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Kalech ###
Country: Tar Valon
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Tar Valon
Job: Ambassador
Hair Color: ###
Eye Color: ###
Spouse Inanue
Children: Sela and Janus


Background Information

Kalech was born into a small family, being the eldest sibling of three. Yet, being the eldest meant he had the honor of taking over the family business, which happened to be smithing. Sent to working in the shop at an early age to start building up his muscles, Kalech sometimes envied his brother and sister who were apprenticed in other trades around the city. Ones that were undoubtably much cooler than the sweltering heat of the smithy. Yet that envy didn't last long since the boy learned he had quite a skill with the hammer. He quickly took to the trade and excelled through the training, earning his Journeyman at the young age of sixteen. The next few years were spent working towards his Master's piece so that he could take over the shop from his father and continue to keep the smithy in the family.

Despite all this work, the boy did have time for a life outside of the hammer and anvil. In fact, he even had time for romance. It all started at the Bel Tine festival during his fourteenth year. He was out celebrating his recent raising to Journeyman, and on a dare from some friends, got in line for one of those infamous kissing booths. Apparently a young girl was under the same bet for she ended up in line next to Kalech. They ended up talking, and the young smith learned her name was Inanue. She was a miller's daughter. Well, after talking they ended up wandering away from the kissing booth line to have some other fun. They danced the night away and took part in contests and the like all through the festival, each one cheering the other on whenever needed. And after the festival, reasons were found to visit once another. The consequence of all these get togethers was that Kalech took quite a few years to even approach his Mastery of smithing. But that suited him, and his family, just fine.

Eventually he did end up taking over the shop in his early twenties and was soon after married to Inanue. Things settled down into a happy marriage and eventually two children were born to the couple. The first was his son, Janus, and the second was his daughter, Sela. And this is where trouble started coming from for it seems that Janus was one of the worst blacksmith apprentices ever. And furthermore, the boy was overly fond of horses while his father was cold to them at best. Then came the worst blow to his relationship with his son as the boy runs off and joins the cavalry. Not that he ran to far, but to Kalech it seemed the child was hundreds of leagues away.

Somewhere during this time, Kalech decided to dabble in politics, noticing that his shop was suffering due to imports and upstart immigrants who were underselling him even if their work was inferior quality. So, he ran and joined the council, being one of the more minor members with no real intention of being a major player or ever going for one of the ambassadorships. That suited him fine. He let the others play their game and took the extra time from not playing the game to step in and help his apprentices when needed or work on special projects for people of import.

Family Information


Elosha (deceased)

Elosha was Kalech's mother. She was a kindly person, and often gave them treats when they were younger. She was the one who insisted that the apprentice at a smithy; having recognized early on that he might possess a talent for such skills. She died peacefully, though no one knows the exact cause of her death. Kalech suspects foul play, though the others insist it was a natural death.

Emagar (deceased)

Emagar was Kalech's father. The two used to enjoy fishing down in the SouthHarbor. He died a few years ago, overtaken by consumption. He was good to his children, but often drank himself into a stupor when hard times befell them.



Carista is Kalech's younger sister, by three years. Growing up with her, he found her annoying, always tagging along behind him and such. It cramped his style. But now that she's older, he's very close to her and cherishes his relationship with her.


Kalech's brother, four years younger than him. He always envied the fact that Deren found a job merchanting, rather than working in a sweltering smithy - that is until he found his own knack with the hammer. He enjoys kicking back with his brother at the Candlekeep Cafe, trading stories of how business has progressed.



Kalech met his wife when he was fourteen he met the person that he would one day marry, Inanue, during a Bel Tine festival. The two of them were in line for a kissing booth event and ended up talking while waiting their turn. Rather than participating in the booth event, they walked away and had some fun of their own, dancing the night away. The two of them became fast friends and after achieving mastery in his skills, and gaining his own shop, he asked to marry her and she agreed. With her, he's had two wonderful children - though each has their own set of worries and problems. He adores his wife, and can only hope she adores him as much.



Janus is Kalech's first born child. He was the apple of Kalech's eye, and still is - even though the boy possesses no talent that he can see for bending iron or other metal to his whims. Janus simply possesses no ability to work metals, which while Kalech finds it disappointing, isn't something he would ever judge his son over. Unfortunately, Janus has taken a quick and steady liking to horses, animals Kalech disdains himself. Unfortunately, the two of them came to blows one day and Janus ran off to join the cavalry in Tar Valon. While he wasn't too far away, Kalech felt like he was leagues away.


Sela is Kalech's youngest child and only daughter. He never gave her much attention when he was younger, but when Janus ran off to join the cavalry he turned to her. He wasn't sure what to do with her at first, given that she was a girl, so simply settled for having talks with her on occassion at night, finding out more about her life and what she wanted to do - given he was pretty sure she wanted nothing to do with smithing. She wants to learn about perfuming, which Kalech is sure a good trade, but has no idea where she can learn such a thing. He intends to ask other merchants in the city who the best person to apprentice to might be.


Jerim Garder

Jerim is one of Kalech's best friends. They served on the city council together, and often times go to the Candlekeep to kick back and have a drink. Lately, Kalech has been worried about him. He doesn't seem himself and he seems to be excessively drinking. Kalech intends to help his friend as best as possible.


Gaetlan Chinosh

This man absolutely hates Kalech - simpy because Kalech won the title of Ambassador, and he's not even sure how. He ran, he knows - and wasn't even expecting to win - but he won, and that left him flabbergasted. In any case Kalech treads lightly around the man - but should Gaetlan ever do anything to mar his honor, he wouldn't hesitate to show him a thing or two.


This young boy is an idealistic upstart who thinks that someday he'll be on the City Council. He thinks the boy's head is too far in the clouds and that he needs to be pulled down a peg or two. Of course, this has everything to do with the fact that neither of them see eye to eye on anything, and what Kalech hates most is being challenged by the younger generation. Hrmph!

Other acquaintances





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