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All characters are given Level 2 in the Dodge Skill.

Tinker characters begin with Level 1 in the Waste Lore Skill.

Tinker characters cannot select the following Skills unless they have purchased the Lost Tinker Asset: Strategy, Axe, Blunt, Bow, Brawl, Defense, Harpoon, Knife, Lance, Missile, Spear, Sword and Unarmed.


Tinkers are given the Well-Travelled Asset for free.

Tinker characters must first purchase the Lost Tinker Asset to be able to purchase these Assets: any Armor or Weapon Assets, Horse: War, Natural Warrior, Weapon Flair, Assassin, Blademaster, Weaponmaster or any Warder Asset.


The Classes of Upper and Noble are not available to Tinkers in the social Class section of chargen.

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