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Your character is sometimes able to see images around people that portend something about the future. (This is Min's ability from the books.) Not all people have images to View, and the Viewer cannot control when his/her ability functions. Sometimes the Viewer just "knows" what the images mean, and other times they are a complete mystery. The Viewing ability manifests during childhood or adolescence. Many people view this ability with suspicion as a talent granted by the Dark One, and male Viewers may be suspected of Channeling and treated like a male Channeler.

Purchase of this Asset grants your character access to the Future Seer system, which is used by players and the admin to post information about upcoming plots and events that are not common knowledge. Viewers are given the Flaw Dangerous Gift, which does not count against the Flaws you must purchase in this section of character generation.

NOTE: Because Cuendillar is a story told by hundreds of players rather than one omniscent author, the visions seen by Viewers on Cuendillar cannot automatically and always come true as in the novels. The Viewer sees the future as it will happen if all events continue on their present courses, but an alteration in these can change the future outcome.

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