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Ogier characters have +1 on their Perception and Strength Stats, and -1 on their Quickness Stat.

Ogier receive +2 to Size, and +3 Health and +3 Fatigue.


All characters are given Level 2 in the Dodge Skill.

Ogier begin at Level 2 in the Ogier Tongue Skill, and have a bonus of +2 on their Ogier Tongue.

Ogier characters cannot select Ride or Streetwise during chargen, but may purchase these during play with Experience Points.

Ogier characters are given a -1 Skill Penalty to the Ride Skill.

Assets and Flaws

All Ogier characters have The Longing Flaw.

Ogier may not select these Assets: any Horse Asset, any Channeler Assets, any Warder Assets, Blademaster, Sniffer, Viewer or Wolfkin.

Ogier may not select the Gentled Channeler Flaw or any of the Stilled Channeler Assets and Flaws.

Only Ogier characters are eligible to select the Treesinger Asset.


The Social Classes of Noble and Pauper are not open to Ogier characters.

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