LOG: An Aes Sedai in Need, Friend Indeed

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  • Elisia, Queen of Andor
  • Melinda Sedai of the Gray Ajah
  • Reyis - In the barest sense of the word 'present'.


Melinda approaches the door of the Queen, holding Saidar. Strongly, at that. She knocks quicker than usual, almost as though hurried.

The guards at the door eye Melinda carefully for a moment, before one of them turns and opens the door, coming to smart attention within. "Melinda Aes Sedai, your Majesty," he announces. He waits while Elisia turns in a considering manner away from the window. Expression schooled to a calm nearly to match that of any Aes Sedai, Elisia gives the man a slight nod of the head. "Send her in," she states, and waits. Her eyes narrow slightly as she can see, beyond the door, the glow of Saidar around the other woman. Saidar springs into her embrace as well, just in case. One cannot be too careful, these days. Even an Aes Sedai walking into the Queen's presence holding Saidar causes Elisia to be a bit jumpy.

Melinda walks in as soon as she is allowed, not even nodding to the guard this time. Suddenly, she winces and flexes her foot a bit. Only the detachment Aes Sedai learn keep the Gray from swearing like a sailor. She dips her head respectfully and speaks, the smooth words seemingly as rushed as the rest of her movements. "Allow me to ward the room, Your Majesty? Something has occured." She is nearly pleading with the Queen.

Elisia tilts her head as she watches Melinda's rather odd entrance, and with a slight frown, she gives a brief nod. The Guard backs out of the room and closes the door firmly behind him. Elisia maintains her hold on Saidar for the time being, Melinda's distress causing her to cling to it even more, as if seeking reassurance. To see Mother Gray, of all people, in such a state, is certainly cause for concern. "Of course, Melinda Sedai," she says. "What has happened?"

Melinda nods in gratitude and immediately weaves the ward with an amazing speed, settling it and holding on tightly. "It is Reyis... he has been captured. Undoubtedly by one who can wield the One Power." She frowns deeply. "I do not think it is the same woman that you know of here in Caemlyn, for he was taken away first... quickly. But the cases may be connected. And I will come clean now. The two precious items... are Accepted. They may have run away, but I know they were captured by Darkfriends after the fact. Will you help me, Your Majesty?"

Elisia's eyes darken a full three shades nearly to sapphire as Melinda imparts this terrible news. "What?" she hisses, that hint of anger from the other day returning to her features. "When did this happen? And where? And how do you know it is not the same woman?" she asks, in a flurry of questions, as she moves closer to the Gray. "Here, sit down, Melinda Sedai," she says, offering the woman a chair. "What can I do to help?" she asks, biting her lower lip. "And why did you not simply tell me about these Accepted before?" she asks in a frustrated tone. "I cannot help you, if I do not know all the facts!" She does not raise her voice, but her tone implies extreme frustration.

The Gray does indeed take a seat and locks her hands together in her lap. After a few calming breaths, she tries to explain. "I am aware, Your Majesty. However, there was fear thar you might not send your children to the White Tower if you knew about the Accepted. Not that I have any reason to believe the Daughter-Heir and First Prince of the Sword would run away, but in such a case this is a perfect example of the fact that we cannot guarantee safety to runaways." Realizing she is being redundant, her grey eyes come up to meet the dark blue of the Queen. "I do not know for certain that it is not the same woman, but whomever took my Gaidin was able to Travel. To... make a gate to a far away location and instantly step through, to put it simply. He was Disguised, so none other than a channeler could have known who he was and he was just outside of Caemlyn, then suddenly closer to Tar Valon. I do not know where he is now, precisely, but I can follow the bond. As for the children, the last I knew they were being held in Caemlyn, which is what Chase Gaidin was here to do - to release them from their prison. One person can slip in and out far more easily than a dozen." She lifts a hand in amnesty, palm out as she adds, "It was not by my orders, nor did I know until after the fact. I... have a duty to the children, which is why I intend to delegate the responsibility of being a liason between the White Tower and Andor while I try to find my Warder. Light willing, all will be returned unharmed."

Concern and shock etch their way onto Elisia's features, and she sits down reather heavily herself, Saidar finally escaping her in a flicker, before it is gone completely. "Oh, Light," she murmurs. "I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, Melinda Sedai," she says empathetically. "What aid do you need from me?" she repeats. "I will do whatever is within my power, if I can." And that power is not inconsiderable, being the Queen of Andor. She does not comment on Chase Gaidin's actions, nor the logic behind them, leaving that matter for another time. "You need not fear that I will not send my children to the White Tower, as per tradition, Melinda Sedai," she reassures the woman. "Here, or in Tar Valon... I am not naive enough to believe they will be completely safe anywhere in these times. Now, tell me what I can do to help. If nothing else, what can I do to ease your mind?"

"Thank you, dear." Melinda breathes a sigh of relief, then grits her teeth as though in pain. When it passes, she dips her head and corrects herself. "Your Majesty. My apologies, I am not thinking properly." She lifts her index fingers to her temples and begins to rub gently. "To help... I assume you have a network of... allies within the city itself, Your Majesty?" Spies just sounds so harsh.

Forcing herself to sit back and stay relaxed, Elisia rests her arms on the armrests of her chair. It is easier, perhaps, for her. She does not have a Gaidin who has been stolen away. She watches Melinda with genuine concern, however, noting the grimace of pain from the other woman. "I have many resources, Melinda Sedai," she murmurs reassuringly. "Tell me what you need, and I will tell you if it can be done."

Melinda takes another slow breath, then nods. "Let word spread, but quietly. Very quietly. Let it be said that the White Tower has given the two Accepted up for dead. That they very, very much wish to have the girls back, but without proof of life they cannot continue to use resources on finding them. The kind of people who give information for money rather than loyalty tend to do so for anyone, so the news should end up within the Darkfriend group. I can only hope that will help draw them out." The Gray has a very heavy weight on her shoulders, being aknown pacifist playing with the lives of 'her children'.

Elisia listens to Melinda's request calmly, and gives her a slight nod of her head in agreement. "That can be easily done," she states with confidence. "Word leaks out of the Palace when I choose for it to do so... sometimes when I do not, as well," she says with a faint, but tight smile. "It shall be done." She sighs then, and lifts a hand, absently twining a golden lock around her fingers. "Will you be leaving Andor, then?" she asks of the Gray. "Who will see my daughter safely to Tar Valon? And whom can I count on to work against these Darkfriends in your absence?" She frowns slightly. "I could ask Sunelin Sedai to come... and yes, even bring her Gaidin... if she would. I still do not feel comfortable allowing him back into the country, however. I still feel it will only cost him his life. While it may be possible for a lone man to slip in unnoticed more likely than a dozen, it also puts him at greater risk. I do not wish to be responsible for the death of a Gaidin, and the torment it will cause his Aes Sedai," she says with feeling and gravity. "I could not live with myself!"

Melinda smiles, her own grin tight as well. "Do not worry so, Your Majesty. I must do this and I will leave one of my Sisters with her Gaidin here. The others can escort your children to the Tower after two more Gray Sisters arrive to replace us. As much as I would enjoy the honor of escorting the Daughter-Heir and Prince, I cannot leave this matter with my Gaidin be. If I wait too long..." She closes her eyes and shakes her head, trying not to think of it. "Thank you, Your Majesty."

Elisia nods in sympathy with Melinda, and smiles warmly. "You must see your Gaidin safe," she agrees. "Do what you must do, Melinda Sedai. We shall carry on. And I do apologize for my loss of temper the other day. There are simply some things I cannot abide, and corruption within the ranks of those I trust most is one of them." She sighs softly. "My anger was not at you, but at your words... but I took it out on you, and for that, I am deeply sorry," she says with genuine regret.

"I apologize for losing my temper as well. I should have been more sensitive to what a shock it would be to hear such news." Melinda chuckles half-heartedly now. "Although I suppose I did not learn my lesson, coming in here as I did. Well, I should head back to my room and write a letter to Mother and then two more to a pair of Sisters in my Ajah. Thank you for being so cooperative, Your Majesty."

Elisia smiles and nods to Melinda, and seems to relax somewhat now that the air between the two is cleared. She rises from her chair again, but it seems there is a heavier weight about her as she does so. "The Light shine on you, Melinda Sedai, and may the Creator shelter you in the palm of His hand," she says with genuine care for the elder Gray. "You have always been there for me, and so I shall return the favor. If you need anything, do not hesitate to contact me."

Melinda slowly rises as well, then purses her lips. "I do not have time to wait for reinforcements from the Tower, but it occurs to me that to go alone may well end in my capture as well. Would you... /could/ you spare some soldiers, Your Majesty? They would have to dress plainly and give the appearance of Warders, but I am certain some of your Guard may have been Tower trained."

Elisia considers Melinda's request, and narrows her eyes thoughtfully. "I will see how many I can spare," she murmurs. "Those who have trained in the White Tower with the Gaidin are likely among the best men I have... but I will speak with Vincent and see what we can come up with." She considers for a moment longer. "Also, if you need to send any messages swiftly, you may use my pigeons to the White Tower." She sighs as she looks upon the Gray Sister. "Safe journey, Melinda," she says in a manner of one friend to another, rather than Queen to Aes Sedai.

Melinda nods and even blinks back a few tears. Tears of relief, tears of deep pride in her former student. She leans forward, opening her arms to embrace the Queen in a warm hug and whisper, "Thank you, Elisia."

Elisia seems startled for a moment by the spontaneous gesture from Melinda, and then returns the embrace warmly, almost fiercely, as if she could instill strength of will in the other woman by so simple an act. "Be strong," she whispers, before stepping back again from the Gray after a long moment.

Melinda breaks the hug, suddenly grabbing her leg and gasping. Eyes wide, she lets out words the Queen has never heard come from the mild-mannered Gray's mouth. "Mother's milk in a cup! What are they doing to him?!" She rises and releases the ward, then limps slightly toward the door.

As Melinda gasps in pain, Elisia steps back, her eyes widening in shock, not only at the abruptness of the act, but also at the horrid language that has just spilled from Mother Gray's lips. Even as Melinda limps toward the door, Elisia is following. She opens it for the Gray Sister, and then speaks quietly with one of the guards outside. She can be distinctly heard by Melinda's Power-enhanced hearing a quiet request for the man to go find the Prince Consort. Now.

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