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Monieva Tellerien
Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
Country: Cairhien
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

The first and only child of her parents, Monieva's mother died while giving birth. Her father raised her until she was 14, when he was tried, convicted and executed as a murderer. Having no knowledge of grandparents or other extended relatives, Monieva was left to her own devices to fend for herself. The village did not allow for much thieving success so she moved into Cairhien proper, the Foregate area, and began to make her living off the living of others, petty theft for the most part, but occasionally delved into more serious crimes of theft.

When she was 17, enboldened by successful thieving for years, she attempted a more risky mark and it didn't pay off. She was caught, tried, and convicted of theft. As punishment, she was branded with a "T" on her right hand. This, obviously, made it more difficult for her to steal. For a nearly a year things were slowly going downhill for Monieva, now forced to sell her body and what little stealing she could manage.

Monieva was discovered by a Blue Sister in the Foregate when Monieva was 18, nearly too old for Novice Whites. She had been touching the source, with a Block (read: Wilder), for nearly two years already, somehow managing to survive the sickness that came with the first touchings of the True Source. The Sedai took her back to the Tower with her and she reluctantly donned Novice Whites. She is perhaps among the few Novices who spent as long as 12 years in Novice Whites, much of that time was used working on a break to her block. When it was finally broken, Monieva's life had changed dramatically. It was like someone was opening a whole new world for her. She applied herself even harder to her studies, and was eventually tested for Acceptedhood: the first arch consisted of her being forced to flee into the doorway from the setting of her father's execution while she had the evidence that would free him; the second arch scene she was tempted to stay and rescue the White Tower from corruption within; the third arch scene forced her to avoid the temptation of a happy life away from the White Tower, serving as a village Wisdom, a rewarding endeavor, not far from Cairhien. But she did not succumb to those temptations. She stepped from the Arches to the testing chamber and was made Accepted. Her years as an Accepted flew by, the worst part (her block) was over. She spent a great deal of time assisting Gray and Blue Sisters, her passion for law and the advocacy of individuals and the populace at large was a driving force. When she was 34, she was Raised to the Shawl, and petitioned the Blue to accept her into their ranks, which they did.

She was Raised to the Shawl in 916 NE and five years later Bonded her first Warder. He was young, idealistic, much as she was. A Tairen man named, Esteban, born a commoner who held nobles with about as much contempt as Monieva had, perhaps more. He had just been Raised to the Cloak the year previous, when she asked for his Bond. He accepted and for another fifteen years they made a good team, both with a passion to protect the disadvantaged from judicial abuses. They were friends, comrades, nothing more. He was killed in a gruesome accident that left no trace of his corpse. Monieva would not Bond again until 985, to a Kandori mercenary man named Varen.

He offered himself to her as her protector after a mission of hers revealed corruption that would have lead up to the death of two of his family members. Her relationship with Varen has been strictly professional and while she misses some of the quick wit of the Great Game that Esteban had, Varen has his own advantages and ways of assisting her in her work. And has been a fine partner for the last 20 years where most of her missions have taken her back and forth and in between Cairhien.

OOC: Monieva remains the property of Cuendillar - meaning that if you intend to take the char, but can't quite get into her, the char reverts back to the rosters for another player to choose.

RP NOTES: - Monieva spends time reading updated volumes of laws and legislation in a variety of countries and can be found spending enough time in the library to rival some Brown Sisters.

Monieva's heart is with the people. She is sociable with all classes and varieties of commoners. It's not unlikely to find her visiting the common room of more than one inn or tavern in even a single given night.

She will make a point to try and out-maneuver Damara Sedai, including trying for the next Junior Blue Sitter position when next the election comes around, as unlikely as it will be to achieve that post. She feels she can best keep her eye on the influence the Red has on the Hall, and possibly counter-act it, if she one day is a Sitter herself.

She is always on the lookout for another Eyes and Ears, particularly those who she thinks may have dealings with Monique, her primary and most dangerous enemy.

Family Information






Varen Gaidin

Monieva's Warder for the last 20 years. He is a Kandori mercenary who comes from a merchant house, originally. He offered his Bond to her after she uncovered corruption that would have lead to the murder of two of his family members. She accepted. Their relationship is professional. She values his insight and military prowess and he seems to appreciate her passion for the disadvantaged. They make a good team and even better friends.

Vladmir Torvald

An unbound Warder that has often performed missions and tasks for the Blue Ajah, as well as other Ajahs. In the process, you and he and Varen (your Warder) have become friends. The three of you known to get together at the Flaming Arrow on occasion.


Damara Alddryn Sedai

Normally you enjoy those who think progressively, but Damara's mannerisms have always just simply rubbed you the wrong way. Perhaps it is her different-colored eyes--or so you've managed to convince others into believing it is something as minor as that. The truth is you and she have stepped on each other's toes a lot. At least twice now she has managed to swing Accepted to the Red Shawl who had great potential for the Blue, and with whom you were agressively cultivating relationships for that end. You've never forgiven her that and you make it a personal hobby to make her life difficult. And if you can sway potential Red Accepted toward the Blue, so much the better!

Monique Delacroix

Daughter of the man Monieva's father murdered. A failed Accepted, Monique continues to dog Monieva to this day, decades after the rest of the family had died, or forgotten. Monieva herself has encountered the ruthless woman, and been forced to defend herself. She considers her a dangerous 'loose cannon' but so far Monique has slipped away from every attempt Monieva makes to apprehend her for trial and possible Stilling.

Other acquaintances

Mara Houvian

Mara is Monieva's most successful E&E in Caemlyn, and has more or less taken over every scrap of information coming out of the city. Monieva is considering transferring her other E&E's to work under Mara, since they usually come up with the same things as Mara does, and never as much as she does by herself... Mara is unhappy with her job at the Rose & Lion, and wants a new job. Monieva has promised to help her, since it's difficult for Mara to get a good place with her skin disease and all.

Raemona Gyrich, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

Raemona was assistant Mistress of Novices when you first came to the White Tower. She was the sedai who inducted you, told you the rules and took down your information for the Novice book. A few years later she became the Mistress of Novices and she was the one who arranged your testing for the Shawl. Raemona has always seemed proud of Monieva's accomplishments despite that they are of different Ajahs.





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