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Gaetlan Chinosh
Country: Tarabon
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Tar Valon
Job: Ambassador
Hair Color: ###
Eye Color: ###
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Gaetlan Chinosh was born to the streets of Tarabon, deep in the heart of Tanchico, to merchant parents who prided themselves in selling the nations best rugs. He had two brothers, and a sister. His sister died in a plague that swept over the city, causing many to get ill. He also took ill, but the creator thought to spare him from the plague.

Gaetlan and his brothers pretty much got along. The death of his sister struck him hard, having been fond of his youngest sibling. They would often times go into the streets of Tarabon and duck down the alleys and streets, pretending they were spies of the Panarch and the King. Her death left a small hole in his heart, one which started him down the path of bitterness toward all things in life.

Gaetlan has a healthy relationship with his family, despite the fact that he stepped away from the familial trade to apprentice with a blacksmith instead. Buying and selling rugs never interested him, not even at a young age. His parents, recognizing the spirit and the need to do something else with his life, allowed for the apprenticeship. They were not to be displeased, as Gaetlan appeared to show some gift, some promise toward creating and bending metal bits into workable pieces of armor.

Gaetlan's apprenticeship lasted a good seven years. It was only when working the metal that he could forget about his sister's death, putting his mind into creating and losing himself to his work. He became one of the more favored armorers within the eastern section of the city in little time. Yet, his history there haunted him - the streets reminding him all too much of his youngest sister. When his apprenticeship was over, he packed up his things and moved to Tar Valon, the capital of the Shining Walls rumored to be one of the most profitable areas in all the land.

Setting up shop was not hard to do, once he got the approval of the City Council. Getting commissions, however, took longer than he'd imagined. He had no way of knowing whether or not word of his work in Tarabon would ever reach such a place. Sadly, for him, it had not. He had to start from scratch all over again. But, the pride in his work showed, and slowly people came to buy his pieces. It wasn't long before his work started to get praise and once more he had a thriving business.

But, Gaetlan yearned for something more than just a thriving business, he wanted something else, something more in life. He wanted position and power - and that's not something that he could have ever achieved within Tarabon. Moving to Tar Valon was perhaps the best thing that he could do. So, he joined the City Council as one of its merchant members, taking up politics as a side venture.

He learned much from those Council meetings, politics, intimidation tactics, and a great many other useful skills which would be needed within the city of Tar Valon. Yet, he craved even more once he got a taste of the political life. He craved the High Ambassadorship - the highest rank any citizen of Tar Valon could ever hope to achieve. The only thing in his way, he thought, was gaining one of the Ambassadorships so he could learn more about what it was the higher heirarchy of the Council did. So he campaigned against Chaeniel Daecyn for her seat, a highly respected merchant from the northern district of Tar Valon who's had her seat for three seasons prior.

He lost. And in his lost he bore a seething hatred for the woman - despite her command of respect and her plan to better the merchants position in the city. Unleashed from that hatred was a dark side that Gaetlan never knew he had. A dark side that scared away his one and only true love, causing her to give him an ultimatum as he fell victim to its trap, drawing him in even more, day after day, feeding upon his bitterness and lust for power.

He didn't care, or he did but he dared not show it, about the loss of his lady love. He put all of his passion into his obsession.

The next term, he ran again.. and this time gained Chaeniel's Ambassador's seat. However, it was a hollow victory.. for Chaeniel was elected High Ambassador instead!

Gaetlan intends to achieve his goal and will stop at nothing to do it, including scaring Chaeniel away - or having her hurt to gain her seat - if it comes down to it.

Family Information


Aneesa Chinosh

Gaetlan's mother. A fine woman, in his book, though she possesses the most boring mannerisms. She can talk your ear off and drone on and on and on about the most nonsensical topic and no one can really catch a word of it. Despite that small fault of hers, he loves her anyway.

Cyrenis Chinosh

Gaetlan's father. He's got a head for numbers, which he's proven with his fine merchanting business. Still, that's not for him, and while Cyrenis encouraged him to follow his own path, Gaetlan is certain he's disappointed Cyrenis somewhat. However, his father is proud of his accomplishments and often brags about his son's fine handywork with armoring to others. He's even seen some Taraboners travel all the way from his homeland to Tar Valon simply on his father's recommendation.


Esanis Chinosh

Gaetlan's older brother. A pain in the ass as far as he's concerned. He's always got to show off, and be the 'ladies' man. Gaetlan never understood that, or why his brother has a flair for the extreme. He often wonders if his brother has a fancy for the... 'other'... sex, and that's why he tries so hard to make it known that he likes women. Still, Esanis is his brother, and he's blood. He gets along with him for the most part, but that doesn't mean the man's still not a pain in the ass.

Ryen Chinosh

Gaetlan's younger brother. Unlike his older brother, Gaetlan gets along much better with Ryen. He's got a good, solid head on his shoulders, and is slotted to take over the family, even though he's now 'officially' the baby. Neither Gaetlan nor Esanis wanted it. Gaetlan wishes him luck. Merchanting simply isn't for him.

Yrenia Chinosh

Gaetlan's younger sister, who died in a plague that swept over Tarabon, causing many to get ill. She was only 11 at the time of her death. He remembers her fondly, and misses her.




Jerim Adaeriel

This man is one of Gaetlan's closest friends. They used to play cards and go dicing together on occassion. However, lately, Gaetlan has gotten the sense that something is very, very wrong. He's worried for Jerrom.


Chaeniel Daecyn

Gaetlan has an all consuming hatred of Chaeniel Daecyn - one of the Ambassadors of the City Council. He ran against her during the last election, vying for her seat. But, because of her popularity within the northern district of Tar Valon, she won the election over him. He has since vowed to himself to go out of his way to make her life miserable.

Other acquaintances


Gaetlan was engaged to a pretty young slip of a girl, Aliesce, but when she learned of his darker side, she gave him an ultimatum: learn to curb the darkness that somehow dwelled within him or forever lose her. Gaetlan was never able to curb his darker nature, so in essense, he lost the only love of his life. This has caused him to become more bitter with regard to the world.





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