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Jairin Lareca
Country: Andor
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Caemlyn
Job: ###
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Born the second son, and third child, of Lady Seranne Lareca and her consort Lord Nevan, Jairin's life was unremarkable for a good amount of time. He was educated and trained as befitted a son of a noble house, and as he grew older it was noted that he was quite the contrast from his elder brother Parys. But those who knew Lord Nevan before his unhappy marriage with Lady Seranne would say that he takes much after his lord father whilst Parys is in many way's his mother's son. Yet more remarkable was that he and Parys were close, despite being such a contrast. Or, at least, they grew to be close, as such things are measured between two brothers, one in time a wastrel and the other in time a cold, formal officer of the Queen's Guard.

Once of age to be able to roam freely, Jairin was quite drawn to the seedier parts of Caemlyn, the stews and dens of ill-repute, the taverns where brawls were a nightly occurrence and the warehouse districts which seemed like a fine place for adventures. With his impressive breadth of shoulder and chest, he was little troubled by those who might prey on a young, relatively innocent nobleman wandering such areas. It helped that for a long while Lareca guardsmen carefully shadowed him on these excursions, excursions reportedly allowed because Lord Nevan thought them good for a boy and Lady Seranne simply didn't care overmuch so long as he returned safe and sound. Jairin has retained his interest in the less reputable things in life, yet for all that he has usually avoided drawing much attention from the Queen's Guard in his carousal, keeping just on the right side of the law for the most part. Beyond a case or two of disorderly conduct, quickly cleared up, Jairin is quite like any number of young lordlings in Caemlyn.

Family Information


Lord Nevan Lareca, formerly of House Dovish in Tarabon

Your father, a honey-haired Taraboner lord, is pleasant . . . until his temper gets up, when he can be frightening. It especially happens when he drinks. Married more for his being biddable rather than for wits, he's pretty much your mother's lackey; so much so that he's without the mustaches he was so proud of, because your mother hated them. He's not exactly happy with the arrangement, but at least right now he knows that he can't improve his position. As it is, he has a pretty free hand in what he does with his time, and Lady Seranne doesn't seem to mind his occasional chasing after serving women. You like him, but are sometimes worried that you'll become like him, dominated by a woman who knows what she wants and is willing to use you to get it.

Lady Seranne, High Seat of House Lareca

Head of the House, your mother is a fiercely intelligent woman with a certain capriciousness to her. Resentful of many of the other great noble houses, thinking they look down on the Larecas for being too involved in common business and trade, she's set on making good marriages and making the family climb higher. Although it's known that she has a distaste for the Queen and was among those High Seats (having inherited in her 27th year) who spoke up against Queen Naruai in the months before Elisia returned from the Tower to aid her mother, she does not do anything particularly open about it. Instead she takes the ever-increasing wealth of the House as proof of its superiority.


Conin Lareca

Your youngest brother is a brat, truly, unlike any of your other siblings were, and even you were never quite the rascal he is at the same age. The only distressing thing is that he's increasingly trying to emulate you, wanting to tag along on the way to a seedy tavern or demanding you show him how to win at cards or dice.

Livia Lareca

After returning from her convalescence in Tear to resume her place as heir to the High Seat, you've come to know her somewhat better -- after all, you were a mere boy when she left for so many years. All in all, you like her well enough, although you have some private doubts about her ability to follow in Lady Seranne's footsteps when the time comes.

Parys Lareca

Your brother, an officer's of the Queen's Guard, is known for a strong reserve, a coldness really, and a zealousness to be an entirely proper officer. This would seem to suggest that you and he would have very little in common, and this is correct. Yet you are friends, surprisingly.

Valeria Lareca

You truly do love your sister. She is the most pleasant and kind of your family, you think, and if she's a little too innocent to want to hear much of your tavern-crawling and skirt-chasing, all too the good. Her increasingly-important interest is to make a good marriage, and you wish her well of it.




Master Aeric Lavant

This merchant's a rather odd fellow -- dour, rather boring even, but with a keen intelligence which has made him a feature at some rather notable events. Apparently he was the student of a famous scholar and courtier, a man who's been disgraced and exiled. There's something curious about Master Aeric, something you can't quite pin down, but regardless, you occasionally find him amusing company for awhile. He reminds of Parys -- except without the blood relation.

Parys Lareca

Despite the many differences between you, not least that he's quite a cold fish as such things go, you like one another. He'll sometimes deign to join you in a drink or two at one of your favorite taverns, drawing attention from those who prefer to stay out of the way of officers of the Queen's Guard. He seems to soften, a little, when around you, even cracking the occasional amusing jest or telling an interesting anecdote of his duties. It's all quite strange, and both of your parents swear they cannot fathom it.


Cen Duglin

A common thug who sets great stock by his bulk and strength, Duglin's harassed you on occasion, especially in your first year or two of spending time in the seedier parts of the city. This changed when you finally grew tired of it and gave the man a thrashing (admittedly, only after you gave him a rather under-handed knock on the head while his back was turned). But even if he and others like him have largely left you alone since, you've been warned by acquaintances not to turn your back on him as he's occasionally sworn that he'll even up the score with you. In fact, he's one of the main reasons you've put more practice into using a knife, to make sure that you'll be ready should he get his courage up to try you again.

Other acquaintances


A fellow you occasionally meet in taverns and inns in some of the seedier parts of Caemlyn. You talk on occasion, but it's pretty casual.

Ziada Ferelle

A beautiful companion of Ryder's, you sometimes joke that the only reason you talk with him is to have the pleasure of her company.





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