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Byron Pelarwen
(Runaway) Lord
Country: Cairhien
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Tar Valon
Job: ###
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Byron Pelarwen is the oldest son of Zakhar Pelarwen, the Head of the House. When Byron was six, he suffered the loss of his mother who died during the birth of his younger brother, Tovan. This traumatized him and he withdrew from the world, seeking escape in the realms of fantasy and fiction. Gleemen were his favorite distraction, but books of adventuring heros occupied his time nearly as much as texts more applicable to his noble schooling. His tutors expressed frustration at his lack of interest in political and diplomatic studies, but no amount of reprimand seemed to motivate Byron to do more than what is adequate to squeak by in his lessons, and if he could get away with less, he would. He made an undisciplined pupil to say the least but he made it through most of his rudimentary lessons and some of the more advanced that actually captured his imagination, like swordplay.

When Byron was ten he overheard some of the servants' children in the stables, talking about a menagerie that was set up and taking paying visitors in the countryside outside Cairhien proper. But they did not have the money to attend. This intrigued Byron. He'd heard of Menageries, but never been to one. He decided to make the trip, ordering up the carriage and guardsmen and inviting the servants' kids with him and departing as quickly as possible before his father could deny him this opportunity. He knew he could probably make it out the city before his father was informed at court, but the real uncertainty was how long he'd be at the menagerie before he'd be immediately pried away and likely given a tongue-lashing he'd never forget. Despite those thoughts, Byron was compelled to see this menagerie. To his surprise, he made it through the entire show and even returned home without his father showing up to retrieve him forcibly--perhaps that should have been the clue as to just how angry his father was, but unwilling to make a scene in front of so many people. It did not deter Byron from fantasizing about being a tight-rope walker or acrobat. He spent hours pretending or daydreaming to such ends. He promised himself that he would do all that was in his power to one day be in a menagerie in such a role or similar.

For a year after that incident, Byron suffered his father's contempt and admonishings behind closed doors. After that, his father left for Tarabon. Byron only rejoiced silently at the reprieve, and at age eleven was never given a reason why his father left. Byron didn't care enough to ask, either. His grandfather did not have as much of a tight rein on Byron, and for the next five years the boy was more or less left to his own devices--continuing his academic and polictical instruction only so far as he couldn't get away with avoiding it.

This, in turn, was perhaps a blessing in disguise. His athletic pursuits allowed him to escape two assassination attempts. Perhaps not too surprisingly, Byron is a tempting mark for assassination. His staunch dislike of anything to do with Daes Da'mar suggests he could be easily duped into an optimum position to be killed with likely minimal risk of discovery. The first obvious attempt came when Byron was 13, in the stables of the Pelarwen estates. Byron's quick-thinking and dexterity allowed him to lead the would-be assassin on a chase up through a loft and out an upper window where Byron swung down safely but the assassin landed on the wrong end of a pitchfork. The second more obvious attempt was on Byron's 15th Naming Day, where in the night after the celebrations, a scuffle ensued and he turned the poisoned blade aimed for him in onto the assailant. There may have been other, less obvious, attempts on Byron, but were failed due to incompetance or were thwarted by those who would see Byron eventually in the Seat of the House--for various reasons.

For five years his father was away in Tarabon doing Creator knows what and has only recently returned, after the death of Byron's grandfather in 1004, to assume the mantle of House Head. Ever since his return, father and son have been practically at each other's throats, disagreeing on everything. His father is especially displeased with Byron's notion of running away to a menagerie and wants to try and marry him off to someone to rein him in.

Family Information


Delrasha Pelarwen

Your mother, dead since the birth of your brother Tovan. Your birth left her weak and frail and she was unable to bring any other children to term until Tovan. It was then that your father ordered Tovan to be saved while your mother perished. You've never forgiven him for that and it is one of the reasons you're so against him and anything he does.

Zakhar Pelarwen

Your father. He was away in Tarabon for five of your most formative years and has only recently returned to assume the Head of the House. The two of you don't get along well. He's wanting to mold you to take his place someday as the House Head and that does sit well with you at all. Having to deal with Daes Dae'mar on such a constant basis would kill you, if not literally, then quite figurtively.


Tovan Pelarwen

Your younger brother by six years. He's the main reason you haven't already run away. You feel bad about leaving him behind to the fate you would be escaping.




Thad Hargraves

In the ultimate act of rebellion, Byron has managed to befriend Thad Hargraves, the Regent of Cairhien. They both share a dislike of Daes Dae'mar.

Ypsila Mydevwin

The oldest of the Mydevwin children. She arrived with her parents a few months ago to take over the Silver Star Inn. You met her on one of the rare evenings you were able to get away from your noble duties and found her intrigued about menageries almost as much as you are. You discovered her interest in animal training which would fit in well in a menagerie. The initial conversation lasted a long time before you parted ways. You found yourself trying to make a point to pay frequent visits to the Silver Star as time permitted and always for the chance to talk more with Ypsila. You admire her passion for her dreams, but lament that she may never achieve them, since the injury she recently received in a tavern brawl has made her rather weak and unable to sustain long hours of physical labor.


Jamis Mydevwin

Jamis is the son of the Silver Star Innkeepers and the brother of Ypsila. He is about a year older than you and apparently very over-protective of his sister. He's never been openly rude to you, or defiant, but he's made it clear that he doesn't like you around Ypsila. You suspect he thinks your intentions are less than noble, but have yet to confront him on it.

Zakhar Pelarwen

Yes, your father. He was responsible for your mother's death and is keeping you from your dream of being an entertainer. He's trying to force you and your brother into things you have no desire to be and you've even heard rumors that he's trying to marry you off to some woman from a lesser branch of the House. If only he were out of the way, everything would be all right...

Zohar Pelarwen

Your uncle, your father's disreputable younger brother. The two of them don't get along at all but he is still the last person you'd go to for help in spite of this. Zohar looks down at you for your unnoble tendencies and desire to join a menagerie. Not to mention that you have this uneasy sense that in true Cairhien fashion, he considers you and your brother obstacle sin his own path to power. You are careful not to betray this feeling however.

Other acquaintances

Pravin Anirvan Kaloni

Prince of Tarabon and a thorn in your father's side from his time in Tarabon. He and his twin brother, Ravind, pulled many pranks on your father and he's not very fond of them to say the least. You've recently heard that they may be coming to Cairhien so it could be in your best interests to strike up a friendship with this Terrible Twosome.

Ravind Viduran Kaloni

Prince of Tarabon and a thorn in your father's side from his time in Tarabon. He and his twin brother, Pravin, pulled many pranks on your father and he's not very fond of them to say the least. You've recently heard that they may be coming to Cairhien so it could be in your best interests to strike up a friendship with this Terrible Twosome.





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