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Associated Statistic: Perception

Your rating in the Acting Skill represents your ability to believably portray yourself as someone other than who you are. Those with levels in this skill can mimic accents, the sounds of animals or birds, and gestures. Acting is also a measure of your character's ability to tell a convincing lie, or fake an emotion, belief or response that s/he doesn't really feel. At lower Skill levels you should slip up occasionally in your role-play, as your performance would not be perfect.

Assuming they could alter their appearance appropriately (for example, by using the Disguise Skill), those with high Acting Skill levels (8 or above) might even have a chance at successfully assuming the identity of a specific person in certain situations. (You couldn't fool someone's spouse, but possibly a casual acquaintance, etc.)

NOTE: Acting as a form of entertainment is a very new idea to the Wheel of Time world. However, this skill is useful for many types of characters, including underworld figures and those who dabble in Daes Dae'mar.

The following is a guideline to what your character might know at each skill level. See the Skill Charts for info on using these charts in role-play.

  1. You can lie convincingly some of the time.
  2. You can lie convincingly most of the time, and hide your true feelings successfully part of the time.
  3. You can hide or disguise your true feelings from your expression and body language most of the time.
  4. You can disguise your true feelings from your expression and bodylanguage at your discretion and with consistent success. You are adept at portraying yourself with a different personality from your true nature. You can pose as someone else of a similar class with moderate to consistent success.
  5. You can successfully convey one or more alternate personalities altogether. In conjunction with the skill of Disguise, you could successfully pose as someone else of a different social class (depending on your level of Disguise).
  6. You are able to completely dupe the unschooled consistently. With enough skill in Disguise and cultural education, you could even portray someone of a slightly different culture (Ogier, Sea Folk, Aiel, and Seanchan excluded).
  7. You understand the behavioral intricacies of the opposite gender and can successfully portray yourself as one. With enough in Disguise, you can even represent one and fool any who do not know the truth.
  8. At this point, social class, culture, gender, and even roles of a different age from you are not difficult. Only those with a keen awareness and expert understanding of the expectations of the role you're portraying *might* catch you.
  9. With enough information on them, and the Disguise skill, you could successfully portray an Aiel or Seafolk to someone not of that culture.
  10. You could fool an Aiel or Seafolk into thinking you're from their culture with the Disguise skill and appropriate cultural knowledge.
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