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Experience Points

You earn Experience Points (EXP) for your contributions to the game. These include role-play and time online, as well as contributions like organizing a TinyPlot, coding an object people use, etc. See '+help nom' to learn how to nominate your fellow players for EXP.

You will be able to use EXP to increase your Skill Levels in your existing Skills, or purchase Skills new to you after you have completed chargen. You cannot spend EXP in chargen, but you do not lose any EXP you've earned prior to taking your character through chargen.

One Power Statistics (excluding Finesse, which is a Skill and can be raised like any other Skill) cannot be raised with EXP.

For more information about raising Skills and Statistics with EXP, see '+help teach', '+help practice' and '+help train'.

In addition to Skills and Statistics, some Assets have been approved for purchase with EXP. For more information about allowable Assets, conditions, cost and the procedure for purchasing said Assets, see 'Purchasing Assets'.

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