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Irinya Gwendolen Clerinia Thenew Choswen
High Seat
Country: Andor
Birthday: 987 NE
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Caemlyn, Andor
Job: High Seat of House Choswen
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Spouse Grant
Children: Belya


Background Information

You were born to Niahll Choswen, Seat of House Choswen, and Morcades Choswen, in 987. A year later, you had your first sibling addition to the family. You never seemed alone in your household, be it nursemaids, servants, guardsmen to protect the heir, or your own siblings. That's, in part, why you grew to love books. You could not escape your duty as heir to House Choswen, or your family, or your servants, physically. But you could escape them in your mind by settling down by the fire to read a few chapters.

When he was alive, your father suggested that it was these books of adventure and romance that has caused you to be so sentimental, ruined your rational disposition. You, naturally, disagree. You strove for approval and acceptance from your father, but he had much of the same disposition as most Choswens: it would be best if a man inherited, not a woman. Instead of pouting and going back to your embroidery, this drove you to excel and to prove them wrong.

You would often surprise your tutors by reading ahead, or going that extra distance in your assignments to both impress them and your father.

You weren't a complete bookworm, mind you, especially as your father sent you off to stay with your cousins of House Pelarwen in Cairhien when you were merely eleven. You stayed there, visiting and learning via submersion all of the ins and outs of Daes Dae'mar that cannot be taught from a book, nor learned in court in Andor. You stayed in Cairhien until your father recalled you to Caemlyn when you were fourteen under the pretense of your Debut and to begin to accept suitors.

Your Viewer ability manifested itself at this time. You didn't know what to think of it, at first, the image appearing around the Apprentice that accompanied the Healer seeing Laurellia. But it just seemed to make sense to you: it meant she was going to become sick and die. Within a week that happened. Other things started to appear around people, and come true--less significant than death, of course, but it still was a frightening experience for you.

While you wanted to tell someone, get some guidance, anything, you were too afraid what they would do, perhaps think you were gifted by the Dark. So, you decided to tell people they were dreams, feeling they would accept it a little more. This lasted for only a week, when you saw a disturbing Viewing for your father one morning, one which tells that he will one day be betrayed and suffer a violent death. He listened and tried to convince you that he would be careful and nothing would happen. But with each moment you tried to convey to him the magnitude of this "dream," it only seemed to make the Viewing stronger. So you ceased.

If asked you tell people you no longer have those dreams. You made a point of not bringing your viewings up unless the situation strongly warranted it and even then you would carefully word it, or reveal the Viewing in such a way so as not to cast suspicion onto yourself, nor make matters worse for the person Viewed. In the end you were tested for being a channeler, twice even, but were found not to be a channeler.

Once you were a lady-in-waiting, you discovered another member of the court with the same ability, and you sought her counsel often, eventually coming to terms with your gift and better learning how to use it.

You served the queen well for a matter of years until the dreadful day that your father was killed and you had to assume the House Seat. There was an investigation, but the assassin, known only as Lynette Dristen, a cook on your staff, remains at large.

After much drama, you eventually married Grant Al'boaen, who was betrothed to you when you both were children under a conditional contract. It is a loveless marriage, and there is no attempt to disguise it as anything more than a marriage of convenience.

Family Information


Niahll Choswen

Your father and the House Seat of Choswen. You admire him a great deal, his intellect, his strength, his prowess with the Game of Houses. His loyalty to his children is unwavering, including you. Although there have been times when you and he have disagreed, both being opinionated and avid players of the Great Game, you've never doubted that he has always thought of what was in the best interest of his children, and House Choswen as a whole. You lament the Viewing you had of him, of a betrayal of his trust leading to his death. You feel that it was your betrayal that led to his death, even if it wasn't your hand on the knife that cut his throat.


Dhanilys Choswen

Your youngest brother at 16. What can you say about him? He seems to know his station, doesn't ask too much, doesn't defy too much either. Rather compliant and quiet. Unremarkable in most respects and perhaps that's one of his best qualities. Remaining unnoticed will allow him the best opportunities in the Game of Houses. You'd like to show him the ropes in that respect, Daes Dae'mar, knowing he can really accomplish a lot with your guidance and his apparent natural ability to remain undetected in an uncrowded room. But honestly, you rarely have the time to further your own plots. You had plans to try and marry him off to the Daughter-Heir, Aeline, but he refused outright to go along with it. This does not mean you won't quit plotting for just such an eventuality...

Laurellia Choswen

The youngest of your siblings, you worry about Laurellia more than anyone else in your family, save your father. With her birth, your mother died, and Laurellia has been sick for most of her life since. Although you sometimes suspect there are times when she isn't and she claims she is, the Healers all treat her illnesses as being legitimate cases and therefore, so does everyone else. You humor her as much as everyone else. After all, haven't there been times where you faked a cold or two? At 15, constantly ill, you doubt she will ever find a suitor so it will likely fall upon your father's shoulders, and eventually yours, to take care of her. A responsibility you're willing to take on readily, as long as you are certain she is not attempting to deceive you. Since your father's death, she's been acting quite mad, acting out for attention. She disrupted many dinner parties and family functions, even going so far as to dump a bowl of soup over the head of your cousin Zakhar, High Seat of the Cairhienin House Pelarwen. With the Queen's blessing, you have disinherited her so she will never be High Seat, even if everyone else in the family dies. She has been living on one of the country estates for the past few years, but if she were to ask to return to the capital you would not refuse her.

Lucian Choswen

Your younger brother, your junior by only a year. You admire his passion for the guard, knowing what he wants to do with his life and willing to do anything to attain that dream, even marry not just any Buchannan, but the heir to the Seat! As siblings close in age typically do you've had your moments of bickering growing up, but now, you see the beginnings of a proud, strong-willed and independent man. In the last few years, you've seen little of him since he married Aeliss Buchannan.


Lord Grant Al'boaen Choswen

Your husband, formerly of House Murellan. When you were but a baby, marriage contracts were written up that should you be unwed by your 21st Naming Day, Grant would become your husband. Unfortunately, such was the case and now the two of you are married. That does not mean all is well in the Choswen household, however. It is quite the loveless marriage and you rarely even share his bed and make no illusions in public to the contrary. You're never openly insulting to the man, but you are by no means affectionate either.


Belya Choswen

Your pride and joy. She was an orphan that you found in Cairhien and adopted. You had thought to use her as a tool at first, but she quickly grew on you and you now love her as if she were your own flesh and blood.


Elisia Nalia Murellan

The Queen of Andor, a woman whom you can call friend, is a wise and gracious Queen indeed. You have recently gained her favor and have been accepted among her Ladies In Waiting. Naturally, as the heir to House Choswen, you've met her before, but only since being counted among her Ladies have you really gained a closer look into what makes Her Majesty tick, and understanding and appreciating her all the more. You do your best to use your abilities of seeing the futures of those around the Queen to aid her in her rule over Andor--without revealing your dangerous talent.

Lord Malcolm Roesone

Lord Malcolm is one of your closest friends. You met him at a masquerade party at the Lion's Den and he escorted you home after you decided to leave. He is a high-ranking member of the Queen's cavalry and had just returned from a tour along the Murandian border. Over time the two of you developed a close friendship, especially after your father's death.

Osanna Lothievia

Another of the Queen's Ladies-In-Waiting, who had been honored with the role a lot longer than yourself. She helped you get accustomed to what was expected of you, and which servants you could trust, which you could not, and so on. Through the experience you and Osanna became friends, finding that you have much in common with one another, as well as a similar disposition. Unfortunately, she was accidently killed by Walden Buchannan when he tried to save you from her after she was brainwashed by the villainess Kanika.

Raphael Thaeweth

Eligible as you are, and in line for the House Seat, there were scores of suitors presenting themselves to your father, seeking opportunity to court you. Niahll has an exhausting screening process, and seemed to weed out all contenders for your hand save a handful of Thaeweths and a couple Roesones. Among them, Raphael Thaeweth who has over a period of months, occupied most of your time spared for courtship. Despite Raphael's fondness for swordmanship, Niahll has encouraged his suit along with Kelric Thaeweth, for their station and the power an alliance to House Thaeweth would mean for House Choswen. Yet, it is Raphael's disposition and politics that has you favoring him over all other current suitors. He just seems more genuine.There is no love in this courtship--neither from him nor for him--but you admire him, respect him, share similar ideals and philosophical sensibilities. And while you've no doubt what lead him to begin a courtship with you was your station as heir, he seems somehow less pretentious and you find yourself able to relax slightly more around him than any other suitor who has come calling. Now, you consider him a friend and suspect that a partnership in marriage--even a loveless one, would be potentially beneficial for all involved. And since your father is intent on having you married, and soon, to produce heirs, you'd rather it be with someone you trust and could agree and even help with the direction you intend on taking the House, when it is yours. You don't mind his fondness for swordmanship as your father minds it--in a way, Raphael sometimes remind you of the guardsman you fell in love with in Cairhien, so many years ago. Unfortunately, he never asked for your hand and now you are married to Grant, per your father's agreement with House Murellan so many years ago. However, he could make a match for Laurellia should the two of you reconcile.


Kanika din Junai

Kanika isn't only a Darkfriend, but she's a channeler. She is also quite skilled at disguise and has infiltrated your confidence twice already. Once as the willowly Domani Mother Ereleuva and again as the fat Andoran cook Lynette Dristen. You're not sure what her fascination is with your House, but she was responsible for your father's death as well as your own kidnapping right before the Shadowspawn attack on Caemlyn. You wouldn't be surprised if she had somehow had a hand in that as well. You want to see her brought to justice, but the fact that she be nearly anyone makes this difficult. And it terrifies you...

Loe Mandrake Choswen

Your second cousin, a member of House Choswen, the Mandrake branch. He is very opinionated, much like your father, and is not hesitant about expressing his opinion, specifically: a woman should not inherit the House. He respects you, but is generally misogynistic, as many men of House Choswen tend to be. He simply believes no woman is up to the task of leading the House. He enjoys pointing out moments where your decisions or judgments have not be entirely beneficial, or logical. And never acknowledges anything you do that is praise-worthy. Much like your father, he will never think you are good enough.

Other acquaintances

King Zakhar Pelarwen of Cairhien

Zakhar is your cousin by blood and High Seat of House Pelarwen which is the other half of the much older House Wenarvan. The House was split during the War of the Hundred Years, leaving House Choswen in modern-day Andor and House Pelarwen in modern-day Cairhien. Zakhar has visited the manor on more than one occasion and the two of you maintain a correspondence, even now that he is King.





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