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Game Information

Cuendillar MUSH is a science-fiction/fantasy game based loosely on Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. In book two, The Great Hunt, and in Robert Jordan's The World of the Wheel of Time, there are objects called Portal Stones that allow travel into differing dimensions, times, and even planets.

Cuendillar is one of those dimensional worlds, with its own unique story and histories. Because of this, you may see plotlines that resemble those in the books, but you will not see characters from the books ever played here; with the exception of Forsaken, who will be used for various plotting elements.

If you are familiar with the storyline, you will note that the various timeline aspects of our game do not follow the books, and in fact we've had several deviant plots. Included in this set of pages are various bits and pieces of information which you should find helpful in getting to know the game and what we're all about - as well as finding a place to settle down.

Cuendillar MUSH is operated with the permission of Robert Jordan.

All players should read: A Letter from Robert Jordan

To connect to the game using telnet or a MU* Client: 7200 7200

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Current Events

Andoran War of Succession

Please note the posts following this section detail the events that lead up to what will be the Andoran War of Succession. Read here to find out how this affects the players of Cuendillar:

Andor & You

In the next several weeks, I will be GMing the conflict thats growing in Andor. During this plot, players will have every opportunity to take risks, get involved, and help determine the outcome of whats to come in Andor. There are no right or wrong answers, and there are no scripted endings. Rolls will be used to determine the luck or success of the plot. Aeline may become Queen, or someone else may be crowned in her place. Choices, hard choices, will have to be made. And, while ICly, there will be winning and losing, and triumphs and downfalls for the characters, as players, OOCly you win. For you will get the opportunity to tell a great story, and tell it well.

Normally, I do not post as a precursor to any plot that I intend to do. However, I feel in this case, I need to make such a post. In the past, when weve done huge game changing events either allowing actions to happen through the hands of the players, such as Nessas death in Cairhien, or through bigger events weve wanted to GM ourselves, staff has faced criticism for not being open about what was happening. So, Im laying things bare before you.

A War of Succession is coming to Andor. The seeds of it have already been planted. Players interested in such a plot are welcomed and encouraged to either take characters off the roster or bring their alts to Andor to participate. Well need players on both sides of the war, those for Aeline as Queen, and those against Aeline as Queen. Even if we do not get players against Aeline I will be GMing the NPCs and their reactions. I have laid out the motivations of each House is.

There will be conflict. It will be dirty. It will be gritty. It will be dangerous for anyone who gets involved. Especially those who are set non-consent, which means there can and will be death involved. This will not be slice of life RP. There will be GMd battles, and there will be global emits. As players, you will have to make a choice how invested you wish to get involved in the conflict. But, regardless of whether or not players take interest or involve themselves even if it is just BBposts to an empty game the plot will commence. It is my hope that it will commence with those who would prefer to make a difference, rather than those who will just simply let things happen. Come take the wild, and crazy ride with me.

I will be posting ways that you can get involved a bit later today. In the meantime, to allow people time to prepare, get alts in place, pick a side, take characters off the roster and get their feet wet, the GMing will not start taking place until Saturday, April 2nd. If you are going to be in Andor for this conflict, be prepared to pick a side.

If you choose to pick a player off the roster from Houses Lothievia or Demmar (characters to be CGd by this weekend), you are choosing to stand against House Murellan and with the opposing factions.

Andor in Gemeral

Andor Mourns the Queen

8 Amadaine, 1022

News travels around Caemlyn that the royal family has a public statement to make. When the time arrives, the Prince Consort, Vincent Brighton, husband to Queen Elisian Murellen, comes to stand before the crowd. His face is a mask of absolute stoicism, except for his eyes, which hold a deep, profound sadness. Even then, at that very moment he is supposed to address the crowd, he needs a minute or two to keep himself composed before he speaks.

"People of Andor, I come to you today on a day that should be most joyous for a husband, but it is with great sadness that I speak to you today. My wife, Queen Elisia Murellan, By the Grace fo the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Murellen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We have named her Daella. However, this joyous news was shadowed with the passing of the Queen, who did not survive her birth. I ask that you all mourn for your Queen, and the House Murellan. Upon her deathbed, her wishes were clear. Our daughter, Lady Aeline Murellan, is hereby recalled from her training to Andor to take the mantle of her birth, to become the next Queen of Andor, and our son, Galavan, to become the First Prince of the Sword."

Unable to say more than those words to the people, who he is certain will spread the word to Tar Valon and the White Tower, he withdraws within the Palace; secluding himself for the traditional mourning period until the funeral is to take place.

Funeral Speech for Elisia

21 Maigdhal, 1022

Vincent steps forward, after others have had their opportunity to speak. He gazes around the courtyard, looking at those who are most forefront, but without really looking at them at all. His gaze is distant, forlorn. After a small silence, he speaks.

"My wife, she was a headstrong woman." Vincent begins, "When she got an idea in her head, she took it to heart to complete that idea herself." A soft smile plays at the side of his lips for only the briefest of moments before he continues, "Elisia would never give anyone a task that she could not bear to do herself, which sometimes often left me to do some of the more difficult things; but that never affected our marriage. She was a woman of great compassion and courage. Some might think that she leaned on me for her strength, but there they were wrong. I leaned on her." He pauses, licking his lips a moment before he prepares to move on.

Vincent's expression grows more serious as he continues, "She trusted me with many things. Her life, her love, her children, and more importantly, her country." He clasps his hands before him, allowing his gaze once more to roam the crowd, though he keeps his expression carefully controlled, unreadable. "I do not ever know a time that I had been more frightened in my life than the first time she put the reins in my hand. For, Andor was hers, and she its mother. I did not, for the lack of better words, want to screw things up; which was a difficult task, as Andor does not accept men as rulers." His gaze goes over to Aeline as he finishes speaking, then moves on to someone else, "But, never-the-less, I filled her shoes, with assurances to the people that she would return, and always she would. Always." His words trail off, but he does not give the impression he's done yet.

"Elisia wanted the people to know that she loved them," Vincent remarks, his voice more softly spoken now, "as if they were her own children. She also wanted them to know that it was her wish that her daughter, Aeline Murellan, take her place as Queen." His attention once more goes to Aeline as he speaks, and stays there for some time. "It was her hope, her desire, that the people would embrace Aeline as they had her. This was her dying wish, for she knew this time she would not be able to return. She loved the people of Andor as she loved her own children, putting Andor above all else, even her personal desires and ambitions. She was, and ever will be, Queen Elisia Nalia Murellan, By the Grace of the Light, Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Murellan."

And with that, he is finished. He grows quiet, and steps back and signals to the guards to set the funeral pyre ablaze.

The Public Stirs

9 Choren, 1022

It has been sometime since Queen Elisia has been put to rest, but still no word comes from the Palace, or the Daughter-Heir, about the intentions for the throne. There is some worry establishing itself among the people. Already, it was clear that not all Great Houses supported House Murellan, for neither the Heads of House nor the members of Houses Lothievia, Risden and Lareca were seen during the funeral. Some are beginning to wonder whether or not House Lothievia is working to make a claim for the throne.

While Andor is not known for the Game of Thrones, already the other Great Houses are taking stock of themselves, and counting their lines; not to be outbid by House Lotheivia should they make a claim. For, Elisia while may have named Aeline as the next Queen, she still must be accepted as Queen by the Houses of Andor to lawfully rule as such.

The people wait, and watch carefully, to see what will come of the Lion Throne of Andor, for already their nation has been left without someone to truly rule them for too long.

House Buchannan Speaks Out

9 Choren, 1022

Lord Quinlan Buchannan stands among a crowd of people. There are some fellow Queen's Guards presents, fellow Nobles, Commoners and all others that he's gathered to listen. He begins to speak:

"Greetings, Lords Ladies, fellow Queens Guardsmen and Fellow Citizens and guests of the nation of Andor and City of Caemlyn. While some of you may know that House Buchannan and the throne of Andor have maintained relationship for sometime in various areas and ways, many here today may not know that Queen Elisia and my Mother, the High Seat of House Buchannan Lady Khyra Buchannan, were the best of friends. In fact, unfortunately their attempts failed but I believe on at least one occassion if not more than one, they may have attempted to arrange a marriage for me. However, sadly nothing has came to fruition of that. Although that is not why I am speaking today. My family and myself have always supported Queen Elisia's Decisions and thus support her decision before she died to have the Daughter-heir assume her rightful role as our leader. Therefore, let it be known, that House Buchannan supports the Daughter-Heir in her duties to ascend to the Rightful role that was designated for her by her late mother, that of Queen of the Nation of Andor. Long may she live, and long may she rule."

With that he quietens down his voice. There's a bit of respectful applause and he smiles and quietens them "Any who wish to voice their support, gathered here today, may go to any tavern or inn in the city and country and receive one free drink on House Buchannan as well." He then finally quietens and looks to some of the people nearby and talks to them in a quieter voice as well.

Chowen Silent

3 Shaldine, 1022

Since the funeral procession honoring the passing of Queen Elisia, House Choswen has kept largely to itself, and holds its hand of political cards close to the breast for the time being. There have been no official statements from Lady Irinya, House Choswen's High Seat, and rumor indicates that none will be forthcoming anytime in the near future. The silence from House Choswen could mean anything, especially given the High Seat's blatant display of full support for Aeline after the funeral.

Perhaps the silence is meant to indicate that there is nothing else further to say. It could also mean that the Great House is taking a 'wait-and-see' approach to see what develops. Others speculate that there are other things going on behind the scenes that have yet to be brought to light. There has been some indication that the Lady Belya has been in contact with the Daughter-Heir, but Lady Irinya herself has been decidedly absent from any such meetings, and rumors suggest that perhaps the High Seat is currently unwell and has taken to her bed in grief over the passing of her close friend the Queen. There are those who scoff at such rumors, however, insisting it is one of her Daes Dae'mar ploys learned from her Cairhienin kin.

Daughter-Heir Moves

19 Shaldine, 1022

After allowing for more than enough emotional and political time for the Andoran population to recover after the fiery funeral for her Mother, to grieve the loss to the nation, Aeline can finally be seen to take more conclusive political action in putting forth her claim to the Lion Throne.

Aeline Olivia Murellan, at this time High Seat of House Murellan, sent out Royal Heralds across the realm to read that which seems written by one with high poetic drama in the prose, stating heart-felt words as she proclaims her rightful place as heir to her Mother's throne. On many the Common's billet, a copy of the words have been posted for those that can read what was writ. Was it only coincidence that a number of the recitals of the prepared speech took place just outside the residences of House Risden, House Lareca and House Lothievia? Those Houses who had been unquestionably and notably, absent at the funeral pyre for Queen Elisia?

Others in the populace can be overheard declaring their support of the young woman, a well-thought of person about Caemlyn until she had been sent to the White Tower as was tradition, saying that those Royal Heralds could have been heard equally outside the Great Houses of those who have long supported the Daughter-Heir as well as those who are of uncertain leanings. And oft times she was allowed to return to Caemlyn, so Aeline was never really out of touch with the ongoing events in the capital city.

There has been a steady stream of any number of personages to take audience with the eminent Daughter-Heir at the Caemlyn Palace, but the verbal exchanges have only so far been witnessed by the reserved and tight-lipped Royal guards. Perhaps Aeline has been speaking to the constant stream of visitors to determine where and who the questionable factors will be in the succession crisis she senses is on the horizon. Thus far, the entirety of the traffic has been to the Palace, none by the Daughter-Heir making trips to descend upon any of the High Seats who make up the Council of Houses that ultimately determines who will be their next Queen. Definitely, some suspicious or shadowy implications can be observed from the aftermath of the Queen's untimely demise and the unqualified lack of support from other controversial quarters.

(NOTE: Now is a very good time to claim a noble within Andor to take part in the Great Game and the RP activity that will be happening in Caemlyn!)

Andoran Division

19 Shaldine, 1022

It has been months after the Prince Consort called for his daughter to attend to his mother's deathbed, before she passed away. It was months more before he recalled her home, and waited to schedule the funeral, before he eventually just scheduled it without her, hoping she would return home. And, since that time, it has been months since Aeline has said what she wanted to do with regards to Andor.

The Great Houses of Andor have been watching the slow progression of the Daughter-Heir's responsiveness to the calls and pleas from her own family, and later that of Andor to take her rightful position, and it has left them wondering. So, too, has it left the common people of the city wondering. Their collective thoughts are almost shared, almost - though not entirely, for it would be too unseemly for them to be too closely shared. But, the long and the short of it is, they wonder... Why?

Why should they settle for Lady Aeline, the daughter of Queen Elisia, as their Queen? She who has been so slow to respond to her family in their time of need. She who has been so slow to respond to the nation in their time of mourning? Why should they give over their trust to this young, untried woman who did not come to them at their time of greatest need, but instead waited? Even as her Heralds filter around the streets, there is a great stirring among the Houses; and not just Houses Lareca, Lothievia and Risden.

Already, House Demmar has been counting its lines and roots back to Ishara, and are gleeful to see that they at least possess the blood of Ishara. Then there is House Thaeweth, a long supporter of the Lion Throne, and perhaps Queen Elisia, though their support has always been for the Throne itself and what it represents - who also holds ties to Queen Ishara. Perhaps stronger, even, than that of House Murellan. Yet, unlike House Demmar, they say nothing of who they will represent.

While Houses Choswen and Bucannan have announced to back Aeline for Queen, the only other Great House at this particular time to do so is House Roesone, another long time supporter. The other houses remain silent on the matter, for now.

It is difficult to say which way this will go. Aeline may rise to the throne she was destined to hold, or another house may rise to that honor.

Getting started

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