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Jarmac ###
Country: Andor
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Caemlyn
Job: Apprentice Breeder
Hair Color: ###
Eye Color: ###
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Unlike his parents, Jarmac has had an easy childhood and life. His parents have made certain that he has all that he needs, though not necessarily all that he desires. He learned at an early age how to handle horses and later to breed them, his father hoping that he'll take over the trade of breeding horses, and eventually running the Rose and Lion Inn.

Unfortunately, all that Jarmac has wanted, all of his young life, was to join the Queen's Guards. He asked his father to teach him a bit about the sword, secretly hoping that he'd be able to learn enough to sneak away. What he learned instead was that he sucked at the sword, horribly. So, he turned his attention to the bow, finding it much more to his suiting.

He's the atypical big brother, always looking out for his other two younger siblings. He considers his brother to be something of a brat and a tag-a-long, though does humor him from time to time. He's an overprotective big brother to his youngest sibling, Rissa. No boy is good enough for his sister, ever!

Jarmac has already approached the guard, a thing that his father doesn't yet know. He's spoken to his mother frequently about his desires, knowing she'd never betray his trust. He intends to tell his father, but just doesn't know when, fearing how he'll react.

Family Information



Alemethia is your mother. You and she get along fairly well. She knows about your dream to join the Guard, and she secretly supports it. You and she talk often, though she hopes that you'll take over the family business when she and Greges both want to retire.


Gregis is your father. You and he get along fairly well. He's grooming you to take over the family business, but you're real dream is to join the Queen's Guard as a bowman. You entertain his thoughts and have travelled with him on occassion to learn about the business.



Halis is your younger brother. You see him as something of a tag-along on most occassions, as he always seems to follow you around. He's annoying, as little brother's go, and you tend to get into rumbles with one another often.


Rissa is your youngest sibling and only sister, and as such you feel you have a duty to protect her honor. You tend to be a bit over protective, but you feel its for her own good.





Callie is a young woman that Jarmac has befriended over the years. He's also the young woman who he has his eye on, but he's afraid of messing up their friendship by courting her. When he doesn't think about courting her, he can tell her anything, and be sure that she'll give him an ear and good advice. When he thinks about courting her, all he does is get tongue tied.


Joesep Lareca

This young man apparently has taken a disliking to Jarmac for some unknown reason. He is a young noble lord from House Lareca and Jarmac has been on the receiving end of quite a few threats. He's fearful that it might have something to do with some rivalry between their club, the Luck's Heart, and the Rose and Lion, but he hopes that's not the case. Otherwise, he's extremely puzzled.

Other acquaintances





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