Tar Valon Merchant Shops

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|Finer Delight Clothing||Clothing|| ||Watermans Plaza
|Finer Delight Clothing||Clothing|| ||Watermans Plaza
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There are dozens of merchant shops all around Tar Valon. This is a list of the shops, locations, specialty, and owners.

The Last Tapestry Burned Down Luadge Street
Famous Last Words Books Luadge Street
Silver SecretsJewelryTinaldra NinuinRiver Plaza
Thread and NeedleClothing North Harbor Road
Furniture ShopCarpenter Alindrelle Square
Dancing Leaf BakeryFood Alindrelle Square
Shaiel AyurvedaHerbs, WisdomParses th'EsiaJualdhe Branch
Mayu's CandlesCandles Alindaer Drive
Al'Din EmporiumItems Alindaer Drive
Flaming Arrow InnFood, Drink, Rooms Alindaer Drive
Guardian SwordsInnChase DaemonDarwin Lane
Candlekeep CafeFood, Drink, Books South Harbor Road
The Watchful WarderRooms Osendrelle Square
Ale and SpiritsDrink Daghain Road
Terrain ImportsExotic Items Treesingers Avenue
Paulo'sClothing Treesingers Avenue
Under the RainbowHerbs, Wisdom Treesingers Avenue
Silver Moon BooksBooks Treesingers Avenue
Oengussa ExportsShippingCyrianne CathainWatermans Plaza
Exotic Rarities MaryWatermans Plaza
Finer Delight ClothingClothing Watermans Plaza
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