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Your character occasionally has unusual dreams filled with meaningful symbols that portend the future. These dreams occur in normal sleep, not in Tel'aran'rhiod, and your character always knows which are significant. Interpreting the symbols is difficult at first, and requires practice. Your character also has the ability to consciously enter Tel'aran'rhiod. Control in Tel'aran'rhiod also takes practice.

Purchase of this Asset grants your character access to the Future Seer system, which is used by players and the admin to post information about upcoming plots and events that are not common knowledge. It also grants access to the Tel'aran'rhiod system. This Asset is only available to Channelers.

NOTE: Because Cuendillar is a story told by hundreds of players rather than one omniscient author, the future events seen by Dreamers on Cuendillar cannot automatically and always come true as in the novels. The Dreamer sees the future as it will happen if all events continue on their present courses, but an alteration in these can change the future outcome.

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