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The Size Attribute

The Size Attribute is a general indicator of a character's size. It includes both height and weight. All characters begin with a Size of 0, the human average. A character +1 in Size is unusually tall or overweight. A person of -1 Size is fairly short, or light-boned and slender. -2 is the size of a child, or a midget. +2 is beyond human height, it is the size of a Trolloc or an Ogier.

The Size of characters who choose the Culture of Cairhien is set to -1 during that stage of chargen. The Size of Aiel characters is set to +1, and the Size of Ogier characters is set to +2.

You can purchase Size Assets or Flaws to increase or decrease your character's Size. If you want to play a character taller than 6' for human males or 5'7" for human females, you must purchase the Asset of Build: Tall or Build: Large in the Assets and Flaws section of chargen.

Both the above heights are taller than average real world heights. People are required to purchase unusual height because in the past we received many complaints from players about the number of unusually tall characters.

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