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Leadership Information

High Ambassador: Rhelora Meldra
Ambassadors: Gaetlan Chinosh, Kalech and Monieva Tellerien
Magistrates: Nygel Paddock
Councillors: Jerim Adaeriel, Taliwyn Mairead, Gienn and Phaedra Stanwyck Sedai
Junior Councillors:

General Overview

The Tar Valon City Council is the major governing body of the city, freeing the Amyrlin Seat to work on more important worldly matters within the White Tower. Major decisions affecting the city are decided by the ruling body of the City Council. The members of the City Council meet and convene regularly to discuss topics and issues the affect the general populace of Tar Valon.


Membership of the Tar Valon City Council is restricted to residential citizens of Tar Valon, members of the Merchants Class, Nobles, Scholars, Aes Sedai and Gaidin. Younger members may be appointed as Junior Councillors to learn more about how the city government is run. Residents of the city are those people who have lived within the city of Tar Valon for a period of one year or more.

Seated Positions

There are a limited number of 'Seated' positions within the City Council. These are listed below.

High Ambassador

This is a person who acts as a representative for all of Tar Valon. They speak with the voice of all citizens within the city, save the Amyrlin Seat. They act as the head figure for the government, much like a ruler of any nation.

This position may only be gained through election, which is held every three IC years (1 RL Year), unless something occurs which puts the High Ambassador's position in jeapardy, or they resign before their term is over. The Amyrlin Seat does reserve the right to place any member she belives may be beneficial to the position as High Ambassador into the seated position, however she will only execute that right in extreme cases, such as treasonous acts against Tar Valon and/or the White Tower.


Aside from the High Ambassador, there are four other Ambassadors which make up the main porition of the ruling body of Tar Valon. Their function is to provide the checks and balances against the High Ambassador, and to act as direct representatives to the citizens of the city. There might be one appointed for the Merchants, Citizens, Nobility and White Tower, for instance. However, that may not always be the case. All Ambassadors work together to create new laws, city ordinances, punishments, hosting festivals, and taking care of the overall state of the city.

Ambassadors are also elected to their "Seats" and serve for two IC year terms (approximately 6 RL months). As with the High Ambassador, the Amyrlin Seat does reserve the right to place any member she belives may be beneficial to the position as High Ambassador into the seated position, however she will only execute that right in extreme cases, such as treasonous acts against Tar Valon and/or the White Tower. If it seems as though another 'Seated' Ambassadorial position is needed, the High Ambassador speaks with the Ambassadors and brings their arguement to the Amyrlin Seat - thus giving opportunity for new positions to become open.


There are three Magistrate positions within the city of Tar Valon. While they are not a direct part of the City Council itself, they are pertinent to the judicial system of the city. The Magistrates act as the judges of the city, running courts for criminal or misdemeanour cases. They hear the testimony of the prosecution and the defense and make a judgement upon the 'accused' based on the information gathered and presented to the courts. The Magistrates only try cases directly affect the citizens city. Most extreme cases are sent to the White Tower, to be directed under the attention of the Amyrlin Seat. The Magistrates trying the criminal cases within the city frees the Amyrlin to work on more important worldly matters.

Unseated Positions


These are the dignitaries and members that make up the majority of the Council body. These members are those who are representatives from the city itself, consisting of merchants, nobility, Aes Sedai, Gaidin, commoners, or what have you so long as they have been residents of Tar Valon for a minimum of one IC year (3-4 RL months). Councillors are often times appointed to the Council board through the particular aspect that they are representing - some hold elections to select their Councillors. There are only twenty positions upon the Council open to members of Tar Valon. A 2/3 majority is needed for any bill, law, or new item to be passed through the Council.

Junior Councillors

These would be younger members of the city, ages 15-19, who might help the various Councillors and/or Ambassadors. These are intern positions that may be filled by anyone who is a resident of Tar Valon, and interested in learning more about the political aspects of the city. They do not hod sway within the Council, nor can they vote.


The Tar Valon city council meets regularly to discuss issues surrounding the general governance of the city-state of Tar Valon. There are two types of Council Meetings, open and closed. Open meetings are open to all citizens and visitors of the city concerned about learning the policies being passed or things of public interest. Closed meetings are only open to Council members.

Open Meetings

All citizens and visitors of Tar Valon may attend these meetings. Open meetings are used to discuss topics of public interest, such as:

NOTE: Need list of public interest type things for the city.

Closed Meetings

Only members of the Tar Valon Council may attend these meetings. Closed meetings are used to discuss topcis and issues which affect the city to a large degree, where public attendance would be considered a hindrance to accomplishing work that may otherwise benefit the city.

Topics would include: taxes, laws, ordinances, political discussions, trade negotiations, offers of national aid, foreign loans, diplomatic crises, and initial efforts to deal with national disasters.

Members of city council should be actively roleplaying within the city of Tar Valon, watching out for anything that might be of interest to the city. They may have people in their employ to act as eyes and ears or information mongers. The intent behind the council and the meetings is to provide a public forum of governmental and political roleplay for the members of the city.


The High Ambassador is in charge of creating the agenda for each meeting and proposing those topics for discussion at the meeting. If an agenda has been created, and a last minute topic needs to be added, it can be at the discretion of the High Ambassador.

During the meeting proceedings, a topic will be introduced to the council. All council members present at the meeting will have an equal opportunity to offer discussion on the topic. The High Ambassador will use a queueing system and address each speaker before they may talk, giving them the floor. Council members are asked to limit the number of poses they use to speak their opinions so all PC members have a chance to interact and get involved. In times of argumentive cases, leeway can be established.

Once all speakers have had a chance to express their opinions on the topic, it will be asked if there is further debate on the issue at hand. If there is no further debate a vote will be called. All members of the City Council have an equal voting status. No one person's vote counts more than another's, no matter their status within society. A two thirds marjority is needed to pass any legislation or law within the council.

The High Ambassador may only vote in cases of a tie. The High Ambassador also holds the right to veto any law or legislation that he or she disagrees with in the council, but should rarely exercise this right. Ambassadors have the right to overrule the High Ambassador's vetoing power, but takes the agreement of at least two Ambasadors to do so.

Amyrlin Seat

Once something has been passed within the city council, it goes to the Amyrlin Seat for review. In general, the Amyrlin Seat will leave the city council to its own business. She will notify the council whether or not it bears the stamp of approval from the White Tower. If it does not, she may ask that the council rediscuss the issues at hand and consider any alternatives.

The Amyrlin Seat is the supreme power over the Tar Valon, and thusly over the city council. She holds the right to veto any law or legislation passed by the Council. However, this power is used sparingly. There are very few recorded events where the Amyrlin actually overstepped the actions of the High Ambassador; most of which were during times of war, or great strife.

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