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The Health Attribute

Your character's maximum Health represents the strength of his/her physical constitution. All characters begin with a maximum Health of 10, which represents the human average. This maximum potential can only be raised or lowered through the purchase of Assets and Flaws or Culture choices.

Those with higher than average Health maximums are tougher. They are not as affected by physical injury or the effects of illness. Those with lower than average Health maximums are more frail, and are more affected by a physical injury or illness.

During game play, your Health might be decreased through combat and other physically-damaging situations. Once you have healed the effects of that damage, your Health will return to its maximum.

You MAY OR MAY NOT die if your Health is reduced to 0 by damage. 0 represents unconsciousness or incapacitation, or death if you are set non-consent. Whether or not your character dies is only left up to a coded command if your character is set non-consent. More information about role-playing the effects of 0 Health is available __________.

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