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Fiedric Ealasaid
Country: Andor
Birthday: Threeday, 16 Saban, 986 NE
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Tar Valon
Job: Guard: Squadman
Hair Color: ###
Eye Color: ###
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Fiedric was born on Threeday, 16 Saban, 986 to Ailean and Raonaid Ealasaid. His parents were simple farmers, who had to struggle to get much of what they wanted. They lived in a small village just outside the city of Caemlyn. He has an older sister and a younger brother -- both of whom he's not very close to.

Fiedric spent most of his time running about the farm and helping out where necessary. He was expected to help out with as many chores as possible. Boring work for one so young, who dreamed of joining the Queen's Guard. However, he was much needed where he was.

They'd often travel into their village to sell wares and goods -- attempting to make a small profit off of the meager crop they were able to make. Fiedric, himself, was never able to grasp the agricultural aspects of the farm, so always helped out with the more physical labor. When in the village, he would meet up with a few of his friends. Usually, they'd run off playing in the streets, but from time to time they'd cause a goodly amount of mischief and trouble.

It was one such incident that got Fiedric apprenticed to a local jewelsmith. He and his friends managed to ruin a display of fine jewelry. Unfortunately for Fiedric, he was the one noticed and caught for his handywork. During his apprenticeship he learned how to make jewelry and other finery -- a thing he did in a gruding manner.

When he was 16, his apprenticeship ended, and Fiedric decided that he wanted to do more with his life. He ran away from home and started for Caemlyn -- to join the Queen's Guard, stealing some money to tide him over until he joined their ranks. Little did he know that they did not take people as young as he for the guard. When he got to the city, he was refused entrance or even a training position.

He was left to life on the streets, struggling to survive much as he did when he was back at the farm and visiting the village. He decided then that he'd travel to Tar Valon and join the White Tower as one of its students. However, as fate would have it, the Tower was unable to accept him. At the time, the barracks for the students were already full. He was asked to consider joining the Tar Valon Guard instead -- and when they had an opening he'd be contacted.

Not caring one way or another whether or not he gained entrance to the Tower, he joined the Tar Valon Guard -- and decided to stay there. He was put in a training position, given the rank of Squadman. From the Guards, he learned several skill sets that would be useful for his patrols about the city.

Fiedric was never happier than the moment when he joined the guard. Serving a purpose and the city sat well with him. However, as fate would have it, things would not always go as planned. For, one night, while out on patrol, Fiedric was jumped by a band of thieves -- thieves who are not usually housed in the Shining Walls. They were young boys, starved and in great need of money. Fiedric tried to reason with them, however reason could not be sought. The boys, noticing that he was a guard, started to run away.

Family Information


Ailean Ealasaid

Fiedric's mother. A farmer by trade, she has farmer/s hands and a farmer's face, yet a kindly demeanor despite the hard work that she must endure. Fiedric has fond memories of his mother and often regrets not going home often enough to visit with her.

Raonaid Ealasaid

Fiedric's father. A hard man to endure, at times, but a just man. Fiedric suffered at the end of his lectures one too many a time. It was, in part, because of his father and his harsh methods of discipline that Fiedric ran away to find his place in the world, however, he holds no anger toward his father. He misses him, in his own way.


Nilao Ealasaid

Fiedric's younger brother. Fiedric's lost touch with him, but that's not surprising. They've never been particularly close as children. In fact, they always fought constantly. Fiedric believed that Nilao would never make anything of his life, and that's a belief that still firmly sits with him.

Olisa Ealasaid

Fiedric's older sister. By his reckoning, she should be married and with children now, though he's not so certain she is. She's always been the stubborn one, never giving in to either parent. Her own woman. Yet, she was also there all the time, whenever Fiedric needed her. Of all his family members, he sorely misses her most. One day, he hopes to have enough money to bring her to Tar Valon for a visit.




Ahman Khalet, Guard for the Teresi Family

You look up to this man, this Domani guard for the Teresi Family. Although he's a civilian now, he's spent a good amount of time in Arad Doman's army and although he never saw any action he is good at telling stories and singing songs dealing with battle and bravery. You happen to like hearing such things which is why you have become friends with him. That and the opportunity to learn some things he's good at, like wielding an axe in battle. You have become something of a contact for him in Tar Valon's guard.

Raleth Kiem

Raleth and Fiedric are not all that different from one another, which the younger man discovered when he joined the infantry. They both had large families, that struggled all the time, and they left their families to do something with their life. Fiedric looks up to Raleth as a sort of mentor, even though they don't have much time together because of their duties. But, when he does have free time, he doesn't mind seeing if Raleth has time to sit down and have a few ales with him.


Bertram Itheral

Fiedric's superior officer. Apparently they got off on the wrong foot when Fiedric first joined the Tar Valon Guard, and they have been on the wrong foot ever since. The man just rubs him the wrong way. He's not sure why, he just does. Unfortunately, most people think he overreacts, as they get along with Bertram. Fiedric tends to stay away from the man, if at all possible, but his military career often has them butting heads together.

Other acquaintances

Elan Ylzet

A local jewelsmith in his hometown that he was once apprenticed two after attempting to ruin a display of his fine jewelry. Unfortunately for Fiedric, he was the one noticed and caught for his handywork. During his apprenticeship he learned how to make jewelry and other finery -- a thing he did in a gruding manner. His apprenticeship ended at 16. He came to like Elan, and often wonders how his shop is doing, even if Fiedric hated every moment of his apprenticeship.





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