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Your character has the ability to Channel, either inborn or trainable, and you intend to have her train to be a Wise One. Indicate in your background whether your character has been in training for a little while, or whether you would like to have her ability discovered onscreen through role-play. Those who select this Asset are expected to start training with the Wise Ones within 2 months of being approved. Apprentices-to-be with the ability inborn should not extensively role-play Channeling prior to beginnning training. Trainable Apprentices-to-be should not role-play any Channeling at all until receiving some training.

This Asset is only available to those of Aiel heritage. This and the Female Channeler: Wise One Asset are the only Channeling Assets open to Aiel characters - the Wise Ones find and train all girls with the ability, there are no Wilders in the Aiel culture.

Wise One training is not as comprehensive as White Tower training, so you may not raise your Finesse above 7.

See 'cg magic' for information about the One Power section of chargen and One Power Statistics and Skills.

NOTE: We request that you take this Asset only if you have read all the books, particularly A Shadow Rising, as the Aiel culture is very complex. If you haven't read all the books but wish to play a Channeler, we recommend you take the Female Channeler: Novice Asset, as Novices receiving training at the Tower that prepares them to role-play the Channeling ability.

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