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Deidre Alzbeth Thaeweth
Country: Andor
Birthday: Sixday, 13 Taisham, 977 NE
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Caemlyn, Andor
Job: ###
Hair Color: ###
Eye Color: ###
Spouse Benton
Children: Madison


Background Information

Deidre Alzbeth Thaeweth was born to Lady Adanna and Lord Elaeryn Thaeweth in their country estates in Andor on Sixday, 13 Taisham, 977. She had the typical noble childhood - living in Andor, learning things to do with court suitable for a young lady. She learned varying skills in order to recognize who the other nobles were and to take part in noble society.

Deidre is the second daughter of Lord Elaeryn and Lady Adanna, but the third child in the family. As a young girl, she attempted to follow her sister, Gweneth, around and do everything that she did. However, seeing as how her older sister would always get uspet with her for following her about, that never lasted too long.

Despite her mother attempting to instill some ambition to her, Deidre never really caught on to the Great Game, and never really saw what the fuss was. She was happy with her life - and didn't need to get anywhere other than where she currently was. Adanna found some disappointment in her youngest daughter. So, it was no surprise that when she was finished tutoring Gweneth, that her mother would be found most often with her youngest sibling; Martyn.

She neither envied nor cared much for the attentions that her other siblings received from their parents. Her ambitions and goals, while small, were something different. She wanted to make a nice niche in the world, just for her, and a possible future that kept her away from all the political maneuverings of her mother. So, it was no surprise when she jumped at the opportunity to marry into House Lareca, fancying the young Lord Benton. She was 18 when she married.

While he was from a minor house and had no particular wealth himself, she didn't seem to care. She loved the man, and that's all that mattered to her. And, he seemed to dote his affections on her as well. As fate would have it, however, a month after their first child was born, their son Madison Xavier, he was killed. On his way home from the Palace one evening, he was attacked by street thugs in an act of random violence. His body was found half hidden in an alley along the Ferret Run. They had only been married for a short three years.

Deidre was devastated. She could barely take care of herself, much less her child. Adanna insisted that she move back into the family estates, much to House Lareca's chagrin. Not particularly caring, she readily agreed. Adanna then took young Madison under her wing - seeing to his care and every need. As her first grandchild, she had to ensure that he was properly 'educated' with the same desires and ambitions she tried to instill in all of her children.

Madison is now four - and tightly under his grandmother's thumb. He barely listens to Deidre at all, talking back to her as sassy little four year olds tend to do. Finally waking up to what's happening around her and sick of all that's going on with her son, Deidre has vowed to take her life and her son back.

Family Information


Adanna Yvette Choswen

Adanna is your mother, and your own worst enemy. She considers you a failure in the family, for not wanting to have anything to do with Daes Dae'mar. She opposed your marriage to Benton and has started to warp your four year old child with her manipulations. You mean to get your child from underneath Adanna's thumb however possible.

Elaeryn Ketton Thaeweth

Elaeryn is your father. If she had a choice between which parent were her favorite, she'd pick her father over her mother, though she doesn't spend a particularly huge amount of time with him. She simply gets along.


Gweneth Beatrice Thaeweth

Gweneth is your oldest sibling and only sister. She... is something much like your mother. She's married twice and both times her husbands have died. You suspect she might have killed them, for she inherited a small fortune with each. You try and stay away from her.

Martyn Alistair Thaeweth

Martyn is your youngest brother. You and he used to be close, but then Adanna started to manipulate him as she did the other members of the family. You and he still get along, but are no where near as close as you used to be.

Rashan Thaeweth

Rashan is your older brother. Like you, he's not much liked or cared for in the family. He was shipped off to the White Tower to train as a Warder. In some respects, you envy him. He managed to get away from the house, and your mother.


Benton Lareca(d)

Benton was your husband. As fate would have it, however, a month after their first child was born, their son Madison Xavier, he was killed. On his way home from the Palace one evening, he was attacked by street thugs in an act of random violence. You loved him very much and have been a wreck ever since his death.


Madison Xavier Lareca - Age: 8

Madison is Deidre's son, and so far only child as she's never remarried. He looks much like hi father, and reminds her of him every day. Her mother caught hold of Madison when he was only four years old, twisting him to her will and whims. In his innocence he was easily corruptable, and now he'll scantly listen to anything Deidre says, always looking to Grandmama for everything. Deidre intends to move away, and in turn moving Madison away from Adanna, as soon as she gets the opportunity.



This woman is a clothier who works runs her business from within the Rose and Lion Inn. Her husband owns the business. Deidre goes to her for many outfits, and during her fitting sessions, she has come to know the woman as a friend and confidant of sorts. She trusts Alemethia, completely, and finds comfort in the woman's soothing words.


Adanna Yvette Choswen

It's sad but true. Deidre's mother is her own worst enemy. The woman looks down upon her with contempt eery time she looks at her. Adanna considers Deidre a failure, simply because the girl did not take to her teachings and took no interest in her family life. Adanna has sworn to take over Deidre's life and make certain any children she has are tauht "properly" and she's started doing so by taking control of Deidre's first child, Madison. This isn't something Deidre is going to stand for - not by any means. Though, it is taking her a bit of time to devise a plan in order to get her son out of her mother's clutches.

Other acquaintances





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