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Someone, or something, seems to be watching over you and guiding you along the right path. Your Spirit Guide may communicate with you as a voice in your mind or your ear, though it is not apparent to anyone else. Your Spirit Guide protects you by making suggestions about the best action to take, best way to react to something, etc., although you are not bound in any way to heed its advice.

There are several possible origins for a Spirit Guide, and you should detail what yours is in your background. One possibility is that your Spirit Guide is the spirit of a departed family member or friend, or even someone you don't know. It might be someone who's currently bound to Tel'aran'rhiod, and speaks to you only in your dreams. Your Spirit Guide might even be a weak form of a Talent like Foretelling or Viewing, but one that applies only to you personally.

To reflect the advantages of your Spirit Guide, your Luck and Reason are raised by +1 each. Although your Spirit Guide is a great benefit to you, other people might suspect you of being a Darkfriend if they learn of its existence, so it carries some risk to you, as well. Your character background must be approved before you can begin role-playing this Asset.

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