, so it is impossible to see who is within.

As the carriage roars through the stableyard and into the street, taking a turn toward White Lion Way, an imposing Domani woman stands near the stableyard entrance. The moment the unmarked carriage appears with the guards flanking it, she moves rapidly to intercept whomever appears to be in charge. Passionate with rage, the golden flecks in her brown eyes dance and her beauty quickly turns statuesque rather than warm. In a commanding tone, she calls out rather loudly, "Halt that carriage. My husband is being kidnapped! You have no authority!" It seems her words may be as much for any nearby populace as the actual liveried men. 
The carriage, however, does not stop, but female channelers in the area would feel the Saidar being channeled rather strongly. Still the coach does not seem to be deterred, and in fact, the driver cracks the whip to pick up speed and the coach rumbles on. One guard breaks off from the others, and speaks to the Domani woman, who does not seem pleased, but neither does she offer further pursuit.

People on the streets can hear her words, "Only the -Queen- may command the Queen's Guards. Or did I miss the coronation?" She glances again toward the quickly-retreating carriage. Her nostrils flare briefly, then she glares at the rider before her. "You would do well to learn more of those with whom you tangle." There are a few gasps in the crowd as the guard is heard to call the woman a "Bloody witch!" as she walks back toward the inn, and the Queen's Guard returns to join the others, his horse at a trot, red cape of his uniform flowing in the chill autumn breeze in contrast to the sash of white all of them wear.

Rumors then spread throughout the city like wildfire. A man has been arrested, presumably on the orders of the Daughter-Heir. Some say they could swear they heard, while the man was being brought through the Common Room, that he said the Daughter-Heir was afraid of him. Others say that it's odd they would take him hooded in an unmarked carriage, rather than parading him through the city as is proper for a criminal of his apparent caliber. Meanwhile other rumors suggest that this is a good thing, and shows that the Daughter-Heir has at last decided to put her foot down, that law and order still remain even in the face of this conflict. Even so, there are a few uncertain whispers as people wonder why this man is so important to the Daughter-Heir, that she would focus so much time and energy on him, when she should be worrying about securing her crown! And what do mercenaries have to do with it?

This ends the first round of GM emits for this Resolution Day.

Diplomacy and War (Resolution Day 2)

In the later hours of the evening, it is said that Lady Belya Choswen was assaulted by thugs within the Spice of Life shop. Her most loyal guards came to her daring rescue, but not without injury. In the scuffle, two of the five culprits were killed, two were captured, and at least one remains at large; female, dark hair, green eyes, tan skin. She is considered dangerous. However, that's not that most interesting news to be accounted for. The most interesting news is that found amongst the bodies is a letter. 'Take Lady Belya Choswen at all costs. Make sure she is not harmed, but make sure she is brought to us all the same. Your pay will be cut in half if she is hurt in any way. Signed - Lord Buchannan.'

OOC: Investigating this matter is only a regular request, not ResDay.

More importantly, or perhaps most suspiciously, is that Lord Quinlan Buchannan set out to patrol the streets of Caemlyn not too long ago. He has issued orders not to interact with, or insult members of House Choswen this evening, seeming to want to steer clear of them. However, upon hearing what has occured later tonight, the men themselves buck at Lord Quinlan's orders. "Hey! If he can have someone kidnapped, then must assuredly, we can go and pummel some Choswen scum ourselves too. And so, a party of approximately 200 Buchannan guards break away in search of House Choswen men.

The Buchannan men on the prowl find the House Choswen men close to their home, patrolling the streets around House Choswen land within the city of Caemlyn. These men were told to stay close to home, and away from trouble, by Lord Grant Choswen. Those who are not presently on duty are found in bars and taverns nearby, paid for exclusively by Lord Grant Choswen to cater to only House Choswen folk.

The men clash, easily coming to blows. Brawls start out in bars and taverns, and in the streets surrounding House Choswen property, sword are drawn on both sides; for if House Buchannan men are going to come in with swords, by the Light, House Choswen men are going to retaliate with swords as well! And, by the Light, House Choswen will not stand for the attempted kidnapping of their heir, Lady Belya Choswen. No indeed! So, they go at House Buchannan men with a frenzied sort of fervor, trading insults and injuries with a fiery vigor.

The men clash, easily coming to blows. Brawls start out in bars and taverns, and in the streets surrounding House Choswen property, sword are drawn on both sides; for if House Buchannan men are going to come in with swords, by the Light, House Choswen men are going to retaliate with swords as well! And, by the Light, House Choswen will not stand for the attempted kidnapping of their heir, Lady Belya Choswen. No indeed! So, they go at House Buchannan men with a frenzied sort of fervor, trading insults and injuries with a fiery vigor.

It is at this point that one begins to wonder if the War to come is between House Buchannan and House Choswen, rather than for the monarchy of Andor. For, there are those that point out that House Buchannan and House Choswen are on the same side, and on the same team - at least, they're supposed to be. If this were the modern, every day world in true life, one might point out and say that the Hatfields and McCoys are at it again. The shadier sides of Caemlyn have started a pool, to see which event will be bloodier, the War of Succession, or the personal War between House Choswen and House Buchannan.

While the fighting continues into the night between House Buchannan and House Choswen, it is said that Mistress Aloysia Teranor has been a rather busy woman. Outside of having orders to lead the Queens Guard to arrest Chase Daemon, she has been seen of late arranging for more men to come into the Cal'har Company, the mecenary group that she leads in tandem with Master Termiane Koronel. She has gathered together approximately 1,000 men to her aid, and has started to organize them well within the Cal'har Company's ranks. While most seem polite to her leadership abilities, there have been more than a few who've offered her a snear and a pinch for simply being a woman playing the part of a man. What she intends to do with these men, presently, is still uncertain. However, for now she has them mostly well in hand. (Gold Deducted)

Additionally, it is said that the Daughter-Heir, Lady Aeline Murellan, has sent word to her lands in House Murellan that she needs aid within the city of Caemlyn. With her call of aid, she is able to muster 1,000 additional troops for the service of House Murellan. Those coming to her aid are confident that their homes are well-prepared for the winter, so that they can leave their women and children behind without fear of starvation. They prepare for the long journey to Caemlyn. (These troops will arrive on April 29th, and can be used for that ResDay period.) It is said that once they get to the city of Caemlyn that they will be aiding Lord Ethen Thaeweth with his regular patrols of the city. (Gold Deducted)

Meanwhile, the rumors suggest Lady Airalyn Lothievia was successfully able to bring together the various heads of household, or at least their representatives, to a peaceful dinner party this past week. Seen in attendance were Lady Belya Choswen, Lord Ethen Thaeweth, Lord Quinlan Buchannan and the mercenaries, Master Termiane Koronel and Mistress Aloysia Teranor. Discussed at dinner were Lady Airalyn's views about why the Daughter-Heir would make a poor Queen; chief among them was the Daugther-Heir's lack of response to Andor's needs, and her own mother's needs prior to her death. But, that was not all. Her other objection was the ages old prophecy that suggested that Lady Aeline Murellan may play a pivotal role in bringing about the death of the Dragon Reborn; this same prophecy that incurred a Shadowspawn attack against Caemlyn in 1007 NE - where Myrdraal attempted to kidnap the Daughter-Heir.

It is said that immediately following the dinner, flyers have passed around Caemlyn with the words of the Prophecy, tacked to every bar, shop, and tavern that Lothievia guards could find. The Prophecy?

When the Flame and Lion come to blows;
When the Shadow attacks the Lion's heart;
You must protect the heart of the rose;
Or she shall become a thorn, apart.
The blood will drip and Lion fail;
People will die and mothers wail.
And with the final hand of fate;
And with the final weaving wheel;
The Reborn One's death she shall seal.

Riders come in hot and fast, accompanied by several several guards. It is none other than Lady Irinya Choswen and Prince Consort Vincent Murellan! It seems that the Prince Consort slipped out of the city under the cover of night to go speak to Lady Choswen about his rash behavoir of late. Having reached an accord with her, they both agreed to come home. However, while they would much rather their homecoming be a joyous occassion, Lady Choswen has come to discover that passage to her home is presently barred by the fighting in the streets, at her front door, no less.

It has been determined that while Lady Irinya Choswen was away, she's been pretty busy addressing the people of her holdings. She has been making certain that her people see her, and doing her best to boost their morale in preparation for the possibiliy of war. She has brought them supplies from the city for the winter, and has traveled to some of the villages to address any concerns they might have. She tells them that she does not want to see a war, but she explains the situation in the city to them as best as possible, and she explains her decision to follow House Murellan; supporting, whole-heartedly, Queen Elisia's wish that Aeline become Queen.

The people of Choswen lands listen attentatively to Lady Choswen. They nod their head on some places, and are thankful for the words and the supplies that Lady Choswen brings. For her efforts, she binds their loyalty to her more strongly; for it is not often that a High Seat comes and talks directly to the people, nor takes the time to listen to their issues. So, when it comes to pass that she asks them to follow her into battle, if they must, some 2,000 men make sure that their gear is ready and in order. They muster at the edge of House Choswen lands, on the property closest to Caemlyn lines, ready to leave at a moment's notice to do the Lady's bidding. (Gold Deducted)

Rumors stretch that Lord Parys Lareca has sent his younger brother, Conin, to the property of House Lareca. There, Lord Conin talks to the people of House Lareca, and gives an inspirational talk about going against 'The Man', or in this case, 'The Wo-man'. For anyone living on House Lareca holdings, that's more than enough to stir people up. As such, Lord Conin is able to muster 2,000 supporters in order to protect House Lareca interests within the War of Succession. (Gold Deducted)

Meanwhile, at home, Lord Parys continues the patrols around House Lareca's holdings within Caemlyn, and continues to perform double duty protectiong House Lothievia. It seems the Lord is vastly determined to keep his interests protected at home. It seems that, for the most part, House Lareca is in a holding pattern, waiting for information, or orders from House Lothievia before proceeding with anything.

At the announcement of Chase Daemon's arrest, birds are quickly dispatched to Tar Valon, addressed by the Daughter-Heir. Their destination? The White Tower. It seems that Chase Daemon could be more than what he seems, with missives being sent post-haste. The content of these messages? Simple. Chase Gaidin has been arrested for violating his lawful banishment from Andor. The White Tower is being given a chance to send a lawyer to his defense before a public trial is being held. Until such a time, Chase Gaidin is being allowed visitors only so long as they have the permission of the Daughter-Heir.

OOC: Those of you wishing to speak to Chase during this next week will need to seek out Aeline for permission; or bribe a PC with authority to take you to see him. Any Aes Sedai or lawyers from Tar Valon that want to represent Chase at his criminal trial are encouraged to put in a ResDay request to come to Caemlyn for next weekend. As long as a PC in Caemlyn with some kind of authority (Daughter-Heir, Queen's Guard) allows you to speak to Chase, you do not need a ResDay request to do this. All other attempts require a ResDay Request.

Seeing that everyone else is mustering up their defenses, Lord Liam of House Roesone, in a knee jerk effort, musters 2,000 of House Roesone's troops. However, rather than facing Caemlyn's borders, like House Choswen, they face more towards the west, where most of the House's seem to have differences with one another. (Gold Deducted)

The night continues on, however most of the fighting between House Buchannan and House Choswen remains contained within the House Choswen section of the city. It is some time before anyone manages to find Lord Grant Choswen to inform him of what is going on with his men, and House Buchannan. He quickly makes his way to the battle site, and issues orders to have his men fall back. He is quickly joined by Master Termiane of the Cal'har Company, who is out on patrol with a large number of Queen's Guard to keep the unrest in the city to a minimum. He stares in harror at the sight before him, with blood running down the streets and the Queen's allies fighting against one another. He quickly comes to his senses and enters his men into the fray with orders to put a stop to the fighting at all costs. It is with the combined efforts of both Lord Grant and Master Termiane that the fighting finally ends, and that House Buchannan's men are finally sent home.

With a heavy heart, Lord Grant takes the time to look around and take stock of his men. It is clear that casualties are taken on both sides. Of the 200 men that broke away from House Buchannan's city patrols, 160 of them took injuries. Of those 160 men, 112 got off lucky with minor scrapes and wounds, 23 walked away with grievous injuries, and 25 have died. However, House Choswen does not come out of this unscathed. For their part in the defending themselves, and perhaps counter attacking against House Buchannan, 63 men were injured. Only 18 walk away with light injuries, while 14 are heavily injured. But worse, by far, 31 of their men have died this night.

The deaths in the street this night are the first of this war, and it is not against opposing factions in the War of Succession, but between those people who are supposed to be standing as allies with one another. People cluck their tongues and shakes their heads, wondering at it all. All eyes are now on the Daugther-Heir to see how she intends to bring her allies to heel, given that the blood that has been shed this night is the blood of the people most loyal to her.

A letter is released to the public, that appears to be from the House Choswen clerk that overlooks their finances. This letter is burned around the edges, as if someone was attempting to destroy evidence of some sort. The bits and pieces of the letter that get out follow.

... don't know how much longer I can doctor the books. One actually needs money to doctor books properly. Just give a bit more ti....

Earlier in the evening, before the crisis between House Buchannan and House Choswen started, Lord Ethen Thaeweth was seen heading over to House Risden. Several servants were heard gossiping at the Rose and Lion, stating that they expected he was going over there to negotiate with Lord Velan, in hopes of getting him to withdraw his troops from around his own properties and those of House Lothievia. One young girl swooned, and hoped that the young Lord was succcessful.

From all accounts, Lord Velan allowed Lord Ethen to enter into his home, to see what the young Lord had to say. However, Lord Ethen did not get very far with his attempts to negotiate. While in the middle of explaining the finer points of why Lord Velan should withdraw his trips, Lord Velan summoned his guards and Lord Ethen expelled from his home, with the message that he fully supports Lady Airalyn for Queen, and that Lord Ethen will need to come up with more reasons other than 'because people might get hurt' as an excuse to withdraw.

In fact, in direct response to Ethen's attempts to get Velan to withdraw troops, he gives an order to muster up more men to be at the ready for the direction of House Risden. 1,000 are to remain on House Risden's Household lands, and 1,000 have their orders to march toward Caemlyn to bolster those already there. (Gold Deducted)

... My dearest Belya. I wanted to write to you to let you know that I meant nothing by what I said about arranging a match between yourself and Quinlin. While it would have been a political match only, I know now that Quinlin has no eyes for any other women save his sister right now, and seeing she gain her throne. And, of course, the unnatural dalliances that two may have between one another. I am sorry for getting your hopes up, my dear. It had not been my intention...

This letter was supposedly signed by Prince Consort Vincent Murellan, however, experts have apprised the letter, and can say without a doubt that it was not his handwriting that wrote it. The handwriting seems very familiar, but it is definitely not Vincent's handwriting.

Not to be outdone by House Risden, Lord Ethen Thaeweth sends word back home to his mother to start gathering the troops there. In his missive, he notes that the crime rate has risen since the declarations - and he needs the additional help of House Thaeweth men to help keep order in the city. These men are under orders not to engage other Houses; an order that is most likely to be heeded since none have attempted to attack House Thaeweth as yet. Though, soldiers at home are now eyeing House Risden a bit uneasily, since they heard Lord Velan is bringing in more men himself. However, as House Thaeweth is far away from the city, it will take some time for his men to arrive. House Thaeweth soldiers will make it to Caemlyn on April 29, 2011.

Even though House Demmar has been rather quiet about the situation going on in Caemlyn so far, Lord Maizran Demmar sends word to his House Demmar holdings in Andor to make ready 2,000 troops to be put to use at a moment's notice. It is said that when Lord Demmar makes such an order, that his people jump to quickly make the necessary arrangements. (Gold Deducted)

Lord Maizran also makes a very clear announcement to the city that his sister, Lady Mairia, has been ill, and not within her right mind when she made her claim to the Throne. She is being sent back to Cairhien to recooperate. However, he makes it known that he is will to entertain offers from House Lothievia and House Murellan, to aid him in deciding who to support. He expects such offers to be lucrative.

Another letter is found, this time in the handwriting of the young woman who was caught spying in House Buchannan. ... My lady... I deeply regret the trouble that I have brought you. I did not mean to blab things about, as I did, or even implicate you in my haste to explain myself. I fear that those at House Buchannan simply misunderstood me. I merely stated that I worked for you. But, they did not give me a chance to explain - that I working on my own, to see what I could find. That you had no knowledge of what it was I was doing. Do please forgive me, my Lady, for getting you into trouble. I haven't heard from you since that day, but I was hoping... maybe... that I might not be sacked from my job?

In support of his wife's pamphlet campaign, in seeing to it that the prophecy regarding a Queen of Andor bringing about the death of the Dragon Reborn, Lord Regin Lothievia takes some time to distribute some wealth to the Andoran citizens who might be in need. He holds a bounty for any and all that wish to come to Lothievia lands - seeing to it that anyone who needs food, clothing, or even money, does not leave unsatisfied. He even allows nobles within the estate, who might find themselves in need - so long as they do not have any weapons. People eagerly and greedily partake of the offerings, which they will long remember.

A crinkled and tattered spy report is found, or at least, what one assumes is a spy report. ... My Lord, I wanted to let you know that I managed to get inside House Lothievia during the dinner. It appears that Lady Airalyn Lothievia had taken a moment to steel Lady Belya aside to speak to her privately. In that moment, I managed to overhear her talking to Lady Belya, telling her how much she appreciated her for her discretion in some matter. Unfortunately, I was unable to discern the matter, but it was clear to me that she wanted to appease House Choswen to keep whatever it was very, very discrete.

Manuevering (Resolution Day 3)

It's been said that Lord Devarin Nydiliwen has been attempting to muster troops in Cairhien. Thus far, his efforts have met with little success. He claims those troops will only be used to jealously guard a trade route that his house has inherited, but there are those that note that this particular trade route runs right through the middle of Andor. People point out that Lord Devarin has no authority to use foreign guards within the nation of Andor. With such rumors, however, there is some worry within Andor that perhaps other nobles within Cairhien might get a similar idea, all in the interest of 'protecting' their trade.

Rumors spread about the city of Caemlyn, passing from person to person. "If House Lothievia is giving away free money, clothing, food and shelter, then who needs to work? Why should people earn their money at all, if it is going to be given out freely? I say we storm the gates of the Lothievia estate, and demand our due as well!"

A sizable crowd appears outside of the gates of House Lothievia. It could be considered a mob, but they have not - as yet - turned violent. They are waiting to see if members of House Lothievia will continue to share their largese with the people. Also, given the high amount of security surrounding House Lothievia, they are discouraged from getting too close ot the gates.

Lady Irinya of House Choswen called up even more of her reserves from her lands. Another 2,000 members of their military have exchanged their winter hunting gear for military gear. They join the other 2,000 troops that are lined up, facing the city of Caemlyn. Some mention that House Demmar might be a tad nervous about what Irinya intends to do with her troops - given they have yet to declare for anyone. But, others scoff at that notion, reminding everyone that Lord Maizran Demmar is a brilliant military general in his own fashion. They even say that whoever manages to win his favor may win the war. (Gold Deducted)

Having already mustered 2,000 troops, with 1,000 on their way to Caemlyn, House Risden also asks their men to put away their hunting gear for the season - with the promise of bonus pay at the end of the succession for a job well done. As such, another 2,000 men gather on the property of House Risden. It is also said that House Risden is gathering 1,000 mercenaries of their own - showing that House Murellan is not the only house to invest in mercenaries for the war. (Gold Deducted)

The troops and mercenaries raised are joining the 1,000 that remained behind - and seem to be working and training with one another. Rumor suggests that Lord Velan wants the group to be a well oiled machine that work together, rather than against one another. For now, this combined training seems to be working, though the regular soldiers are a tiny bit resentful they have to share glory with mercenaries.

Lady Belya Choswen has placed candles for the dead outside of the Choswen Estate, and has taken the time to visit every family affected by the Choswen-Buchannan massacre, giving her condolances, and seeing what aid she can give each family. She tells them her suspicions that House Buchannan might have been innocent, and set up by a third party. Her efforts are met with some small measure of acceptance, and the people seem willing to listen to her, but it appears that there's still a long way to go before either house can heal.

Given the incident between House Buchannan and House Choswen lately, security has been stepped up around House Choswen and its surrounding environs. So, it's no surprise that anyone looking suspicious could be easily caught during their heightened security. Guardsmen report to Lady Irinya Choswen that they saw Prince Vincent Murellan snooping around the grounds, though what he was doing, no one can be certain.

It seems the Daughter-Heir is playing hot-potato with House Murellan troops, for she has re-delegated 1,000 of her personal guard from Master Termiane Koronel to Mistress Aloysia Teranor. Unfortunatey for Aloysia, the men do not at all seem pleased to be working with Aloysia as their commander. It's one thing to do something on order from their would-be Queen, but it's completely different coming from a woman they barely know at all. At least Termiane was a man who well understood war. Women, though, they feel should be at home making clothes and cooking food. It's just unnatural to see a woman warrior. Instead of doing what she wants, they go about their normal routine.

In response to House Choswen raising more men along his borders, Lord Maizran Demmar raises another 2,000 soliders to help protect Demmar holdings, totaling 4,000 troops on House Demmar lands. (Gold Deducted)

Lord Parys Lareca orders 1,000 of his already mustered troops to Caemlyn to join his forces already there. He also takes the time to muster another 2,000 troops, leaving a total of 3,000 troops on House Lareca lands. Being the smaller holdings of most noble houses, they are already feeling a tightening of their budget to ensure they can survive the winter season. (Gold Deducted)

It might be noted, that until recently, House Lothievia is one of the few houses that has yet to raise troops to their cause. However, given how heated things have been lately, Lord Regin Lothievia has worked to rectify that situation. It is, perhaps, because both Houses Choswen and Demmar are so very close to them, being in the southernmost borders. So, too, do they raise 2,000 troops, and place them along the borders closest to Caemlyn. For, presently, they have nothing to fear from House Demmar, who has yet to declare for one side or another. (Gold Deducted)

NOTE ON TROOP INJURIES: If your troops become lightly injured during one ResDay - they will be completely healed by the next. If they become grieviously injured, they will be ready to fight again by the following ResDay. Keep this in mind when keeping track of your troop numbers.

Within the city of Caemlyn, Lord Quinlan Buchannan orders his remaining 977 troops to patrol the northern sector of the city that is as yet unclaimed. Unlike the night of the Choswen Massacre, Lord Quinlan Buchannan is able to keep his troops under control this time. They are able to patrol the streets of the city, except those sectors that are held by House Lothievia, House Risden and House Lareca, for they keep a firm hold on the Northeastern sector of the the city with their combined troops doing patrols. Additionally, he is able to keep House Buchannan soldiers from co-mingling with House Choswen soldiers, and further upset is prevented at this particular point. Rather, he combines his efforts with any soldiers House Murellan or House Thaeweth have at the ready.

Word circulates around the city of Caemlyn that the Daughter-Heir is raising yet more men to come to her aid. Another 2,000 men have set aside their winter hunting gear to take up arms and armor. They are being stationed at the southwestern most region of House Murellan territory. To the savvy eye, it looks as if House Murellan is only attempting to protect the borders between its two rivals, House Risden and House Lareca, but there are those who theorize that perhaps they are preparing to do battle. (Gold Deducted)

Even though House Roesone is far away from many of the other territories of the Houses in conflict, it seems they are feeling a bit of the heat regarding their present neutrality. As such, Lord Liam Roesone has ordered 2,000 of his men to put away their hunting gear and to take up arms. They are ordered to the northernmost border of their property where any siege is most likely to take place. He claims to the others it is a cautionary matter, only. For now. (Gold Deducted)

Additionally, Lord Liam has sent missives to both the Daughter-Heir and Lady Airalyn Lothievia, opening diplomatic talks. It seems, much like House Demmar, that House Roesone wants to know what's in it for them to support one house or another. Perhaps he sees the sense in selling his support, or - perhaps he simply isn't certain what benefit House Roesone will side with either House. Some say that the older Lord is looking for prospects of marriage, finally wishing to settle down.

It is said that Lady Irinya Choswen and Lord Maizran Demmar have been exchanging letters with one another. Likewise, it appears that Lady Airalyn Lothievia has also been exchanging letters with Lord Maizran. The contents of those letters, for now, remain classified, but the messengers that run back and forth between the houses complain at how often they are sent between the two. There are those that wonder why Lady Irinya, rather than the Daughter-Heir, is the one corresponding with House Demmar, though some speculate that it is over Lady Irinya's ties to Cairhien, which House Demmar has also boasted.

Not only does House Buchannan finally muster 2,000 men of their own, but they also immediately set them to marching. They only have time enough to gather their supplies, weapons and armor before they are set trudging off into the cold. It is said that their troops are joining their neighbors, House Murellan, lending their combined support to the Daughter-Heir on Murellan lands. While they are not too happy to be out in the cold, most know this is for a good cause. After hearing about what happened back in the city, they are spoiling for a good, righteous fight to regain the favor of the people once more. (Gold Deducted)

Members of House Thaeweth are gossiping about how their troops to help support the city faction never arrived. They know Lord Thaeweth gave the order for them to come to Caemlyn. What they did not know is that not long afterwards, Lord Ethen sent a different order. Rather than fortifying efforts within the city of Caemlyn, instead the additional troops he mustered stopped in Whitebridge. There they wait and set up camp, though why they are waiting in the far away town of Whitebridge, no one knows. (Gold Deducted - Retained Troops on the Move)

There is a noticeable lack of a presence within the city of Caemlyn. The Cal'har company appears to be missing; save for Mistress Aloysia Teranor. It looks like Termiane Kelanor took the Cal'har Company mercenaries and left. Rumors from the winter hunters who have encountered the group report that he has been seen traveling across the countryside, usually staying off roads. After a few days, a pigeon or two arrives in Caemlyn to note that the Cal'har company has arrived on House Murellan land, and moved to join the troops already forming along the southwestern border with Houses Murellan and Buchannan. (Gold Deducted - Retained Mercenaries)

After exchanging letters with House Choswen and House Lothievia, it appears that Lord Maizran Demmar has disappeared. No one knows where he has gone, or what he is doing. When members of House Demmar are queried about it, they suggest that this is normal behavior for him. Sometimes, he just goes off, then returns again a few days later. Though, most unsettling it some is that there is no trace of his departure. His clothing has been untouched, there are no missing supplies, and his horses and carriages are still housed where they should be. None of his servants are even missing.

OOC: This concludes all of the old Resolution Day related requests. Later today, we will start with the new requests that have been sent in. Please note - because I took longer than expected in getting these done, the last military requests that came in were granted regardless of rolls so as not to mess up the planning that occurred this week.

GM NOTE: A number of people had requests regarding Lord Maizran Demmar. In light of his absence, I have allowed these players an additional day to come up with new requests. Only those players that had Maizran related requests have this additional day to change things. This may delay things a bit as we wait for new requests to come in. This was the fairest way to handle this specific issue.

Murellan Strikes (Resolution Day 4)

It is late afternoon. The tension in the streets of Caemlyn can be easily felt. Faces are somber, children are less enthusiastic, even the animals seem forlorn. But, this is not the most unsual thing about the day. Several groups of men gather together outside of the Choswen Estate. Some of these men bear the colors of House Murellan, while others bear the colors of House Buchannan. The latter manages to cause some worry among the people; for they remember all too well what happened the last time House Buchannan men approached House Choswen. But, in this instance, the Buchannan men seem more determined, than twitchy.

The Choswen guards, however, seem wary. But, they have their orders. And, so, it comes to some great surprise, and shock to others when both groups of men, Murellan and Buchannan alike, enter House Choswen. It is Lady Irinya Choswen herself that greets them, and from the outside it is easily clear that she is the one in charge of them. She directs them to various places on the grounds, and it looks as though they are blocking all exits leading out of both the manor house and the Choswen Estate.

Once the men are in place, Lady Irinya Choswen leads approximately 20 of the Choswen House Guards into the House; her expression as determined as that of House Buchannan's men. There is a hard look to her eyes, and a sense that perhaps whoever has struck such a fury within her will indeed pay a great price.

Shouting can be heard from the estate. The voice is very distinctly Lady Irinya's. She has called for the arrest of none other than the man that is her husband, Lord Grant Choswen. The reason? For the attempted kidnapping of their daughter, Lady Belya Choswen!

It is said that Lord Grant struggled against the arrest, all the while professing his innocence. However, in the end, he was overcome by the number of guards that Lady Irinya has brought with her. Securely in custody, he has been taken to the Queen's jail, to see the Queen's justice.

This event leaves many tongues wagging, however. Why is it that the husband of Lady Irinya would want to kidnap their own child, and what more - what did he hope to gain from it. This, and many questions, plague the mind of the people. Of course, there are those that remember the letter that was found amongst the possessions of the kidnappers. And, so - the people also wonder whether or not Lord Grant was the one behind setting up House Buchannan to take the fall for the attempted kidnapping of Lady Belya as well. If so, he will have much to pay for.

Prince Consort Vincent Murellan gives a rousing speech to rally the people to throw down their arms, and to follow the rightful and lawful Queen of Andor, his daugther - Lady Aeline Murellan. He points out that all children of the Queen attend training in the White Tower as tradition, not simply because of thie lingering prophecy about her. He also proclaims that while he's not sure she's the best Queen for Andor, that she will give her heart to the people. Unfortunately, his speech falls a little flat - for the people have already seen the Daughter-Heirs allies slaughtering one another. (Vincent scored 0 successes on a diplomacy and politics roll.)

After the fiasco of attempting to coordinate the Queen's Guard last month, Mistress Aloysia puts in time with the guard. She trains with them, she plays stones with them, and works as closely as she can with the higher ranked officers as she can. At first, they tolerate her grudgingly because it is what the Daughter-Heir wants, but in the end, they have come to see that she's rather skilled, and might know a little bit of something about military tactics and warfare. More importantly, she shows spunk and gumption, and in spite of being a woman some of them seem to even admire her for it.

It is said that Termiane Koronel has set up camp within House Murellan lands. There he has stayed for the last several days, taking the time to review the troops that have been directed there, as well as taking the time to strategize, plan, train, and even play a few games of stones with them. They seem to be a well oiled group, under his leadership, and while the men are still somewhat wary of following a mercenary, they seem to have no quibbles with Termiane. Some even say that they'd follow him simply out of respect for his militant skills and ability to strategize.

It has been some time since Chase Daemon has been arrested. The people have noticed this, and and even more so they have noticed that he has not yet had a trial, in spite of the fact that several Aes Sedai have arrived in the city in order to defend the man. They have counted the days, and the weeks, and they've added up to a great number, and so now they are wondering, when is the Daugther-Heir going to hold the trial of Chase Daemon, and why is it that it has not happened yet? Does the man hold important information that might be vital to the war effort? Or is he some important dignitary that might make or break the war should he be released? They want to know, and they want to know soon. (OOC: A deadline has been set of May 28th, 2011 to set a date for the trial. The trial does not have to happen before this date - but it does have to happen soon to avert negative consequences, and a staff ruling on Chase's fate.)

While events continued within Caemlyn, the movements of various House forces have set in motion a new level of unease in the western parts of Andor. Though 2,000 men traveled from Thaeweth lands northwest of Whitebridge, upon arriving in the city they would go no further for the time being. It seems they were expecting forces led by the Cal'har Company mercenary Termiane Koronel to rendezvous with them there in Whitebridge but that was not the way it played out. Instead, a mass of people consisting of 1,000 mercenaries under Koronel's own command had joined up with 2,000 each from Houses Murellan and Buchannan, 5,000 in all. Situated in the southwestern part of Murellan lands north of the border with Lareca's, the men had been training under Koronel's guidance. (Gold Deducted - Mercenaries Retained, Buchannan Soldiers Retained, Murellan Soldiers Retained only)

Meanwhile, Bran Latrail had been preparing for trouble. The Captain of 2,000 Lareca men had received word from scouts and runners that a force was gathering north of their lands and the suspicion for days was that an attack could be coming at any time. Rather than negotiate, they settled in to prepare their defenses in cold, snowy conditions. They'd determined that although they were outnumbered by more than double from the estimates brought back, they had the benefit of knowing their strengths and being able to plan to take advantage of them and the defenses they'd set up. (Gold Deducted - Lareca Men Retained only)

Within a couple days of the latest reports from scouts on both sides, Termiane Koronel leads his men into Lareca lands and the fight commences. Swords clash, arrows fly and blood is soon spilled as white ground turns muddy and red. Initially the battle is fairly even on both sides before the larger numbers begin to overwhelm the Lareca men. In the first round of fighting a total of 200 Lareca men are injured. 86 are considered heavy and 22 men fall, never to get back up. By comparison, 100 of Koronel's men wind up hurt. 18 are his own men, 75 end up being Murellan and just 7 are Buchannan. 78 take heavy injuries (17 mercs, 57 Murellan, 4 Buchannan) and 44 die (9 mercs, 32 Murellan, 3 Buchannan). (Dead Soldiers Deducted)

Upon regrouping, both sides fight further as the day wears on. The opening salvos come to look more like a general feeling-out process as losses begin to mount on both sides once Koronel's forces show their overall superiority both in numbers and skill. Lareca's side suffers higher casualties: 600 men injured, 473 heavily but miraculously only 19 dead. 300 on Koronel's side are hurt, just 4 mercs along with 24 Murellan men and a much higher number of Buchannans, 272. Of that total, 274 take heavy injuries (all 4 mercs, 15 Murellan, 255 Buchannan) and 172 perish (3 mercs, 9 Murellan, 160 Buchannan). (Dead Soldiers Deducted)

Sensing the tide turning, Koronel's men push the advantage they've built up and seek to end things quickly. The losses continue and it leads to a turning point. Things don't go well for Lareca: 600 more injured, 326 heavily, and this time 164 perish. Of another 300 men hurt on Koronel's side, 66 are his own mercs, 180 are Murellan and 54 Buchannan. 195 people take heavy injuries (22 mercs, 133 Murellan, 40 Buchannan) and 92 men die (11 mercs, 49 Murellan, 32 Buchannan). No women or children are injured during the fighting. (Dead Soldiers Deducted)

At this point, Captain Latrail is left with no choice but to surrender as over two-thirds of his forces have been decimated by attacks they simply could not hold back. After beginning with 2,000 men, 1,400 would be injured in all, 885 heavily with 205 passing. Out of the 5,000 total Termiane Koronel led into battle, only 700 were hurt although 547 of them were considered heavy, 308 dying. Of Koronel's own 1,000 men he'd gathered, 88 were hurt, 43 heavily with 23 deaths. Murellan started with 2,000 and saw 279 injured, 205 heavily with 90 deaths. Buchannan started with 2,000 and saw 333 injured, 299 heavily with 195 deaths.

In the aftermath, steps are taken to further weaken Lareca forces and make it difficult for them to regroup. Termiane Koronel and his men fan out across Lareca lands in groups made up of not just his own mercenaries but also equal numbers of men from both Murellan and Buchannan sides. They take weapons from ordinary people but leave them with vouchers stating that the weapons are being confiscated for the good of the Realm and will be returned after the conflict has ended. Each voucher handed out details exactly which weapons are taken from each citizen or household, be it a sword here, a pair of bows there and so on.

In addition, noble manors are also searched. In this case, both weapons and coin are obtained. Again, vouchers are left detailing what is taken, though the ones for any coin collected do not specify that it will be returned at the end of the conflict. This drives speculation that the coin of any rebellious Lareca nobles might be kept afterward by Aeline if deemed necessary. While there had been minor clashes inside Caemlyn before, this is the first time larger forces have taken to each other since the struggle for power began. For some, this may mark passing the point of no return in the ongoing war. (Gold Lost by House Lareca Deducted)

(Thus ends this part of the latest ResDay emits.)

Note: for reference in terms of location within Andor, see the map here:

It has become clear to the populace that this war is quickly turning bloody. With recent incursion on House Lareca lands, they make note that House Lothievia has not taken militant action, other than to protect Lady Airalyn Lothievia. Indeed, they also note that no form of diplomacy has even been attempted between the houses, save the Daughter-Heir's most stalwart allies. And they wonder if this is how things will be if she is made Queen. They are pretty nervous after the affairs that have occured; suggesting that if any of them upset her, that it might turn bloody quick. Out of fear, some of the civilian citizens within the immediate vicinity of Caemlyn retire to country homes, to stay with family for the time being.

For the first time since this struggles between the nobles have started in determining who becomes Queen, Lord Regin Lothievia sends word to Lothievia lands. They are to muster as many men as possible to defend Lothievia lands. Some 2,000 men answer to the call. (Gold Deducted)

Soon after he makes this call, he is seen heading to House Lareca, presumably to meet with Lord Parys to discuss what has happened to his people, and on his land. He is there to show support and solidarity. Likewise, Lord Velan is also seen entering House Lareca. It is said that the three men stayed within House Lareca for several hours. When they came out, they looked more determined than ever. No one is certain what they have planned, though from the looks - it is nothing that can be good.

Lord Ethen Thaeweth calls up another 2,000 troops on House Thaeweth lands. For now, they are to stay put, and defend family lands. As such, the men start patrolling the borders, looking for any wayward activity. For now, the most they find is a dispute between chicken farmers that has a speedy trial by the highest ranking man present at the time. (Gold Deducted)

Soon after the meeting, both Lord Parys Lareca and Lord Regin Lothevia immediately send out word that they are looking to hire mercenaries to their cause - and any abled man, or woman, that wants to serve will be paid half again as more than whatever the Daughter-Heir is offering, if they serve the cause of rightness and justness.

Lord Parys' efforts are met with some satisfaction. 1,000 men answer the call, within the city of Caemlyn. They demand their pay in advance, knowing just how badly Lord Parys was beaten on his home turf. Lord Parys easily dispenses the money, seeming confident in his decision to hire more hands on within the city of Caemlyn. They join his own men, and start to integrate with their patrols around the the houses of Lareca, Risden and Lothievia. (Gold Deducted)

Unfortunately, Lord Regin's efforts to recruit additional soldiers within the city of Caemlyn meet with little result. It is perhaps because Lord Parys was already successful in recruiting them, or perhaps the merc groups still out there are already tied up in other affairs.

A runner has left House Lothievia, headed for Cairhien. Rumors spread quickly across the city about the exact destination within Cairhien. Some suggest a plea to King Zakhar, while others are more certain that it was dispatched to Lord Regin's cousin, Lord Rickard Lothievia - a member of the Children of the Light. One can only guess at the details of the letter, given the recent rumors about the prophecy regarding the Daughter-Heir.

Meanwhile, hearing that House Lareca was just attacked on its home territory, Lord Liam Roesone - who has, so far, not picked a side, has started to get twitchy. He orders up another 2,000 troops from his house lands, to protect them, and now has a small army brewing on House Roesone lands. Some get the impression that it's going to take a great deal to get him to come to one side or the other now; though word spreads that he's still open to diplomatic negotiations so long as there is a solid offer that can be made to obtain his support. (Gold Deducted)

Aeline takes some time to go speak to the troops within the city. She praises them on the good work they've accomplished, and she makes certain to speak to as many as possible. This has a positive feeling among her troops, and some of them stand taller, and work at straighting their clothes. It seems they want to please her and make her proud.

Oddly enough, it is noted that as Aeline walks about, they see that wears bands of both red and white, one color on each wrist. She tells people who ask that she is working towards the unity of the city, and of all the realm of Andor. She does not want people to separate their unity, their livelihoods between red and white. She does not want the people to stand divided, for if they remain so, they are sure to fall.

Noting how close House Risden is to House Murellan lands, Lord Velan orders another 2,000 men to take up arms. He has them patrolling the lands with the other troops already called, totaling 5,000 men on House Risden lands. They make especially certain that the food stores and granaries are kept safe, and that there's an ample supply of water. (Gold Deducted)

The opposition responds to Aeline in turn. Lady Airalyn herself comes forward to speak. "It is with great misfortune that we find that Lady Aeline, Daughter-Heir to all of Andor, has decided to attack the lands of House Lareca. House Lothievia condemns such an action, and considers it pointless and meaningless. If it is blood that she wants on her hands, then it is blood she shall have. We had hoped to work this out diplomatically, but seeming as how she is not interested in diplomacy - for she has made no overtures of such - then we will give her what she wants - a bloody bath."

Lady Irinya Choswen has sent runners to House Choswen lands, calling up another 2,000 troops. Her work force upon her lands is nearly depleted, as now some 6,000 men sit along the borders, waiting for orders from their liege lady on what to do. Meanwhile, those that are already there prepare to defend the lands, uneasy with the actions taken and the words spoken over the last few days. (Gold Deducted)

It is also noted that the Daughter-Heir has issued orders to muster another group of men to protect House Murellan lands. Rather than join the group lead by Master Termiane Koronel, they patrol within the borders of House Murellan land. They see to it that the men, women and children - those who are civilians - are kept safe and out of harms way. There is an especially large contingent near the food stores and the vaults on House Murellan's estate. (Gold Deducted - New Soldiers)

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Comes the sound of 1,000 men marching through various parts of Caemlyn. All the men bear the colors of House Thaeweth. At the head of the men is young Lord Ethen Thaeweth, the daughter of Lady Rennar Thaeweth and Lord Demonder Thaeweth; formerly of House Roesone.

Lord Ethen takes his men around the city in a careful manner; looking to avoid the happenstances that have occurred between House Choswen and House Buchannan. It is clear that he is patrolling, helping to fill in the ranks of those missing soldiers from the ranks of the Queen's Guard - those men and women who turned their loyalties back to their perspective houses.

His goal today is to keep up the momentum in the patrols, watching out for lawlessness and disorder. He is pretty successful at this, until he sees men dressed in House Risden colors seemingly hassling some folk. It appears that that House Risden is now charging people who are not part of House Lothievia, Lareca or Risden a fee to wander through the northeastern corner of the city. This sort of thing does not sit well with Lord Ethen, and so he decides to take matters into his own hands.

At first, the altercation starts out with a few quips between men. Lord Ethen calmly and patiently asks the Risden men to step aside and let the passersby through the streets of Caemlyn. Readily enough, the Risden men quip that he has no right to give them such an order. Words are exchanged, and the Risden men refuse to back down.

Eventually, as all such things do, some of the Risden men decide to take action into their own hands, and blows come to pass. And, in no time, it seems that perhaps Lady Airalyn's words had inspired them to bear arms. As the men of House Risden turn fisticuffs to swords, so too do Lord Ethen's men - in the name of protecting and defending themselves.

The fighting lasts for a good half hour before Lord Ethen is finally able to best the men in that section of the city, and eventually he does best them. In the aftermath, Lord Ethen turns away House Risden's men, and secures a tiny, tiny part of the northeastern section of the city; but his hold there is tenuous with the combined number of guards from all three houses doing patrols in the area. It remains to be seen what Lord Ethen intends to do with his small sector that he has won.

But, the day did not come without casualties. In the end, House Risden has seen 3 men lightly injured, 36 heavily injured and 38 dead, although House Thaeweth seems to have been lucky; they only received two parties - both of them grevious and both of them casualties. It shows, however, that neither party is without hurt, and that the war itself might be long and bloody yet. (Dead Soldiers Deducted)

It is said that late into the night, Lord Maizran Demmar returned to his manor, appearing as quietly as he disappeared. To his servants and staff, this seems rather normal - but to the outside world and eyes, it is all rather curious and unusual. The Demmaran servants and staff simply shrug their shoulders and go about their business; though note that ever since his return, he's become rather surely.

Also late into the night, a contingent of Tar Valon guards arrive within the city of Caemlyn. With them they bear a letter stamped with the unbroken seal of the Amyrlin Seat. The letter's contents are clear. Chase Daemon is to be released into their custody immediately, to be returned to Tar Valon to be tried for his crimes there - amongst his peers and with his bonded Aes Sedai present. This is the only message the letter contains. Though some suggest that ignoring a letter from the Amyrlin Seat herself is dangerous territory.

This letter does not seem unexpected to most people, for it seemed readily clear that during the trial of Chase Daemon, he was going to be remanded into the custody of the White Tower to begin with, but after an altercation between the Tower's representative and the Daughter-Heir, he was put back into prison and his fate left unknown again. House Murellan guards are uneasy about complying with the order, but they do so anyway. Chase Daemon is remanded into the custody of the Tar Valon guards, to be returned to Tar Valon immediately. None of House Murellan's men wanted to be responsible for defying an Amyrlin Seat.

OOC: This is the absolute last of the last ResDay actions. The next ResDay will be on Friday, June 3rd, and the requests will be shared out between myself and my Asst. GM. Any outstanding investigative related requests will be handled shortly.

OOC: If you mustered troops, and I have not deducted your monies, it will be deducted before next ResDay - so make sure you've got enough cash to cover your people (or beg, borrow and steal from other houses if you don't.)

New Claimant To The Throne (Resolution Day 5)

It is said that when the Aes Sedai and Tar Valon Guard delegation departed from Caemlyn with Chase Daemon in hand, that Vishtia Sedai departed with them. Some note there were heated words between the Daughter-Heir and the Aes Sedai during the trial. There is some worry and concern about further reaction from the White Tower regarding the trial of one of their Gaidin, but so far there is no word from the White Tower about anything of the like.

The First Prince, Lord Galavan Murellan, has finally returned from his training at the White Tower. Of course, he's come home to see his city in disarray. The people are split between one another, and his sister has a shakey hold on the Lion Throne. He decides to spend some time with the house troops - who are making up the majory of what's left of the Queen's Guard right now - in order to boost their morale. Unfortunately, with things going as badly as they have so far, and with the recent attack against House Lareca, morale is low, and his attempts come a bit too late. The soliders pay him lip service as the First Prince, but his efforts do little to no good.

On the heels of the attack against House Lareca, Lady Irinya Choswen makes a speech condeming the Daughter-Heir for her actions, and the actions of her soldier. In bold move, she announces her bid to become Queen of Andor, citing her ancestor's history as a former Queen as proof that her lineage is close to that of the late Queen Ishara. While she notes that she is now in agreement with Lady Airalyn, she also notes that she does not support the other woman's claim for the throne. So, for now eyes have turned from Aeline for the moment, however briefly, to Irinya, to see how this woman intends to comport herself in this succession.

As a start, Lady Irinya sends word to Lady Airalyn that while she does not support her in her claims to the throne - and especially given her own claim - she has now come to see and understand why Airalyn was so concerned about the welfare of Andor. They exchange polite and pleasant letters, in which Airalyn firmyly, but gently, tells Irinya that she's not backing down from her claim to the throne - at least not yet. Lady Airalyn strongly believes that she's the best candidate for the throne, having listed all of the ways she aided the city prior to the start of the conflict, and during, to help the people of Andor through the hard times this winter.

The troops that Lord Velan Risden called up and then sent to Caemlyn have finally arrived. 1,000 men bolster the 1,000 he already has on hand in the city. For now, they are put to work patrolling the northeastern end of Caemlyn, though some say that they are encroaching towards securing more of the upper city as they expand their patrols one street at a time towards the western side of the top portion of the city.

Lord Quinlan Buchannan orders his men to patrol the northeastern section of the city; the section of the city that Houses Lothievia, Lareca and Risden very much firmly hold. His men balk at his orders, and refuse to go - especially upon hearing that there are now a combined total of 4,000 men, almost, patrolling that area - to their 1,000 Buchannan men. They know how to count, and know that they are outnumbered three to one. It seems they have no wish to poke the lion, so to speak, given Lady Airalyn Lothievia's speech stating that she would give the Daughter-Heir the bloody war that she wanted.

Master Termaine Koronel, the mercenary put in charge of the large majority of the Daugther-Heir's armed forces makes a rousing speech, that simply says. "Thank you for employing me, but - I quit." Or, rather, the speech says more than that - but that's the gist most people get out of it. The crux of the speech remarks on the recent actions the Daughter-Heir had him perform, chief among them the recent massacre of House Lareca's soldiers, and the Daughter-Heir's inability to see reason and make rational decisions regarding the successione. It seems these actions do not sit well with the mercenary, given that other options were not yet explored. There are those that are quick to point out that he's a warrior for higher, and that he wasn't paid to have a conscience, only to carry out his orders. But, all the same, it gives people pause when Aeline's own mercenary, and the leader of her troops, publicly decides to drop her support. It leaves the people left wondering - what will happen now?

More and more as people think about Termiane's words - they see the rightness of them. If the Daughter-Heir can be that pliant, they wonder - has she actually had enough time to train at the White Tower? There are also those that wonder if she's not been addled by her mother's death; for losing a parent at so young an age can be more than any young person can deal with. While many are willing to forgive, they cannot forget how she has been since her mother passed. They look to the White Tower, thinking perhaps that they let her leave her training too soon, and that she was woefully unprepared to take over the burdens put upon her now.

While Termiane has quit, he does not encourage the others to do so. In fact, he tells them they must make their own decisionsl; and if they do decide to come with him, that he won't be able to pay them. The men, at first, are torn. But then, someone remembers. "Hey? Didn't he just liberate a bunch of from House Lareca?" The stalwart mercenary has been unable to meet with the Daughter-Heir to turn over the funds as yet; so based on that premise, the mercenaries that had been following Aeline, now follow Termiane - as a rogue entity within the nation's borders. They don't seem to care who they fight for, but they demand their fair share of pay, based on the funds that were liberated in the last battle. (Gold Deducted - Mercenaries Retained)

Lord Regin Lothievia calls up another 2,000 men. And, after hearing what happened to House Lareca, and after hearing their Lady Airalyn's speech, they proudly put away their hunting gear and pick up their battle gear instead. While they are only doing border /patrols/ on House Lothievia's land at this particular time - with the other 4,000 troops called up, it is said that they are now itching for a fight. (Gold Deducted)

A missive arrives from Cairhien, addressed to Lord Velan Risden. It is on white parchment, and bears the blazing sun of the Children of the Light. Rumors of the contents get around. "Lord Regin, while we understand the plight that is going on within Andor, and would like nothing further than to bring the Light to the nation, right now we've got our hands a bit full with Cairhien. As you may know, it is a den of sin and evil, and we cannot yet abandon it. In fact, soon - we intend to tighten our grip on the city. The King has already seen the sense of this, and has acquiesced to our requests. Do not be surprised if the Children of the Light are the only ones to ever advise the King of Cairhien again. Until we can turn away from this endeavor with complete faith, I'm afraid you are on your own in dealing with the witch. - Signed, your cousin."

In light of the speech made by Master Termiane Koronel, it appears that Lord Parys Lareca has sent word to his men back on his lands. Defeated though you may have been, this is not the last of our fight. Go to friends, and allies, and stay with them for a time - grieve, recuperate, recover. You will have your time. It seems some are taking such matters to heart, and as such - many men and women within the Lareca lands start disappearing, seeking out relatives, family and friends from other provinces, and other lands. (Gold Deducted)

It is said that offers of marriage have come from both Houses Choswen and Lothievia in order to entice Lord Liam and House Roesone to one side or another. While offers have been made in the past from House Lothievia, this is hte first time one of the other opposing factions has tried diplomacy to win over one of the neutral houses. For now, neither offer has been accepted - but some wonder how much longer House Roesone intends to keep people dangling, and just what it might take to win them over completely. Anti is upped, and now it will be a scramble between Choswen and Lothievia - who already has two other supporters - to see who wins out in the end.

Lord Quinlan Buchannan gives orders for his men to follow the professional advice of Master Termiane Koronel. When he originally made these orders, he could not have suspected that the mercenary would have gone back on his contract. Yet, they have their orders. And, they are left rather confused about them. Their leader has just quit? So, they are left wondering what this means for them, and what they are to do. They look back home for guidance, and in the meantime, start returning home since Termiane is not their leader any more. (Gold Deducted - Soldiers Retained)

Meanwhile, as no one has come to collect the members of House Thaeweth that have been called into service, and no orders have been given to them to do otherwise, the 2,000 men called up stay in Whitebridge - and start drinking, and gambling and carousing, and causing just a little bit of trouble for the residents there. (Gold Deducted - Soldiers Retained)

On House Choswen lands, the captains address their various troops. Lady Irinya sends word that she is proud of the work the men are doing thus far. She reiterates that she has no inclination to throw their lives away, and that she intends to do her very best to make sure that the end result of the succession is not as bloody as the Lareca situation; and in fact avoids blood at all costs where possible. The words pass back and forth from captain to the lowliest bannermen, and the men seem to take heart in them. So much so that morale is bolstered two fold within the various encampments of men. They see the sense in using dipolomacy over violence, and have the utmost faith in their lady.

It is said that when Termiane Koronel made his speech, he had the audacity to do so on House Murellan lands - after having moved his troops a fair distance from the lands he recently conquered. So, not only did he go back on his contract, but the supporters of House Murellan have turned away from them while on their home territory. There are some that point out it was better it happened then, rather than during some battle. But to others, it seems like a grand slap in the face as they were counting on his support.

Likewise, offers of marriage and other commodities have been sent by both Houses Lothievia and Choswen to House Demmar. After much discussion, cajoling and consideration, Lord Maizran announces his support for House Lothievia. It is said that it took an expansion of lands, and the hand of marriage of Lady Airalyn's own daughter to secure his support. Curious eyes turn toward Lady Irinya to see what offers she'll make to Lord Liam, and to see if she can top Lord Maizran's offer to secure Liam's support. Rumors also suggest that other letters have been bandied about, between House Choswen and House Lothievia's various supporters. Time will only tell if House Choswen is able to sway support away from Lady Airalyn or not.

Care packages are sent out to members of House Choswen's military, done so by Lady Irinya's daugthers; chief among them, Lady Belya Choswen - who incluedes a personal message with the packages: "To our trusty Choswen men and women,

Thank you for your hard work during these difficult and confusing days. Raising ones hand towards ones own country-men or even ones own neighbors is not something any true-blooded Andoran wishes to think about. As much as one might hope to avoid it, the days draw closer where doing so becomes increasingly more difficult, and there may indeed be no avoiding it. If you do end up in this position, or are asked to do so, then we ask that you remember the difficulty your superiors feel in having you risk your lives, and that it is for Andor that we all persevere.

You will not be forgotten. Those who receive a letter such as this one amongst their care-package will be invited for a discussion with myself as the proper opportunities present themselves. I wish to know your experiences and difficulties as you stand in the front lines in the ways that ordinary battle reports cannot describe, and how I can support those who risk more than I myself do.

I look forward to talking to you.

For Andor, in the Light,

- Lady Belya Clarinde Choswen" (Gold Deducted)

The message is well received among the Choswen troops, and there is a goodly number of young make soldiers who sigh and hold the letter close; fantasizing about the time they can get some alone time with Lady Belya, to discuss matters with her. They remain dreamy eyed for several days; until they hear of the contents letter sent back from Lord Maizran Demmar, warning Lady Irinya not to send them onto his lands, for his support of House Lothievia, citing his innumerable years of experience as a General as cause to stand their ground and stay off his land.

Resolution Day 6

The chill of winter still rests upon Andor and particularly the city of Caemlyn, however the frostiness of snow and the occasional storm is quickly melted with the fires of conflict that smolder under the surface of the Succession War that threatens to engulf the land.

The necessity of production and business does not go unnoticed by Meghana Choswen who takes a keen interest in the artisans that are finding themselves short of work during the conflict and these winter months. Rather than expend a large amounts of gold in simple charity, the potential future Daughter-Heir begins a program of aiding budding artisans through a patronage system. The move seems to garner a large interest from the bankers of the land who pay careful heed to her actions in order to determine if she could potentially lead a nation's treasury. The indications seem to be that Meghana has found great success in her endeavors as the people respond positively with words and there begins to be an increase in domestic trade. The bankers also seem to support the artisans even further, following Meghana's actions and being a bit more lenient in their gold lending despite the Succession Crisis. Some of the less industrious citizens however begin to eye the Choswen actions with a jealous eye since the artisans already have enough to have a trade why should they need more gold when there are some who are hungry?

Belya Choswen also seems to be amongst the people these days in order to aid those less fortunate. Picking up upon a long dead proclamation by Elisia to provide the children of Caemlyn an Orphanage. The announcement of the action seems to generate a quite positive response, particularly from the less fortunate who would benefit from such a facility. However the project falls on slow progress as the builders and traders seem less inclined to take the wages offered. The potential for greater profit from individual pursuits seems to have garnered the interest of most of the labor class. The positive efforts of Belya to assist with the needy though is not unnoticed and a group of bankers seems interested in aiding the project.

House Lareca, led by Lady Valeria also becomes more vibrant in the array of actions within Caemlyn. The long rumors of a large debt held by Lotheivia towards Larcea are shown to be paid well since, the documents having been slow to produce due to the winter. The presentation of the documents puts the minds of many bankers concerning Lothevia at rest. What doesn't is the indication of a mirrored effort of patronage to generate additional work for artisans. The wages offered however are soft in comparison and some of the artisans become quite unruly at the offerings even going so far as to disrupt several shops near the Lareca estate within the city. It is only short of being a full blown riot by the timely arrival of guards who quickly break up the disruption. Rumor spreads through the artisan and banker class of the offer of low wages however despite the increase in available work with several being vocal in their disdain of Lareca and by proxy Lotheivia. Some do note that most of the disgruntled complaining seems to be from those rather vocal in their support of Choswen.

Lothievia also begins to engage in the new level of conflict upon the streets of Caemlyn, economic warfare. Airalyn steps into the fray by offering the crafts masters of the city additional incentives through gold for the apprentices they train. Although different in approach from many of the other stimulus plans taking place in Caemlyn it seems to have less of an appeal except to the master craftsmen. Where the Lothievia approach takes best root is within their lands where a large number of craft masters not only accept the benefits but recruit fellows from their guild towards the Lothievia lands from other estates. With the new found financial legitimacy and an increase in craft trades being offered the bankers of Caemlyn and even some from outside of the kingdom begin to hedge loans in the direction of Lothievia. (Gold Deducted)

... The spreading of economic actions within the city is eagerly noted by several of the watchers from other territories and lands that are observing the actions of the Succession for their homelands. Rumors -- paid for with a sufficient sum of gold of course -- begin to reveal that there is in fact a wealthy banker from Ebou Dar in Caemlyn who may hold interest in very beneficial trade deals with an estate now, for favorable trade deals in the future...

The Cal'har Company, far from forgotten in the trials of this crisis are noted to be marching their way back to Caemlyn proper after their successful campaign into Lareca lands. Along the way, the mercenaries are noted to have full coin purses, coins that are spent through the route back to the capital. The source of the money leaves little in question to pay such a band of soldiers however rumors spread of meetings between the Mercenary Captain and Prince Galavan, including the transfers of several large chests suspected to contain gold along with wagons of weapons. The Mercenaries are quite happy along the way, as are many of the shopkeepers and others who are more than happy to supply goods to the coin heavy Mercenaries -- to their faces. But once the soldiers have passed through the villages on their way back to Caemlyn the true thoughts of soldiers of fortune in Andor begin to surface both for good and ill.

Arriving back to camp outside of the city, Cal'har company under the guidance of Termiane enters into a long work of training. Citizens and even spies from various estates come to observe the actions of the Mercenary company that begins to look more and more like a fearsome military unit rather than a collection of sell-swords. The appraising glances that begin from the observers lead to fast scout horses being ridden back to tell Lords and Ladies of the developments in the non-aligned mercenary faction operating outside of the city. The soldiers become so engaged in their activities and the pride swells such they do not even notice when the week has passed without pay, a situation rectified by a new patron accounting for the payment of the troops. But the training does not go without hitches as new recruits become interesting in joining, for the right fee, and the eyes of once placid nobles harden further towards the Cal'har Company.

Along the outer perimeter of the Cal'har Company encampment a steady stream of cloaked figures darting amongst the trees is noticed by the scouts. The figures always remain just out of range and out of capture. One of the Cal'har scouts notes that it almost appears that the figures desire to be seen without being caught, to let Cal'har know they are there and can do nothing about it...

The soldiers of House Choswen are growing restless. Too restless by some accords. Still stinging after the conflict with Buchanan the inability to address their frustrations is growing through the ranks as the Captains struggle to keep their men in check. Even direct orders from the Lady Irinya are met with the barest of knuckling of forehead. But the soldiers are soldiers and they do follow their orders, keeping close to Choswen estates and abstaining from conflict. The simmering under the surface grows however and reports begin to surface that disputes within the soldier ranks themselves may be occurring. Learning of the potential new hiring of the Mercenary group has a small, but vocal, group of the Choswen guards even more disgruntled about the potential of losing honor, losing privilege, or worse -- losing pay. (Gold Deducted - Retained Soldiers)

The situation is far more stable away from the city for the Choswen, as the soldiers within the estates afar seem to bunker in and set up regular patrols around their border. Although there are grumblings amongst them they seem to be further away from the tensions of Caemlyn and are more at ease with their orders to simply defend lands and let the nobles work their diplomacy.

The Buchannan guards after several rough weeks settle in to a stable routine under the orders of Quinlan Buchannan. Regular patrols turn up cutpurses, thieves and even an attempted murder is put to quiet rest all within Andoran Law. The patrols only extend as far as the reach of House Buchannan and Murellan but the efforts certainly pay off with the people that live within those areas. Even in the Murellan estates, the Buchannan forces are helping with patrols which only serves to strengthen the ties between the two Great Houses. (Gold Deducted - Retained Forces)

The evening is late with the darkness of night fully settled in as the cloaked figure slips alongside the building within the heart of Caemlyn. The hooded figure glances about before using a padded elbow to break the glass of a window and enter the building. Rummaging within he is departing through the window in the same fashion he entered when his feet fall to the street and his eyes are greeted with the glinting blades of Buchannan guard swords. The theft is noted to have been from a merchant with strong ties to House Lareca who is now quite grateful to House Buchannan and brings up the incident when speaking with Lady Valeria...

The return of Prince Galavan from the White Tower generates a buzz within the Murellan lands as many troops and soldiers who had begun to become disheartened with the loss of support from Choswen quickly regain confidence. The swagger of the young man energizes the loyal and quickly men from Murellan both young and old begin to enlist. Within a short time the First Prince is able to raise 2000 soldiers for Murellan in their home estates simply with his return. The eagerness of these men grows quite well considering the winter's chill and the dampening it places on soldiers. (Gold Deducted)

That is not all the First Prince is able of doing. His reputation of deep pockets precedes him and Mercenaries who had drifted away from Cal'har or ventured into Andor as word of the Succession Crisis spread answer the call of glory and gold. As the First Prince works through the land he is able to attract 1000 mercenaries to him directly. His home troops, hearing of this are torn between excitement at a stronger force and slight concern over the sharing of pay. (Gold Deducted)

House Risden seems content to continue to weigh her options of offers from the various candidates and in fact makes no secret in the least of the amount of offers being directed towards them for their support. The offers are kept secret but often small details are leaked. Expanses of lands, new trade priorities, seats and appointments. These small details are usually passed in gloating between meals or mentioned by servants. The most outrageous of which that generated much laughter was a son being married so that he would be the First Prince of the Sword, tying Risden at long last to the Blood of Ishara. (Gold Deducted)

After her initial strong support of Murellan, House Thaeweth seems to have simmered quite heavily in their involvement in the Succession Crisis. Formal announcements come thin largely due to a heavy winter that falls back upon the estates. Within the city of Caemlyn, Thaeweth seems to be in a deep hibernation as well from activity with people coming and going from the residence seldom and couriers mostly departing from the city rapidly. A few observers note that several servants are let go for rumors of theft within the house but they are not turned over to the magistrate. (Gold Deducted)

The air is still, and silent. Traffic begins to stir within the streets of Andor, but not so much that there is overcrowding. People begin to mill about, doing their morning shopping; street hawkers call on every corner. All is well, or so it seems. Not long after the break of day, and the merchants set up shop, do a number of House Murellan guards start to comb the streets closest to the city. It seems they're looking for someone.

"By order of Prince Consort Vincent, you will open your doors, your homes and your shops for search." The guards call out. The people are confused, some clearly scared. Reluctantly, a number of them open their homes and shops. Others attempt to resist, but those poor unfortunates that do are roughly handled. When questioned about what it is they are looking for, the guards push the questions aside, and turn the homes and shops apart, and then quickly disperse when they do not find what they are looking for.

Meanwhile, whispers and rumors start to form upon the streets, coming from the direction of the palace. These whispers and rumors give explanation to the unusual situation that citizens of Caemlyn find themselves in this morning. The Daughter-Heir. She's gone missing; and it seems no one within the Palace walls seems to know where she's gone. Her closest servants and guards were questioned first, none of them having ever seen any sign of her leaving her rooms after she left for bed. Foul play, some say. Others suggest that the issue of the Succession had become too much for her, and as a skilled channeler, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and simply leave the scene.

Those most devout and loyal to Aeline decry that notion; suggesting that she had been working on ways to reform her campaign, and make a new start of things, and noted her determination at doing so. At such rumors that Aeline could have used the One Power to leave her room, Aes Sedai search her residences for signs of such actions; though her advisor, Morgaina Sedai, who has rooms close to Aeline, noted no use of the One Power in the area during the evening. Yet, there is a distinct mark upon the floor of the room which suggests that a gateway was opened within it.

All too soon do rumors spread upon the streets that the Daughter-Heir has been abducted, and that a male channeler was possibly involved. Citizens within Caemlyn are in a frenzy, and eyeing their male neighbors and people they thought they knew, wondering if, perhaps, they were the ones involved in the abduction. Others scoff at such rumors, hailing back to the time where Queen's of Andor disappeared out of the palace without ever being noticed before; suggesting that there are secret passages that her mother likely taught her about. What is known, however, is that Aeline is gone, and this certainly has an effect on the city.

A somber air hangs over the city, and although Aeline is gone, the other houses are not. Some see this as an opportunity to move things forward, and to secure their place of power; and, perhaps, to move away from supporting a House that simply can't seem to set things straight once and for all.

Lady Rennar of House Thaeweth, a woman who's always maintained that she supports the Lion Throne, and not necessarily the people who sit upon it, comes forward to make an announcement. "It is with heavy regret and much weight upon my heart that I come forward now to speak to you. House Thaeweth has long since supported House Murellan's seat upon the throne, however as a House we have always supported Andor and what it represents over person who rules Queen herself. I charged my son with determining the mettle of the Daughter-Heir, but I fear that he has made choices based on his heart, rather than based on reason and logic. In light of recent events, and the events with House Lareca, House Thaeweth formally withdraws any and all support for House Murellan and the Daughter-Heir. We hope that she is found in good health, and without any sign of malice upon her person. However, the Daughter-Heir is not Andor, and Andor must go on. Therefore, in light of seeing to the needs of our people, and in order to see a swift end to this Succession so that we may once more become a stable people, I hereby announce my support for Lady Irinya of House Choswen as Queen of Andor. I have great faith that Lady Irinya, not Lady Airalyn, has what it takes to become the next Queen; for she holds the heart and soul of Andor close to her at all times."

Rumors come from the country that the House Thaeweth soldiers that were diverted to Whitebridge are now on their way to Caemlyn. But, not without a price, for it is said that Lady Rennar had to pay a fortune to pay the men's tabs for not only eating the people out of house and home, but also busting up a few of the inns for they were left to idle far too long within the city. There are those that believe Lord Ethen Thaeweth will not be spending any time leading the men of the House any time soon.

Lady Rennar's recent announcement, however, puts Lord Liam Roesone in an awkward position; for the two are rather strong allies with one another, and usually when it comes to matters of state, they see eye to eye. Most recently, it was said that he responded to one of Lady Irinya's missives to him, inquiring about support. Rumors have floated around House Roesone about the harsh nature of the message that he sent Lady Irinya; something that the High Seat of the House, Lord Turail Roesone, would have rather vehemently disagreed with. Now, Lord Liam is seen as having egg on his face and needing to make a decision fast, something which he is none too pleased about. So the question becomes, does he break an ages old alliance with House Thaeweth, which is traditionally his sister House, and go with Lady Airalyn, or does he choose Lady Airalyn as the person to become Queen. Or, does he wait to see what's happened to Aeline?

Realizing that he doesn't have much time to make a choice, with the situation becoming more dire as time goes by, Lord Liam Roesone appears to the people. "The Daughter-Heir is missing. We know not if she's been taken, or where she has gone. And, while finding her is a priority, we must see to the needs of our people first. We need to work on one problem at a time, so that we can combine our efforts to work on other problems as they come forward; and our first priority is to see to the vacuum of power within our fair city, as Lady Rennar Thaeweth put things so eloquently before. So, therefore, to continue following in the footsteps of House Thaeweth, House Roesone formally declares for Lady Irinya of House Choswen for Queen of Andor." (Gold Deducted)'

Meanwhile, Lord Velan Risden continues with his his attempt to take more of the city, making use of the additional soldiers that joined his ranks. A total of 2,000 men move through the north central section of the city, spanning their patrols as far as they can stretch them, taking in more territory. They manage to add two more blocks to the west to their territory, reserving the businesses in those sections for their specific use. Some note that this includes a few credible weaponsmiths and armorers.

The men on the borders of House Demmar are bored. They want to see action, but no action is to be found, as yet. So, they have taken to amusing themselves, amongst themselves, participating in brawls or sword fights. Yet, they contiune to eye the borders with a greedy eye - perhaps thinking about what lands they could take for themseles and claim for their own. However, Lord Maizran has explicitly ordered non-aggression toward their neighbors, and so they continue on with their "games" where, perhaps, a life or two has been taken in the process of a dangerous show of masculine prowess. Meanwhile, it seems that Lord Maizran Demmar is watching the various claims to certain factions with a keen interest, ever the military General of his forces. (Gold Deducted)

Resolution Day 7

Several more days pass, and between those days, the Houses Choswen and Lothievia have had public words with one another, here accusations fly between the two. For the nonce, it seems like very little is resolved; except for one thing. Prince Galavan Murellan announces his support behind Lady Irinya Choswen. This seems an unprecedented move on the part of the First Prince of the Sword; or who people are now referring to as the former First Prince of the Sword. With Lord Grant Choswen behind bars, pending a trial for his attempted kidnapping of his adopted daughter, some speculate whether or not Prince Galavan and Lady Irinya will be wed at some point, binding to the two houses together, or perhaps Galavan and Irinya's daughter, Lady Meghana.

Immediately following the announcement of his support, Lord Galavan turns the money and weapons that were "liberated" from House Lareca lands over to Lady Irinya Choswen to dispense with as she so chooses. With his sister out of the running presently, with her disaPrince Galavanppearance, he has since turned his attentions in attempting to find her, though has offered Irinya whatever military support she might need to support her endeavors to become Queen. (Gold Deposited)

It is said, also, that after giving his Oath to Lady Irinya Choswen, that Master Termiane Koronel, the leader of the Cal'har Company, has taken a special interest in training several of the House Choswen guards. Some 40-50 of the Cal'har Company are led into the Choswen estates, and they set about selecting several of the Choswen men to train with. They are being drilled on various techniques and exercises many military men who've seen actual war have used, including some of the more difficult sword forms that most men do not see except from the rare master of the blade; which Termiane happens to be. Not all of them perform the forms with ease, but a vast majority get enough out of the training sessions that they may become a deadly force within the months to come. Once training is done, their skills are put to the test in patrolling the streets of Caemlyn, staying close to the Choswen estates for their starter sessions. (Gold Deducted - Mercenaries Retained)

Lord Liam Roesone, having recently announced his support for Lady Irinya Choswen, calls 2,000 men to arms. He's not the only one who has heard Lady Airalyn's words about going to war, and making this fight a bloody battle. He sends those 2,000 from his lands to the city of Caemlyn, to help fortify his Choswen allies. (Gold Deducted)

Meanwhile, Lord Velan Risden continues to press the advantage he has gained so far, moving his patrols farther from the northeastern section to the city and more towards the center, attempting to gain more ground. His efforts have grown to his advantage, meeting little resistance from the people; though there is an occasion or two when a rogue soldier attempts to press back at Velan. In those cases, Velan simply has his men show them out of the are patrolling, in a "gentle" fashion. That they happen to be a little roughed up afterwards, is beside the fact. No one died, after all. (Gold Deducted - Retained Soldiers)

With Lord Quinlan Buchannan's recent defection to the side of his sister, Lady Airalyn Lothievia, as Queen, it is no surprise to see his men out on mounted patrols with those of Houses Risden, Demmar and Lareca. He encourages his men to take part in keeping the city safe, but he also discourages them from creating trouble on purpose. They're to put a stop to violence, not start it. Some men spoiling for a fight might chafe under such imposed rules, but the Buchannan men are still smarting from their earlier endeavors to protect the city. So, for now, they are good, and patient, and try their very best not to let House Lareca egg them into fighting; for members of House Lareca certainly have not forgotten how House Buchannan was involved in slaughtering many of their fighting men and women on their home lands. (Gold Deducted - Soldiers Retained)

Rumors come through that Lord Maizran Demmar has started siphoning troops in to his homelands from Cairhien, and that he has been doing this in quiet for several weeks now. Until recently, no number could be counted, but some of House Demmar's trusted servants have started talking about how Lord Demmar has almost 3,000 additional mouths to feed, and they're not certain how the Lord is able to manage it, or why he's even brought those filthy Cairhienin into Andor. For now, the foreign military force seems content to stay on House Demmar's lands, but one begins to wonder how long that will last; Houses Choswen and Lothievia, who share borders with House Demmar, both look askance at the Lord and his dealings, and one might note that House Lothievia is supposed to be considered an ally. (Gold Deducted)

With the Cairhienin men on house Demmar land, Lord Maizran then immediately dispatches no less than 2,000 Andoran men that have already been called into service to Caemlyn, to help reinforce his Lothievian allies. It seems more and more, with the shifting of troops, and reinforcements being brought into various lands, that war is becoming more a reality.

Lady Rennar Thaeweth instructs those men she has on hand within the city of Caemlyn to join up with members of House Choswen. Together, they patrol the streets of Caemlyn. To the circumspect, it appears that with each sweep they make, their patrols take them closer and closer to the inner city, and the Palace proper. (Gold Deducted)

On House Murellan lands, their soldiers are starting to get a bit testy with Lord Quinlan's men still being on their grounds given his change in support. However, Lord Quinlan announces that he is withdrawing at least half of his troops away from Murellan lands, and has ordered the other half to remain and help House Murellan search for the Daughter-Heir. This mullifies the Murellan soldiers a bit, who think of them less as a foreign attack force and more as an acquaintance helping them achieve the same goal. Less can sometimes be more, in terms of diplomatic maneuvers. Plus, they would never turn away help to find the missing Daughter-Heir.

Those men that leave House Murellan lands, travel across Andor to settle within the lands with their Lothievia cousins. It appears they join the soldiers of House Lothievia in patrolling the various borders, though after rumors that Lord Maizran Demmar has brought in foreigners upon his neighboring lands, both Lothievian and Buchannan alike are somewhat unsettled at the prospect of being near so many Cairhienin; even if at present they are to be considered allies.

Lady Irinya Choswen orders 1,000 of her most loyal men to move from Choswen lands toward the city of Caemlyn, to fortify her troops already there. It might be noted that this is the first time that Lady Irinya has ordered troops off of her property. This leaves 5,000 restless men on Choswen lands, called to arms. However, they don't have long to remain restless, for soon they are off, in alternating groups, sent on to do various tasks to keep them busy, especially in light of the Cairhienin to their direct south. (Gold Deducted)

In the southeastern corner of their property, Choswen soldiers find an encampment of Cairhienin camping. The Cairhienin are, at first, politely asked to leave. However, they ignore the Choswen men. When asked again, they add the threat of force, but still yet the Cairhienin refuse to leave. On the third attempt, it comes to blows. The battle occurs between 200 of Lord Maizran's Cairhienin men, and a large party of House Choswen men. In the beginning, it looks like the Choswen men have started to route the Cairhienin, and just when it seemed like they would turn tail and run, the Choswen men ran into a trap of archers. The surprise attack did not last long, however, as the Choswen soldiers realized that the men there were not really set up for an invasion forray. When it soon became clear that they could not outsmart the Choswen soldiers, the Cairhienin packed up their belongings and ran back for the Demmar borders.

Prince Galavan Murellan meets with Lord Parys Lareca; and it is said that he did not take any of his guards within the mansion with him when he went, which gives some cause for concern. The meeting is behind closed doors, but there are those that cannot help but notice the wagons sitting outside of the Lareca mansion, filled with weapons. Some wonder, what would Prince Galavan be doing with so many weapons at a rival's estate, but many commoners chalk it up to nobles being nobles. Others seem wary, for the weapons are guarded by Murellan soliders, and they are presently persona-non-grata with members of House Lareca. House Lareca guards hold a staring match with House Murellan guards while the two lords meet.

It is several hours before Prince Galavan finally exits the Lareca mansion. His guards swarm him almost immediately, and are none too subtle about making certain that Prince Galavan is alive and well. When Parys comes out behind him, several place the palms of their hands upon swords, though Galavan motions them away, simply telling them that Parys has an announcement to make.

Lord Parys watches the exchange with a stoic expression, one that does not give away anything that he might be thinking. He gives a small shake of his head to his guards, and then steps further outside. "I have exchanged many letters with Lady Irinya Choswen about my allegiances of late, as I'm certain a great many other Andoran Lords and Ladies have as well. In these letters, she beseeches me to lay down my weapons in service to Lady Airalyn, and join her in her own quest to become Queen. I had reservations in doing so, and I still yet have reservations, for she allies herself still with House Murellan, with her negotiations with Prince Galavan, in spite of seeking to claim the throne herself. However, she has somehow gained the support of the Prince, and he has come to apologize to me for the incident upon my lands. As a sign of good faith, and in further apology, he has returned my people's weapons, and House Lareca's money to us. As such, House Lareca accepts his apology, and given that Lady Irinya has somehow, miraculously, gotten this man to give a decent apology, we hereby foreswear our allegiance to House Lothievia and offer it to House Choswen instead."

House Lareca's guards look none too happy about Parys' announcement, but for now they seem to accept it. They take the wagon around back and start to unload it; though several look over their shoulder at Murellan soldiers. The look on their face says, 'Oh yeah. There will be payback. Sometime. Somewhere. Perhaps when they least expect it.' Likely, House Murellan soldiers will be watching their backs for some time to come, even if the two houses are now quasi-considered allies. (Gold Deducted)

After the mercenary leader, Termiane Koronel, sees to the security of the camp, what with sightings of brigandes and ne'er-do-wells of late plaguing the outskirts of the camp, he sets the majority of the Cal'har Company to patrolling the streets in Caemlyn. They assist the various members of the House Choswen guard they come upon, but take special care not to try and not antagonize the other houses with their presence; especially those who serve Lady Airalyn Lothievia. Their patrol is a relatively quiet one. It might be noted that members of the Cal'har company are rotated every few hours, in order to ensure that all members of the company get to work with House Choswen guards.

While out patrolling, however, two blasts of a horn can be heard, coming from the direction of the Cal'har encampment. It seems that a small group of people have decided to harangue those left behind; though the first group that entered were not entirely stealthy about it at all. In fact, they were bragging about just what they'd do to the Cal'har Company for being a foreign force on Andoran lands. Of course, what they did not anticipate was that Termiane had already thought about this group of people. And, so, the archers take aim and fire at them. The first set of shots are warning shots.

This sets the raiding party off guard a bit, and it only takes a moment for them to realize that the camp isn't entirely empty. They pull out weapons of their own, and fire back into the trees, though they can't exactly see the Calhar men for the growth of the trees. So, their attempts to attack back miss. This, however, does not deter the raiders from their jobs.

While the archers and look outs are distracted, another group of the raiding party enters into the encampment. Unlike the first group, who botched things terribly to bring things to blows, these raiders are a bit more prepared; and less like the three stooges. Horses are loosened from the lines, and some tents are knocked over. Some supplies are ruined. It's not the complete job that they wanted to do, but it's enough. On their way out, however, they encounter a band of the Cal'har company that had returned from patrolling. Under their cover of stealth, they attack several of the men in the group, before retreating, leaving behind a few casualties. This particular group disappears before anyone can catch them.

Unfortunately, however, several of those within the earlier raiding party were wounded and captured; and so it goes without saying that the person, or persons, responsible for the partial destruction of the camp may soon be discovered.

While Termiane had one patrol of the Calhar company under his command, Mistress Aloysia Teranor had another patrol of the Calhar company at her command. She also takes time to work alongside the House Choswen soldiers, working to ensure that both her patrol and the Choswen soldiers worked well together. Her goal was to ensure that they were a well meshed team that could work together. It seems that her earlier attempts at training Calhar and Choswen soldiers has paid off; in spite of her being a girl.

Lady Airalyn Lothievia has taken once more to the streets. She goes out every day to the various parts of the city; some better than others, some worse than others, taking the appropriate amount of guards for a lone woman for each setting, and some extra on top of that just in case. It's clear the Lady doesn't feel quite safe in her own city, and why should she when Aeline almost had her arrested once? The reason she's out in the streets? Why, she's looking for those soldiers who've deserted the ranks of other houses, and lets them know that they're welcome to serve in House Lothievia's guard if they're looking for work. Some join her, others scoff at her; thought he mixed response is unsurprising. As she adds them to her ranks, she lets them know this: War is the last thing that she desires. Her soldiers are there to aid the people and keep the peace, the only fighting that she will do will only be if she and her own are attacked. The people around her seem to be listening, and even nodding their heads a bit. Perhaps it's that they ate mushrooms first thing in the morning, to make them forget her earlier speech where she was intent on spilling blood; but whatever the case, the people have decided that today, at least for now, they believe Airalyn's message.

Following her diplomatic success, Lady Airalyn tries to build upon her success with the Lothieivia crafters. She encourage them to proudly mark their wares with the Lothievia sigil to make it recognizable to those who purchase their wares. This causes some confusion amongst the craftsmen, because they've already been done that, for many, many years. And, so, they look at Airalyn askance. She also encourages them to buy supplies and items necessary for their trade from other crafters within Lothievia holdings. That's all great, except some things need to be imported. The one thing that does cause them to brighten, however, is that she's paying them 10% more than any other noble. They take advantage of this, and start flooding her with their wares, with a greedy glint in their eye.

Prince Galavan returns from his trip to the Lareca estate feeling very confident this evening. So confident, in fact, that he does several things. First of all, he reaffirms his support of Lady Irinya Choswen. Secondly? He publicly invites her house herself, and her family, within the confines of the Royal Palace. This, he does with impunity, since he is presently the only High Lord of House Murellan not in disgrace at the moment, and old enough to make decisions. He then makes a rousing speech to the Murellan Guard that by supporting Irinya as the present candidate for Queen, they'll be able to find Aeline much more quickly; he plays so on all of their fears regarding the safety of his sister, that they do not quite realize that supporting Irinya means they are no longer supporting their own Daughter-Heir.

Upon hearing word that Prince Galavan has invited her family into their home, Lady Irinya quickly has the servants pack up their belongings, and get them ready. In the meantime, she also instructs the Choswen soldiers to help ready the wagons, and other items to move their things. Time is of the essence, for certainly other people would object to this would be Queen to move into the Palace as if it were her own.

Once the packing has been completed to Irinya's satisfaction, she and her family make their way to the Palace proper. It is noted that Prince Galavan is riding side by side next to Lady Meghana the entire time; and the two are enjoying polite, though intimate, conversation with one another. Most of the extended family rides on through the gates, unhindered by House Murellan guards, while Irinya, Galavan and Meghana pause outside. It is then that the announcement comes that Prince Galavan Murellan is engaged to Lady Meghana Choswen. The people are so taken with this idea, that House Murellan's First Prince will marry Lady Irinya's daughter, soon to be Daughter-Heir, thus infusing the family line with more of Ishara's blood, and still seeing Galavan play some part as a member of the Royal Family, that they actually cheer the news in the streets. (Irinya impressively rolled 6 successes on a Diplomacy roll)

There is a sort of a screech and an 'OH NO, YOU DIDN'T' sort of vibe coming from the direction of House Risden, who does not seem at all shocked and surprised that House Lareca defected to the side of House Choswen, but seems entirely shocked that Irinya somehow managed to just waltz into the Palace, unchallenged. It is said, amongst some, that Lord Velan had the very idea to do the same with Airalyn, but perhaps in a more bloody way, some weeks ago, but was stopped for some reason or another from carrying out his plans. Incensed, he has his men armor up and march toward the Palace before they lock themselves inside.

House Murellan troops are dispatched to block the path of anyone attempting to come in from the northeast gate. However, that area of the city is controlled by House Lothievia. They come to a head with House Risden's earlier patrols, neither one able to gain any ground, and nor exactly controlling the gate.

Meanwhile, House Roesone troops are dispatched to block off the northwestern gate of the inner city. There, they encounter some of House Buchannan's men. A battle ensues between the two, though it is easily understood that House Roesone, with a sum of 1,000 men, clearly out numbers House Buchannan's already diminished group of soldiers. They are easily turned away, but not before at least 6 men have died within their ranks. Feeling they've already lost too many in their various skirmishes, they pull back and retreat.

Lastly, House Thaeweth dispatches soldiers to secure the southern gate to the inner city. In this instance, it is Lord Maizran Demmar's superior skill as a former General that wins out here. For, he and his troops within the city were already personally doing some patrols when they happened upon the Thaeweth soldiers attempting to take over the gates. Maizran was having none of that. Managing to get a foothold, and a defendable position, he successfully routed the Thaeweth troops away from the area. However, in the resulting battle, they lost 10 men in the process. So, Team Choswen does not hold the south gates at this particular juncture.

It appears that Lady Belya Choswen has enlisted the aid of leatherworker, and Caemlyn shop owner, Conor Miller in helping her with Queen Elisia's Caemlyn Orphanage project. The first thing he attempts to do is hold a meeting with the various tradesman and builders within the city. He wants to identify what the problem points are for those that are balking in getting involved, so they can get the ball rolling.

Unfortunately, what happens at this meeting is something far from any sort of level of productivity, for what ends up happening, early on, as Conor is attempting to get his ducks in a row, and the appropriate information for Belya, is that a fight breaks out between the tradespeople and the builders. The builders spend the entire time complaining that the tradesmen are charging too much for their their labor and their materials, meanwhile the tradesmen are complaining that the builders want to pay a pittance for their support in the roject. Neither is willing to budge. So, the meeting turns into a finger pointing match between the two groups, rather than a productive meeting for the Caemlyn Orphanage project.

Defeated by the meeting, but not broken yet, Conor attempts to pull other potentially interested parties into the Caemlyn project. At this particular stage, with the big WAR looming on everyone's mind, you would think that people would be interested in helping with a good, worthwhile charitible cause that would otherwise help those that may soon find themselves without parents. However, in spite of his many attempts to pull people in, and entice them with such a project, it seems that they're too content to wear 'blinders' and simply ignore the fact that people - their friends and neighbors - could die, and that there will be children in need. If they can ignore the situation long enough, perhaps it will go away.

Fortunately, in spite of the outcome of Conor's meeting with the traders and builders, Lady Belya Choswen at least has some minor margin of success with the bankers; who are largely overgrown men who are more besotted with the idea of helping a young, nubile noble woman than they are an actual charitable project of good will. So, when Belya talks to them, they take out their purses and simply ask, how much do you need? It is said that several bankers from competing banks are jockeying for position to give away their money, just so they might catch another glimpse of Lady Belya in the process.

Belya also targets the younger generation within the noble population; though the people she targets are not those that hold the purse strings really. They are those who are between the ages of 15 and 30 and hold no real say in their own house matters. Some of the younger generation from Houses Thaeweth and Roesone seem interested, and even some amongst House Buchannan. However, in spite of their interest, and their willingness to help - the money still goes through their Heads of Household, so instead they donate some of the labors of their people - but only those that are in Caemlyn proper. No one is willing to pull people in from outside of the city.

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