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Grant Al'boaen
Country: Andor
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Caemlyn, Andor
Job: ###
Hair Color: ###
Eye Color: ###
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

A long estranged and distant cousin of House Murellan, Grant Al'boaen was born and raised in one of the countryside estates of the Murellan House, and presented at court in Caemlyn very infrequently. His Al'boaen branch of the Murellan family typically avoided politics almost as much as House Buchannan hates Cairhienins. Despite this, the Duke and Duchess of House Choswen, chose him as a safeguard for the future of their line when he was 6, drawing up contingency marriage arrangements between him and Lady Irinya, who at the time was not even a year old. The only surviving child (with his only sister dying from consumption at an early age--leaving him with a fear of illness) of the Al'boaen branch of the House, Grant drifted into obscurity, preferring to remain with his parents in the country until he was sixteen, when he decided to leave Andor altogether and see the world, travel to places he had only read about. A thrill-seeker, Grant longed for adventure and fortune, and maybe a little bit of fame--and who could blame him, as overshadowed as his branch of the Murellan House was by the ruling branch? He ended up getting into more trouble than he was prepared for, gambling debts and accusations of cheating which lead to scraps which in turn left him missing an eye, and a handful of scars, some visible and some not visible. Grant has an overdeveloped sense of bitterness with regards to these events, feeling like he was unjustly persecuted, and defensive in general even when he isn't being accused of anything. However, he did learn his lessons--both about gambling and about how to defend himself in a tavern. By twenty, he was in Arad Doman and had sworn off gambling altogether, believing it to be a vice with no benefit whatsoever. Instead, he turned his attention to gambling not with dice, but with women's hearts--lured by the beauty of the Domani he spent what money he had left wining and dining until eventually falling in love with a whitesmith and signing on as one of her guardsmen--as the precious gems required. He was schooled further in combat and martial arts by the more veteran guardsmen there, and remained with the merchant for three years as her secret lover, avoiding her husband as much as possible, but eventually getting caught and being threatened with castration if Grant didn't leave immediately. Grant left, his heart broken, but not his coinpurse this time, managing to find reasonable passage on a vessel bound for Ebou Dar. It never made it, having come under attack by pirates, and he was left adrift on debris until he was picked up by a Sea Folk vessel and brought to the nearest port. As soon as his constitution returned, he moved on to the nearest city, Tear, and found employment as an agent for one of the High Lords who felt that his worldiness, his exposure both to upper and lower society, made him a good spy. While in this sort of occupation, he was approached by another agent from an opposing House and lured by more money and other perks into a double-agent capacity. This arrangement lasted for three years, where with the stable address he had resumed contact with several people, friends and family, including his parents who informed him that the Lady Irinya was yet unclaimed. Surprised, but pleased to hear a previously thought inaccessible opportunity for more money and prestige was now attainable, Grant left Tear and returned home, making his reappearance in Caemlyn society just shortly before Irinya's 21st Naming Day.

Unfortunately, while taking a ride on to clear his thoughts before his wedding, he was kidnapped by brigands. He managed to escape, but not without some injuries and he missed his wedding by several days. The wedding contract was in jeopardy, but the Queen honored it in the end and Grant married his lucrative and beautiful young bride, Irinya. For the past several years, their marriage has been something that no one mistakes as anything more than a marriage of convenience. No children have been produced and likely won't with the cool manner the couple have toward one another. Irinya has proclaimed her neice as heir-apparent until fruit from her own womb is born. While Irinya claims the affairs of the House keep her far too occupied to entertain Grant, the former Murellan Lord has taken to occupying himself at the Lion's Den or other grander societal affairs, unable to show his face in the seedier world now that he is married to the High Seat of Choswen.

Family Information


Lord Annis al'Boaen

You respect your father well-enough, although he earned your respect and admiration more prior to your sister's death. He always seemed a fair man, if a little undemonstrative with his affections and emotions--but most men are, aren't they? After your sister's death, he turned to drinking more than usual until he finally became an embarrassment more than someone to look up to. He never laid a hand on you or your mother in anger--at least you can say that much for him. But eventually, he isolated himself from both you and your mother to the point where he couldn't function as the head of your household, make sure taxes were paid, etc. Such household responsibilities were absorbed by your mother then. She had to tighten the purse-strings a little, let go of some servants, as the result of your father becoming a lush, as far as you can tell. And you blame him for that hardship, despite that the three of you still lived comfortably--just not as comfortably as before. At the same time, you accept his method of coping, even if you don't approve of it. At times you are angry and disgusted with him, but for the most part you tolerate it.

Lady Cianan al'Boaen

Your mother is an angel and has the patience of a saint (if such things existed here), but a part of you often wonders if she lets too many tread upon her good nature, take advantage of her williness to please and placate. You've kept in touch with her whenever possible while you've been gone these many years. And once you secured a position in Tear with generous income, you started sending some money to her. Nothing excessive that could cause her embarrassment, and nothing that would really infringe upon your own finances, but a little here and there when you could. You admire her, especially for her stength and ability to absorb household affairs when your father's grief over your sister's death drove him to drink and incompetancy. It was your mother who reminded you of the old marriage arrangement made when you were so young, and informed you that Lady Irinya was yet unclaimed. Your mother has a keen mind and you suspect not a little ambition behind what is normally perceived as a martyr-like demeanor.


Lady Fiona al'Boaen

Your younger sister and junior by three years. She died of consumption when she was 7 and the winter that year was particularly harsh and did not allow for a Wisdom to arrive in time to save her. You remembered her both healthy and sick, but it's the weeks of illness that have affixed to your memory more strongly, causing you to fear illness of any sort, even something so simple as a cold. Beyond her death, of Fiona you remember most distinctly her incessant curious nature. She loved to puzzle things out and had showed some potential with Daes Dae'mar even as young as she was. You consider her loss a tragedy, but it was so long ago, you hardly think about her anymore. While the two of you were children, you played and were close as siblings often do and are, and her death did indeed affect you, but the grief hasn't lingered and kept a cloud of angst over your head as it has for your father.




Lyroc Surantis

You friendship with Lyroc began in Arad Doman of all places. It was Lyroc who helped you find work with your love, Marlina, an affluent whitesmith there, and helped you settle into the area, in general. Both of you strangers to the land resulted in a bond of friendship that, even with him leaving Arad Doman shortly after, has lasted to this day--though most of the catching up was had through written correspondence with him in Andor and now Tar Valon, while you were in Tear. If the opportunity presents itself, you hope to use your friendship with him to keep tabs on Rubia Sedai--in as much as a thief-taker in Tar Valon has occasions to spend any amount of time at the Tower proper.


Rubia Aes Sedai

You've never actually met the woman personally, but she has proven to be a formidable opponent from a distance. You stumbled upon a member of her Eyes and Ears while in Tear, and you were nearly exposed yourself, in the process. For nearly a year the two of you danced, with you exposing some of her network, making them ineffective, and she getting closer and closer to you. To your knowledge, she's never known the true identity of the thorn in her side in Tear, just that you existed, and her network of Eyes and Ears work to puzzle out your identity and bring your ruin to fore. You intend to get her, before she gets you. You hope that your departure from Tear offers the time you need to gain the upper hand. You refuse to be sheparded into a corner, let alone by a Tar Valon witch and her lackeys.

Other acquaintances

Irinya Choswen

Your intended. The last time you met her she was a babe in swaddling clothes, when the contracts for marriage should neither of you be married by the time she has reached her 21st Naming Day were drawn up. But if the information you have on her is accurate, she holds true to her Cairhienan ties, even as an Andoran heir to House Choswen, and has developed into a fair player of the Game of Houses. Perhaps she will prove not only to be a favorable and pleasing wife, but a trusting partner in the Game. If she proves herself worthy, you may consider her for recruitment for other tasks . . .





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