Flaw: Unaccomplished

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Your character has an inborn disadvantage when working in a particular area, and does not perform as well as someone at an equivalent level of training. For example, someone with a tin ear will always suffer a disadvantage when working in the musical field. In game terms, Unaccomplished gives you a Penalty of -1 that is applied every time you use the Skill it relates to. (See Skill Modifiers for information on Skill Penalties.) You should also role-play your Unaccomplished Flaw in that area in non-coded situations.

You must select the Skill that the Unaccomplished Flaw applies to when you select this Flaw, and you must put levels into that Skill in the Skills section of chargen. You may select this Flaw multiple times, either for the same Skill or different Skills. The Skills that use Unaccomplished are: Agriculture, Animal Handling, Apparelling, Artistry, Blacksmithing, Boating, Craft, Fireworks, Maiden's Handtalk, Music, Ogier Tongue, Old Tongue, Ride, Scholarship, Survival, Stoneworking, Swim, Track, Trade, Trolloc Tongue, Victualling, Whitesmithing, and Woodworking. Similar Flaws for other Skills are available under Inept and Weapon Bungler.

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