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Winding River: Outside Stedding Tsofu, Jangai Pass A winding river cuts a path through this particular stretch of the forest. Ash, hickory and willow trees line either bank, leaving just enough space for wildflowers to grow in the little bit of sunlight that manages to filter through their thick canopy. The river bank itself is tapers down into the water several feet, a gradual slope that cuts off abruptly before diving deep into the water. This particular portion of the river may only be a few feet deep; but the only way to find out for certain is by wading through it. New growth can be seen on the trees, as the spring weather starts to warm. There is a vibrant smell to the forest, as though everything has been cleansed for the new year. The sun can be seen towering over the trees, just slightly to the west as it starts to dip below the horizon once more. A long stretch of water moves at a lazy pace, though the current seems to be somewhat strong and easy going. Moving upstream leads to the source of the water, while continuing downstream leads into a well-kept glade.

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Obvious exits:
Shantytown Upriver Secluded Glade

Moira sits in the darkness, unmoving and appearing almost like one of the shadowed rocks in the area.

The sound of rustling can be heard as someone approaches from the campsite, and it isn't long before Vishtia Sedai appears, following an orange ball of light floating above her palm, which sheds illumination around and ahead of her as she goes. She has her book in her other hand. She doesn't seem to see Moira, since the ball of light doesn't shed it's light quite so far, and she makes her way down to the riverbank with careful steps on booted feet. She finds a rock next to a weeping willow with hanging boughs, and attaches her light there, tying off the simple weave. As she is seating herself, she happens to catch sight of another rock that doesn't seem to look quite right in the shadows, and she frowns slightly. She doesn't comment however, and settles onto the rock with her book, spreading her snowy skirts and cloak around her.

Kathryn looks around and spots the White Aes Sedai. She bounds her way to her, curtsying nicely for her. And then stands there, like a good little Novice, waiting for instructions. While /STILL/ grinning.

Still holding onto Saidar, Vishtia is quite aware of the minute sounds and movements around her. She doesn't even turn as she hears Kathryn bounding toward her, and the book remains closed in her lap. When the Novice steps into view, Vishtia fixes her with a cool stare in contrast to the grin. "Find a seat, child," she says calmly. "And tell me what you remember earlier about the rules regarding channeling." She waits for Kathryn to settle in and respond, then raises her voice slightly without glancing in the direction of the oddly shaped rock she saw earlier. She also happened to see Moira heading this direction before dinner was served. "If you wish to join us, Novice Moira, you are welcome. Surely it will be better than brooding by yourself in the dark." She doesn't look to see if Moira responds or not, her attention focusing fully on Kathryn.

Kathryn sits and furrows her brows as she works to remember. "A Novice should never channel or even hold Saider without the expressed verbal permission of an Aes Sedai. You should always ask permission before you use channeling on another person whenever possible... " she states, trailing off. She knew there was more, but it escaped her at the moment... only to suddenly dawn on her. "Oh! And you should never use weaves that can cause harm unless is it to protect your own life or the life of another!" she declares triumphantly.

Vishtia listens to Kathryn's response silently, she is is quiet for a time, as if waiting to see if she remembers more. When nothing else seems to be forthcoming, she prompts, "And should Novices us the One Power to assist in their chores?" She settles in, the orange ball of light bobbing and swaying, causing the illumination it sheds to flicker about erratically.

She shook her head. "No." she said, sounding a bit embarrassed to have forgotten that one...

Vishtia nods her head slightly. "And should we use the One Power to show off, with flashy displays of our ability?" she asks, her tone cool and aloof, hinting at displeasure at having to remind the Novice. "No, Aes Sedai." The smile was starting to fade and Kat was starting to sound disappointed in herself as well. How could she have forgotton so much in such a short amount of time?

Moira finally flicks a glance over at the two but she otherwise hardly moves a muscle. She finally looks away again, not showing if she's paying attention and certainly not joining.

The White does nothing to reasure Kathryn, but she does seem only to be reminding her of key points. "It is very important to remember these things, child, or you waste my time." She flips a few tendrils of dark hair over her shoulder absently. "It is very simple to sum it all up in three words. Permission, subtlety, and responsibility. If you can remember those three words, they will be an easy reminder of the rules." She studies the Novice for a time, to make sure her words are sinking in. After a time, she seems satisfied, and moves on. "Now, it is dark, so I have brought light. One cannot channel in the dark, because one cannot see the flows," she informs as an aside. "Close your eyes, child, and try to go through the exercise I taught you, with the rosebud and opening yourself to the light of Saidar. I want to see if you can do it on your own." She waits, still holding Saidar herself, in case something goes awry.

"Yes, Aes Sedai." she said and closed her eyes. She slowly opened herself up to the Saider. It waivers a little at first, but soon becomes a faint glow, showing that she has enough control, and sense to not take a lot and can hold it at a very low level.

Vishtia doesn't seem to give any more acknowledgement to Moira's very quiet and still presence, either respecting the girl's desire to be left alone, or simply not bothering to waste her time. Her focus is all for Kathryn now, and as the Novice in front of her is surrounded by the faint glow of Saidar, the White gives a silent nod of approval. "Good," she says softly. "Now, keep your eyes closed. And no matter what happens, try your best to keep hold of Saidar. Above all, you must remain calm, you understand?" As she speaks, she is readying a small, cylindrical weave of air with the One Power. When she finishes speaking, she is very quiet for a long time, watching Kathryn, holding the weave ready to use, but not doing so yet.

Kathryn nodded her head and furrowed her brows to keep focus on the One Power. "Yes, Aes Sedai."

"Keep your eyes closed, Novice!" It sounds like Vishtia's voice, but it sounds farther away, as Vishtia uses the little funnel of Air to send her voice away about a distance of fifteen feet to the east.

Kathryn winces her eyes tighter shut, even though she turns her head towards the sound on instinct. That obviously was not going to be enough to cause the girl to let go of Saider though.

Vishtia is, of course, still sitting right there on the rock, but she is very quiet now. She releases the funnel of Air, and starts in on another weave. This time it's Air again, but now she weaves them around Kathryn, thin threads which cause the air around the Novice to stir gently. Some of them might lift the girl's dark red hair up and away from her face, cause a stir in her clothing. It might feel, to her, as if the wind has picked up in her vicinity, but it seems to swirl around her like a little whirlwind. Meanwhile, Vishtia watches to see if that glow around the girl fades or flickers at all.

Kathryn takes a slow inhale, and then slowly exhales, and the saider doesn't weaken, but she does take in just a nippit more, to make sure she doesn't loose what she already has. Winds, weather, rain, snow, she's braved all of those while living almost entirely in the wilds by herself for the last four years. This didn't seem to be so bad... so far...

ROLL: Vishtia rolls Finesse at a difficulty of 7 and gets 6 successes.

When the glow around Kathryn seems to increase a tad, Vishtia allows the little whirlwind to die away. The air becomes still again, and silence descends. Meanwhile, Vishtia casts her eyes to the water of the river, and sends a flow of Water touched with threads of Air into it, gathering water from the river into a large, wobbly bubble slightly bigger than Kathryn's head. Using the threads of Air to guide it, which also cause it to chill slightly, Vishtia maneuvers it easily toward the Novice until it hovers directly above Kathryn's head. Splitting her weave, she sends another funnel of air away from her, this time off to the other direction. "Keep your eyes closed!" her voice says from some distance away. At the same time, she lets the wobbly globe of water go so that it will drop directly on top of Kathryn's head, clearly intending to drench her good, as if a bucket of water had been poured on her.

ROLL: Kathryn rolls Endurance at a difficulty of 6 and botches: -1 successes.

Kathryn opened her mouth to take in a deeper breath, just as the large bubble of water fell on her in a cold crashing wave. The Saider dropped out of her like a boulder falling into the ocean as she felt liek she was going to drown, sputtering and coughing up water as her eyes snapped open in suprise.

And Kathryn would find that Vishtia is still sitting right there, facing her, with a serene expression on her face. The Sitter raises a dark eyebrow as Kathryn loses her hold on the One Power and opens her eyes coughing and sputtering, though she does look at her rather intently, just to make sure she is physically alright. "Hmmm," she says. "Perhaps that was a bit too distracting."

Kathryn chokes and coughs fro a few more moments, but appears to be fine as she is able to get the water out of her lungs on her own. But Light, her lungs burned. But she was not going to let this stop her. As soon as she can take a breath without coughing up water, she looks at the Aes Sedai. "Do you want me to try again, Aes Sedai?"

When it seems that the Novice is well enough, Vishtia considers it for a moment. "You will face far worse, should you ever make it to your test for Acceptance," the White Sitter chides gently. "Most certainly if you make it to your test for the Shawl. Right now, I am only testing to see how well you can control your hold on the One Power," she says, as if this were truly nothing compared to what lies ahead. She gives a slight nod of her head. "Yes. Again. Surrender to Saidar, and then keep your eyes closed." She gives no indication of what she will do next, the Power still flowing through her.

Kathryn nods and closes her eyes, and quickly grabs the Source again. No pretty flowers, not slow pulling, she closes her eyes and takes it in quickly, stopping before being overhwelmed. She made a determined face and squnched her eyes tightly shut as she kept a firm grip on the One Power.

Vishtia tightens her lips slightly, unseen by Kathryn, as she sees how quickly the Novice embraces. She gives a slight nod however when she sees the girl stop before drawing too much. "Not so much, Child," she says quietly. "Ease up a little bit. We do not want you accidentally drawing too much. And remember, remain calm. I will not do that to you again," she promises. She doesn't precisely wait for Kathryn to ease up on the amount of Power she is holding, forming another weave with Air. She forms it into a leaf shape and sends it toward Kathryn's chin, tickling her with it around her face and throat as if with a relentless invisible feather.

The power lessens a little, and then waivers before evening out as Kathryn tries to hold back a giggle. Her eyes don't open though, and she doesn't loose her grasp on the Saider as a tiny giggle peeps out before she manages to stop it.

The White keeps her features perfectly serene, letting the feather of air tickle over the girl's face for a while longer. Not even when the Novice giggles does Vishtia crack a smile. After a time, the feather disappears as she allows it to dissipate. There is silence for a time as the Sitter forms another weave, this time of Air and Fire, forming the flows into another one of her orange, glowing balls. Two more appear shortly after, and then they begin to spin around one another, her eyes focused on them as she raises them up. "Open your eyes, child," she says, and continues to spin the balls absently. "Now we are going to talk, while you continue to hold onto the One Power. And I want you to tell me what possessed you to run off into the trees during the Whitecloak ambush." She waits for the Novice to respond, her eyes still focused on the three spinning balls before her.

Kathryn opens her eyes, and at first, when she spots the glowing balls she panics and nearly looses her grip on the power, but quickly regains it and a calm face. "I thought they were bandits, and since I've handled bandits before, I thoguht I could be of help handling the attackers. I really did think they were bandits, and I didn't see but about 8 of them. I wanted to help protect the others, since I knew some hand to hand that my father had taught me when I was a girl." she explained, rambling a little bit. "I... remember runnign up to one, and then realizing it was a White Cloak... I didn't mean to get the Mistress of Novices hurt though..." she said, finishing the last bit off in a whisper. The Power waivered, but only by a tiny bit before settling even once more.

As Kathryn explains why she went running into the woods that night, Vishtia continues to send the balls spinning around and around each other in an almost mesmirizing, dizzying manner. Eventually, she lets one dissipate, then the other, and then the last one until only the one attached to the willow tree remains. She gazes at Kathryn steadily. "As a Novice, it is not for you to go running into battle. Do you remember what I said about why we call Novices 'child'?" she asks Kathryn, still not telling her to release the One Power. Even conversation can be distracting. Especially about sore subjects.

"Yes, Aes Sedai." she said, seeming to understand it instead of feeling sore about being called a child. "It is because we are like children when it comes to using the One Power. We have to learn how to use it responsibly, so that we can... grow up, in a sense.. to be Aes Sedai." Now that she was used to the glowing orbs, the spinning didn't seem to bother her in the least, nor does the disspation of them either.

The White sister nods her head slightly. "Novices are as children, and as such, they cannot be considered responsible adults. When it comes to channeling, or engaging in combat," she says pointedly. "Your job as a Novice is to study hard, learn how to control your gift, and do your chores. Combat, whether it is brigands or Children of the Light, is for adults. In the case of the Tower, it is for Aes Sedai and Gaidin to be responsible," she says, emphasizing the word, "for protecting the students. The White Tower is a family, Kathryn," she says serenely. "It is why we call the Amyrlin Seat 'Mother.' It is why Aes Sedai call one another 'Sister.' It is why we call Warders Gaidin... 'battle brothers'. There are those in a family who are responsible for protection, yes? The parents and the older siblings. And then there are those who need to be protected, the children. The students. As a Novice, you must learn to accept that here, your role is not what it was when you were on your own. If you wish to truly be a part of the White Tower, you must understand your place in it." Her voice remains calm and patient as she speaks, and she does not seem to be upset. She is just passing along information which, perhaps, might help the Novice gain some insight.

"I understand, Aes Sedai." she replies. Evidently talking is not a big distration for her as she is holding the Saider evenly and easily. "Do you think the Mistress of Novices is mad at me?"

Vishtia does not seem to have any further distractions for Kathryn at the moment. She considers the question thoughtfully. "I do not know," she says honestly. "I have not spoken with her. And I will not. That is between you and Osia Sedai. However," she adds, "she was injured as a direct result of your thoughtless actions. Part of learning to become an adult is taking responsibility for our actions, and accepting the consequences, whatever they may be, yes?"

"Yes. And when she decides on my punishment, even if it means leaving the Tower... or worse.. I will take it without complaint." she replies sincerely. "I know that she was badly injured because of me, and if she chooses to whip me, or kick me out, or still me, I know that it is because I deserve it."

"That is very brave of you to say," the White Sitter says with a nod of her head. "Personally, I do not think she will put you out of the Tower or have you stilled. You have too much potential. You can be as strong as I am someday, in the One Power. To put you out or still you would be a great loss for the White Tower." She doesn't seem to say this as praise or even reassurance necessarily, but as cool fact. "But you will not be running recklessly off into battle again, will you? Even a Green Sister, a member of the Battle Ajah, would have more sense than to do that without assessing the threat first. The point I am trying to make, Novice, is that it is better to approach matters with a level head and a clear mind. Such impulsiveness will likely cause more harm than good, yes?"

"Yes, Aes Sedai. I /will/ do better next time." she replies, looking quite serious for someone of her age.

Vishtia nods. "Good. You may release the One Power now, child. You have done well, in keeping it in your grasp." She pauses, waiting for the Novice to comply. "I will not tire you with further lessons today. If you wish, you may find me again tomorrow, and I will teach you something new. Have you any questions for me?" she asks serenely, letting Saidar go as well for now.

"Just one, Aes Sedai. Why did you ask me to close my eyes and keep them closed? Was it so I would not look around and see what was coming? Oh, I guess that would be two questions... sorry, Aes Sedai..." she said as she let go of the Saider. It left her as fast as if she had snapped her fingers.

Vishtia smiles very faintly. "Sometimes, we do not always see what is coming at us in the dark. Such as arrows, for instance," she says, with a shrug of her now-Healed shoulder. "Sometimes, it simply is not possible to hold onto the One Power. Sometimes we fail," she finishes quietly.

Kathryn looked as if she understood failing. She nodded her head. :Thank you for the lessons, Aes Sedai." she said before covering her mouth to hide a yawn. She didn't realize how late it had gotten, or how tired she was, until now. "I look forward to tomorrow."

Once Kathryn is gone, Vishtia remains for a time, the orange ball of light bobbing in the breeze, illuminating her slightly. She draws her knees up, resting her chin on them, and stares out across the waters of the river silently. Eventually, the White gathers up her book and embraces Saidar. She detatches the little ball of light from the tree branch, and then directs it over her palm before turning and heading back up the bank toward the treeline, heading back to camp.

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