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Skill Bonuses and Penalties

People with identical training and education do not perform identically. Some have a natural aptitude in certain areas of life, while others aren't quite as competent. The chargen system reflects this with Skill Bonuses and Penalties.

Skill Bonuses and Penalties are applied every time you make a roll that uses that Skill, and should also be role-played. In +roll, they add or subtract automatic successes to your +roll (assuming you got at least 1 normal success) equal to the amount of bonuses or penalties you have. So for example, Suzal with a +2 bonus in a skill has rolled 5 successes, but only because her original (and invisible) roll yielded 3. Had she not had those bonuses, she would have had just 3 successes. On the other hand, someone with a -2 modifier in a skill might have had 1 success to begin with, only to end up with a botch (-1) instead due to the skill penalty.

Skill Bonuses and Penalties can be purchased as Assets and Flaws. Characters of certain Cultures are given Bonuses or Penalties in a few Skills.

An example would be two characters with the Herbalism Skill. Both Suzal and Bador have Level 5 in the Skill - they've had equal training and experience. Suzal has a natural bedside manner and an intuition about how to treat people. In chargen terms, this is a Bonus of +2 applied to her Herbalism Skill. Bador is uncomfortable with patients and occasionally makes mistakes in treatment - a Penalty of -2 in chargen terms. In practice, Suzal will have a far better success rate in treating patients than anyone else who's had the same training and experience, whereas Bador will be much less successful than his training would suggest.

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