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The Waiting Period and Restricted Characters

People wishing to play restricted characters are often unsure how to handle the waiting period to go through chargen and be approved. The following is an outline of general options available as well as ideas for specific restricted character types.

You are free to role-play the general personality and most abilities of your character prior to approval. You MAY NOT role-play restricted abilities or titles or claim that you have them. So a person interested in Blademaster can role-play he's a warrior, but he cannot claim a Blademaster's level of skill, use the herons in his description or call himself Blademaster until he's fully approved.

This works for many of the restricted types, although it may not work with all of them (it's difficult with Accepted and Sworn). It also goes against the preferences of some players. If this is the case for you, there are still alternatives.

All players are expected to be familiar with the culture and rules of the game, but that is particularly true of restricted players. Additionally, playing on the game often influences the choices you make in chargen. If you decide to join a noble family, that changes the Social Class you will select, for example. If you are unwilling or unable to play your character until approval, consider these alternatives:

  • Give your character a temporary non-restricted persona and role-play with that. When you're approved, you can change your name, description and role-play over to the approved character.
  • Make a puppet and role-play through that. Instructions on making and using a puppet are available by typing 'news puppets'.


These are more difficult, you may need to consider a temp persona or puppet. One possibility is to start outside of Tar Valon and once approved RP that you were given permission to visit your family.

Aes Sedai/Trained Warder

Avoid all use of the titles or role-play of special abilities. A suggestion is to RP that you were "under cover" once approved. For that reason you may wish to start RPing somewhere other than Tar Valon. Contact the Amyrlin for mission RP suggestions.


Avoid RPing or claiming special abilities.

Failed Accepted/Failed Novice

Avoid reference to training at the Tower with the Power and any RP of special abilities. You can refer to having been a general student at the Tower. Avoid contact with Aes Sedai and other channelers who would ICly be able to sense your ability until you have been approved.


Avoid all RP of channeling abilities. You do NOT have to be in the employ of the Tower or in Tar Valon to setup your entry to the Tower. The Tower can arrange discovery RP in other areas of the game once you're approved.


Avoid all RP of channeling abilities. Try and avoid RP with other channelers who could sense your ability until approved.

Wise One/Wise One Apprentice

Avoid all RP of channeling abilities.

Male Channeler

Avoid all RP of channeling abilities.

Trainee Warder

Acceptance into the program will be RP'd onscreen once you're approved. You do not need to be in the employ of the Tower or in Tar Valon when your character starts RP.


Avoid all mention or RP of special abilities and unique characteristics. Describe yourself in a way that avoids mention of eye color.

Gentled/Stilled Channeler

Avoid mention of prior abilities, and training with the Power.

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