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Raemira Halia Birnoas
Aes Sedai
Country: Altara
Birthday: Oneday, 20 Tammaz, 963
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: White Tower, Tar Valon
Job: Aes Sedai
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Raemira Halia Birnoas was born and in the Rahad of Ebou Dar to Tygar, her father, and Elloius Birnoas, her mother. She has two younger sisters, Genette and Natali, and one older brother, Kyle. She had a relatively easy childhood, for living in the Rahad, until she was 8. That is when her brother Kyle was challenged to a duel and lost. He was only a four years older than her and there was a great impact on the family when one so young was killed. Her father decided to pack the family up and move. Unfortunately the move was to Cairhien, a place not all that much better than the Rahand. Her father hoped to seek a better fortune to the east in what he oddly though was a safer area than Ebou Dar.

Cairhien is where Raemira gained some of her her skills with Daes Dae'mar. As soon as her family moved to Cairhien, they were plunged head first into the Great Game, needing to watch every move before they make it and seeing that things were definitely not as they hoped. Tygar was set on seeing his family make it in this city, so he had his family adopt the customs and the ways of Cairhienin life. Reamira quickly picked up on the game and soon found herself working for one of the nobles as their 'pet' spy.

Raemira worked for Lord and Lady Greymire, of House Hagon. A relatively minor house, however in the Great Game minor houses had ways to seek power and control to become a major faction. With Raemira's quick wit, willingness to learn and a good ear she soon picked up on what was expected of her and set about her work. She wandered around the city of Cairhien, at age 12, picking up snippets of useful conversation here and there, to help the House better it's position in the eyes of the Nobles. After a few more years of needling and prodding the Noble House raised more and more in rank, though not all at the efforts of Raemira. This was around the time of Raemira's 15th name day. House Hagon was asked by the Crown to come to the Palace to have their new title publically announced, however they made sure that their young protege came along as well.

Raemira had never been at court before and the wonders of it all astounded her. Little did she know that there would be an Aes Sedai advisor present, one from the Blue Ajah, when she walked into the audience chamber of the Sun Palace. The Blue Sedai Advisor idly announced publically that the girl that House Hagon had brought along was a child that needed to go the the Tower right away, no questions asked. Of course House Hagon had several protests and Raemira was in awe of the whole situation, however Raemira's family and the House complied, both unhappy to see her off to the Tower.

While at the White Tower, Raemira had several things to adjust to. First, her confines as a Novice. She did learn however that her skill on Cairhien became useful within the Tower. She soon became a favorite among the Blues for her tidbits of information that she would pass along to them. The sisters of that Ajah also made sure that the child didn't stray too far from their beliefs, since it was one of their sisters that found her.

The reason that the Blue Sister sister in Cairhien wanted Raemira to be shoved to the Tower so quickly was because she was close to her first touching of the One Power and she was fairly strong in the One Power. Raemira was a quick study, picking up on her channeling lessons fairly easily. Her novice years were somewhat chaotic at times because she was prone to making some rather, unusual, practical jokes. Raemira had quite a few trips to the Mistress of Novices office to cure her of her mischievous streak. Yet, she refused to be broke fully by the structure and showing she has a bit of a backbone.

Raemira raised to accepted at age 20, merely five years after coming to the Tower and getting settled. As soon as she raised to Accepted the Blue Ajah petitioned her, to guide her, for when she would be raised to Aes Sedai. Not knowing what else to do and not really interested in the other Ajahs, Raemira allowed herself to be guided by those within the Blue structure, which pleased the Ajah immensely. Her Accepted years were spent with the leaders of the Ajah, gaining skills needed to become one of their members, as well as fulfilling the requirements of her position.

After ten years of study and training at the Accepted level Raemira raised once more, taking the Oath of the Aes Sedai, with much of a determined look on her face. Upon taking the Oath, she announced that her Ajah, would be Blue. Her first few years as a sister were spent getting more organized within the Ajah structure and learning more about the chain of command, as well as familiarizing herself with those special little secrets meant only for Aes Sedai knowledge. After staying at the Tower for several more years, she was achieved her wish and was sent to Ebou Dar to aid the Royal Palace as their advisor. She helped settle disputes as well helping the King keep the peace in his lands. Her main reason for being there was to see that the Rahad settled, because of her brother's death. She did some exceptional work within the country but was soon called back when the current Amyrlin died. No one knows the reasons or why she died so suddenly, however it was rumored to be poisoning, perhaps evidence of the Black Ajah?

Several sisters went to Ebou Dar, chanting the tradition summons that brought Raemira back to the White Tower. She heeded the summons rather quickly and an Aes Sedai was left behind to tend the King in Raemira's stead. Upon returning to the Tower, Raemira discovered what was to become of her. She was asked to do the ritual washing of feet and asking to be of service of each sitter of the Ajah, not all of which whom particularly liked her and some of which liked even less her age. She was refused twice, by Sitters from the Red, Brown and White Ajahs, those of which whom either opposed her as being Amyrlin or opposed her age. After the third passing she was finally accepted by all Sitters unanimously, as per Tower Law. Those that stood behind her and petitioned that she be raised were from the Green, Blue and Yellow Ajahs. People whom she has worked with closely in one form or another. Raemira was raised as the Amyrlin Seat at age 40, being the youngest Aes Sedai ever raised to the position.

However, events beyond her control, which lead to her kidnapping, took her out of the running of Amyrlin. Thought compromised, she was removed from the position by the Hall of Servants, and Hannah Sedai was placed in her stead. Raemira now serves as a simple member of the Blue Ajah, though is largely in quiet retirement.

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Youngest Amyrlin Seat



Defrocked From The Amyrlin Seat


Blue Ajah


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