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Rubia ###
Aes Sedai for the Red Ajah
Country: ###
Birthday: ###
Death: Not Dead
Cause of Death: Not Dead
Residence: ###
Job: Aes Sedai
Hair Color: Brown-Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Spouse None
Children: None


Background Information

Being the daughter of a High Lord of Tear, it's no wonder that the moment it was discovered that she could channel, Rubia loathed her destiny as prescribed by that ever Weaving Wheel. As typical of Tairens, Rubia was shipped off to the White Tower in chains for her new life in training, having been disowned and discarded by her family and friends in Tear.

The Tower was a huge adjustment and as a result Rubia was 31 years old before she attained the Shawl. But most of that was spent as a Novice as she was not Raised to Accepted until the age of 26. During the test for Accepted she was confronted with horrible temptations: the first Arch required her to pry herself away from court in Tear and the career-saving information she had for her father, one of the High Lords; the second Arch forced her to face her fear of failure as an Accepted, fleeing for the silvery arch just prior to meeting the challenge she yearned for to prove herself; the third Arch forced her to flee a scene of carnage at the hands of a male channeler, just at the moment that her Sisters needed her most. But she stepped from the Arches intact, and more than a little sobered by the experience.

Fortunately, over the many years in the Tower, exposed to multiple cultures and forced to develop a rough tolerance to eventually an acceptance of female channelers, and her own fate as a channeler. Her harsh hatred of channelers in general was toned down and honed to a fine point of a hatred against male channelers, specifically, and a desire to rid the world of them all. It was no surprise that she found herself in a Red Shawl.

One of the first trips she made after attaining the Shawl was a trip back to Tear. Of course, her family would not receive her, so she did not even try. Instead she circulated amongst the merchant class and upper class and reacquainted herself with the same network of spies and agents she used while beginning to play the Great Game for her own House. She maintains that network of Eyes and Ears still to this day, the descendants of those no longer living, taking up the torch for Rubia and carrying on their forefathers' work--most willingly, for the pay she offers, some begrudgingly. Now, even some of the descendants of her generation of House Adrelavi will speak with her and offer what information they can to help her. Though she is obviously tight-lipped about her Eyes and Ears network, it is no secret that she is among the most informed about the ongoings of Tear--excelling beyond even some of the Tairen networks of Blue Sisters.

Being among the less warm and friendly Sedai, with an eerie presence about her, and a Red as well, doesn't allow her to develop much in the way of any solid friendships. But she does have one, a fellow Red, Paetrina. The rest of her Ajah holds a great deal of respect for her, and her efforts/research to find a more effective way of shielding--generally speaking. A few of the more progressively-thinking Red Sisters do not approve of her zealous hatred of male channelers, but can't seem to fault her much beyond that and her cold disposition and could not be classified as complete enemies. Her enemies mostly fall within the Blue Ajah, as is typical of Blue Sedai and Red Sedai sentiments.

Despite her lack of charisma and warmth, Rubia used her knowledge and finesse of the Great Game to worm her way into a Junior Sitter position for the Red Ajah. She has been junior sitter for a mere 11 years now, not much tenure, but packing a lot of punch in that time and gathering not a little bit of respect for both herself and her Ajah.

OOC: Rubia remains the property of Cuendillar - meaning that if you intend to take the char, but can't quite get into her, the char reverts back to the rosters for another player to choose.
RP NOTES: Rubia was not present for any of the deliberations regarding Neri Sedai and her Warder, Durhas. Her reasons, if asked, are quite clear. Neri and Durhas, in her opinion, are not worthy of the attention of the Hall. They are beneath her notice. Despite that, she is trying to help the Yellows re-establish their reputation as being responsible and capable. She knows she will need their support in return for her plans to take over the Tower.
The AoL city discovered concerns her only peripherally. The Brown flare in her is curious about any information the Tower finds there that may help her develop a better and more efficient Shielding weave. Outside of that, it concerns her little.
Having been removed from the Hall of the Tower in disgrace, Rubia's most pressing matter is to regain as much of her lost status as possible. She'll do that anyway necessary, and eventually would like to regain her seat in the Hall as the Red Ajah's Junior Sitter. It also doesn't help that she was not only not chosen as a replacement for Raemira, but she was not even considered. Much of her time now is spent reflecting on that, wondering what she should do to remedy that.

Family Information






Paetrina Sedai

Though difficult to get close to, Rubia does have one she considers her closest friend: Paetrina Sedai. A fellow Red sister, her passionate hatred of men rivals Rubia's passionate hatred of male channelers. Both being Southlanders also allows an understanding with each other. Their friendship began while in the field on a mutual mission, investigating reports of a male channeler. Since then, the pair developed a bond of friendship that stands strong against their most vocal critics, even against the unsubstantiated rumors that they are in fact more than just friends, but pillow-friends.


Orienne Sedai

During her fieldwork days Rubia's attempts to flush out male channelers and have them gentled before they could cause the chaos and violence was occasionally thwarted or delayed by Orienne Sedai of the Blue Ajah and her incessant, frustrating quest for the Dragon Reborn. More than once their paths crossed and did not end happily. Sometime Rubia got the better of Orienne, sometimes Orienne got the better of Rubia. Now a Junior Sitter of the Red and with Orienne's return to the Tower, Rubia intends to make life in the Tower difficult for the Blue Sedai. No doubt in Rubia's mind at least that Orienne will do her best to be a thorn in Rubia's side as well, furthering the already existing clash between the Red and Blue Ajahs.

Valencia Sedai of the Green Ajah

Valencia is the woman who is responsible for Rubia losing her seat in the Hall of the Tower. When she wouldn't stand for Hannah Sedai as Amyrlin, Valencia demanded Rubia either agree with them or leave the Hall. Rubia left the Hall in disgrace and has not forgotten who caused her such pain. She's open to any idea that will bring Valencia down. The more public the disgrace, the better for Rubia.

Other acquaintances

Damara Sedai

Not a friend by any stretch of the imagination, yet not an enemy: Damara Sedai. Rubia considers Damara a errant Red Sister for her rather progressive views on Reds and Bonding. She approved wholehearted the penance Damara was forced to serve--when she found out about it--even though it occurred 2 years before she was Raised to the Shawl. She respects Damara for her greater age and tenure as a Sedai, but not much more beyond that.

Hannah Sedai the Amyrlin Seat

Neither friend nor enemy, Hannah is someone that Rubia is watching more closely, to see if she can see any signs of weakness. Rubia did not stand for Hannah when she was chosen as the next Amyrlin Seat, and in fact lost her position for it. Though her grudge is towards Valencia in that regard, she is very careful to monitor Hannah, to find any signs of weakness. Ideally, she would like to use Hannah to press forth her own agenda, even if takes years of getting into the woman's good graces.

Inez Sheshbazzar

Tybalt's sister. She was once a promising Accepted at the Tower but her interest in romance was her undoing. You caught her in her final violation of the Tower rules and she was subsequently sent from the Tower. You've heard snippets of news that she is a Wisdom in some obscure village in Andor. But you've honestly not thought much of her for years. Students come and go. It was unfortunate the Tower lost one, but the Tower is better off without Inez's sort anyway. You are remorseless regarding the incident.

Liesh Sedai

Rubia offers Liesh begrudging respect much the same as Damara Sedai. Liesh shares Damara's progressive views with regards to the traditions of the Red Ajah.

Raemona Gyrich, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah

Raemona is always studiously polite to Rubia in public and gives her the deference due her as a Sitter, but in private she has never made a secret of her dislike though Rubia has no idea where the dislike stems from.

Tybalt Sheshbazzar

A man from whom you can almost tangibly feel the hatred rolling off from, unto you. And while you regard him with disdain, more for being a Tairen commoner than for being a man, you harbor no genuine ill-will toward him yourself, just wariness. You're not entirely sure what has engendered such hatred for you in him, but you suspect it has something to do with catching his sister, once a student at the White Tower, in her final violation of the rules (with a man) that got her kicked out of the Tower. Outside of that, and the fact that you are noble and he is not (perhaps causing some jealous tension), you're not entirely certain why he hates you. But you keep your guard up when he is near, just to be safe.





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