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Your character has travelled throughout much of the known world. Your travels give you some familiarity with local customs, dialects, traditions, etc., although you are nowhere near as knowledgeable about these as a native would be. This Asset is recommended to those who find it difficult to separate their player knowledge of the books from their character's more limited knowledge about his/her world. Your character is granted a Skill Level of 3 in Etiquette and 2 in Politics. (You may spend Skill Points to raise these further.) Those who take this Asset cannot take the Sheltered Upbringing Flaw.

NOTE: This Asset only applies to the area depicted in 'news map', it does not include knowledge of the Aiel Waste, the Blight, the land of the Seanchan or the Sea Folk Isles. Knowledge of the Waste and Blight is available for purchase in the Skills section of character generation. Knowledge of the Sea Folk Isles is limited to those of Sea Folk heritage. Knowledge of the Seanchan is unavailable at this time.

The character generation documents use Canadian spelling, please see 'cg well-travelled'.

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