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General Overview

Those who've made it to Sworn are in the secondary stages of their training among the Warders. They have fewer rules to follow and are usually only given punishments for major infractions. They have more priveledges than Trainees, but with those priveledges come added duties.

Warders are familiar with all of these rules and will report Sworn who break them. Residents at the Tower like servants, Aes Sedai, etc. might not know all of the Sworn rules, but they would likely be aware of most of them, as they are well-enforced and often discussed, so they'd be likely to report infractions, too.

In-Character Sworn Rules

  1. Sworn must obey all Aes Sedai and Gaidin, without question.
  2. Sworn may freely leave the White Tower grounds to visit the city of Ta Valon. They may not leave Tar Valon without the express permission of the Master Gaidin. (OOC permission is needed to leave the city, although it may be given by any of the following: Amyrlin Seat, Mistress of Novices, Master Gaidin or Master of Arms)
  3. Although Sworn may carry real weapons, they should never be wielded outside of an emergency or without orders/permission to do so. This should be done only with the knowledge and permission of a full Gaidin.
  4. Sworn should conduct themselves with honor at all times and show respect to their peers (other Sworn and Accepted) and superiors (Gaidin and Aes Sedai).
  5. Sworn may not use threat of violence to coerce another, nor should they initiate any physical confrontations.
  6. Sworn must complete their assigned chores.
  7. Sworn must be clean and presentable at all times they are not in physical training or doing chores. The barracks dorm must be cleaned daily.
  8. Sworn are expected to complete any practice, lessons or study assigned to them by an Aes Sedai or Gaidin, and to regularly work on their own projects and studies.
  9. While Sworn are allowed casual social contact with women, romantic entanglements and physical contact are to be avoided. NOTE: This is for RP purposes. Basically, if you're caught you'll be separated and punished, as long as you're a Trainee or Sworn.
  10. The Sworn are permitted visitors, provided they are not disruptive to the Tower routine, studies or chores. Visitors are not permitted in the living quarters or private areas of the Tower.

OOC: Now, this does not mean that the rules were not meant to be broken, as it is well known that Trainees try to slip away from the Tower and pull pranks quite frequently, however please be aware that if you do those things, there will be IC consequences if you are caught.

Out-Of-Character Sworn Rules

Sworn should get permission for all TPs, TP involvement or RP activity that deviates significantly from the normal life of a Sworn. (Playing a prank would be part of normal life, being bonded while still a Sworn, getting married, becoming heir to a throne are all things outside of the normal life of a Sworn. If you aren't sure, please ask before proceeding with the RP.)

In-Character Sworn Punishments

There are times in the Tower when Sworn break the rules. During such occassions, if they are caught, they are sent to the Master of Arms's office to receive a punishment. It takes more for a Sworn to be sent to the office, but it does happen on occassion.

Punishments are kept strictly between the Sworn, Master of Arms, and the Master Gaidin. The only exception to this is banishment from the Warder Training program, which usually becomes public knowledge when the failed Trainee leaves with his things. Any punishments incrued must be completed on top of any lessons or chores the Trainee is already responsible for completing.

The following is a list of punishments the Master of Arms might use when disciplining the students.

Extra Chores

The Sworn is assigned chores in addition to his usual ones.

Hard Labour

The least appealing chores - cleaning out hearths, scrubbing pots, mucking stables, shoveling snow, etc.

Corporeal Punishment

A punishment imposed on the body to correct - switching, mouth scrubbed with soap, repetitive exercises, etc.

Removal of Priveledges/Pleasures

A punishment that deprives the Sworn of an expected priveledge or enjoyment - banned from sparring for X amount of time, not allowed free day off, no visitors, etc.

Complete Suspension of Training

The Sworn is temporarily removed from training and sent to work on a farm for a period of time.

Out-Of-Character Sworn Punishments

When a Sworn is caught doing something he shouldn't be doing, he should be sent to the Master of Arms office, with a report (@mail) sent on his behavior to the Master of Arms and all of his designates. This way, those in charge can determine an appropriate punishment to give the student.

The Master of Arms and his designates are the only ones who should be punishing the students, however there are some occassions where a Gaidin may need to do something in a particular situation. If this is the case, Gaidin may not issue extreme punishments. Those are reserved for the Master of Arms and the Master Gaidin to determine. Gaidin may issue light, minor punishments to students, such as extra chores or extra hard practice sessions.

It is the Master of Arms responsibility to make certain that the punishment is not something that over-restricts the character so much that it seals away any RP opportunities they might have. He should, if possible, work with the student OOCly to find an appropriate punishment. Though, if the student is uncooperative, he has the power and authority to issue any punishment necessary.

Sworn and Romance

In the past there have been a few problems with people disregarding the rule about Trainees, Novices and Accepted getting involved in a romantic fashion, so much so that we've had to devise a way to 'punish' students in an IC fashion. Below are a list of consequences of what may happen if a Novice or Accepted is caught in a romantic relationship with a Trainee, Sworn, or Guest of the Tower.

First Offense. Novice/Trainee will be split up and forbidden to see one another

Second Offence. Trainee will be asked to leave the Tower.

Any Other Offenses. Novice will be asked to leave the Tower.

Keep in mind that Trainees and Sworn are not supposed to have time to get romantically involved. It's also -very- hard to have such a relationship without getting caught. Eyes are everywhere. Remember the NPC's, they watch, they tell. If you decide you wish your character to break that particular rule, be prepared to pay the consequences. There are no exceptions. -Everyone- is taught this when they become a student.

As a side note, Sworn should not feel as if they are exempt from this rule because their status is not pointed out specifically. Everything that applies to the Trainees applies to the Sworn as well.

Some text was written by and copywrighted © to Rhonda Peters. This text is used with permission.

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