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Coronation Illumination

Setting: Courtyard: Sun Palace, Cairhien

Occupants: Raithor, Bryn, Linden, Ashlynn

Serenia enters along the path leading to the Palace Gardens.

Miri scurries out of the palace.

Zorin enters along the path leading to the Palace Gardens.

Serenia absently exits the gardens, smoothing over her skirts as she does so. She takes up vigilience near the entrance to the gardens, leaning against one of the walls to take a place.

Ashlynn emerges into the courtyard with Yurinar at her side. There appears to be a mischievous streak to her eyes as she does so, talking animatedly to him. (OOC: I am assuming Yurinar would be here. He might be a little late)

Standing alone near the entrance to the Barracks, Lord-General Asher seems to be holding a quiet conversation with the two Guardsmen posted at the Barracks' entrance. The tone of the conversation appears amiable, as the three intermittently chuckle or grin widely at what is discussed.

Bryn stands sedately near the Queen's entourage directing a number of black robed guards to key positions around the area. He himself remains, along with 4 other Royal Guardsmen, near the Queen and/or her family, but not so close as to be an annoyance.

Ashlynn gently leads Yurinar over to a spot near the barracks, though not so close that they get in the way of the Lord General and his men. In fact, they take up vigilence underneath a nearby tree. She continues her quiet conversation with him, poking him in the sides for something spoken, a mild look of shock and surprise upon her features.

Cassandra Enters through the massive Bronze Gates

Miri takes her place near her majesty, pausing to curtseyto Ashlynn as she passes.

Ashlynn spies Miri's curtsey and appears to freeze in her tracks, a faint frown coming to her features. From her common dress, one might assume that she was not attemping to bring attention to herself, much.

Upon a raised dais in the center of the grand palace square stands a lone figure dressed in rich clothing. A cloak of deep sapphire blue embroderied with silvery-blue thread along the edges is tugged gently by a light breeze as the man stands there in silence admist the milling crowd. The sun has finally fallen far enough beyound the horizon that the darkest purplish-black of the coming night sky has finally gained hold once again.

Cassandra enters carrying her infant son in her arms. She glances around the courtyard before making her way towards Bryn, offering him a smile as she approaches.

Bryn smiles over to Miri as she takes her place next to Adelina, giving her a slight nod of recognition and approval.

Serenia gazes quietly about the yard, pursing her lips in a careful manner. Young though she seems she has enough sense not to get entrapped with the other nobles, for now. She gently folds her arms before her as she props herself up against the wall, looking at where the display has been set up, or is currently being set up, her eyes rich with curiosity.

Disengaging from the two Guardsmen with a slight smile, Linden returns their salutes with one of his own before moving off across the Courtyard towards the Queen and her accompaniment, eyes checking the Guards posted in various locations across the Courtyard. Under a dozen, but placed strategically.

Kelsyn strides through the gates of the Palace, with a stark self assurance that only he can show. On his arm is Atalanta, the Blue sister come to see Cairhien and her first Illuminator's display. He speaks in low, grunted tones with her as he nudges her over to one of the several benches set out for this festive occassion. Atalanta raises a hand and pushes her glasses upon her nose.

Miri faints dead away at the blues arrival.

Zorin notices Kelsyn and the MoNster and frowns ever so slightly as he watches them move about. If only he could redirect some of those fireworks. Ah well.

Bryn looks over at the commotion as Miri falls and immediately takes on a confused look. Quickly with a wave of his hand he has two of his guards rush to her aide.

The Gaidin appears to catch Zorin's look and quite possibly the intentions upon his features, or so it seems. The burly man with swirling azure eyes casts a cold, hardened gaze with no remorse and no emotion upon the other figure, staring him down in an intense gaze which perhaps signifies the fact that Kelsyn is not at all quite right.... a bomb ready to be let loose for any reason.... insane indeed.

As he approaches the Commander of the Royal Guard Linden passes a quick, weighing gaze over her party before nodding to himself, "I see the Queen has decided to grace this display with her Patronage," he notes casually to Bryn as he comes to a halt near the other man, "It should be quite a show, if what I've heard of this Illuminators' troupe is accurate."

Zorin knows exactly how Kelsyn is. He just sits there on his bench near the garden looking, not staring, right back at the man and the Aes Sedai. He's more than a little annoyed with her for some reason.

Raithor raises his arms high into the air, attempting to get the attention of the crowd. With a deep, commanding voice that easily fills the palace square, "May I have your Attention! May I have your Attention!"

Serenia demurely turns her eyes in the direction of the Illuminator, rising to her feet now, perhaps in anticipation. Though she appears to school that anticipation back as taught, not wanting to show just how eager she is to see the light display.

The two men hurry to the fallen Miri, and gently hoist her up moving her off to the side a little bit. Propping her head up one of them fans her gently as the other one runs to get a damp cloth. Bryn standing near the queen frowns at this unexpected departure of one of his guards, but simply lets out a sigh and looks to Linden as he approaches. Offering Linden a nod as if between equals, he grasps his hands behind his back and lowers his voice to speak quickly with Linden as Raithor begins, "The Queen hopes it will be so." His stances eases just slightly and Bryn gives Linden a friendly smile. "As do I, I must admit" He turns to look up at Raithor, "And so it begins."

Kelsyn relucatantly takes his gaze away from Zorin, though does not take his complete attention away from the man. He gives Miri another one of his looks, though this time it is mixed with a bit of contempt; contempt for the fact that the woman fainted dead away. He snorts, earning a poke in the side from his Blue bond.

Nobreon enters through the massive Bronze Gates

Once Miri appears to faint, Ashlynn's attention turns back to Yurinar, whom she talks to animatedly once more, seemingly involved with the bit of amusing banter that had her attention earlier. At Raithor's call she quiets, shushing Yurinar to do the same. She takes his hand in hers and leans against him.

Adelina enters through the massive Bronze Gates

Shrugging slightly, a gesture hampered by the Lord-General's armor, Linden's eyes picks out a few of the more notable figures standing in the Courtyard, "It appears this Illuminator has some rather significant observers," he notes, nodding towards the two couples...with the feral-seeming men.

Raithor is silent for several moments, letting the crowd quiet down before he proceeds, "Welcome to this Momentous Event! It is an honor for the Illuminators to be present and able to help celebrate the Coronation of a fine Queen. Thus, to pay tribuate and honor our new Queen, you are about to see the greatest, most spectaular display ever given by the Illuminator Guild!" And with a signal of his arm, the sqaure is cast further into darkness admist the wet-hissing of torches being extingished.

The Crowd murmurrs in eager anticipation of the Display, their number beginning to swell as late-comers continue to arrive in the Courtyard, finding it difficult to enter the quickly-filling area.

Cassandra pushes through the crowd upon seeing Nobreon, trying to get to his side.

Nobreon attempts to disappear further into the crowd, away from Cassandra.

Ashlynn grins slightly at something Yurinar says, her eyes wide as the torches are put out. Her eyes grow wide for a few moments, the waits expectantly for nightflowers to start going off.

Cassandra frowns, holding her son with one hand while using her other to help in pursuing Lord Nobreon.

Kelsyn maintains his stoic, disinterested expression, as if the display itself held no interest for him. Rather, he appears to be a man on duty, acting nothing more as a guard and protector for the woman standing at his side, ever vigilent in his emotionless void.

Nobreon continues to keep away from Cassandra while watching the sky.

A bright white flash on the ground near the dais marks the launch of the first Illuminator firework. It races into the air, climbing through the darkness rapidly until it becomes lost from sight. Silence. No sound, no light..*BOOM* A flowering of brillant white and blue color illuminate the night sky and the ground below as the first firework explodes above you.

Cassandra pauses to look up as the sky brightens. A slight smile plays across her lips.

Linden glances upwards at the explosion, and quickly shields his eyes as he looks away, taking a few steps away from the Queen's assemblage into the crowd.

Nobreon notices that he is being left alone now and concentrates on watching the display.

Serenia watches eagerly, though still tries not to show it, even within the deep darkness of the evening. She uncrosses her arms as she steps on her toes to look over a few of taller heads before her, frowning. She takes the moment where a free spot is and pushes her way to it. A small gasp escapes her lips as the first nightflow explodes, a look of ramprant glee on her features as if this were her first showing.

Miri eeps, eyes snapping open.

Adelina watches the fireworks with a refined look on her face. She's able to keep the childlike wonder out of her face, though some of it shows in her eyes. Some. She glances as Linden heads away from her, but says nothing, enjoying the show.

Ashlynn's eyes scan the crowd as she takes her attention away from the display for a few moments, carefully looking to see who is present, as if making a small list within her mind. She folds her hands before her then when the firework is lit she turns her eyes to it, watching it rise high in the sky. A warm smile touches her lips, though she flinches slightly at the sound of the 'boom' before her eyes widen in pleasure at the sights bestowed upon the crowd.

Struggling to get a better view of the Display, a few enterprising visitors begin to scurry up the side of the Barracks, finding handholds enough in the rough stone walls to actually make some progress in climbing to the roof. The Guardsmen, attention drawn to the Fireworks, do not notice.

Raithor himself has disappeared from view, lost to the darkness and the other Illuminators milling about as they prepare each firework carefully before letting it come to deadly life. The next firework is actually two...two rockets simulatenously leap into the night sky, much as their predecesor. A soft *Boom* followed by a burst of gold and purple, then another *boom* with its accompanying shower of reds, blues and whites that burn brillant upon exposure to the night sky and slowly fade as they fall to earth.

Miri moves close to her employer. One could argue, hiding behind her

Ashlynn's face appears to light up, even if she had grown up in Tarabon where the Illuminators are most prominent. She squeezes Yurinar's hand, looking quite pleased at the display.

Linden continues to move off into the crowd, standing on his toes occasionally to peer over the heads of those around as he makes slow progress in moving through the thronging crowd, attention most certainly not on the display.

Nobreon stands watching the display in rapt attention, his face still keeping a carefully schooled expression.

Kelsyn only occassionally glances up at the night sky, not once letting his attention wander to far from those about his Aes Sedai. Doing that cost him the life of.... well, now that really does not matter. He stands protectively over Atalanta, who, although tries not to show it, is quite enjoying herself over the who affair.

Another firework launches skyward shortly after the light from the pervious fades, arching upward but with a rather irregular path. Instead of heading straight up like the others, it angles off to the side and out over the palace quickly fading from view...and it doesn't explode in a shower of color. It simply...disappears.

Serenia's brow appears to knit together as the firework disappears, a faint look of concern growing on her features. She turns to look over at the Illuminators, watching to see if they do anything about the missing firework.

As this thrid one disappears from view, a wagon wheel on the ground, which is elevated above the ground a few feet so it can spin freely, has caught afire with sparlking colors for white and blue, spinning the wheel slowly at first, then quicker and quicker... you may have even missed the fact that the one up into the air never exploded.

A muffled 'THUMP' sounds from the vicinity of the Barracks, a few yelps sounding from nearby spectators as they scurry away from behind the nearest Barracks structure.

The crowd ohhs and aahhs over the Wagon Wheel, their riveted attention making it even more difficult to traverse the Courtyard. Linden experiences this most inconvienent fact immediately as his progress is nearly halted entirely.

Cassandra rocks her son gently as he begins to cry from all the noise. She slowly makes her way further back away from the crowd.

Ashlynn turns her eyes to the wheel on fire, a faint pleased look touching her features. She blinks, her eyes widening at the spectators running from the barracks.

Nobreon ignores the commotion near the barracks and instead focuses on the display.

The current comotion from the direction of the Barracks does nothing to damper the continuation of the display. Several more rockets leap into the air, exploding with boisterious voices which echo like thunder, and send showering sparks into the air which help to light up the night sky for several moments.

Ashlynn allows the transgression to pass after a few moments, shrugging and turning her attention back to the display, she leans next to Yurinar, murmuring something to him which brings a smile to his features.

A few highly pitched screams sound weakly from the Barracks area as a new source of light breaks the evening gloom...the dull red of a growing flame! The rear corner of the nearest Barracks structure is alight! As more and more of those nearby become aware of this a general panic begins to grip the crowd, which begins to mill and jostle msot aggressively nearest the flames as people attempt to get closer to gawk or get further away in fear of the flames.

Miri cowers by the queen.

Serenia turns her attention to the barracks, even though she's across the way. A look of abrupt concern entes her eyes, along withe a deep frown, "What are they doing over there...." She finally murmurs aloud.

Ashlynn turns away from the display once more, her attention going to the barracks. Her eyes widen slightly as she spies the red glow, unnatural though it may seem. She stands up straight, and moves away from Yurinar, always having been a woman of action, so to speak, and starts moving toward the barracks, fighting the crowd moving away, before the man she calls her husband has time to object. There are, afterall, people in need.

[Channeling] Ashlynn opens herself to saidar, almost in a frantic haste, though she appears to calm after a few moments, letting it fill her completely.

"GUARDS!" Linden's voice roars over the mulling sounds of the Display, the Lord General's shout barely reaching the ears of a Guardsmen posted along the wall. This Guardsmen turns to reply to Linden and stiffens oddly, seeming to stumble away from a brown-cloaked man who jostled him.

Ashlynn continues to attempt to make her way to the commontion, a look of concentration coming to her eyes as she does so, despite the fact so many are pushing themselves in the opposite direction, "Get out of my way you bloody trolloc laden sheep herders...." She curses.

The Illuminators slowly become aware of the comotion in the Barracks, the Guildmaster, Raithor, standing upon the dais once again and shouting out orders to the Illuminators over the growing noise. However, some do not seem to hear the head Illuminator and a few more rockets can be seen and heard screeching into the air only to explode and cast pale, sickly looking light upon the growing mayhem.

Zorin blinks as it suddenly occurs what's happening. His eyes go straight to Ashlynn as she moves towards the fire and then quickly to the place where he knows Raithor must be loidering, a lopsided grin comes over him as he makes predictions

Kelsyn's eyes appear to casually go to the commotion over by the barracks. A deep frown touches his lips as he watches the events unfold. He murmurs something to Atalanta, then walks away, pausing only a few moments as she says something back, some sort of arguement. He points to the barracks, then mumbles something else. She insists to come along so he finally relents, letting her follow though him first.

Nobreon can't help but notice the growing fire, perhaps because the display comes to a ragged end. He looks over towards the fire and those scrambling to and from it. He quickly decides he can be of little help there and instead works his way through the crowd toward the illuminators.

Cassandra finally makes it the edge of the courtyard and pushes out into the street.

Cassandra walks through the massive archway and further down the broad ramp leading down to the city.

A darkened look touches Kelsyn's features as he basically pushes people out of his way to get to the barracks, an angered, evaluating expression taking form on his features. Whether it is from something Atalanta said to him, or a sudden realization that someone is getting hurt or had been hurt, it is hard to say.

Linden turns back towards the Royal Guardsmen standing around the Queen, unsure of how to proceed, "Ward the Queen!" the Lord General yells before throwing himself back into the milling corowd, pushing forcefully towards the staggered Guardsman.

Serenia's eyes continue to widen more and more, especially when she sees the panicing people moving toward the gates to get out of the courtyard. Good thing she stayed near the entrance to the gardens, pressing herself just inside the doorway so as not to get trampled by the panicing stampeed of people.

Kargan enters through the massive Bronze Gates

That look of concentration also brings about something else, as Ashlynn presses forward. Behind her, yells can be heard coming from a hulking man, upset at the way his wife charged forth into the fray. He attempts to go after her to keep her out of the way, or at least protect her from anything untoward.

Linden breaks through the last ring of observers and rushes to the now=prone Guarsman's side. After a mere second spent kneeling beside the man the Lord-General fairly leaps to his feet and sprints off towards the Barracks, now fully allight along it's rear wall.

Despite shouts and curses from Raithor to his Illuminators, there are still a few eager ones who continue the display, unaware of what is going on around them outside of the display. The nightblossms continue to provide an errie background lighting to the growing, blood-red glow of the fire in the barracks. Whistles and booms from the screeching fireworks mingle with the sounds of shouts and screams of pain, making for an hellish scene.

Kargan approaches the square, drawn to the area by the sounds of commotion. A pleasant smile appears on his lips as he notes the confusion, and particularly the presence of Aes Sedai and the guard Captain.

The flame has now fully caught against the Barrack's wall and roof, roaring fully ten feet above the roof of the Barracks. "Clear the Barracks!" Linden commands at a yell, nodding as seven guardsmen hurry towards the Barracks, but are slowed by the crowd. Seven only? Weren't there nearly a dozen before? What of the two at the Barracks post?

Finally approaching the Barracks door, Linden blinks as a cloaked figure steps out of the doorway...

Ashlynn gets pushed back by several of the crowd before she regains her own footing once more, the people stampeeding about her. Behind Yurinar is still held away from her, calling out for her to return to him by the tree where it's safer. Still determined she presses forward, and as she does so a space starts to open before her, causing eyes to blink as people are pushed to either side of her. What a way to announce that you are a power wielder when it was not so obvious before, having not announced herself as anything but a common visitor before.

Gerrick opens the door leading out from the barracks, and closes it again carefully.

[Channeling] Ashlynn weaves flows of air together to form a rounded shield, almost resembling a battering ram.

A slightly shocked look appears on Kargan's features as he sees the woman force her way through the crowd. Standing his own ground in the midst of the square, the young whitecloak licks his lips as he watches Yurinar, then Ashlynn. A gaunleted hand disappears beneath Kargan's cloak.

Swirling his cloak in a mock bow, Gerrick's voice is honey poured thickly over the most sour bile, "Well met...Lord-General." the shamed Lord intones formally, "A pity your term will be so short." he adds as he steps ourside and away from the door, quickly replaced by four dangerous-looking men with drawn blades! One of the men moves off to shadow Gerrick, who turns with a last wry bow and moves off, attempting to lose himself in the crowd.

Kelsyn continues to push people out of his way, in quite the rough manner, as Atalanta follows along behind him. She murmurs some hasty words to him, then stops dead as she sees Ashlynn pushing herself through the crowd. She moves a hand to rest it on Kelsyn's shoulder, pointing in Ashlynn's direction, murmuring to him a few things. He pauses and stops, turning his swirling, stormy eyes toward the other woman and regarding her for a few moments.

A Ranting Raithor, moving rapiding about the Illuminators has finally gained some control over the still continuing display. After at least one Illuminator gets knocked down by a blow from Raithor, the others soon get the message and the display comes to a slow stop...

Clad in dark clothing and easily moving among the crowd, a figure goes unseen by most in the confusion, sneaking up behind Ashlynn. His task is made much easier by her cutting a path for herself through the throng.

Ashlynn breaks through the crowd right at the time that Gerrick starts his challenge of Linden, placing herself almost between he and the others surrounding him. She pauses a moment to get her bearings, a hesitation that will nou doubt get her into quite a bit of trouble, unaware of what is going on behind her.

Zorin smiles and leans over to collect money from a nearby friend. It would seem he is going to win this bet.

Nobreon comes to the quick conclusion this isn't the best place to be and slowly starts making his way towards the garden.

The Dark Figure, moves quickly at the right opening. As Ashlynn is distracted with events in front of her, the figure darts forward, knife suddenly slicing through the smokey air and headed right for the back of the power-wielding woman.

Kargan begins to push his way through the crowd, eyes fixed on the pair of Aes Sedai. His blue eyes are narrowed slightly, yet he can see clearly over the much shorter Cairhenin.

Linden unsheaths his own blade, warding himself from the three men as they begin to encircle him. "You will die, Drisden!" the angered Lord-General yells after the retreating figure, "I swear it!" Any further comments of Lindens are cut short as the three men attack almost as one, seeking to slay the Lord-General quickly...

They are less than successful.

Blade flickering too quickly to follow Linden somehow turns aside all three thrusts with a spinning parry, turning away and freeing himself from the three mercenaries circle in the same motion.

Guardsmen begin to enter the Courtyard from without, hustling into the Barracks in an attempt to evacuate the structure before it is entirely consumed by flames. Other Guardsmen and helpful citizens begin to form a line and carry water towards the burning building, a pitiful amount at first that appears to do nothig to stem the tearing flames.

Zorin waits for Lanta to do the same blasted thing she did the last time there was a fire....

Getting her bearings straight just moments before the dark figure attempts to attack her, Ashlynn starts to her way for Gerrick, a more than slightly angered look upon her now seeming ageless features, "Hold, in the name of the Light" She calls out to the fleeing man, no matter it's not her business to apprehend the fleeing figure. With Linden currently occupied and guards all spread out, someone has to do something. She just narrowly misses being hit by the dark figure's weapon, but still remains unaware that he's behind her, moving after Gerrick with a quickened pace in an attempt to block his escape..

Atalanta appears too busy this time watching Ashlynn move through the crowd, however she is not too busy to notice the man swiping at Lanta's back, "Watch out!" She calls through the crowd, though her words appear to drown away through all the commotion, unheard no less. Kelsyn's eyes rage as he sees what occurs and he starts once more to clear a path through the people, pushing them abruptly aside as he makes his way to where Ashlynn just stood.

The Dark Clad figure never hesitates despite his miss. He quickly recovers and lunges again at Ashlynn, knife flashing through the air toward her back.

Zorin is now standing on the bench so he can get a better look at the crowd and hopefully hwat is about to happen to Ashlynn

"My soul for a crossbow..." Kargan murmurs aloud as he watches the Tower people running about. He tries to get a better look at the scene.

Nobreon stops on reaching the relative safety of the archway leading to the garden. From there he attempts to watch the blaze and commotion in the courtyard.

A flurry of motion comes from the four swordsmen, blades flickering back and forth furiously as the three thugs attempt to end Linden's life. The Lord-general's blade moves like a snake, though, quickly felling one of the men and deeply wounding another across the arm. His armor has deflected many otherwise serious blows while his opponents simple cloth merely parts under Linden's sharp steel.

Just as the dark clad figure strikes at Ashlynn from the back, an arrow appears from nowhere, striking her from the front, hitting her square in the right shoulder, just missing where her heart would be. A loud scream erupts from her voice as that occurs, a look of pain passing over her eyes. Unfortunately for her, however, the dagger also hits home in her shockened state, gouging her in her left shoulder, close to neckline, the original slashing marred by the fact that she was falling from shock to begin with. She falls to the ground in a prone state where others are more than likely able to trample over her as well.

[Channeling] Ashlynn's grip upon the source winks out abruptly.

Seeing the woman approach and call out, Gerrick blinks in surprise as he sees her fall, a slow smile spreading across his features, 'We're off, Hyrdin, hurry now!" the shamed Lord urges, following his escort quickly through the Courtyard and heading towards the gates.

Kargan starts forward at once, shoving a woman aside cruelly as he pushes his way towards the spot where the Aes Sedai fell. His eyes narrow as he smiles almost cruelly.

Another scream, or rather a bellow can be heard coming from the crowd. That of rage stemming from the rather tall man who is Ashlynn's bond mate. He starts tearing through the crowd, much like Kelsyn, to get to Ashlynn, separated as he was from her. Getting to her side proves to be a difficult, however not impossible. He finally breaks through then takes up a very vigilient defensive about her. Anyone coming nearby will find himself or herself the object of his impassioned rage.

Zorin smirks and now proceeds to collect the rest of the money from the gentleman he had made the bet with.

The Dark Clad figure pauses as his job is done, leaving teh dagger in in her shoulder he begins to step back and away from the now wounded woman, attempting to blend in with the crowd.

Maccus enters through the massive Bronze Gates

Kargan steps out from the crowd nearby where Ashlynn fell, hissing between his teeth as the tall warder beats him by a hair. The young whitecloak's fists are balled, clearly he wasn't about to help the fallen Aes Sedai.

Maccus enters silently watching the action and admiring the display...then seeing the fallen he blinks and moves towards them.

Linden's sword spins in one quick motion, a second, and two corpses join their mate in bleeding into the dirt of the Courtyard. Huffing from the exertion, Linded quickly cleans his blade against one of the fallen mercenaries' cloaks before sheathing it and hurrying across the Courtyard towards the fallen woman.

Zorin tucks his new found money into his pocket and begins moving in the towards the area where he knows Raithor must be skulking about

Ashlynn writhes on the ground just behind Yurinar's feet, though not completely shielded from everything about her even with her protector nearby. She is blinded with pain, that much is certain, from the cries she emits into the crowd, unheard though they may go. Yurinar continues his vigilent watch, looking down at Kargan as he steps out of the crowd. The man issues the other a challenging gaze, though makes no move so that the whitecloak can get closer to his bond.

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