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Location: Courtyard

Trevor: Warder to Diene
Moira: Accepted
Kathryn: Novice

Moira is silent while she glances toward the closed gates for the night. She holds her cloak tightly around her, warding off the still chilly night.

Kathryn steps out of the stables, wearing a drab brown work dress and soft leather boots. She is pulling out of the stables a wheel-barrow filled with dirty hay, a shovel resting on top of the smelly pile. Her braided hair is on the verge of falling completely apart, and there is bits of hay stuck all in her hair and clothes. The novice stops and set the barrow down for a moment as she uses her sleeve to wipe some sweat off of her face. Otherwise, she seems rather calm and serene.

Trevor comes in through the Osendrelle Gate, having a book with him it's not a library book either, it's not bound as neatly as the browns would keep them. It's rather a larger notebook more or less, but it doesn't seem to be one of the ones he's seen with either. He looks headed back to the tower proper for now... He nods to Moira and Kathryn both as he sees them as well.

Kathryn just barely notices the Gaidin out of the corner of her eye, and promptly curtsies for him before picking up the wheel-barrow again and pushing it across the courtyard to the compost pile.

Trevor blinks when he see Kathryn and looks befuddled, but then that's somewhat normal in the last few days since being bonded... He retrieves his slate and approaches as he writes using the book he has as a help-aid "Where's the trainees that should be mucking the stalls Novice Kathryn?" he shows this and allows her time to read once she stops of course to read it.

She can hear the chalk on the slate, since she is used to listening for it now, and puts the cart down to read. "I don't know, Gaidin. The last few days, the same Accepted tells me to muck the stalls. And at the oddest hours as well. I've been at risk to be late to /two/ classes, I missed lunch altogether yesterday, and today... well, I'm not worried about missing curfew. If I get switched for doing as I was told, then so be it." she says, her voice and her face an almost perfect reflection of calm. /Almost/.

Trevor blinks "Which Accepted is that? I can ask Diene Sedai to talk to them. Also you should not miss curfew or anything else for that matter either. I'll make sure the trainees that should be mucking the stables get to it, first thing in the morning." he smiles "Dump this load and you can go up to your room." he shrugs and shows this as well.

Kathryn's face flushes then. "Please, do not tell Diene Sedai of this." she says, her voice almost pleading. "The Mistress already has her harrass-- asking me often about my eating habits... and... things."

Trevor nods "I won't tell her about you possibly missing curfew, but I will tell her of the accepted." he shrugs briefly and shows this "Also you should eat more, everyone should at least eat a balanced meal 3 times a day, and that's dependent on the seasons what you eat of course." he shrugs and shows this.

The red-headed novice sighs. She was not going to get into more trouble by argueing with a Gaidin, as much as her face showed that she wanted to do so. "Accepted Amenda, Gaidin. And I know about the meals. I eat much more than I first joined the Tower." she picks up the barrow again, and her braid comes completely undone, most of it falling to cover her face. "I... I just don't want people making a fuss over me..." she says, her voice shaking a little bit as if trying to not cry.

Trevor smiles briefly and nods "Well alright... I need to see why the trainees haven't been doing so either, and get some sworn looking over them better than they apparently have been." he nods and shows this. and considers "Well as long as you eat and do other things as you should we won't make much of a fuss over you Novice." he smiles briefly and shows this as well.

Kathryn turns her head to look at the slate, and when she is done reading, she manages the tiniest of smiles, even though there were tears in her eyes. "Thank you, Gaidin." she says as she dumps the barrow out into the compost pile.

Trevor nods and smiles and writes "That includes being lady-like, and not climbing trees, and being proper at all times. Also eating good enough to sustain yourself, not so that you have to snack between meals per se, but that if you wish to have one between meals, then you can." he smiles briefly "Besides chores takes energy, whether it's laundry, helping mistress Yemena, or mucking, or doing others that you might do as well." he shrugs "You need to be eating enough to stay fresh and alert from first to last bell, and to be able to do everything you need to between." he smiles briefly and shows this "Also to do whatever leisure activities you may have time to do as well between there, that you like, and that you're allowed to do as well." he shows this as well.

Kathryn nods her head. "Yes, Gaidin. I've been eating lots... and doing my best to stay out of the trees. I think the Accepted is just trying to get back at me because I turned over a couple of books to Melinda Sedai. She said they were not appropriate for Novices to read, and the Accepted may have heard about it. For all I know, one of those books might have been her favorite." she states with a shrug as she rights the barrow. Even in the dark, it was easy to tell that she was blushing. Even her hands were red.

ROLL: Trevor rolls Reason at a difficulty of 7 and gets 0 successes.

Trevor smiles as he listens and blinks and nods "I think there were maybe a couple books a few years ago, when I was first a Trainee perhaps, that were the most popular read by students... but I can't remember the names of either of them at the moment." he shrugs briefly "I never read such with any vim and vigor that was going on then." he smiles and shows this.

That made the little novice turn even redder. "Probably." she replied as she pushed the cart back to it's place. Just then, then curfew bell rang. And Kathryn said several unladylike words as she tried to run for the door. Right past Trevor.

Trevor nods and waves to Kathryn as she passes by and doesn't move to stop her. He'll likely be on duty for a while yet, till that darned energy settles down somewhat when Diene's sleeping at least. He heads off to the barracks.

--- end scene ---

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