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Your character has the unusual ability to "smell" past violent events. This ability operates in two main ways. A location where an act of violence has taken place retains a smell to the Sniffer. The more heinous the act, the longer the scent remains. Those who have recently committed violent acts leave "scent trails" the Sniffer can follow. This ability is known and accepted in the Borderlands, but is rarer elsewhere and would be viewed with suspicion by other peoples. Please see NEWS SNIFFERS for a more detailed overview of this ability.

Purchase of this Asset grants your character a +2 addition to his or her Perception. The abilities of a Sniffer are primarily role-played, it's difficult to code a system that mimics this ability. Sniffers begin play with the Dangerous Gift Flaw, which does not count against the Flaws you must select in this section of chargen.

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