LOG: Disturbance Outside the Flaming Arrow

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Location: Flaming Arrow and street outside of the Arrow, Tar Valon

Cast: Kradan Jessnaov, Miryoku, Shanalia, Fildon Tessino, Angharad Brigit Colven, Sollaine Daemon, Chase Daemon, and various NPC's.


Common Room: Flaming Arrow Inn, Tar Valon
The common room of the Flaming Arrow Inn attracts both travelers and residents of Tar Valon. Its casual elegance comes from the extensive use of waxed and carved golden oak. To one side, a solid staircase with bronze arrow banisters below the oaken railing rises to the upper floor. Across from the stairs, a huge stone fireplace sits below a mantle carved with flames and arrows on either side. Large beams cross the high ceiling, supported by shaped columns where lanterns are mounted. Windows are placed across the entry wall of the Inn, which lies opposite from the long bronze-trimmed carved bar by the kitchen door.
The windows of the common room have all been opened wide, and the common room hearth is used only by patrons who sit upon its cool stone surface. The room is surprisingly cool for summer, due primarily to the ancient oak that shades the yard and roof above. Bouquets of summer flowers grace the mantle and tables, their scent freshening the room and providing color. Tantalizing smells waft from the kitchen and windows to mix here with the faint aroma of Tabac. The common room is filled with patrons this evening, delicious smells emanate from the kitchen, mixing with the faint smell of pipe smoke, around the room the hanging lanterns have been lit, their glow is cheery. By the door to the kitchen, a hand-lettered sign reads "This Evening's Special from the kitchen is: Tomato Bisque, Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Greens."

Obvious exits: Garden Parlor Stairs Up StableYard

Miryoku makes her way down the stairs, lower lip captured between her teeth. Her gaze flicks around rather quickly, taking in everything and anyone that's around. She lets out a rather deep sigh, straightens her back, and heads towards an empty table. Once there, she drops onto the chair, her gaze never realling leaving her hands as she folds them atop the table.

The common room of the Flaming is a bustle of activity with regulars filling various tables and visitors here and there. The regulars are marked easily as they seem quite at home in the city of Tar Valon and within the common room of the Flaming Arrow. Although not all the visitors are awed by the city of Tar Valon as some of those folks join in the jovial discussion of this or that. A right, pretty, hustle and bustle of a night.
A old and familiar face to the city has taken residence at a small table off in a corner with a single mug of ale before and his long stemmed pipe held in his right hand. Kradan has returned to the city of Tar Valon. Pale grey cloak lies across the table top as the Gaidin has propped himself up with boots on the table and the back of the chair pressing against the wall- he puffs slowly on his pipe as dark eyes rove the room. A slow and searching manner.

A bustle of activity on the inside, at least. It is darkness outside, with little in the way of light to be offered. The moon and stars have been obliterated by the clouds which threaten some sort of ominous weather to come. So far, though, nothing has fallen. From outside, there comes the sound of clashing blades, the searing sound of metal to metal bleeding to the interior each time the door of the inn opens. It's a sudden sort of sound to have started, and it seems to gradually crescendo, other sounds of fighting starting to rise into the air as well.

Miryoku nearly jumps out of her skin when someone asks if she wants anything, and quickly shakes her head. A sigh slips free, gaze flicking about the room again, quickly taking in those present. She doesn't linger on one person for more than a few seconds, not wanting to be noticed, really. The sounds of fighting catch her attention, and she looks towards the exits and windows, trying to find out where it's coming from. She bites her lower lip again, hopeing it doesn't come inside. That's all she needs, is a fight her first night in this place.

"Hey! You hear that!" A voice exclaims and a burly fellow rises from the table him and his mates are at. "Sounds like... Swords!" He barks and the big man with the look of a blacksmith pushes his way through the mess of people to the door. His mates quickly following, after they grab their drinks, and one of them bumps Miryoku's table. The man continues onward though, oblivious to the fact he just knocked into someone else's table. It starts as a trickle that slowly turns into a stream of people pushing their way out of the Flaming Arrow as the sound of steel to steel gets louder. Several more people bump into the table, one of lady even looks to the girl- "Come on!" The slender woman says to Miryoku as she bumps into the table.
The sound of steel to steel does peek the Gaidin's attention, yet instead of rushing outside, he carefully tamps his pipe- placing it onto the table. The tall Kandori rises in a fluid movement, a fluidity someone his height shouldn't be able to do, and he begins to ease his way through the crowd from his corner table. Leaving his cloak and pipe there, he aims for the table here Miryoku is.

Fildon comes down the stairs, whistling a tune to himself, which stops in mid-note as he becomes aware of some sort of commotion. His foot hovers briefly above the last step from the bottom, before he finally sets it down with a quiet 'thunk'. The fop tries to get a better feel for what is going on before proceeding further, lifting a hand to adjust his hat with a frown as he peers around through the tabac-hazed common room.

Angharad comes into the common room from the stable yard outside. Angharad has arrived.

Night has come, bringing darkness with it. Clouds fill the sky, making the night seem even more dark by blocking the moon and the stars. Inside, the common room is filled with many bodies enjoying the food and drink which is the normal fare, having drawn both regular patrons and new customers as well. In the air are the sounds of conversations from those inside, the volume of it growing as the sound of sword-play has come from outside. Steel shrieks as it strikes against more steel, sparks shivering from the blades and shining briefly in the air before dying. The sounds of the fighting continues, the sounds of many feet stepping and moving. Those who have stepped outside, like the blacksmith and his mates, would see where the ruckus is from. Within the yard, not too far from the stables, there is a group of men with weapons, though with the darkness it is difficult to tell just how many there are. In their circle is the one they would, it would seem, seek to bring down. Nothing more or less than a woman, slender and utterly calm, her golden eyes the only place emotion might be glimpsed. Two swords are like extensions of herself, blocking strikes aimed against her. Shorter than most the men who face her, she is perhaps not so easy to see either.

Miryoku stares wide-eyed at the woman that spoke to her, and all she can do is shake her head. As the table is jostled she tries to scoot back in her chair, not wanting to get crushed between the two. Someone hits the her chair, making her jerk forward, before she manages to get to her feet. She wraps her arms around herself, and just stands there, head tilted down, while trying to avoid anyone knocking her over or pushing her towards the door. She does not want to go outside, and she suddenly doesn't want to be in this room, with all these people.

Sollaine saunters sinuously downstairs. Sollaine has arrived.

Seeing as how everyone else seems to be running unwisely -toward- the ruckus, Fildon backs up the stairs several steps to let the stampede pass. Furrowing his brow, he leans an elbow on the railing, and seems content to wait it out for the moment. That is, provided the stampede doesn't infect the upstairs residents of the Flaming Arrow as well. Should that be the case, he might as well be the hot metal between the anvil and the hammer. Meanwhile, he takes the time to watch, studying and observing with keen dark eyes and a darker frown from his slightly higher vantage point.

Boots a whisper upon the floorboards as Kradan eases his way through the people. It seems half the folks want out to see the show and the other half seem intent on their food and drink. The tall Kandori is of the first half, yet he pauses by Miryoku- dark eyes coming to rest on the girl. "Come, lest you wish to be trampled." He rumbles and he strides to the stairs, pausing to make sure the girl follows, and his dark eyes flit the gleeman- he strides towards the man..

Sollaine enters the area from the street, her twins holding her hands and the eldest little girl holding onto her brother's hand to ensure he does not run off in the city. Taking in the scene quickly, her brow lifts. She appears to me more upset and annoyed than worried or curious. "If you will all excuse me," she says in a firm, authoritative tone as she Embraces Saidar... just in case.

It is not long before another figure is seen walking into the area just outside of the Inn, an eyebrow rising as she approaches. Those dark eyes glace towards Sollaine just briefly, before she starts closing the distance to the ruckus. "You heard the woman, make a way, she has children," says Angharad with a wave of her head.

As more patrons step outside the inn, and some of those in rooms above come to their balconies to be able to see what might be seen for the darkness, the fighting still continues. The woman who is the center of it all is clearly on the defensive, doing the best her teachings have trained her to not end up cut or bleeding. The fighting part of the ruckus remains in the yard outside the inn, which is really the best place for it, though the darkness causes some issue in the figures being visible. Yet she can only do so much against multiple opponents, and it isn't long before a mis-step on her part brings a crimson line across one of her upper arms. It seems like the group is more of an angry mob mentality, some of them back a little from the main ones who assault the golden-eyed woman, accusing her of all manner of things which tend to center around her being some manner of creature of the Dark.

The girl stares up at the big man, eyes wide still, and barely manages a nod before moving to follow him. She stays close, arms wrapped around her tiny body, trying to take up as little space as possible. Miyo barely manages to avoid being run over by a large man, and nearly smacks into Kradan's back as she jumps forward. She bites her lower lip and stares hard at the floor, her face flushing a rather bright crimsom as she murmurs a faint sorry, though it probably won't be heard over the noise.

Sollaine feels the Blue coming, but does not look her way. Surprise flickers in that golden brown gaze briefly when the Aes Sedai sides with her, but she says nothing. At first. At length, Raes tries to slip out of her hand and head toward the fray while Kira uses her free hand to pretend to fight. Eldrene attempts to hide behind her mother's skirts. Finally, she quickly weaves a simple Amplify to make her voice incredibly loud and actually yells, "That! Is! Enough!"

The gleeman seems quite content to maintain his position on the stairs, leaning against the railing and peering through the mass of people toward the door. When he sees a man striding through the crowd toward him with a girl in tow, however, the fop straightens, and doffs his hat in a bow. "Good evening! Come to partake of the higher ground as well, good sir? I must admit, this is not nearly close to the manner of entertainment I had in mind for the evening crowd," he says in a resonant tenor, his voice almost humored in spite of the fight going on outside. He studiously avoids looking at Miryoku at all, fixing his gaze instead on Kradan.

Sparing a slight glance to Miryoku as she bumps into him and shifts his attention back to the gleeman. "Watch her, please." He rumbles in a even tone, seeming to ignore the man's offer, as he takes a step back and to the left, he flicks his to the girl. "Stay here, should be safe enough." It is all delivered in an even tone, unhurried and seemingly relaxed. The tall Kandori steps away and strides towards the exit with a hand resting on the hilt of his sword. He doesn't check on the gleeman nor the girl as his stride quickens at the sudden outburst heard outside.
The outburst sends most of the onlookers scattering in fear, it isn't everyday someone yells at twice the volume they normally could, and as they scatter- Kradan pushes his way through the door out into the stables. The Gaidin has a hand on sword hilt with his cloak missing and dark eyes rove the darkness, instantly latching on the source of steel on steel.
It seems some of those attackers are jarred from their mob attack at the outburst, yet a couple remains so intense is their hate and fear- add drink to the mix just leaves a lethal crock pot brewing.
The sound of the local Guard can be heard not that far away either with the familiar jangle of armor and the bobbing of lanterns with the bellow of a seasoned sarge filling the air. "HALT! IN THE NAME OF THE TOWER!" His words about as effective as the outburst to last remaining fools who continue their assault on the golden eyed lass.
Striding towards the engagement with purposeful strides, Kradan doesn't draw his blade yet, rather he closes the distance as a calm settles over him. A cloak of peace, a reservoir or control that fills him and as he draws nigh- the sound of steel whispering against leather fills the air as a quiet serpent. It seems the Gaidin offers them no chance to surrender as he draws steel..

Finishing her strides forward, Angharad puts a hand on Sollaine's arm. "Let men do the shouting," she offers with an off-handed tone, her dark gaze glancing down to the children momentarily. "They need something to do to feel important," she teases, with a hint of a warm smile sparkling in her eyes.
Then the Aes Sedai removes her hand from the other woman's arm, and turns her gaze towards the Gaidin bellowing at the fighters. "Besides, he does enjoy trying to be intimidating. He always has. He picked that up from Ibn. But don't tell anyone I admitted that," continues the Blue in a soft whisper before she nods. "If you want, let us handle this," she offers before suddenly striding forward. The small woman, not even embracing Saidar moves towards the fighting, the drawn blades by men and woman alike, and is trying to worm her way into the middle of it. "You heard the Gaidin. Stop. Now. He's been itching to drive discipline into someone all day. And you won't like his discipline," she notes nonchalantly.

Sollaine stiffens at the touch and listens stony-faced to the woman's words. However, at the request to transfer control of the situation, the Domani replies in her soft, sultry voice, "Your playground, your rules, Aes Sedai." She tries to calm the children with body language, rather than words, watching the interaction.

For her part, the golden-eyed wolfsister had allowed herself to be kept on the defensive in the fighting. She had not been seeking to harm those who were trying to hard to bring harm to her. As some of the attackers end up jarred from their actions, Shanalia is given a little breathing space. It's not a lot, and it doesn't last for very long at all. Bruised, cut and bleeding from more than one injury, the wolfsister takes that moment to resettle herself into a balanced stance, readying again. Both blades are kept out, for with the heated anger in those remaining ones who yet attack her, she is kept on her toes in defending herself. Even as the city guards approach, though it could be noted that she makes no attack against those remaining ones who fight her. Her only actions are defending herself. And even there, she loses ground and gains another wound.

Miryoku stares after the big man for a moment, then scrambles up onto the stairs, desperate to get out of harms way. She glances at the gleeman, then bites her lower lip and stares at her toes. She never wanted to be a burden on anyone, and having Kradan tell the man to watch her, well, that's what she suddenly felt like. With a faint sigh she moves up against the wall, then sits down, arms wrapping around her legs, hugging her knees to her chest, trying to appear as small as possible.

The Gleeman seems a bit taken aback by the command issued, but after only a second, his charm returns. "Of course! Since you said 'please.' I shall guard her with my life!" he remarks to the man's retreating back. He puts his hat back on his head, and finally looks to Miryoku. "Best stay up here, Mistress," he says, not unkindly, but perhaps a bit brusquely. Seeing her reaction to it all, he flashes a suddenly charming smile. "Come now, we're safe enough here. The fight is outside." Still, he moves to place himself in front of her, his hand lifting to finger the sleeve of the opposite arm, and the hilt of a dagger hidden there. He isn't a complete coward, after all. Just wise enough to stay out of the way, keeping a wary eye on those patrons still in the common room below him. Occasionally, he sends a glance up the stairs as well, with the other eye on the

A snarl rises from one of those attackers as the Aes Sedai interferes with his beat down of some Golden-eyed Darkfriend! The man lifts his sword as he barks at the Sedai, "Move yer Light curse hide!" He stinks of alcohol and his gaze is blood-shot and blurred, which would account for the lack of recognizing the ageless face or the command in her voice. While the other man seems to have -some- wits the Creator blessed him with still left as his blood-shot eyes go wide, sword falling to the ground in a clatter. He deserts his friend and runs straight into Kradan.
The Gaidin's stride has quickened as he watches his Sedai and something to a mirthless snarl skitters over his features in a flash. His free hand snapping outwards in a swift movement, cleaning striking his elbow to the man (who just ran into him) in the face. Shattering nose and throwing him to the ground via his back, Kradan leaves one drunk hooligan on the ground.
Flop! A noose drops about the other man's neck as the Town Watch arrives with a jangle of mail and rattle of blades. The drunk is jerked away by the noose attached to a long pole- a catcher's pole. The pole man and another two guards wrestle the drunk to the ground- getting his sword away from him as the Sarge comes to a halt at the sight of the Aes Sedai. "Halv, Rela tend to the lass!" The sarge barks in quick command as he points to Shanalia and the sarge strides to the Aes Sedai, sweeping a bow. "Light, you are not harmed Aes Sedai?" His tone respectful. The two guardsmen move to Shanalia and begin to ask her if she is ok, does she wish to see a healer.. Does she know these men..
Sliding his sword home with a soft hiss of steel against leather and Kradan strides over to Angharad, casting a glance to her briefly, he snaps his attention to the sarge- oddly silent for the moment.

Chase comes into the common room from the stable yard outside. Chase has arrived.

The night is dark, both moonless and starless, clouds filling the sky with ominous portent. There are guards and others crowding the yard of the inn, the guards in the process of apprehending what's left of a drunken mob. Only once the attackers have been subdued does the wolfsister actually then take a step back. A smooth movement, and her own paired blades are sheathed before her hands fall to her sides. Her cheeks are a little paler than normal, and her golden gaze settles upon the guards who have come to her. As the questions are asked of her, she answers them to the best she can. She didn't know the men, after all, so that was an easy enough question to answer. She'd just been heading into the inn to go to her rooms there when she was accosted by them, so it hadn't been provoked by her in any way. The option of a healer gains a little smile, and she lifts one of her shoulders in a faint shrug, regretting the movement at the pain it brings. "I would not turn down a healer if one was present and willing to offer their services," she adds, her tone holding a thoughtful cast in her Saldaean accent.

Sollaine has been silent during all this, starting toward the inn so she can get the little ones to bed. After a moment's hesitation, the Domani interrupts the guards conversation with Shanalia to offer, "If the wounds are light, I can Heal them for you, no strings attached." A glance is sent toward the Aes Sedai, then back to the golden-eyed woman. "Come to my room when you are finished here, if you wish. Third one on the left."

Angharad nods at Sollaine's words, though she doesn't look back at the woman. "Good, because I can't. Light knows, I'd end up causing more harm if I tried. Bandage a wound, herbs and poultices, yes... Healing, alas, not my lot," she says, turning her gaze towards Kradan as she arches an eyebrow upwards at the man. There is a pause, then Angharad's eyes slide along to turn towards the lad of the three children, those dark eyes warming faintly as she offers a smile, before turning back to the Guard. "From what I could gather, this woman was defending herself and nothing more, then men need the evening to sober themselves up and realize their ... error. The color of one's eyes does not make them a Friend of the Dark. 'Tis what is in the heart that does."

Miryoku glances up at the gleeman, lips pursed, and just remains sitting there, hugging her knees to her chest. She bites her lower lip and chews on it lightly, gaze flicking about, watching and waiting, wondering who that big man was. She doesn't say anything to the gleeman, not even offering her name, too shy and rattled at the moment to speak, honestly.

When the gleeman sees patrons start to filter back into the inn, babbling about what just happened, and it seems the danger has passed, he relaxes a bit. His hands fall back to his sides, and he glances briefly at Miryoku. He gets a bit of a worried look on his face when he sees her still hugging her knees, but he doesn't seem to be very good at dealing with women. "Right then," he says after a moment. It might even come across as a bit insensitive. "Looks like the danger's passed. You can probably go back to your... whatever it was you were doing, now." And that said, he tugs at his sleeves, then skips lightly down the steps again, and fully into the common room. He snags a chair at a table that had been vacated by a patron more interested in the fight, and proceed to flag down a serving maid. "Ale, if you please." Then he tips his chair back on its back legs, and pulls out his own pipe, beginning to fill it with tabac.

It's about that time of night when Chase makes his way to the Inn from the Tower. As he walks through the yard and spots some shenanigans however, he can only lift an eyebrow and begin to glide in the direction of the rather tall Domani that stands out in the crowd with her brood. Approaching Sollaine, Chase rather casually slaps her backside in silence.

Whatever scuffle had happen is now over with two men in headed for the drunk tank. One drunk fellow being held by a noose and one of the town guard as the other lies on his back in the Flaming Inn's stableyard. His nose shattered and he looks a right mess, but then head wounds always bleed so much.
"As you say Aes Sedai." The sarge said respectfully as he dips another bow, he motions for two of his men to pick up the unconscious thug from the stableyard ground. The Town Guard carry off their cargo to the proper holding cells as one stays to help Shanalia, if she so desires it. If not, he would return to his duties.
Kradan takes a deep breath, slow and even as a frown creases his lips. Dark eyes following the town guard for a moment, snapping to Shanalia with lips pursed, and he pviots on a heel. "Left my cloak and pipe inside." A low rumble as he heads towards to the Inn common room once more- sparing a glance to Sollaine and Chase, he offers a light nod in passing.

Shanalia brings her golden gaze to rest on the woman who spoke so succinctly about the situation, and she offers a polite curtsy. "Thank you, Aes Sedai," she says softly, her tone reflecting weariness and gratitude both. Her gaze slips further then, to the one who had offered Healing, and then she repeats the curtsy, a little unsteadily. "Thank you, as well. I would be most grateful for it," she says, managing a faint smile. A number of factors then add up to what happens next. She shifts her position to take a step towards heading to the inn, but she ends up badly turning her ankle in a misstep instead. This sends her crumpling to the ground, darkness overtaking her along the way, stealing her into unconsciousness. It's not an unfamiliar place, but it's not how she wanted to end up tonight.

Sollaine's attention is drawn toward the entrance, smile brewing on her lips, a few seconds before Chase actually turns into the courtyard. As he nears, her entire stance relaxes. The Ice Queen melts, emanating warmth for the blonde Gaidin. The pat on her rump has her stiffening briefly and a thick, inviting chuckle escapes. The children, tired and rubbing their eyes, switch parents to hug Chase's legs. "Light shine, Daddy," is the subdued greeting. When Shanalia crumples, the Domani sighs and kneels down to put her hands on the woman's head and Delve, checking for the locations and severities of the wounds.

Kiralalei steals away from her father after a moment to head over to Kradan and grin up at him impishly. Of course her first crush had to be on a Gaidin old enough to be her grandfather, even if he doesn't look it. "Light shine, Gaidin," the little girl says, holding her hands behind her back. "You didn't get those new clothes yet." Wonder where she learned to flirt?

Angharad is at Shanalia's side just as the Domani is, the Aes Sedai moving to the opposite side as the Sollaine, shifting to cradle the golden-eyed woman's head in her lap. "I did not see any grievous wounds? Has she exhausted herself?" asks Angharad with an arching eyebrow to the other woman as she peers down at Shanalia, her lips pulling into a thin line momentarily, as she awaits 'the verdict'.

Miryoku jerks to her feet when the gleeman starts walking away, mouth opening, but quickly clamping shut. She stands there, watching him for a moment, before making her way back down the stairs. Her gaze flicks about the room, resting on the table Kradan was at, and his things still sitting there. With a determined nod she moves towards it, intent on grabbing his things, which she does, then heads for the door, carefully avoiding those filtering back in. Upon reaching the door, she steps outside and to the side, clutching Kradan's cloak and pipe to her chest, hopeing he comes back so she doesn't have to find him.

ROLL: Fildon rolls Legerdemain at a difficulty of 6 and gets 3 successes. ROLL: Fildon rolls Juggling at a difficulty of 6 and gets 3 successes.

Blink. Dark eyes come to rest on Miryoku and his cloak and pipe, yet Kradan's attention flicks to Kira with an eyebrow arched smoothly. He stifles a faint sigh, rather he lets a gently smile soften his rough features as he dips a half-bow to Kira. "Light shine, lass." He rumbles smoothly as he straightens. "If you will excuse me, I require the rest of my personal effects." He continues smoothly and with one of those 'quarter-bows', he continues to Miryoku. "I thank you." He rumbles evenly as he as he reaches for his effects. "I saw a Gleeman inside..." He adds with a arch of an eyebrow to the girl Mirycoku.

By the time Fildon has his pipe lit, the serving maid returns with his ale. He lifts a hand, does an odd gesture, and suddenly a pair of shiny coins appear between his fingers seemingly from nowhere. The maid titters and claps her hands at the trick, and the gleeman's eyes twinkle briefly when she takes them. He clamps the pipe between his teeth, and humors her with another trick. Several colored balls appear, and he begins to juggle them. They move in an almost flawless blur, and then they seem to disappear one by one, and suddenly he has a colored handkerchief in his hand. He does something with it, stuffing it down into his closed fist, and then he does something else, and suddenly a white flower is in his hand, which he offers to her as well. The serving maid, delighted by all this, then says, "But where is your lute, Master Tessino?"
The fop grins almost sheepishly, shrugs his shoulders, and puffs on his pipe before replying. "I smashed it by accident. One too many drinks, and a poor acrobatics performance I am afraid." The maid pouts a little. "But," he adds, as if losing a lute is nothing to him, "I shall buy another tomorrow." The maid brightens, then takes her flower and her coins and goes back to her business of serving.

The slender wolfsister is unaware of the two Aes Sedai who are at her sides. The darkness holds her fast in unconsciousness, unrelenting. Her breathing is slow but even, as is her heartbeat. Shanalia's skin is pale and a little sweated from her earlier defensive actions, so it gives her a sort of clammy feel now. At least she held off passing out until she was safe, not that she really had a choice in the matter.

Sollaine frowns softly and reports in a maternal tone. "I can handle most of it with my Healing ability. She has no food in her stomach." A tsk. "She passed out from exhaustion as well." Another tsk. "And this feels like a concussion. If it does not Heal, she will have to be kept awake all night, just to be safe, furthering her exhaustion." A final tsk. With that, she forms the familiar Healing weave and sends it into the unconscious woman's form.

Miryoku manages to smile, faintly, as she holds the cloak and pipe out for Kradan to take. She's silent for a few moments, then manages to find her voice, though it's nearly a whisper, "You're welcome..." She pauses, gaze flicking towards the door, before returning to Kradan, "Yes...Thank you...For helping me..." Her voice sort of drifts away towards the end, and her gaze drops to the ground.

Angharad exhales a sigh as well, nodding to Sollaine as she purses her lips and looks down at the unconscious woman for a moment. "Stubborn as a man, apparently," she muses to herself, before her dark eyes flick towards the entrance of the Inn, where the Gaidin is now fetching his belongings. Clicking her tongue, Angharad shakes her head, then looks back to Sollaine, and patiently waits, "I am glad you were here, I really have no Talent for Healing in the least," she offers to the Domani softly. "Light only knows what would have happened had Diene gotten her hands on her. She'd have gone insane from the constant ... perkiness."

Kiralalei shrugs and heads back over to her father, looking on at what her mother is doing. Of course, she cannot actually -see- what the channeler is up to, but always finds it fascinating to watch.

The Gleeman picks up his mug of ale and takes a good drink from it, then glances around the common room and sighs almost forlornly. "Looks like it was a good night for a broken lute anyway," he comments jovially to someone at the table next to him. "Even a Gleeman can't compete with the excitement of a good lynching." It gets a brief ripple of chuckles from those who can hear him. Another weary sigh, and then he puts his pipe back in its mouth, puffing on it furiously for a moment, causing quite the billow of smoke to drift up into the air. Reese has left.

Taking his effects back, pipe disappearing into a pouch on his belt, and Kradan dips the half-bow to the girl. "Light keep you safe, lass." He rumbles as he straightens, nodding to the common room, "Thank the Gleeman as well, he kept you protected." He notes with a faint smile. His words spoken, the Gaidin turns on a heel smoothly and strides towards Angharad as he flips the cloak to his shoulders. Clasping it with a hand and he comes to an easy halt a couple steps away from his Sedai. He waits in silence with features stilled.

Miryoku nods slowly, watching him go for a moment, before ducking back inside. She glances around, searching for the gleeman, and makes her way towards him, rather carefully. Stopping a few feet away she watches him, waiting untill he's focused on the pipe before taking those last few steps. She bites her lower lip, then leans forward slightly, trying to smile as she speaks softly, "Thank you...For staying with me..." After that she straightens rather quickly, hands clasped and held to her chest.

Sollaine sits back on her heels. "The Pattern puts us all where we need to be." For someone who left the Tower, she has a habit of speaking like an Aes Sedai. After a moment, she adds, "Diene Sedai is one of the best Healers I have ever encoutered. Perhaps -the- best." She pushes up to her feet. "I wonder what took the Guard so long to arrive," she says aloud. "Breaking the rules of peacebinding is a serious offense."

Kira sees Kradan return and her eyes alight. With a giggle, she lifts one hand and gives the man a wave of fingers.

Having stood back, making sure the children are watched Chase looks up in time to see Kira waving at Kradan. The man's eyes then turn to Kradan as well with a very disapproving look, a glare really that smolders just under the surface of straight lips. Oh someone is in trouble.

Fildon is well into his first drink already, and surrounded by a cloud of tabac smoke. He eyes what remains of the crowd in the common room with a dour look from beneath the brim of his hat, standing out rather ostentatiously in his bright clothing and even brighter patched cloak. Very hard to miss, even should the room be full of Gleemen. When Miryoku comes into his line of sight, he gives a bit of a start, then sits forward, letting the front legs of the chair come to rest on the floor. "T'was no trouble, Mistress. Really," he says, shrugging his shoulders a bit uncomfortably, not quite meeting her eyes. "All I did was stand there, after all," he grumbles in a self-deprecating manner, and takes another puff on his pipe. The delicate-looking man really doesn't look like he could have been much help in a fight anyway. Maybe.

"Indeed that is what I have heard, but the time in recovery is what I am worried about. If this woman has not eaten..." Angahrad shakes her head, then nods to Kradan. "Gaidin, would you be so kind as to see that this woman is placed in her rooms?" is asked, before an eyebrow slowly arches in the directly of Chase. Gently shifting Shanalia's head back down, Angharad holds her hand out in Kradan's directly, fully expecting him to help her rise as she does so. "I will go speak to Dorian about what took the Guard so long to arrive, if he isn't busy ... elsewhere."

Miryoku bites her lower lip as she watches him, then shakes her head slowly at his comment, lips twitching as a smile attempts to form. Again, her voice is faint as she speaks to him, "You did help...I..." She pauses, biting her lower lip, then shrugs ever so briefly, "I appreciate it, is all...Thank you..." Silence follows as she looks at him, head tilting slightly as she takes in all the colors he wears.

Dark eyes blink as they flit to Chase as it is rather hard to ignore fire being bored into your spine. The Gaidin tilts his head into a slow nod to the other Gaidin, only to notice the wave from the little girl... Chase's little girl... Oh, blood and ashes. The tall Kandori makes to stifle most of a sigh as he works an explanation out in his head.. Most ending with with bruises and broken bones. Kradan takes Angharad's hand to help her up as he dips a nod, "Yes, Angharad Sedai."

"And keep her awake," Sollaine adds to Kradan on the tail of the Blue's command. "She just stay awake and must eat. The Healing did not rid her of the concussion." She brushes the dirt and dust off of her skirt, then heads back toward her family. One hand smacks down Kira's and she repeats, "Not good enough for you, sweetheart." For Chase, she simply lays a gentle hand on his arm. "He's not the one you need to worry about. Wait until there's someone as handsome as you around the Tower and Kira's a bit older. Then you can worry."

Again, Fildon displays a distinct loss of articulation when confronted with direct conversation with Miryoku. He peers at the girl for a moment, and then tries a different tactic, leaning back in his chair again, as if to get as far away from her as possible. "You're welcome." Is he supposed to invite her to join him for a drink? Compliment her on her dress? Ask her if she is okay? Well, if he is supposed to do any of those things, he doesn't seem to realize it. Instead, he casts a glance toward the stairs briefly, as if considering returning to the place from whence he came. It's awkward to say the least. A shy girl and a suddenly closed-mouth Gleeman, neither one seeming to know what to do next.

"Thank you, Gaidin," she offers with a nod as she rises from the ground, before turning to look at Sollaine, nodding to her as well. "Thank you, Mistress Daemon," she offers, sparing one last glance to Shanalia, before nodding again to Kradan. "I will stop by after speaking to Dorian and the other Guards," she offers before moving away, back out into the streets of Tar Valon.

A nod is given to Sollaine as Kradan listens to the extra orders and dark eyes flit after his Sedai. The tall Kandori moves forward, crouching, and he gently lifts Shanalia up into his arms. "I will make sure she is awake and eating." He rumbles and turns to the Flaming Arrow...

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