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Your character is expert in fighting with a particular type of weapon, starting his training with his weapon just after hitting puberty (no earlier than 10 years of age). His skill is equivalent to that of a Blademaster, although there are no formal ranks for other types of weapon users, and no "heron mark" bows, axes, etc.

Selecting this Asset grants you a starting Level of 5 in your selected weapon Skill, and a Bonus of +3 to your rolls with your chosen weapon Skill. (See Skill Modifiers for information on Skill Bonuses.) However, you are unable to choose any other weapons Skills during chargen. (You can purchase these Skills later using Experience Points.) The only other combat skills you can purchase in chargen are Strategy, Dodge, Defense and Brawl. Players selecting the Weaponmaster asset must start at the age of 25, to represent the number of years of training it takes to achieve mastery status.

You cannot also purchase any Warder Assets, although you are eligible to bond to an Aes Sedai with the approval of the Amyrlin. See NEWS WARDER for bond policy. Weaponmasters begin play with the Flaw of Renown, which does not count against the Flaws you must select in this section of character generation.

NOTE: Female characters who are not of Aiel Culture are not able to purchase this Asset unless they have received prior wizard approval. Female warriors are rare. Women with this level of skill in a weapon are even rarer. See 'cg restricted app' for information.

NOTE: Weaponmastery does NOT grant you leadership or strategy skills. A Weaponmaster is expert in one-on-one or few-on-one combat, not leading troops. If you wish to play that your character is a tactical genius, you must purchase the Strategy Skill.

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