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Coronation of a Queen Setting: Grand Hall: Sun Palace, Cairhien

Serenia quietly, yet demurely, walks into the hall chamber, poignantly glancing about the area. She purses her lips a moment or two, chewing the lower one in thought; a bad habit that. After a few moments her tiny feet take her toward one of the areas designated for nobles, though it appears she had to think hard about it first.

Matina walks quietly into the Hall, moving toward the area set apart for those associated with House Tiigril, sitting near the back however.

The Grand Hall is set up for the Coronation, seats set apart into sections, the ones up front for the nobles. There are not near enough chairs for everyone, so many of the people, even a good amount of the nobles, are standing.

Ashlynn enters through the main hallway, her eyes holding a faintly curious tinge. As before, she takes an unobtrusive place back by the entrance, so that she may leave if needed. She carefully observes those things and events about her, as if studying them for the first time, despite the fact she was here for the interviews and selection.

Serenia continues to keep to herself, even amongst the crowd of nobles. Being young, and having served on the council, most look down upon her anyway. She gently folds her hands before her, smoothing over the tresses of her midnight silken dress. She then nervously raises her hand to play with one of the curls that drapes next to her face, twisting it absently. If one did not know any better, they might think that it was Serenia herself being crowned, and not Adelina Tiigril.

Cinharis enters and heads for the back end of the hall, where the sun throne stands, to find an unassuming place for herself in the nearness of her lady. She bows her head to the various lords and ladies as she passes by, then moves to the wall and stands there, straight, hands folded daintily, and very quiet.

Kelsyn strides into the chamber with a confident air about him, arm in arm with Atalanta. His azure eyes gaze about the room, holding that dark, meanacing look of a man always on the warpath. He causes a ripple amongst a few of the people, his presense easily bringing unease to those about him. Carefully, he leads Atalanta over to the area designated for her presence, or so he assumes.

One of the oldest members of the Council of Lords, which chose the women who will sit on the Throne, moves to stand near the front. Lord Valden taps his cane three times, calling for quiet amoung those gathered, nobles at the front of course. Then he clears his throat and speaks in a clear voice, that carries in a room made for such voices to carry, "The Council of Lords has ruled Cairhien for nearly five years, and after long hardships have chosen a Ruler to sit on the Sun Throne once more. The Throne has been empty far to long. Please part from the entrance and allow the one chosen to come forward."

Matina quietens quickly, and looks over to the entrance, straining her eyes to see where Lady Adelina will enter from.

Serenia turns her eyes attentively to the front, studying the Lord in a careful manner. She keeps to her tiny, concealed section where the nobles stand, not really in the way of the Queen's entrance. She stands a little on her toes to look over the heads of the elder members of her society.

Ashlynn's eyes remain silently watching, turning toward the entrance where the Queen-elect will arrive. Hands remain folded, only occassionaly moving to brush off a piece of dust.

Karla walks in hurriedly, bustling her way through the crowd to get a place near the middle.

The doors to the Grand Hall are thrown wide open by a pair of servants, and after a moments hesitation the darkness of the entrance hall is broken by a wave of black sweeping into the room lead by Commander Bryn Castille.

A smirk crosses Kelsyn's features, though other than that one expression, he allows no other form of emotion to come forth. His azure eyes continue to swirl as he waits with Atalanta at his side, their depths moving in a chaotic fashion. One might believe that one wrong move, or one wrong word spoken might set this unstable man off, however the woman at his side appears to be a calming feature on his otherwise stormy existance.

Bryn marches crisply into the room eyes darting warily about. He walks at the head of a line of of black clothed guards walking before and after Adelina. Each guard perfectly in step with the next, their black clothing making them looking both striking, and deadly at the same time.

A faint smile passes over Serenia's lips as she spies Adelina coming in through the doors, however she still appears vaguely nervous as she looks about the room. She licks her lips, then at the time that Adelina passes through her area she gives a very respectful curtsey, not needed, but at least she shows her support in some fashion.

Matina watches the procession, her breath caught in her throat at the sudden display of men and the Queen-to-be.

An expectant grin passes briefly across Karla's otherwise calm features as she sees Adelina. Her eyes follow Adelina every step of the way, no small amount of pride showing in the gleam of her eyes.

As they slowly make their way down the center of the room, the guards begin to spread out a little bit, clearing a wide aisle for the Queen elect to walk down in regal fashion. Every so often a pair of the guards break off to the side and stand at attention against the crowd like immovable statues, while Bryn himself makes his way to the front of the room and turns himself to await his Lady. Finally after a moment Adelina herself is at the head of the procession of the black clothed guards and they sweep out behind her, eyes looking determinedly forward. Not even the smallest detail has been missed and these deadly looking men, look pristine in their appearance.

Cinharis, not seeing much from her position at the side of the hall, contents herself with looking solemn and dignified, as she imaginges is proper for a personal maid of the queen-to-be. Now and then, one of her hands stir to follow the habit of playing with a curls, or the spilling of lace at her neckline, but is quickly subdued.

Matina watches Adelina walk down the aisle of the Hall, her hands staying quietly at her side, but every so often twitching as if they should be playing a merry song to celebrate this occasion.

Adelina enters wearing a formal dark blue dress, nobility stripes gone now. Her head is held high, and a soft smile on her lips as she glances around and walks at a slow pace after her men and after they break off, before them.

Lord Valden taps his cane once again, looking unsure at the guards, but then calls out again, "Please rise." he addresses the few that had managed to find a chair. "I present to you Adelina, High Seat of House Tiigril, and the young woman chosen to be the new Queen of Cairhien. Bow and show your respect." He himself sweeps into and elegant bow.

Matina rises from her seat and drops into a deep curtsey, her skirts pooling on the floor as she does so.

Karla's graceful form bends deeply into a low curtsey, skirts spread wide as she bows her head towards Adelina.

Parsin stands at ease with a contingent of five Children of the Light behind him, here to pay their 'respects' to the new queen. His gaze passes across the crowd, while his men stand behind him looking contemptous at the crowd, which despite the crowd maintains a gap of a few steps around them. At the announcement of the Lord Valden, the six Children bow as one only slightly as to one who is a near equal.

Cinharis sinks into a low curtsy, head bowed deeply. Not that this is any new to her.

Bryn has no eyes for Adelina, but instead continually scans the crowd noting who is present and who is not, and also watching the actions of those who are present.

A brow lifts very slightly on Ashlynn's features, already standing where she is. She gives a slight dip of her head toward the woman, but very apparently does no nowing, sniffing a little at the command.

Serenia gives another sweeping curtsey, having already done so once as the lady came down the walk. She watches, still faintly nervous in appearance.

Kelsyn snorts audibly which causes Atalanta to jab him in the ribs. He mumbles something under his breath unintelligibly, or at least to those about him. Atalanta smiles slightly, then pushes her glasses up before she and he bow together as one.

Steely dark eyes lock firmly at the man standing foremost of the children, a slight frown of displeasure creasing Karla's face.

Adelina continues down the walk, hair piled higher than normal, and skirts managing to seem wider as well. She manages to keep her face composed, a small smile on her lips. She looks straight ahead, eyes on the man in the front, though somehow it would seem she took note of those not bowing.

Parsin locks gazes with the tall middle aged woman almost immediately, as if startled he shivers even in the quickness of his responce. After staring with his big brown eyes for a moment, he makes a big show of smiling toothily, and even nods respectfully.

Morgan enters on the arm of a young noble, joining the throng.

As Bryn looks out over the crowd he catches a glimpse of Cinharis and smiles slightly to himself as he watches her. He crosses his arms behind his back as he turns that smile on Cinharis herself for a brief moment before looking back to Adelina and giving her the slightest nod in reassurance. The respectful silence of the Hall is broken momentarily as Bryn barks a terse command that echoes in the vastness of the hall. The remaining black clothed guards following Adelina stop as one. 'SLAM' Then turn away from each other with a pivot. 'SLAM' Then walk to either side of the aisle and turn to face the dais once more. 'CLACK CLACK CLACK, SLAM' Then the 10 of them kneel down on one knee, with precision leaving only two people left in the aisle. Queen-Elect Tiigril, and Commander Castille.

Karla returns Parsins gaze evenly until he breaks away, turning back to watch Adelina.

Parsin breaks away soon enough, and continues to asorb the inhabitents of the room with his eyes in a fashion much like a nervous and wary animal. There is nothing personal in his gaze; no more than a greenseller's appraissal of a grocery is personal.

Serenia watches quietly, a look of dignified impressment within her eyes. She schools her features carefully, not to show anything else fo rnow.

Kelsyn continues to watch with his swirling eyes like a storm about to rage. That storm seems to quell just a bit at the touch of Lanta's hand upon his arm.

Adelina continues towards the front, with Bryn close by. She stops once she stands before Lord Valden and nods her head respectfully. The Lord straightens from his bow -a good amount of those in the crowd take that as their cue to straighten as well- finally and takes a step to the side, motioning towards the second eldest of the Council, Lady Gillian, who's hair is more gray than black and who's body is so thin and frail it looks as if she might fall over at a gust of wind. In her hands, atop a dark golden colored pillow, sits the Sun Crown. The lady moves forward, oddly gracefully despite her frail appearance and holds the Crown out to the Lord. Adelina keeps her head held high, though the smile on her lips does grow a might more.

Morgan eyes rove quietly, measuring. They linger on the hardened man and his bookish date. A faint smile touches her lips. To win /that/ one away from his mousy companion....

Parsin considers the storm that is Kelsyn, marks it like a tall man marks the position of a low lamp, and continues his unnerving glances about the room.

Ashlynn continues to blend in with those in the back of the room, standing in an unobtrusive manner. She nods her head slightly as she watches the proceedings, as if approving inwardly.

Lord Valden takes the Crown off the pillow and holds it in his hands for a minute. The crown is formed like a sun hovering over the horizen, formed of fine gold and yellow gems which catch the light well, hense the name The Sun Crown. He turns to Adelina and speaks in the same voice, "Adelina Tiigril." He looks down at her. Though oddly with her being shorter, eyes level with the man's chest, her hair makes her almost as tall as he is. "You have been chosen to wear the Sun Crown of Cairhien. Do you swear to protect, defend, and govern Cairhien? Do you swear to uphold the laws of Cairhien, under the Light and in the name of the Creator?"

Kelsyn's eyes stray away from those figures standing forward. As they gaze about, they appear to pause on Parsin. There truly is no look of emotion on his features as he eyes the man and his small group of Children, though there is no mistaking his stance either; one of a man prepared for anything. A smirk comes to his features for a few brief moments as he stares the other down, then dismisses him as if he would a flea. There are worse foes in the world then a child. He leans in at something Atalanta says, nodding his head. He reaches into his cloak and pulls out a tiny wrapped box, then replaces it, as if showing the other woman he has not forgotten the thing he was supposed to remember.

Cinharis drops her dignity a little by lifting herself to her tiptoes, which does not help her much to gain a glance over the heads of the crowd.

Reedale moves against her escort a little to close for his comfort as she tries to get a good look at everything. In short order he seems to slip away without even Reedale noticing. At least at first.

Serenia turns her eyes attentively forward, intaking a breath of air and holding as she listens to the ceremonial chatter. Her eyes move more intently on Adelina, waiting for the answer to the question posed to her by Lord Valden. She rises a little more on her tip toes, forgetting she wanted to blend in with the crowd like a mouse.

The pure gleam of anticipation joins that of pride in Karla's eyes as she eagerly waits through the chatter.

Adelina nods her head, hair done so tight so not a single curl moves as she does. Her voice is gentle in tone, yet pitched to carry, bouncing off the back wall of the Hall and into the crowd, "I swear, in the name of the Creator, to defend Cairhien and the people of Cairhien. I swear, in the Light, to govern Cairhien and to uphold the laws of thereof." She straightens her head again proudly, the smile still playing on her lips.

Bryn looks over from his vigilant stance and watches Lord Valden before smiling upon Adelina, his eyes narrowing just slightly as he nods again.

A very faint, yet very satisfied smile touches Serenia's lips, her own curls bouncing up and down a little as she nods her head. She carefully smoothes over her skirts as she watches those before her, a look of pride deeply held within her eyes.

Ashlynn crosses her arms before her as she continues to watch. Every now and again her eyes stray away from the proceedings, taking note of those people present in a discreet manner. She gives a faint nod of her head as she listens carefully to everything before her, satisfied that the vows have been taken it seems.

Another slight grin tugs on Karla's lips as she nods with satisfaction.

Lord Valden smiles plainly, moving closer to Adelina. Two young maids, likely Valden's, move forward, one on each side of the new Queen. They reach up and remove a ruby pin from her hair, then waits as Valden places the crown against the pile of hair, then each of the maids carefully stick the pin back in, to hold the Crown on straight temporarilly., until Adelina's maids can fix it themsleves, then they step back and away again. Valden bows one last time before motioning for Adelina to turn around and face the crowd, which she does. Then the lord says in a clear voice, "People of Cairhien, and guests of Cairhien, I present to you, Adelina su Tiigril Ria" Which means Adelina of Tiigril, Queen, "Queen of Cairhien, Defender of the Dragonwall and High Seat of House Tiigril."

Karla's calmness is somewhat broken by the almost childish grin of satisfaction and pride as she curtseys to her queen, her eyes still fastened on Adelina.

Parsin makes a small motion of mediocre applause and again gives a very scant bow to the new queen. He is joined shortly after, rather perfunctaly by the five Children flanking him.

Bryn barks another terse command and the kneeling group of guards come to their feet at the same time the guards lining the aisle turn to face dais each of them crosses their arm over their chest placing their fist over their heart. As Bryn does the same he calls out in a ringing voice to his guards, but to the crowd as well. "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!"

A riotous cheer breaks out in the back of the chamber, the commoners standing as one, "Long Live House Tiigril, Long Live the Queen!" All around is a ripple of those others standing shouting out various cheers and chants showing support of Adelina as their Queen.

The black robed guards come to stiff attention and cry out in unison, cued by their commander. "LOVE LIVE QUEEN TIIGRIL!!"

Adelina smiles, looking amused and Bryn and his men, and then at the commoners. She forces herself not to nod her head, because the crown would likely fall off if she did and just smiles. She says nothing, standing there with her hands at her waist, head high, waiting for the crowd to quiet down.

As the jubliliant celebration breaks out amongst those assembled, the Children look sidewise to those nearest them with expressions of disdain toward such uncontrolled outbursts of emotion. Parsin casts one quick glance at the commoners with an expression of one checking off an item on a list, and then returns to casting probing glances around the room.

Dianthe watches the woman sitting on the thrown, eyes wide with awe.

Reedale watches everything as if filing details away to relay to future generations.

Bryn breaks his formal stance and moves over closely towards Adelina so the he might whisper in her ear, using the noise of the cheering to cover his words. Smiling he leans in and then moves a slight distance away again, close enough to protect her, but far enough to allow her to be the sole occupant of the 'stage' at this moment.

Bryn whispers "The people love you, your majesty. Cairhien is made whole again."

Dianthe moves quietly through the croud trying to get a better look at the lady.

As the celebration begins to quiet to a murmer, in hopes that the young Queen would favor the people with a speech, the delagations of the various nations present to witness the cornation begin quietly jockeying for posistion, each eager to be the closest to court Chancelor and the first to offer their congradualations to the new defender of the Dragonwall. Parsin observes them quietly and with a hint of disdain.

At Atalanta's urging, Kelsyn starts to step aside and move down the aisle. She walks with him, head held high and proud, her bearing unmistakable. He one again pulls out a small wrapped package and holds it in his hands. He makes his moves slow and unthreatening so as not to set off those about him, despite the fact he still looks like a panther ready to leap. He stops just short of the walk to the throne, regarding the woman before him with vigilent eyes and an expectant air.

Parsin watches the delegation from Tar Valon move forward as if they owned the place and checks this off visably with a little frown as well.

A brow lifts as the rather odd man breaks away from the crowd, her eyes drawing toward him as he makes his way to the dais. Serenia peers around the side of a rather large seeming nobleman. She purses her lips, casting a sideways glance at the others about her before her attention returns once more toward the front.

Bryn quickly moves his way down to the foot of the dais to block this unexpected approach to the new queen. Confronting Kelsyn to stop any further advance, he throws a look back up to Adelina, the question blatant in his eyes.

Dianthe, in an effort to get a clearer sigh because her height prevents her, she inadvertantly ends up right next to the Whitecloak without realiing it.

Karla remains well back, looking expectantly at Adelina.

A challenge rests in Kelsyn's eyes at Bryn's movements, no threatening air about him other than his predator's stance. Atalanta frowns faintly, though she too glances up at Adelina, eyes expectant yet curious. She raises a hand to push up the rim of her glasses.

Parsin glances down at the small girl who has introduded in his space. He smiles slightly and nods reassuringly to the young girl, but quickly returns his attention to the more interesting events in front of him. A couple of the Children with him though look less than amused.

Adelina inclines her head towards the two walking up the aisle, managing not to look overly surprised, or anything else. She just keeps her smile place, she shakes her head towards Bryn, showing him that everything is alright and speaks to the man, "Greetings, We," As in the Royal 'We,' "welcome you to Cairhien." She waits for them to introduce themselves

Dianthe gives Parsin a hidden look and pushes past him closer to the front, 'accidentally' stepping on his foot.

Bryn nods and moves to the side allowing Atalanta and Kelsyn to approach. He again resumes his position behind and to the side of Adelina watching with wary eyes.

Linden stands well away from the newly crowned Queen, relaxed and calmly poised as he watches the events with a neutral eye.

Atalanta offers Adelina a reserved smile, then steps forward once step, so as not to intrude too far on the Queen's bearing, "Your Majesty...." She begins, for once a regal tone to her voice as she speaks out, "We bear for you a gift from the Tower, sent by the Amyrlin herself to be given to you upon your ascension to the Sun Throne..." She pauses her words, glancing over her shoulder, which causes Kelsyn to move forward. He holds out the small wrapped package and holds it out for Bryn to take, lest the man think he'll move forward to slay the new Queen just placed on the throne. His eyes still hold a challenge to them, with a bit of disappointment in knowing it will never be met. Atalanta glances between the two before continuing, "May we be the first to extend congratulations formally" With that, she gives the closest thing to a bow that any Aes Sedai in the Tower will give to a ruler of a nation, followed by a full complimentiong bow of Kelsyn, who remains, as always, quiet and emotionless.

Parsin tries to step aside for the little girl, but doesn't quiet make it. He looks down distracted and frowns slightly perturbed. One of the Children behind him grabs at the girl with rough movements from behind and growls something too low to be heard by any farther away. Parsin looks over his shoulder disapprovingly and barks a quick order, then looks back to examine Tar Valon's presentation.

Ashlynn appears to straighten slightly as she listens to the convesation at the front of the room, standing a little taller. She glanes to the tall form of a man and the woman next to her, then shrugs, moving back to her unobtrusive spot against the wall.

Bryn moves forward to take the present. His dark eyes remain glued to Kelsyn's momentarily as he tries to read the man, carefully keeping any emotion out of them though he nods his polite thanks to the small party and moves his way back up to the throne, the present in hand.

The various delegations of ambassdors look slightly miffed as the Aes Sedai boldly dispence with protocal and do what they all wish they could do. The stir uneasily but try to hide it with smiles and nods.

Dianthe scowls at the Cloak that grabs her and, as he holds her, she kicks him deftly in the shin in an effort to slip out into the croud again.

Once again, dark eyes lock at the Children. The beginning wrinkles on Karla's face deepen as she frowns openly at them. Whatever are they doing, harrassing a child? And under a coronation?! She gives a small, inaudible hrmph as she turns back to watch Adelina and the Tower emissaries.

Adelina nods her head with a smile, "We thank you for the gift, Aes Sedai, send Our respects to the Amyrlin Seat." Her voice seems quite respectful, yet a tad wary. She doesn't notice the events going on in the crowd with the Child of the Light and the young girl. Which is likely best.

The kicked child looks at Dianthe as if she were offal, but at quieting motion from Parsin, who hasn't even turned to watch, he returns to a crisp attention, but with a nose even more wrinkled than before.

Kelsyn pages: The gift is a small carving of the Rising Sun of Cairhien, shining over the Flame of Tar Valon, etched in Cuendillar (heartstone). It is quite valuable.

Dianthe makes it away from the Cloaks and nearer the throne to get a better look, even going so far as to duck down betwen people to get in front, her curiosity overruling any manners she may have had.

Atalanta inclines her head, pushing her glasses up with her hand once more, "We grant you the most humblest of welcomes, your Majesty." She bows once more, or the closest thing to it, then carefully makes her way back to her spot, bringing Kelsyn along with her before he causes too much trouble.

A slgiht rustle of movement sounds from along the side of the Hall as Captain Asher makes his way as discreetly as possible to the rear of the room, people moving from the Guardsman's way reluctantly, shooting affronted looks as he moves past.

Bryn ignores his first inclination to hand the present off to one of his Guards, choosing instead to keep it in his own hands since it comes directly from the Amyrlin.

Serenia slowly lets out the breath she had been holding as she watched the scene with the Tar Valon delegation, her eyes opening wide with anticipation of something further happening, or about to happen.

Adelina nods her head very slightly to the Aes Sedai, it would be more if she could move her head more without the chance of the barely in place Crown falling off, and stands up taller, if that's possible to without being on her toes and says to the crowd, "We wish to thank each and every one of you for coming to the Coronation. As Our first act as Queen, We would like to apoint a Lord General of the Cairhienin Army. His duty will be to strengthen Our countries defenses, in case We should need them. As the Lord General, We name Captain Linden Asher, who has proven his worth in actions and character. /General/ Asher. Would you step forward."

Dianthe, having satiated her curiosity, slips back out of the room and out towards the street.

A brow carefully lifts as Ashlynn once again straightens to watch the proceedings. She tilts her head to the side, pursing her lips in thought. Her eyes lock onto Linden, as if studying him for some sort of 'potential' though by the look in her eyes one might think it was for breeding stock rather than that of a warrior.

Arriving at the end of the room nearly simultaneously with Queen Tiigril's pronouncement, Linden steps smoothly into formation with two parade-dressed Guardsmen stationed at the entrance to the Hall. The trio marches in perfect synchronicity, the newly-promoted General Asher half a step ahead of the other two. Linden's face is a study in poise and control, expression carefully schooled to neutrality as he approaches the Dais. As he nears the Queen, General Asher drops to one knee, "My Queen." he says simply, left hand on the hilt of his sword while his right is balled into a fist and pressed into the carpet. He remains there, head bowed in deepest respect.

With another intake of breath, Serenia stands on her tiptoes again to peer over the larger of the Cairhienin nobles standing on her way. She issues a silent curse that does not appear so silent after all, causing a few to look in her direction. Bright with red cheeks, she issues a small apology, then manages to find a spot where she can see better, attempting to regain some of the dignity lost by her earlier behavior.

Parsin turns to watch the seventh Child enter the court. He nods slightly and returns to studing the Queen and the newly appointed general.

Ashlynn's eyes move to those later comers entering through the doors, from her unobtrusive spot away from everyone else and near the entrance. She eyes them carefully before she turns her appraising glance back to Linden, carefully watching him.

Adelina nods her head slightly once more, then says in a clear voice, "General Linden, do you swear to defend Cairhien and the people thereof? Do you vow to uphold the laws set by the Sun Throne of Cairhien?"

At the Queen's words Linden lifts his eyes from their studious contemplation of the carpet beneath him, meeting the Queen's gaze with one full of confidence and surety, "I so swear, my Queen." he answers calmly, voice clear and even.

Reedale continues to quietly watch.

The unobtrusive woman in the back shifts herself slightly to get a better view of those up front, Ashlynn's eyes carefully taking note of the words stated and oaths given. A faint frown forms at her lips before finally she nods to herself as if letting something pass her muster.

Adelina smiles and nods slightly again to Linden, very aware that only two pins are holding the Crown in place at the moment. "Then rise, General Linden." She smiles and continues in the same voice, "Now, We wish to name the man intrusted with the protection of the Royal family, Commander of the Royal Guard, Bryn Castille." She motions to the man she entered with, the once Head Guard of her House.

The delagation from Tear practically bowls over the court Chancellor, so close do they press up to him. The dark liveried man manages to look unroughly despite the many 'weighty matters' clustering around him. The commoners wait restless as if wondering whether they will get a chance to cheer again.

Linden stands smoothly, stepping aside and making a place for himself among the other assembled guests.

Bryn pauses a moment watching the crowd of nobles carefully before he too moves around to the front of the throne to face Adelina. Informally he offers her a wink and a smile, viewed only by those closest to the throne as he bows at her feet. Bending on one knee, he bows his head again placing his fist over his heart. Curiously the black robed, now Royal, guards lining the aisle do likewise only they remain in the aisle rather than approaching the dais. Bryn intones quietly, "Your majesty."

Parsin continues his examination of the room, much less wary now, giving the impression of a gambler who has recieved his fifth card, and has a winning hand, and is ascertaining how much he can win with it.

With a few nudging gestures from Atalanta, Kelsyn starts to carefully weave his way through the crowd toward the exit. He murmurs quietly to her as he does so, as if in a consulting manner. A frown comes to his features, however he nods in agreement over some matter, not arguing with her words.

Bryn raises his free hand and every Royal Guard in the room begins with Bryn as they say in unison. "Our hearts, Our words, and Our deeds, to you do we pledge. To protect and defend with all honor and esteem. For you are Queen. You are Cairhien. And to this do we pledge ourselves now and forever." Bryn then says something under his breath so only Adelina can hear.

Bryn whispers "I am yours to command Adelina, in everything...as you well know."

Bryn looks up to Adelina with a slightly conspiratorial look, surprisingly enough.

Adelina smiles warmly at Bryn, and nods her head once more. She had barely opened her mouth to ask him to swear when he did, and she covers that by saying something different, "We, House Tiigril, thank you, as does Cairhien. You may rise as well." With that done she glances toward the other delegations from lands, as if waiting for more to approach. Finally she takes steps backwards and seats herself on the Throne. The only thing that looks odd in the way she sits, is being as short as she is, her feet barely touch the floor.

Kelsyn finally makes his way to the back of the room with Atalanta. He pauses at the door long enough to look over his shoulders and capture the oath of the Royal Guard being spoken to Adelina before slipping out of the chamber with his ward.

Bryn raises himself back up and returns to his former position at Adelina's side as the formal business of state is about to get into full swing. He watches the front two Royal Guards in the aisle for their nods of approval before he himself nods to Adelina showing that each delegation is okay to approach, harboring no overt threat.

Seeing that no speech is forth coming, the Chancelor begins admiting the delagations of other nations, tapping his staff and announcing each in turn. A seemingly endless procession of High Lords, Lord Chamberlains, and ambassadors of houses and Nations both great and small come foward to offer their blessings and a small token gift in honor of this day. Parsin watches each come forward in turn.

Serenia waits by the sidelines, bearing no gifts of offering, for now. She folds her hands before her, taking in the others around her. She watches calmly, yet... with a bit of reluctance.

Near the end of the tiringly redundant ceremony of the court, Parsin turns and gives a slight nod to one of the children. As if waiting this moment, the Child passes quickly through the crowd, the 'incidently' space that seems to follow the White Cloaks opening in front of him, and closing behind him. He approaches the Chancelor and says a few short words. The Chancelor looks at him somewhat strangely, but nods and continues his duties.

Adelina gives a smile and thanks to each one, thanks from herself, and Cairhien. As the line thins down and the Whitecloaks come up she keeps her smile, yet it is somewhat thin and nods her head to them, waiting for introductions and whatever gift they wish to give.

As the last ambassdor in the long line is recieved by the queen and turns to resume their place amongst the crowd. The Channcelor taps his staff and calls out simply, "Child Viall." He is a professional, but even he doesn't look happy about it.

Parsin steps out from his place in the crowd into the aisle.

Ashlynn finally stands up completely, no longer leaning against the wall, and makes her way to the door she's standing close to. She slips through the opening as unobtrusively as she arrived within the building, allowing the others their time to chat.

Adelina inclines her head to the Child, "Cairhien welcomes you, Child Viall." Though from the looks on some of the faces, not all of it agrees with their Queen, and even she seems wary, more so than she did with the Aes Sedai.

Linden in particular seems to pay this Whitecloak less than the usual amount of deference, expression clearly disapproving as the Child approaches Adelina.

Serenia wrings her hands before her with a bit of worry, hiding the motions behind an unusually rotund Cairhienin noble. For a few moments she watches carefully, before making her way toward the end of the line where Child Viall was standing, as if to make her own little offering of congratulations.

Parsin walks crisply up the middle of the aisle accompannied by two Children who walk behind him, bearing between them a small steel chest of apparantly no great weight. He stops at the appropriate distance from the dias, and kneels swiftly to one knee wear he preforms a military salute. Though knelling his head is unbowed, but raised proudly. He wastes little time on the ground but rises again, and nods respectfully in recognition of his reception. The in measured tones, he begins speaking, in the manner of one who is acustumned to relaying long speeches by memory alone. "The Light favor you, your Majesty. I am Child Legionaire Parsin Viall, 3rd Light Horse, 'The Watchers in the Light', 2nd Legion Children of the Light. On behalf of the 1st and 2nd Legions, I wish to offer my congradulations on your fortune, and hope that the Light will shine in your reign."

Bryn watches Parsin approach. His eyes and stance betraying nothing but they do not rest on Parsin for long, instead they flit back and forth between the others in his party carefully weighing, evaluating.

Parsin says "I regret to say that my Lord Captain was unable to be here on this day, but no doubt he shall wish to see you shortly to offer his own congradulations on behalf of all the Children of the Light. Perhaps the delegation from Altara accompanies him."

Adelina inclines her head slightly, then offers a small smile, "We thank you for the offering." She lowers her voice a little, to speak only to the Child.

You whisper "And send my warmest regards to Lord Captain Televan, if you please." to Parsin.

You sense Parsin say, "To my knowledge, Leutinant Televan, is not a Lord, but perhaps you have more knowledge of this matter than I do." His tone indicates that he finds this unlikely.

(This part still has me lost. I meant Lord Captain Televan because that's who she knows, and then he thought I meant Televan was the LCC, which I didn't. And plus he called him a Leutinant, so I'm still lost.)

Bryn frowns a bit but quickly wipes the disapproval from his face and remains vigilant.

Serenia appears to back away from her spot carefully, as if rethinking her situation. Slowly, she backs away to the door, blending in with the rest of the nobles once more as possible. Better to make a retreat now than to get entangled in more politics.

Parsin whispers something back to the queen, and continues, "But I shall certainly give to my Lord Captain Phineas your warm reguards." He motions to the men behind him who bring foward the chest and proceed to open it.

Adelina raises an eyebrow and looks confused for a moment, then covers it, "Of course, I am sure you will. Anything else, Child Parsin?"

Parsin returns to the measured tones of his former speech, "On behalf of the second Legion, I wish to offer you a small token of our good will." The chest is opened and a book is given to a waiting gentlemen servant. It is a small book bound in whitened calf's leather, with silver fittings, and a satin ribbon projects from the vellum pages. It is titled 'Meditations' by Lothair Meantelar. "We recognize that you have larger and perhaps finer copies in your great Library, but hope that you can consider this small and humble one a personal copy. May it serve you well in times of need. Light favor you, Your majesty." He bows slightly, and this time with apparant humility, eyes downcast.

Adelina nods her head briefly, the crown still hanging on by two pins, and takes the book in her hands, "I will consider it so, Child Parsin, thank you."

Bryn lets out a soft chuckle to himself as he hears what the gift is, but smiles as he moves closer to Adelina for when she feels like passing the book off.

Parsin straightens up and pivots neatly about face. He passes through his two comrades, who do like wise, and the three march swiftly back to their places.

Relovic watches the proceedings quietly from his unobtrusive place in the hall.

Zorin moves into the hall quietly and has a look about. He notes all the commoners and kind of sort of tries to blend himself in with them so he can watch undisturbed.

Parsin looks at Zorin with a sudden feeling of unease and eyes him warily.

Adelina glances around to see if there is anyone else wishing to give their regards to the Queen, as she hads the book over to Bryn.

Zorin isn't paying all that much attention to any one person so it's doubtfull he would pick up on it, his eyes on the Queen and Bryn.

For those that pay attention to Parsin's manners, something seems odd. He scarsely glances around but gives Zorin a long stare like he sees something that doesn't quiet add up. He rubs his chin absently while staring at them man. Perhaps Parsin's unease is contagious, for the five White Cloaks around him who were previously about as ill at ease as stone suddenly look about warily, although they don't seem to see what Parsin is concerned about.

Zorin sees that the queen is presently free and moves away from the crowd. He fishes a small case out of his pocket as he approaches her.

Adelina inclines her head toward the approaching man and motions Bryn to stay close, likely just for minor, personal reasons.

Parsin tences as Zorin reaches into his pocket and his hand twitches reflexively. He frowns.

Zorin moves to an appropriate distance and favors the queen with a small bow, the best anyone will ever get out of him. "I have come on behalf of the Tar Valon merchants guild to congratulate you on your coronation Queen Adelina, and to offer you a gift in the hopes of fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual trust.

Zorin takes another step forward and offers Adelina the small case. It's a very nice case.

If anything the announcement that the man if from Tar Valon only increases Parsin's agitation.

Relovic shifts a bit in his place and turns to a servant of his. After a muttered word he takes a parcel from him and waits for Zorin to finish paying his regards.

Bryn takes the book and passes it off to a servant near him continuing to hold the Amyrlin's present himself. Noticing Adelina's motion he stands quite close to her, and frowns as he sees who it is that is approaching.

Adelina reaches out and takes the box carefully, handing it over to Bryn without opening it, it would be unfair to open it before she has opened the one from the Tower itself after all.

You say "We thank you for the gift. Send Marla, the Guildmistress, my warm regards."

Zorin pages: Upon opening it you will find a a large perfectly cut fire opal about the size of a golf ball. Likely a rae find as it is nearly perfect as far as quality goes.

Bryn doesn't even look at the case as he passes it to the servant who holds the book from the CoL, but lets his eyes linger on Zorin, glitteringly darkly.Parsin watches Bryn's reaction to Zorin, and nods to himself as if checking off another box in his head.

Zorin gets one of those odd smiles as he nods. "I shall do that again, she is sorry she could not be here in person. I'm afraid poor health is hindering her ability to conduct business the way she would like."

Adelina nods slightly, "I understand perfectly well. Make sure she knows that We," The Royal We again. "apprechiate the gift."

Zorin nods. No gifts are free and this one is no exception. "She has asked me to present you with a business proposal which she...and I feel would benefit us all. Is there a time in the near future when I might be able to return and present it to you?"

Parsin seeing that the Darkfriend from Tar Valon isn't about to attack anyone with his cane, or perhaps believing that the royal guard has everything well in hand, or perhaps not caring if they do, Parsin gathers his command and moves to leave.

Relovic glances at Parsin and seems the tiniest bit releived that the Children are leaving.

Adelina's eyes narrow for a moment and she says, "We will find time for the meeting later."

Zorin nods, bowing he now moves away. You can tell though, he's going to be a pest about it...

Adelina straightens her skirts slightly and sits up, waiting for whoever comes up next.

Zorin moves back amongst the commoners

Relovic moves from his place, carrying an object which is covered in a dark blue silk cloth. He holds the object, which is squarish, in two hands as he walks to the queen.

Bryn watches Relovic carefully as he approaches giving Lord Voraneth an almost imperceptible nod as he reaches the foot of the dais. As he continues to watch he gets a smile on his face, almost smug looking.

Adelina inclines her head with a personal smile and folds her hands carefully.

For any 'players' out there, the interpretation of Bryn's nod and the reasons behind it are very enigmatic.

Relovic smiles back in kind and gives a bow due to queen from someone of his status. He does not look at Bryn, but then why would he. Placing the parcel in one hand, with the other he removes the silk covering, revealing a beautifully worked small chest. Carved along the edges of the chest are living vines it seems, and on the sides are lovely woodland scenes, most likely of the Cairhien countryside. His voice goes out in a low voice that carries well across the hall, "I give this gift as well as the good will of House Voraneth. May your reign be peaceful and golden, and if advice," or anything else that goes with an alliance most likely, "is wanted, you need only ask." He gives a small bow of his head and offers the box and whatever is hidden inside.

Relovic pages: for later, when you open the box, it contains a book of poetry, with a few of Relovic's own slipped in there, and some regular gifts (gold, jewelry, silk, whatever. I'll let you pick. ;))

Adelina smiles and accepts the box carefully, keeping it in her hands a moment, not opening it, and then passing it to Bryn as well. For a moment she looked as if she wanted to open it, then stoped for fear she would anger the other delegations and nobles, whose presents remained unopened. "I thank you, Lord Relovic. We thank you for the gift, and the offered advice. We will keep that in mind."

Relovic bows again and says, "That is all I ask." Is it? He turns and retreats from the dias.

Bryn takes the box and likewise gives it to the servant who now holds, the box from House Voraneth, the case from the Tar Valon Merchant's Guild, and the book from the Children of the Light. Bryn himself still carries the small present from the Amyrlin Seat. Interesting gifts from interesting people, for a newly crowned queen. Bryn remains closely at Adelina's side watching the crowd silently though his gaze continually seems drawn to Zorin, and his mouth apparently is drawn with it, down into a deep concerned frown that is. He carefully notes a pair of servants Zorin has been speaking with, and keeps a mental reminder of it for later.

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