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Aran Ts’ran Arneir
Sworn of the White Tower
Country: Kandor
Birthday: Twosday, 8 Aine, 999
Death: Currently Alive
Cause of Death: Currently Alive
Residence: The White Tower
Job: Sworn of the White Tower
Hair Color: Straw-yellow
Eye Color: Feral Gold
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Aran was born on a very small farm in the midlands between Arafel and Kandor. Coming from such a poor setting, Aran learned to hunt to help lay food on the table almost from the time he could walk. Under the tutelage of his father, a common soldier in the Kandori military, Aran was able to adopt his woodcraft to become a rear scout at about his fifteenth nameday. Around the time of Aran’s 16th nameday, he returned home to discover that both of his parents had been killed by a raid of Shadowspawn that had pushed far beyond their normal parameters. Deep in his grief, Aran returned to his patrol with the full intention of devoting himself to the army; to fighting the source of his anguish. After an odd meeting with a lame Malkeiri veteran, Aran found himself intrigued with the idea of making a real mark against the Shadow. Not so long after, Aran found himself on his way to the Tower to make a true weapon of himself to face the forces of the Shadow. Upon his arrival at the Tower, Aran found a ready sponsor in Kalver Gaidin and an easy friendship with Sang Rialle. Though he had some issues responding to the rules of the Tower- those specifically concerning everyday etiquette- the young Kandori scout soon showed a natural dexterity and skill in most forms of combat. This natural aptitude in the use of weapons lead Aran quickly through his single year as a Trainee, at which point he graduated to the rank of Sworn. Since his graduation into the rank of Sworn, Aran has begun to carry himself differently. The weight of his training seems to be grinding him out into a more capable and responsible youth. Oddly enough, a hadori- a Malkeiri ornamentation- has decorated his brow since he was Raised to the rank of Sworn.

Friends & Associates

Aeline Olivia Murellan

Alteri n’Aijma

Galavan Murellan

Kalver Nastadi

Sang Rialle

Sunelin Oameth

Valmir Dethander


Taking Applications


An accomplishment isn’t getting hit in the foot by a richochet of his own arrow, it is maintaining up through a year or more later that it WOULD have been on target had an Aes Sedai not erected a barrier in front of him.



The White Tower

The Wolves


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