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Parys Lareca
Country: ###
Birthday: 12th of Aine, 984 NE
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: ###
Job: ###
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Born to Lady Seranne Lareca and her husband Lord Nevan on the twelfth day of Aine in the year 984, Parys was brought forth into the world as a child squalling at the top of his lungs. This was something his parents would end up recognizing as a rarity in him, and which his sister (older by a mere ten months) would remark upon as being his first protest at having been born the second child to the heir to the High Seat of House Lareca. For Parys, it's a blessedly forgotten event, except for the fact that his lord father occasionally feels a need to bring it up in some vague attempt at bonding.

From an early age, Parys showed himself to be a rather cold and withdrawn child, preferring to play alone. He was a capable student, dutiful and rarely given to laziness according to his tutors, yet he seemed uninterested in putting any more effort into his studies than necessary. As far as his parents were concerned, he was unremarkable save for the way that he seemed older than his years, as if someone had shoved a soul thrice his age into his child's body. Yet part of this was due to his growing sense of outrage of being the second child and (for a goodly time) the middle child. Poor, sickly Livia was showered with attention while she was in Caemlyn, and Jairin was allowed to get away with most anything short of murder, while Parys simply had to accept his lot . . . which meant, with ever-growing portent, not being the heir to the house.

Certainly, it could not be contested that he was healthier and likelier to produce heirs than Livia (although he came to show interest in the fairer sex rather late compared to other young men). He was certain of his superior abilities to lead the house, with his cool analytical way of thinking no doubt being much superior to Livia's rather wishy-washy ponderings (of course, by this time she was far away in Tear for reasons of delicate health, and he saw her quite rarely). It didn't help that he joined the Queen's Guard on his 18th nameday and became an exemplary officer of the Queen's Own. His position and his success at it -- even if that success has been based, in part, on his family connections and his rather extravagant keeping with rules and regulations -- has simply made him even more certain of his abilities to lead the house.

His ambitions were checked when Livia returned to Caemlyn after many years in Tear after surviving her many illnesses. This was a cruel blow, which led him to treating her rather poorly, increasing the enmity that he felt towards her (and which he is certain that she felt towards him as well). Since his sister's return, Parys had been even more devoted to his duties in the Queen's Guard, otherwise spending his time privately . . . or, on occasion, with his reckless wastrel of a brother, Jairin. When she started taking ill again, and finally died of a fever, Parys felt little in the way of loss, for in truth, he has now gained what he hoped for and has been named Heir to the High Seat.

OOC: Parys is a member of House Lareca, and as such has certain relationships with varying members of noble Andoran society. Some relationships are already described in the +relations section of the character sheet. It is very important that the player review these relationships.

This character is the property of the Cuendillar. If you are idle for longer than 10 days without notifying the Wizards, then the character transfers back to the Wizards so another player might have a chance at roleplaying the character.

Family Information


Lord Nevan Lareca, formerly of House Dovish in Tarabon

Your father, a honey-haired Taraboner lord, is pleasant . . . until his temper gets up, when he can be frightening. It especially happens when he drinks. Married more for his being biddable rather than for wits, he's pretty much your mother's lackey; so much so that he's without the mustaches he was so proud of, because your mother hated them. He's not exactly happy with the arrangement, but at least right now he knows that he can't improve his position. As it is, he has a pretty free hand in what he does with his time, and Lady Seranne doesn't seem to mind his occasional chasing after serving women. You find him somewhat disgusting, to be frank, and so you limit your contact with him as much as possible. He doesn't seem to care for this, but is much too dissipated to express his unhappiness directly.

Lady Seranne, High Seat of House Lareca

Head of the House, your mother is a fiercely intelligent woman with a certain capriciousness to her. Resentful of many of the other great noble houses, thinking they look down on the Larecas for being too involved in common business and trade, she's set on making good marriages and making the family climb higher. Although it's known that she has a distaste for the Queen and was among those High Seats (having inherited in her 27th year) who spoke up against Queen Naruai in the months before Elisia returned from the Tower to aid her mother, she does not do anything particularly open about it. Instead she takes the ever-increasing wealth of the House as proof of its superiority.


Conin Lareca

A mere toddler barely out of swaddling when you left Andor, Conin has grown up to be a rather pudgy boy with a mean streak and a fierce temper and lungs that can make his tantrums known for quite a distance. It's to be expected in a youngest child, especially one who has received a mixture of neglect and unthinking spoiling from his family. There's nothing he likes better than sweets and playing Snakes and Foxes (so long as he wins).

Jairin Lareca

Jairin is your brother, but unlike you he has never particularly minded not being in a likely candidate for the next High Seat. He is, in fact, a rather laid-back young man who most of all wants to have a good time. Which for him means lots to drink, a bit of gambling and some women of loose morals. In most other noble families he would have been reckoned a liability and not an asset, but the fact that he has several friends of rather doubtful background makes him interesting for you (as an officer of the Queen's Guard). And . . . it is strange to admit, but you like him, and he seems to like you well enough. You are as different as night and day, but there's a rapport there.

Lady Livia Lareca (Deceased)

Your sister, older by just ten months. After many years in Tear in hopes that the warmer climate might do good for her delicate health, she returned to take her place as heir to the High Seat. You were upset about this, upset enough that you've been known to make rather cutting remarks concerning her prospects of marriage and other general disparagement. You were beginning to worry for a while that she might succeed in earning your mother's approval at long last, but then her health started to deteriorate again, and she passed away from a fever a few years ago. Now that you are the Heir, you hardly think about her anymore unless reminded. You were never close.

Valeria Lareca

Your younger sister, you and Valeria do not have any particular relationship. As far as you're concerned, she's rather unimportant to your own ambitions. She is ambitious in her own small way, wanting a good marriage however it can be gained, but that doesn't interest you.




Duchess Irinya Choswen

Parys knew Irinya just from the social circles of nobility, but only really got to know her when he was investigating the murder of Irinya's father, then Duke Niahll Choswen. Parys first suspected her, but that became clearly absurd as she explained in painful detail the events of that night and the continued harrassment by the woman he's now come to know as "Kanika," who is also strongly suspected of Niahll's murder. During the ordeal of the investigation and Irinya's ascension as the new Choswen duchess, Irinya and Parys grew close, even affectionate, leading eventually to an affair.

Jairin Lareca

Your younger brother is, strangely enough, your best friend. It's strange, since you're as different as night and day -- you are cold and hide your emotions deep, while he lives life to the hilt. Given his developing reputation as a notorious rake, you make an odd pair in various taverns and pubs, passing the time away in your Queen's Guard uniform while he chases skirts or drinks down copious amounts of wine, brandy, and beer.


Under-lieutenant Velan Risden

A fellow young officer, Velan was junior to you in seniority at the time that your patrols happened to converge in the warehouse districts. It seems Velan's patrol was hot on the trail of a suspected arsonist who had burned down several shops in Andor. You were sure that he was following the wrong lead, however, and after some hot words you pulled rank and ordered him and his patrol elsewhere. The arsonist ended up striking several more times before disappearing. In a report you submitted, you suggested that your fellow officer had performed poorly and that his refusal to follow orders and share the labor directly impacted the effectiveness of your search. The end result was that Velan was sent away to the Aringill garrison for more than a year. Angered and blaming you for this posting away from the capital, Velan Risden has developed deep-seated suspicions about why you sent him away that day. It's foolishness, of course, but his malignant opinion of you could prove problematic as you advance in the Queen's Guard.

Other acquaintances

Sr. Bannerman Jamus Warretsen of the Cavalry

A veteran who's spent more than half of his life in the Queen's Guard, this is a prime example of what an Andoran soldier should be. He's a trustworthy second in command and a fine instructor in a variety of weapons, as well as an harsh task master for the men below him.





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