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Game Information

Cuendillar MUSH is a science-fiction/fantasy game based loosely on Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. In book two, The Great Hunt, and in Robert Jordan's The World of the Wheel of Time, there are objects called Portal Stones that allow travel into differing dimensions, times, and even planets.

Cuendillar is one of those dimensional worlds, but in its own way. Because of this, you may see plotlines that resemble those in the books, but you will not see characters from the books ever played here; with the exception of Forsaken, who will be used for various plotting elements.

If you are familiar with the storyline, you will note that the various timeline aspects of our game do not follow the books, and in fact we've had several deviant plots. Included in this set of pages are various bits and pieces of information which you should find helpful in getting to know the game and what we're all about - as well as finding a place to settle down.

Cuendillar MUSH is operated with the permission of Robert Jordan.

All players should read: A Letter from Robert Jordan

To connect to the game using telnet or a MU* Client: 7200 7200

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Current Events


In other parts of the world, it appears that residents of Caemlyn have been worrying after Queen Elisia of late. Its been noticed that she's been disappearing from the public view more and more lately, which usually signifies that she's yet again pregnant. However, most people note that Elisia is presently of a more advanced age to be having children, and so there is some concern that perhaps she might not make it through this time. Indeed, the thing igniting the rumors the most is that Prince Consort Vincent, the queen's husband, has once more been overseeing day to day affairs. It is said, among some circles, that hes even called the his children home from the White Tower, for the moment. The air around the palace within Caemlyn is grave, and it's been mentioned that not even the Aes Sedai in attendance has been able to help the Queen through her troubles as yet.


Rumors spread throughout Cairhien that there is a growing unrest among the people, quiet whispers of discontent slowly becoming a more insistent buzz. A certain nervous tension lies simmering below the surface of daily life in Cairhien.

As more time passes after rumors of Zakhar's waning support for the White Tower, his increasing paranoia, and the increasing influence of the Children of the Light, rumors start to emerge that there is an underground movement to see Zakhar removed from the Sun Throne.

No one seems to know who is behind this movement, but word seems to be spreading that the King, who was elected to the Sun Throne in an unprecidented manner rather than through right of inheritance, is losing the support he had gained. All manner of reasons are cited, chief among them the fact that he is not a true-blooded Cairhienin, but reminders pop up that Zakhar and his family possess a goodly amount of Andoran blood as well.

Some say that perhaps it is the former King Lyren who is behind this malcontent, hoping to regain the crown. After all, wasn't he recently released from his confinement in the Palace? Wouldn't he be -bitter-? Others say it is simply some other House seeking to grab for the throne in Zakhar's hours of weakness. Others insist that the White Tower must be behind it all, making the nobility dance on their puppet strings to see a new ruler enthroned who is more amenable to their wishes.

The rumors have become more than mere whispers, if the beheaded 'Children of the Light' snowmen are any indication. People are starting to give their unrest voice, if even in the pettiest of ways, such as lackluster enthusiasm in carrying out what few orders are issued, vandalism, and the occasional outcry. No arrests have been reported as yet, and such things seem to happen out of sight of the Children of the Light. As to what King Zakhar intends to do about it, only time will tell. A few bold persons have even scoffed that the King won't bother to allay the fears of his people, because he just doesn't care, and this only seems to increase the boldness of the people.

Tar Valon

The long time High Ambassador of Tar Valon, Mistress Chaeniel Daecyn, has decided that it is time for her to retire from her position of office as leader of the city of Tar Valon, and diplomatic envoy to the White Tower. This has left a rift in the Councillor's offices, as they now scramble to hold new elections to fill this position. It is anyone's game to become the next High Ambassador, and the person who does will have not only the ear of the White Tower, but the outlook of the city to manage.

The upstanding citizens of Tar Valon are excited, for the elections are always a time for people to shine. The darker citizens of Tar Valon are also excited, for elections are a time when they can run amuk and profit among those large gatherings that campaigners usually have.

OOC: If you wish to become the High Ambassador of Tar Valon, please @request stating your interest, and make a BBpost to the Tar Valon Board announcing your intentions to campaign. Likewise, if you want to cause mischief, you are encouraged to do so - and do not need staff approval to do so.

High Ambassador Speeches

Gienn: It is time

Gienn stands before the City Council Building surrounded by family, friends, citzens and a few guests of Tar Valon. He begins to speak.

"It is time my friends and family that someone who not only has experience with the dealings of the Council, but someone who can appeal to all those who may reside in our City either as a Native of Tar Valon or a guest, and someone that can deal with other Nations and Cities throughout the world, as well. It is time my friends for me to seek such office as the High Ambassador's Office. I have served the city Council for 18 years now, first as Junior Councilman and for the last 15 Years as a Full Council Member. I will see to it that, the nobles within Tar Valon, if they want better Security, they shall have a squad of Guardsman with them at all times. If the homeless want food and shelter, they shall have it as well. If the Shop Owners, want better fees and tax rates, they shall have that as well. If the servants and Employees want better conditions they shall have that as well. If anyone who isn't a criminal in any form wants something they shall have it. The criminals however will have only the Stiffest punishments possible if I'm elected High Ambassador, If nations whish to negotiate treaties they will be negotiated, as well, to both ours and their liking. It is time, friends that Tar Valon shine her light even brighter and I pledge if elected we will see that done. In many ways. If you wish to meet with me, either here at the City Council Building, your home, your place of business or anywhere let me know. I do not intend to undo things from the past however. It is time, simply for the light that is Tar Valon to shine forth even brighter, may her light shine from the Ocean to the Waste and from the Blight to the Ocean. May the Creator Bless all of us this day and forever, Thank you, and may the light guide all of you."

Rhelora Meldre: For our city. For its citizens.

Another candidate has stepped forward for the election of High Ambassador. Who? The serving maid who suffered the beating that had the city up in a buzz a week ago. Unlike the earlier candidate, she had not prepared a speech. Unlike the other candidate, it had not been held in front of the city council building. No, it was held impromptu in a common room where the ordinary citizen could hear. Where else would a serving maid find an audience?

"I need not speak to all of you of what is wrong with this city. We all _know_ what is wrong.

Let us speak of what needs to be righted. We fear where we need to feel safe. Yet we cannot feel safe because there is no protection. We have many loyal guards, stout men and women who believe in the miracle that be Tar Valon. Yet, they be limited by themselves and all around them. They can only stop the crimes they witness, yet they are placed in all the places where they can only see so little.

They are hampered by apathy. The Aes Sedai be a great and wonderful force. But their eyes be set upon the world, upon kingdoms and according to words I heard, themselves. Once, one knew better than to rob within these walls. Once, darkfriends would not dare lay eye on this city. Today, they roam freely, knowing there be no eyes to see them, no eyes to _judge_ them.

But that be not where the problems end. I myself have seen my common room empty before me as sunset came about. I have seen merchants from out of town hire more guards than they usually would. Complaints reach my ears of shopkeepers who find customers buy less as they are afraid of being robbed on the way out, or of a burglar emptying their houses during their absence. Light, one knows change is needed when even Aes Sedai themselves are not safe while going out shopping!

I wish to change that. Be from Illian as I may be, be it only a good six seasons or so, I now live in Tar Valon. I eat here, I sleep here, I shop here and I wish to feel safe here! _That_ is why I, Rhelora Meldre, will be running to become the High Ambassador.

Now, some of you may worry - a serving maid? Is she _at all_ qualified?

So what if I make my living right now as a serving maid? I will learn what I must learn as I have for every job I have worked in the past. One can learn paperwork and one can learn what to look for. What one cannot learn is to _LISTEN_. What one cannot learn is to _CONFRONT_ to get things done.

I came to Tar Valon as a superstitious girl. But in the common room, I have listened a hundredfold to people in pain and sorrow, to people celebrating and to people struggling. In the common room, I have learned to confront my thoughts and views of the Aes Sedai, have learned to confront those customers unwilling to pay, and light, I have learned to confront those individuals with straying hands.

Who will you have represent you, Tar Valon? A man who one does not see outside the council building? A man who cannot compromise or decide on things? He promised everyone everything in his speech the other day, yet let us be honest - such promises only hold water as long as this election is going to last. Then the barrel will run out, like it has for his entire time as a councilman. The man has his merits, and I thank him for his years of service to this wonderful city, but he be nothing we need. We need action! We need results!

As always, this common room is where I can be found. If I be elected, that will be a job I will take distance from, but till then it is the place where people can come. Can eat. Talk. Know me as I wish to know them. I will not hide behind walls where people cannot hear my words so I can deny them later to my choosing. My words are for all to hear, and if the people be so willing, for all to judge as I work for them in the coming years.

Hold your chins up high, Tar Valon, for you deserve better than this!"

Smoke at Dragonmount



Rumble... Rumble….


The grumbling of the earth was soft. Then, the tremors started. Now, a thin plume of smoke pours from the top of Dragonmount.

There are those who are old enough who remember back to the days when the caldera of the dormant volcano erupted. They remember when villages were burned to the ground, and when food stores became scarce. Now, the worry begins again, in the back of their mind, as they look to the skies. Those were dark days, when sinister events occurred.

There have been no eruptions yet, but with the smoke starting to rise from the Dragonmount, the people wonder – will there be a repeat of what happened in the past? And, if so – what will their leaders do to prepare for potential disaster?

The heat is on, quite literally, for those who are running for High Ambassador, and there are those who are looking to the White Tower for their wisdom and advice on this matter. For, while the ground’s rumbling has only just begun as a tremor here, or a tremor there – it is only a matter of time before the tremors become something bigger, something greater, and an explosion arises.

Getting started

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