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Leila Gardner
Country: Tar Valon
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: Tar Valon
Job: Barmaid at the Flaming Arrow Inn
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown-black
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Leila's childhood was much the same as any farmer's daughter would experience with only a few variations. The first among them was the cart accident that cost Leila her right foot. Her family traveled further into the countryside to visit her grandparents and while her cousins were trying to show off to Leila and her brother, the horses were spooked. The actual event is much a blur to Leila, as she was only seven, but in essence the cart was flipped, and dragged Leila with it, pinning her ankle. The trauma caused Leila to pass out and when she awoke she found the leg had been amputated just a little above the ankle. Apparently, the incident itself nearly ripped her foot off and it was just a matter of severing the tattered remains and applying some healing balm to ward off the infection. She was devasted at first, but as most children do she bounced back, her father playing a large part in her emotional recovery. When they returned home, he fashioned her a wooden peg-leg and with the help of the Wisdom affixed it to her stump so as not to cause much discomfort. It's mostly kept where it is by straps.

But the incident took it's toll. Leila could not keep up with her brother and the other village children and spent much of her days indoors helping her mother as much as she could. She developed an appreciation for cooking and reading. Her mother spoiled her as much as she could. Her father didn't think she should be treated any differently than other children. So, Leila received a balanced dose of both child-rearing theories.

Growing up so close to Tar Valon allowed Leila a distinct advantage over children in other countries, of occasionally encountering Channelers, particularly Aes Sedai. She grew up not only with a tolerance of female channelers, but awe inspired by them. On trips into the city itself she would demand that they stop by the White Tower, just so she could stare up at it's magnificence. She dreamed of one day joining the ranks of Aes Sedai, but when she was finally old enough to be tested, it was determined Leila did not have even the ability to train to channel.

It was a few months after she conceded that she'd never be an Aes Sedai, and returned her attention to helping her mother that she began to hear murmurs. At first the murmurs came when she was alone, usually just before drifting off to sleep. She thought she should be afraid of the disembodied voice, but couldn't bring herself to, since it held a beneficent quality and just seemed perfectly natural, despite Leila's rational mind saying it couldn't be. This voice offered her advice, guiding her, but Leila didn't start taking the advice right away. That is how she confirmed that it was, in fact, some sort of spirit guide there to help and protect her, not hurt her. She tried to tell her mother about it, but was met with frank concern so finally owned up that it was just an imaginary friend. When it was time to 'outgrow' this imaginary friend, she decided that she would let on that she had.

Meanwhile, her brother, two years her senior, was not satisfied with farm life. Their father being a reasonable man suggested he try to make a go of it in Tar Valon proper. There were many more job opportunities to be had there than in the village, after all. With Leila having grown up without much interaction with other village children, she had come to consider her older brother her only friend. When he left she felt depressed, disillusioned herself with village life, but not enough to give it up completely. When old enough, 16, and at the encouragement of her father, Leila secured a position as a barmaid at the Flaming Arrow. She mostly serves the food and drink, but when one or more of the cooks are sick or otherwise unable to work in the kitchens, her victualling knowledge and experience comes in handy there as well.

In the three years that she has worked there, she has been forced to nurse her brother back from injuries rather frequently. Eventually even making visits to the White Tower infirmary. Her time there was well spent, she learned some first aid techniques that allows her to help her brother without needing to take him to the Tower infirmary with every brawling incident. She developed friendships with some Yellow Sedai, and some Accepted aspiring to be Yellow and consequently spends time there even when her brother does not need tending to. This lead to her doing additional volunteering in the herbal gardens tended by the Yellow, allowing her to learn more about medicinal herbs, to recognize them and how to use them. If she cannot be an Aes Sedai, she tells herself, she can still help people in need in her own way. One day, she hopes to be married and have a family, and part of her believes that with her knowledge she would be able to prevent the same loss of a foot in one of her children that she herself suffered.

Family Information


Anabel Gardner

Mother. Patient, but a little over-protective. Especially since you lost your foot. She's only reluctantly permitted you to move into Tar Valon proper. Anabel's been a little over indulgent in other instances as well, spoiling you when she thinks she can get away with it without your father's disapproval. She still lives with your father on the farm in Jualdhe.

Percy Gardner

Father. A little less demonstrative than your mother, but still very caring. Unlike your mother, Percy pushed you to overcome your handicap in every way. Afraid you'd never walk again, he fashioned you a pegleg. Afraid you'd never find anyone to love you, he showed you that you had other assets that would make people overlook your handicap. He always seemed to fix whatever emotional distress you were feeling, either by showing you how to overcome it yourself, or by finding a workaround to your fears (i.e. fashioning the prosthetic). It was his idea that you should go strike out on your own, suggesting Tar Valon first, since it was the closest largest city. Independance was something he drilled into you, perhaps moreso than your brother--perhaps sensing you needed the pep talk more.


Kirin Gardner

Older brother and the epitome of a troublemaker. He is mischevious and given to many vices and has also made a bit of a name for himself (as well as enemies) as an informant in Tar Valon, selling information to the highest bidder. It seems your always having to bandage him up, or pull him out of one predictament or another. But you loves him unconditionally and he you. Besides, if it weren't for all the trouble he's gotten himself into, you'd not have had the opportunity to learn as much from the Yellow Ajah.





Reese Dathan

This Tairen abandoned the warder training program shortly before being Raised to the Cloak, as far as you've heard, and with such a ruckus that it drew even your own attention. His animosity towards the White Tower and Aes Sedai in particular did not escape you. His audible comments of disdain about them have driven you to slam his mug down on the table, when you have the occasion to serve him, or fix him with a glare from across the room. You make no bones about your own feelings of animosity towards him, and will do anything just shy of something that would get you fired, to make him regret the enemy he's made of you.

Other acquaintances





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