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Rodegar Watahon
Country: Kandor
Birthday: 10 Saban, 943 NE
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: ###
Job: ###
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Rodegar was born 10 Saban, 943 NE, to Tyque and Sawa Watahon in a small village in northern Kandor. He was the second son, 3 years behind his brother Serryn. His father was a farmer and he, his brother and his mother helped out on the farm as well since his father had a lame leg from childhood accident that had kept him out of the border rangers. Rodegar and Serryn were inseparable as children, especially after their younger sister, Rees, died of a fever at age 6. When not helping on the farm, they were out playing in the fields and pretending to hunt Shadowspawn.

It was Serryn who got to fulfill their dream first. By this time, their farm was prosperous enough to hire a couple hands to help out so Serryn left to join the border rangers. Several months later, his parents recieved a letter saying that Serryn had been killed by a worm on his first mission into the Blight. The whole family grieved for some time. Finally, Rodegar came to a decision. He would go to Tar Valon and become a Warder, then he would come back to the Blight and avenge his brother. His parents supported his decision and so Rodegar packed his few belongings onto his horse and set out for Tar Valon. It wasn't an easy journey with so little money. He had to work for his meals and a place to sleep many, many times along the road.

When he finally made it to Tar Valon, he wasted no time in heading for the White Tower. He stopped the first Warder he saw and told him he wanted to become a Warder too and so Rodegar was shortly added into the Trainee rosters. He took his training very seriously as a Trainee. He never once got into trouble during those first four years. However, once he became Sworn he started to get over-confident. He started slacking off a little in his classes and... he started to prank. Sworn, Trainees, Gaidin, Novices, Accepted, and even a couple Aes Sedai weren't free from his pranks. From a simple short-sheeting of a bed to a bucket of fish balanced above a slightly ajar door, his multitude of pranks nearly got him booted out of the program. That's what finally set him straight so he buckled down and earned his cloak after 6 years as a Sworn. He was 25 years old.

Not long after earning his cloak, he volunteered for a mission to the Blight with some Green Sisters and other Warders. For five years he fought along the Blight, often going on missions with the border rangers, sometimes as the only Gaidin among them. Somehow he had avoided having a Green snatch him up as one of her Warders, but his time as one of the Unbonded wasn't to last much longer.

It was on one of those missions with the border rangers that he met Raemona Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She was there offering support for the group going into the Blight that day. The fighting was fierce that day and it was Rodegar that saved Raemona from a Myrddraal's blade. They spent many an hour talking together after that and he soon learned that she wished to take him for her Warder. He refused at first, stating that he wasn't a "proper Warder" for a Yellow Sister, but eventually she wore him down and he agreed to the Bond, though he still held to his belief that he would be better suited to a Green, or even a Blue, than he was to a Yellow.

Forty years they've been together now as Aes Sedai and Warder and he has come to realize, with a little help, that he may not be a suitable Warder for any Yellow, but he is suitable for Raemona and she isn't just any Yellow. They've been on many missions together and now, as they return from another one, things have changed. Concerned over the number of training accidents at the hands of unbonded Gaidin, Raemona has exerted what influence she has to get Rodegar named as the new Master Gaidin...

Family Information


Sawa Watahon

Rodegar's mother. She was a housewife and despite their lack of real wealth, she did everything she could to provide for her children. She died in 980 NE during a Trolloc raid. (Last Updated: Sat May 20 01:23:49 2006)

Tyque Watahon

Rodegar's father. He was a farmer, though not a particularly successful one. The same lame leg that prevented him from fighting the Blight made farming difficult. He was a good role model and supported Rodegar's decision to leave for Tar Valon. He died in 980 NE during a Trolloc raid. (Last Updated: Sat May 20 01:27:34 2006)


Rees Watahon

Rodegar's younger sister by 5 years. She died of a fever when she was 6 years old. (Last Updated: Sat May 20 01:31:22 2006)

Serryn Watahon

Rodegar's older brother by 3 years. The two of them were nearly unseparable until Serryn went off to join the border rangers at the age of 18. He was killed in his first trek into the Blight and his death spurred Rodegar's decision to go to the Tower to become a Warder. (Last Updated: Sat May 20 01:29:57 2006)




Nelsyn Gaidin

Nelsyn is Bonded to another Yellow, Kinneria Sedai. He's what Rodegar used to picture as a more suitable Warder for a Yellow, just as much healer as he is a fighter. The two of them have formed a good friendship over the years and Rodegar now understands that each Aes Sedai is different and her needs in a Warder are different as well. (Last Updated: Sat May 20 01:45:39 2006)

Raemona Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

Raemona has been his Bond and ally for the past 40 years, ever since she "recruited" him from the Kandori border rangers. In their time together, she's protected him nearly as much as he has her and he greatly respects her ability. Many think of the Yellow Sisters as nothing more than healers, but he knows better. It was because of her insistence that he got his position as Master Gaidin and he has no intentions of letting her down. (Last Updated: Fri May 19 23:14:01 2006)


Phaedra Sedai of the Blue Ajah

Phaedra Sedai's the Mistress of Novices now but before that, when she was just an Assistant to the Mistress of Novices, one of her birds "attacked" Rodegar. He swung at it defensively, but didn't manage to hit it. He knows the woman, known for her many pranks as a student, sent the bird after him intentionally and he'll never forgive her for it.

Other acquaintances

Brannon Kincaid

He's the Master of Arms now, but Rodegar remembers when the lad was just a green Trainee. He's come a long way and really cares for the Trainees and Sworn under him. He could make Master Gaidin some day, but it may be for the best that he stays with the Trainees and Sworn. They need someone like him running things. (Last Updated: Sat May 20 01:34:34 2006)

Zannick Mansetti

He's the man Rodegar replaced as Master Gaidin. He did a good job while he was there, but he has other concerns now that he's married his Bond. It's time for him to move along and someone else to take the reins. (Last Updated: Sat May 20 01:36:26 2006)





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