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Associated Statistic: Reason

The Scholarship Skill is an indicator of your ability in a particular field of study, and your general level of higher education. Characters of levels 1-4 might be considered students of the field, those at levels 5-7 would be learned, and those at levels 8-10 would be considered world-renowned experts.

You must indicate your particular field of study in your character background and when selecting the skill in chargen. You can purchase Scholarship more than once for different fields. In chargen, use this command:

.add scholarship=

Fields include: astronomy, biology, botany, cartography/geography, engineering, history, law, philosophy and basic science, but you can select fields other than those listed here.

NOTE: Please note that any scholar's knowledge should be suitable to the Wheel of Time world. A WoT scientist might have knowledge of basic chemical properties and principles, but wouldn't be able to purify uranium, etc.

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