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Lecture Hall: White Tower, Tar Valon
This room appears to have no carpeting on the floor, showing off the pale, white stone. You can see several desks and chairs scattered in an orderly fashion about the area. On the far wall, you can see a green board used for writing figures to the students attending any of the classes held within this room.
There appear to be several shelves of books, and materials used for different subject matter, all about the room. A large fireplace sits in one of the corners, used to heat the room.
The fireplace remains cold at this time of the year, as several windows remain open, to hopefully bring a cool breeze into the room even during the summer heat. The room appears to have lanterns lit in every corner, shedding the room in a bright glow of light. Aes Sedai still hold their places as they teach the last of their classes for the evening. Accepted, Novices and other general students sit in their chairs and listen attentively to the lecture presented before them.
There is one exit out of the lecture hall and that is the doorway through which you entered, heading back into the main hallway of the learning center.
Accepted Files (AF)
Obvious exits:
Learning Center
Mara enters the Lecture Hall through it's beautiful mahogany door.
Mara has arrived.
Mara curtseys, "Aes Sedai."
Analee nods to Mara, smiling.
Mara shuffles toward a set of chairs and sits.
Lorelei enters the Lecture Hall through it's beautiful mahogany door.
Lorelei has arrived.
Lorelei curtseys to the Aes Sedai and Accepted as she enters.
Melli enters the Lecture Hall through it's beautiful mahogany door.
Melli has arrived.
Analee leans against a chair, arms crossed across her chest as she looks over her class. "Ethics today."
Melli arrives, maybe a little late. She has her notes with her, very worn around the edges, and she curtseys and finds herself a seat.
Mara nods slightly and gets out her notes.
Adriene enters the Lecture Hall through it's beautiful mahogany door.
Adriene has arrived.
Adriene enters and curtsies to everyone.
Analee taps her fingers against the back of the chair, crossing her legs at the ankle under her dark skirts. Her dark eyes look across the assembled. "Any initial thoughts on ethics?"
Melli chews on her lip for a moment, then raises her hand..
Analee nods to Melli.
Melli wonders how to word this.. then shrugs, and goes with her gut feeling. "They're what seperate us from animals, Aes Sedai? They're like a list of .. um... rules.. telling what's right and wrong, good or bad...
Mara raises her hand.
Analee nods to Melli, considering it. She looks to Mara. "Any thoughts, Accepted?"
Mara says "Melli is correct in a way in her assesment, it isn't so much a list or rules. Those are laws. Ethics guide us where laws do not. Something may be perfectly legal, but still unethical, such as ignoring the poor and disheveled who need food. It is not illegal to turn them away, despite their situation. However, that does not mean it's right to turn them away."
Mara says "Basically, ethics guides us to the Light where our laws do not."
Melli listens, her eyes intent upon the Accepted until she finishes... at which point Melli begins to take notes..
Analee nods to Mara. "A very good explanation. Any thoughts on how ethics relates to the One Power?"
Mara lets another answer for now.
Adriene watches the discussion while she takes notes.
Lorelei raises her hand tentatively
Analee nods to Lorelei. "You have some thoughts?"
Lorelei says "Well, ethics would give us guidelines on when and where to use the Power."
Analee nods and smiles. "And what sort of things do you thing are covered by those guidelines?"
Lorelei answers "The Three Oaths would cover how the Power should be used." it's almost a question, but not quite, "As to when, I guess it would only be used when neccessary."
Mara raises her hand.
Analee nods to Lorelei and turns to Mara. "You have something to add?"
Adriene listens carefully to the entire discussion, taking notes, but not commenting.
Mara says "The Oaths do /not/ tell us how the power should be used, except in the case of making weaponry. It tells us when we /can/ do something, but not when we should. Again, for example, a swordsman is charging you. By the Oaths, you may well be able to justifyably kill him, or if he was charging another. However, even in extreme defense of one's own life, perhaps there is still a way to do it non-lethally. Should you still kill then? Perhaps, yes, you do have to kill, will you do it quickly and relatively painlessly to the subject, or will you torture him?"
Analee nods to Mara. "A very good observation. Do you Novices have anything to add? Adriene? Lorelei?"
Melli nods her head... impressed... as she copies this down too.
Isobol enters the Lecture Hall through it's beautiful mahogany door.
Isobol has arrived.
Adriene raises her hand.
Isobol rushes in late! Not much of a good start for an ethics class.
Isobol drops a curtsey. She is trying really hard to control her breathing so it won't be so obvious that she ran to get here.
Analee frowns slightly at Isobol, noting her lateness. She shakes her head slightly and says evenly, "A bit late, aren't we, Novice? Have you any thoughts on ethics?"
Isobol quickly takes her seat. "It is unethical to be late." is said with monotones.
Melli raises her hand again..
Analee frowns more sternly at Isobol. "We shall discuss punctuality later, Novice." Smoothing her features, she turns to Melli. "Something to contribute?"
Adriene lowers her hand, deciding she isn't going to be called on.
Analee sees Adriene's motion as she lowers her hand and looks to her. "Adriene, if you have something to add...?"
Melli nods her head.. "I was just wanted to say, Aes Sedai, that being late isn't necessarily unethical in itself.. but rather what one is late for, and why one is late... If I were say helping give food to the needy, I would think it would be more ethical for me to finish, and be late for a lesson, than to drop what I was doing so I could be on time..
Adriene suddenly see she is going to be called on, she straightens herself in her seat. "Well, isn't about the One Power, but ethics in general."
Analee nods to Melli. "Ah, a good observation. We must prioritize." She smiles slightly and turns to Adriene. "Now, what did you want to say?"
Adriene smiles slightly in response. "Well, if something is illegal, does that mean it is unethical as well?"
Analee considers. "For the most part. After all, laws are there to guide our lives, same as ethics are. Why? Have you a particular instance in mind?
Adriene's smiles widens. "Well, certain countries outlaw the use of the Power, so does that mean if someone channels there, her action is both illegal and unethical?"
Analee folds her hands behind her back. "Well, it depends upon what the channeling was used for. For something like Healing, I'd say it was not unethical. The problem here, though, is that different people have different ethical codes. In that case, you have a law written in fear and enforced in fear. Anyone have anoything to add to that? Thoughts? Questions?"
Isobol raises her hand....
Analee nods to Isobol. "Yes?"
Lorelei starts to raise her hand as well.
Isobol lowers her hand "In Tear, if a channeler was ever found. They are immediately shipped to here, or they have accidents. My question is, how ethical is it to accuse a person of channeling, if you can't feel it yourself. How do they know? "
"Before I answer that," Analee says, "I am going to see what Lorelei has to say. Lorelei?"
Isobol nods
Lorelei says "What if someone channels to save someone's life but it is outlawed to channel there and that person is imprisoned or worse because she saved a life. Would that mean the people who made the laws were unethical for enforcing them, or the channeler was for breaking the law, even though it was for a good cause?"
Analee nods, folding her hands. "Well, those who enforced the laws would really be at fault. Sometimes a law may be broken with justification, and such is ethical. There are bad laws. Humanity is prone to making mistakes, and many laws made to subject one group to another are unethical. As for detecting channeling, one who cannot channel can see the results of such channeling. Other than that, there is no way to detect anything having been done."
Isobol nods agian and leans back some in her chair.
Melli nods her head quietly, jotting that point down...
Lorelei nods as she listens to the explanation
Adriene again takes notes while listening to the conversation.
Analee looks across the room over the girls all in white. "Any other comments to add to that? If not, we shall move on."
Mara shakes her head quietly.
Lorelei has no more comments at this time.
Adriene shakes her head briefly.
Melli shakes her head in concert with the others, paying rapt attention to the Aes Sedai...
Analee licks her lips and looks over her classroom. "Now tell me, when is it ethical to channel? Is it ethical to channel tea warm, or is that an abuse of power? Is it ethical to clean something with the Power."
Lorelei will let someone else comment on this one.
Melli shrugs slightly.. then raises her hand.
Analee nods to Melli. "Something to say?" She smiles slightly.
Melli nods her head slightly, smiling a little too. "It depends on the reason behind the execrise, Aes Sedai. In the case of us novices and Accepteds.. channling to clean is unethical.. because in a way it is cheating.. As the purpose of the cleaning is to teach us how not to be reliant upon the power.. and to teach us discipline. But, to heat tea with the power.. Maybe it would be unethical to do it out of hand, but if it were instead done as an ongoing effort to hone one's skills... I would think it would be perfectly ethical.
Isobol leans in and listens carefully, nodding to what Melli had to say.
Analee nods to Melli. "A very good explanation. Anyone have something to add to that? Comments, questions?"
Isobol shakes her head.
Lorelei thinks for a second but then shakes her head.
Adriene raises a hand.
Analee nods to Adriene. "Yes?"
Adriene says "Well, it seems to me that using the One Power for trivial tasks, such as heating tea, would generally be unethical, no matter whatever the reason, Aes Sedai."
Analee nods, listening. "And why?" She seems most interested in explanations.
Adriene says "Well, it would be an abuse of power. You have the ability to use an extremely powerful Power, and yet you waste it to heat your tea? It seems a slap in the face of anyone not possessing the One Power, Aes Sedai."
Isobol mutely chokes, making the ever so slight noise of clearing ones throat but you'd have to really be listening to pick it up. The look on her face is completely a wash with nothingness. Something she has practiced doing to keep her innermost thoughts from showing on her face. she is really mentally shouting .oO(A slap in the face?!?!?!)
Mara listens to all of this quietly, eyes sifting to and fro the debating novices
Analee looks to Isobol thoughtfully. "A comment, Isobol?"
Isobol blinks and thinks *darn, can she read everything?*. "I don't see where it is a slap in the face to use a gift that the creator has given you. I have never flaunted my gift infront of nonchannelers, nor will I ever. /That/ is unethical. But here in the tower I will use it. And when I become Aes Sedai, my room will never have dust in it nor will my tea ever get cold, because I am simply going to remedy that by channeling." When finished she keeps her eyes locked on Analee to see her reaction to that coment.
Lorelei watches to see what discusion this comment will bring up.
Analee nods to Isobol, an almost imperceptible smile crossing her face. "A very good observation," she says, neutrally. "What about you, Lorelei? What have you got to add?"
Lorelei adds, "I agree somewhat with Isobol. I wouldn't flaunt the Power in front of someone who can't channel and I also think it's right to use what the creator gave us. I don't think I would use it for every small thing like heating my tea though."
Isobol shrugs and can't help but smile. She has seen other Aes Sedai do just that.
Analee nods to Lorelei, seeming to agree with her neutral approach. "Any other comments? Questions? Suggestions?"
Isobol shakes her head no.
Lorelei shakes her head.
Adriene gently shakes her head.
Mara shakes her head quietly, still watching the novices and wondering if they will debate again.
"Well," says Analee with a tone of finality. "That completes this lesson. If you have any further questions or comments, do let me know." She smiles slightly.
Isobol stands and notices the time. With a sigh it is obvious that she is now late for a kitchen duty. But classes take precedence over that so she can just walk there.
Adriene rises from her seat and curtsies before starting towards the door.
Isobol curtseys and heads out.
Isobol opens the mahogany door and passes into the Learning Center.
Isobol has left.
Adriene opens the mahogany door and passes into the Learning Center.
Adriene has left.
Melli stands and curtseys again.. then pauses, a question forming on her lips.. "Aes Sedai.. is there an.. advance class dealing with this subject?"
Mara stands and curtseys to the Aes Sedai with a little smile before shuffing out
Mara opens the mahogany door and passes into the Learning Center.
Mara has left.
Lorelei gets up and curtseys to the Aes Sedai and Accepted before leaving.
Lorelei opens the mahogany door and passes into the Learning Center.
Lorelei has left.
Analee looks at Melli. "There is no separate class, no. But ethics is something that bears discussion at all levels."
Melli nods her head.. then smiles thankfully, filing it away for later thought. "Thank you for the class, Aes Sedai..
Analee nods to the Novice.
Melli dips into a finaly curtsey, then, and gather's her notes then departs..
Melli opens the mahogany door and passes into the Learning Center.
Melli has left.

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