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The Fatigue Attribute

Your character's maximum Fatigue rating is an indicator of his/her ability to withstand the effects of physical exertion or the fatigue caused by Channeling. All characters begin with a maximum Fatigue of 10, which represents the human average. This maximum potential can only be raised or lowered through the purchase of Assets and Flaws or the selection of certain Cultures.

A person with a higher than average Fatigue maximum is heartier, and can withstand more physical exertion. Someone with a lower than average Fatigue is weaker, and is more easily affected by arduous activity.

In game play, your Fatigue may be lowered by the effects of strenuous combat or Channeling. Someone who is tired does not perform as well as usual, so you may receive penalties to activities when you are fatigued. Once you have rested, your Fatigue will return to its maximum and all penalties will be removed.

See 'cg magic fatigue' for information on Fatigue's effect on Channeling.

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